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  1. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    This might be of a certain interest:
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    Re: Looking for a new niche fresh fragrance.

    .... yeah.... oh yes.... :)
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    Re: Looking for a new niche fresh fragrance.

    Tried Orto Parisi's Megamare some days ago. Very, very special. Like a highly refined but impressively strong niche version of Dylan Blue. It's one of a kind. Surely a sample first.
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Enjoying Bronnley's vintage Gentlemens Aftershave, which has always been a scent of early spring for me. Crushed, buttery tulip stems, intensely green, a sparkling aldehydic orange note, very very...
  5. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    I did a quick testing on paper, so I might have missed something. As far as I remember, the patch was more pronounced than the vetiver and of a buttery type. I think a component one can find in many...
  6. Re: Best Fragrances Of All Time! (enjoy and never tire of).

    I'd consider for example Kouros to be one of the greatest perfumes of all time, but I tire of it pretty quickly, same with Habit Rouge, Knize Ten and Tauer's L'Air).
    Some I really really really...
  7. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    Tried it yesterday. It's basically a patchouli perfume now, with one of these modern high-end patchouli materials. It is similar to Atelier Cologne's Mistral Patchouli, but less edgy. And it reminded...
  8. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    The 2020 Dior Homme.
    Shockingly different to all the earlier versions. I'm not a huge fan of Dior Homme as it used to be. But it has lost its DNA completely.
    I instantly thought of Atelier...
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    Re: Oriental/Woody Fougeres Worth Trying?

    Hahaaaahahahaha!!!!.... Robert Fripp..... huahahahahaaaa....! :thumbsup: ..... love it...
  10. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    Davidoff Relax as SOTN... much going on in this one. Great.
  11. Re: Frequently mentioned scents you STILL haven't smelled....

    Lots and lots.
    These are some I'm really interested in smelling:
    Baccarat 540
    Some of the Areej
    Some of Ensar
    Zoologist Bat
    Patou pour Homme & Privé
    The original Comme des Garcons
  12. Re: Which ten fragrances would you choose with these requirements?

    Montblanc Explorer (nice allrounder)
    Gucci Guilty Absolute (good, niche-like leather)
    Yves Saint-Laurent M7 (gourmand'ish oudhy vanillic amber-tobacco thing)
    Dior Jules (green retro animalic...
  13. Thread: Airy amber

    by Roky

    Re: Airy amber

    Might be not what you're looking for, but my better half (Italian origin, clubbing in those years) is saying Jungle Elephant Kenzo was something she and some other girls were wearing a lot, back...
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    Re: Your Most Worn January 2020

    Mistral Patchouli
    Carven Vetiver 2014
    Encre Noire
    Sauvage EdT
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    Re: Fragrances similar to Nombre Noire

    Wow!!! Never thought of Acteur, but your description is spot on.
    I've always described NN as a mix of Zino and No. 19.
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Enjoying the complex woody freshness of Courreges Niagara. A soapy pine scent with a note in between that very well might be ambroxan and/or ISO e super in a soft, very pleasant...
  17. Re: Recommend obscure Italian vintage pour Homme please

    Pancaldi Concentrée - wonderful patchouli, sandalwood and moss stuff....
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    Re: Fragrances similar to Old Spice Aftershave.

    Conservative oriental scents with huge orange and spicy notes. When I'm in an Old Spice mood, I sometimes wear things like:
    Jovan Sex Appeal
    KL Homme
    Lagerfeld Classic
    Jicky EdP
    Comme des...
  19. Re: Unique and interesting, but still compliment getting?

    I've made good experience with Comme des Garcons 2Man.
  20. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Megamare, Orto Parisi.
    Norlimbanol in the most extreme form I've ever smelled. A Calone element and a wet florals, green aspect. Not too complex. This feels pretty much like a better blended, more...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Micallef's discontinued Yellow Sea. One of the best ambergris experiences I've ever had (not that I did have too many, though...)
  22. Re: Anyone else dislike amber as a note in men's fragrances?

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    Re: 2019 Year in Review - What did you wear?

    2019 was a vetiver year for me. I emptied a bottle of Carven 2014 and bought a new one. Wore a lot of vetiver'ish things like Eau d'Ikar, Encre Noire, 2Man, Timbuktu and Ombre Indigo.
    I also grew to...
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    Re: Masculine Floral Vetivers?

    If you don't mind a bit of saffron and some tuberose, you might want to sample Ombre Indigo. It's nice.
    Another fave of mine is the modern Carven, which doesn't get much love in here. It is full...
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    Re: Help finding a new "Aventus" from another house

    Let me trow in Incense Extreme from the Tauer line, or if you're after something more ambery and less austere, then you might want to try Amber Flash from Andy's Tauerville range. Both pretty...
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    Re: Similar to Carven (Original) Vetiver

    I must say I really love the current Vetiver by Carven, but it's quite lively up front with a huge citrus. There's a soft oriental spicy accord in its mid to drydown phase and vetiver which is...
  27. Thread: Your Best Deal

    by Roky

    Re: Your Best Deal

    Different vintage L'Artisan Parfumeur such as Santal and Navigateur for 10 Euros, different vintage Carons such as Narcisse Noir EdT and En Avion Parfum for 25 Euros.
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    Re: Favorite Dry Downs?

