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    Re: contest giveaway

    Thanks for letting people know about the contest Bob. Have had a great response so far, over 75 new locations mapped in just 15 hours! Keep them coming guys ;)
  2. Re: Wanted *** Xerjoff Richwood or other Xerjoffs

    Not sure if you ever got your hands on this juice or not but I am currently doing a small private split with some fellow Facebook fragrance friends. If you are interested just send me a YouTube,...
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    Re: Similar scents to Fahrenheit

    Le labos Santal 33 has some resemblance as well. When I.first heard this comparison I thought it was crazy. Then I compared notes and did a side by side...its not that far off. Plus after owning it...
  4. Re: Chance to get good deal on Santal 33 but have a couple of qsts..

    Santal and Poivre are TOTALLY different. Poivre is a black pepper blast for the first 30 minutes, which flawlessly transitions into a beautiful green olive oil smoothness and raw incense aroma. The...
  5. Re: A new, BETTER L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme????

    I'll def check Grants site out. And keep your eye out because I've been working on a new website as well. I would like to create a website based on fragrance reviewers from all over the world and...
  6. Re: A new, BETTER L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme????

    Cformosa4, you have just summed upany people's feeling and thoughts...ESPECIALLY mine, thank you. Well said and again could not have said it better.
  7. Re: A new, BETTER L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme????

    @gtsb, couldn't have said it better myself. :>}
  8. Re: A new, BETTER L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme????

    It's too bad Trebor, you never know...even you could learn a thing or two from a youtube review. Life brings opinions and experiences to everyone differently. I feel To refuse to hear is ignorance...
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    Re: Nasomatto Silver Musk

    I think it actually lingers around all day, but it's one of those frag's that your nose get used to very fast. Also I use three squirts, one behind each ear and one to the back of the neck. It's no...
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    Re: Nasomatto Silver Musk

    For me the note breakdown is actually kinda tough even though I find it to be overall a simple fragrance. But here's my shot at it.
    I get a fruit note note that's present from the start of the...
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    Re: Nasomatto Silver Musk

    I have grown a huge affection for it after picking it up for a great price from a fellow BN'er. It does remind me a lot of Bulgari PH, but with an added fruit note that lingers for the entire life...
  12. Re: Nassomatto Black Afgano being discontinued?

    I was informed by my Barneys SA that because of the hashish used in BA, Nassomatto only makes 1000 bottles a year for distribution. Once those are gone....its over Johnny, until next year :-)
  13. Re: Do any mens fragrances smell like a bakery?

    A lot of people have mentioned Jeaux de Peau from Serge Lutens, but everyone's also forgetting his fresher older brother...Santal Blanc! Another few honorable mentions should also be Dior's Eau...
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