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  1. Re: Iris Silver Mist now available outside of France?

    Yes and what a steal..:rolleyesold: only $135 more than what you'd pay in France (yes, plane tickets are expensive, but come on).
  2. Bottles of **vintage Diorling**, Dior Homme, A*MEN, Cartier Declaration for decants (CONUS)

    These bottles are all unboxed and at least 95% full. I can send you a picture to show you the exact amount-- generally I've sprayed a few times and decanted a few 1 ml samples here or there.
  3. Dior Homme NIB & A*MEN NIB to swap for anything Vetiver or Caron Pour Un Homme

    I've got Dior Homme 1.7oz NIB (cellophane) and A*MEN 1oz refill, sprayed once, with box. I half-heartedly bought these in a Sephora gift return but don't really love them. I would LOVE to trade one...
  4. For those who "get" and enjoy the burnt, ashy aspect of Gris Clair, what else is similar?

    Doesn't need to be lavender-- I am just craving the ash and burnt feeling-- I tried ATOH, but it seemed to be Gris Clair minus the ash. Eau Sauvage had a slightly burnt top note but it disappeared...
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    Re: What was your best blind buy?

    I've only made two blind buys. One, a tiny bottle of vintage Mitsouko parfum (but I had tried and enjoyed the contemporary version). Second: Yatagan! Bought it based on a rec here and I couldn't be...
  6. Re: Does Gris Clair smell weird on anyone else?

    At first, Gris Clair smelled like an electrical fire, so much so that I didn't even identify it as a lavender scent-- but I loved it nonetheless. After my third or fourth time wearing it, it became...
  7. Re: Want to start wearing male fragrance, need recs-- I love Gris Clair, Iris Silver Mist, etc.

    Thanks for these recs. Eau Noire, I tried and loved initially, but I can't even remember why because the caramel drydown was so offensive. I liked Tom of Finland, but that aldehyde+lemon blast is not...
  8. Want to start wearing male fragrance, need recs-- I love Gris Clair, Iris Silver Mist, etc.

    I've realized I feel a lot more "me" in unisex or male fragrances so I've decided I want to explore them in earnest, at every price range. I spend a lot of time living in wilderness, so my standards...
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