    In no particular order and just a few:
    Breath of God
    Rochas pour l'Homme
    Ombre Indigo
    Exception Gainsboro
    Mistral Patchouli (Trauerkraut, I hear you)
    Paestum Rose
    Vetyver Givenchy...
  29. Re: Obscure vintage masterpieces - what do you think they are?

    This is indeed great.
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    Re: Baldessarini Black

    Could be nice, yup. They've made some really good stuff.
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    Re: Winter pleasent smell

    Some scents I like in winter:
    M7 Oud Absolue
    Guilty Absolute
    Fahrenheit Parfum
    B-Men (if you can find it)
    Lonestar Memories
    Etro Sandalo
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    Re: The Ultimate 'Dark Blue' Thread

    The ultimately dark blue scent to myself is Andy Tauer's Incense Extreme. There's a marine ambergris feeling to it (even more pronounced than in LDDM) and there's a huge incense note, which is dense...
  33. Re: Throw A Unique Fragrance A Basenoter’s Way! (We all want a new WOW.)

    Carven L'Eau Intense.
    A well crafted lavender, herbs and musk. Think: Acca Kappa's Muschio Bianco but louder and with a lot more things going on.
  34. Re: Do you notice your fragrances get stronger as they age?

    Absolutely true. Have experienced this with Knize Ten, 1881, Bogart pour Homme, Lush Breath of God, Kouros and some vintages. I also think this has something to do with the ingredient quality.
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    Re: FINALLY - Found a vetiver I don't like

    At least there must have been an issue with the Carven's sprayers.
    I'm really loving the current, brightly turquoise bottle, which is called "Vetiver Carven". (very Lemon-like at first, pepper,...
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    Re: Today I bought August 2019

    Bought Carven l'Eau Intense.
    Loved it at (almost) first sniff:
    Finally an exciting laundry musk scent. It feels like a close Muschio Bianco relative - but one with a nice performance.
    I don't...
  37. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    Vintage Samsara. I like some Sandalwood when I go to bed.
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    Re: Amber Fragrance similar to LDDM or ACDD

    I found vague (VAGUE) similarities to l'Air in a little scent by spa-brand Rituals. Think it's called Voyage en Indes, and it's not a risky sampling as it costs 6 Euros for 10ml.
    It's certainly less...
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    Re: Vetiver fragrances inventory: under-the-radar

    I've been contemplating on this for quite a while, and came to the conclusion that Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio does fit in this list:
    In short, this is basically a vetiver scent when the mid-...
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    Re: 2019 Fall Fragrances You Plan To Wear/Obtain?

    My wardrobe slightly shifts into early autumn mode. Some staples of this time of year are:
    Tom Ford for Men
    Guilty Absolute
    Arpege pour Homme
    Ombre Indigo
    Paestum Rose
  41. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Gucci Memoire d'un Odeur:
    Nice and quiet, a green scent with Chypre qualities, quite a lot going on in this one. Smells a bit like the box with my vintage scents. Could easily be a Hermes Jardin...
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    Re: Givenchy Gentleman Vintage. What Gives?!

    This really makes me wonder. While GG is no beast, it performs very good in all iterations from deep vintage to current imho. One might think you're getting noseblind to it - on the other hand, this...
  43. Re: Woody Incense - anything better than Gucci Pour Homme 1?

    + 1 for Incense Extreme, but it might come across as a bit pine like, which you said you don't like. Same with Perris Oud Imperial. Both are wonderful woody incense fragrances and among my favorites,...
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    Re: No Mitsouko on the Guerlain site... !?

    Whow, thank you a lot.
    I tried quite a bit. Believe me I wouldn't have posted this otherwise.
    Best wishes!
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    No Mitsouko on the Guerlain site... !?

    Hello, I just visited the Guerlain website and did a quick search for Mitsouko. It isn't listed.
    I wore Mitsouko a lot in my earlier fragrance days and was very interested in all things Guerlain....
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    Re: Best male Oriental

    Haah... that's what I was thinking too.
    Others might say it is too fresh, metallic, whatever. There are quite a few of the best orientalistic masculines in this thread. I'd go with M7 (current),...
  47. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Gravel Cologne - nice, but definitely not 160 Euros nice. A spicy citrus, decidedly masculine, with a woody-ambery "niche" - base.
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    Re: Mugler B*Men: What are our thoughts in 2019?

    My favorite Mugler by far. It's an earthy, cool patchouli type with a unique, zingy fruity opening. A distant relative of Zino, but more contemporary. I own two 50ml bottles and love to wear it on...
  49. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Galope by Hermes:
    Reminded me of an unusual rose scent with both the wine-like species and the powdery-spicy variety being mixed with a modern woody base. More subtle than most of the niche woody...
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    Re: Luckuyscent's new SUMMER CITRUS SAMPLE PACK

    The Perris' "Cedro" one is possibly the best of the bunch. Might be a aquired taste for some, as it has some woody-amber (ambroxan) vibes, but very restraint, just whisper, but with a nice heft and...
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    Re: Today I bought July 2019

    To my biggest surprise, my nice hometown perfumery stocked up with Carven scents (Homme and Homme Intense, which is nice). They don't have the Vetyver in shop, but they can order it. So there's a...
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    Re: Your Top Ten 'Greatest of All Time' rated.

    Feels like I've made at least 20 of such lists, but it's always fun.
    So this is just a personal summary of what I've been enjoying the most, after loving fragrances for more than half of my life. ...
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    Re: Powerful Cologne Type Frag

    + 1
  54. Re: If Recommending One Fragrance For A Beginner To Start With (Given Our Experience And Knowledge)?

    2Man would be my choice. It's something a beginner probably wouldn't come across at the next counter by himself, yet it's easy to like, a tad bit unconventional, it's catchy, not too fancy, not too...
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    Re: Latest Davidoff - Cool Water Intense!

    Okay. Managed to get my nose on it, and it's been a let down. Well, it doesn't stink, but it's just another dark'ish fresh woody showergel scent. I couldn't smell the DNA of CW. It's more of an Eros...
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    Re: Escentric Molecules - let's talk about it

    I'm enjoying my bottle of M01 quite a bit. Fortunately I can smell myself, if I avoid overspraying and apply only on wrists and chest. It's compliments galore btw., not that I care too much about it....
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    Re: Latest Davidoff - Cool Water Intense!

    The Müller drogstores here in Germany are loaded with it... will be there in about an hour and report back.
  58. Re: Hard to describe scents that are a bit 'futuristic' but still mass pleasing and enjoyable

    Lonestar Memories and some others of the Tauer line. Andy proofs his use of naturals but there's quite a lot of chemical weirdness in his scents. Tauer to me feel like there is an unusual futuristic...
  59. Re: Can you tell me a masterful blend with a stage of...

    Shiseido's old Basala, Paestum Rose, Ombre Indigo and Eau d'Ikar are some of my favorites with such a characteristic.
  60. Re: Expending collection with some quality fragrances

    Same here. I also think Comme des Garcons 2Man would be a nice option.
  61. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Comme des Garcons 2Man. I wouldn't say it's cheap, but every time I'm spraying it it feels like bottled beauty. This is one of the few perfumes I can imagine wearing singularly for the rest of my...
  62. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    A very VERY uncommon cheapy with a pretty niche like feel to it:
    "Voyage en Inde" by mass market spa products brand Rituals.
    I can't remind Escada's masculine Magnetism anymore, but it feels like...
  63. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Tried Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe today. Well, a modern-days Versace Dreamer.
    Nice. Quite artificial but in a nice way with a breezy quality for seconds, some tobacco notes, quite powdery. Bought a...
  64. Re: If you could make a Fragrance Starter Pack, what would you choose?

    Think I'd go with the following ten, right this moment:

    Jicky for an early days thing that's also genderless and timeless.

    Kouros as a musk and as an oldschool scent that's still relevant.
  65. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    The new Zadig & Voltaire - nice top and mid, even unique with green notes and a bit fresh. Ambrox'ish musky drydown, not that special, yet pleasant.
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    Re: Underwhelmed by M7

    Never owned M7, but it was kinda deja-vu experience when I first smelled M7OA.
    I don't think of it as a quality oud scent, it isn't edgy or "Avantgarde" or whatever. But to me it is one of the best...
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    Re: Hot pepper fragrance from late 90s-early 00s

    Think I'm rather wrong with this one, but Exception is a (black) pepper bomb for sure... 103001
  68. Re: Your current favorite warm comforting fragrances?

    Intuitively I'm thinking of:
    Tauer l'Air
    Sandalo Etro
    M7 (current one)
  69. Re: Which discontinued scents are a lost for the world?

    Basala, Relax, Lui Rochas, Anthracite, Acteur, Niagara and Heaven are some
    I'm missing the most. I own them, actually. But I'd love wearing them with abandon.
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    Re: Favorite Blue Juice

    This is truly unique.
    On the fresher side I'm enjoying Bleue d'Issey
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    Re: Playful casual floral for older men

    Eau d'Ikar is an unusual citrus with some chalky rooty iris vibes.
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    Re: Apart from Basenotes....

    I'm using Fragrantica and Parfumo for evaluating certain stuff. I don't read German Parfumo reviews anymore, because most of them are loaded with so much kitschy bullshit; same with most threads. The...
  73. Thread: Your vintage SOTD

    by Roky

    Re: Your vintage SOTD

    ... my ladyfriend chose this one for me, this evening... it's one of my true favorite vintage scents.

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    Re: Most Worn: April 2019

    Wore a lot of Explorer and love it. Others that got quite a few wearings were Alien Man (I still don't like it), Bleue d'Issey, Eau d'Ikar, Casran and
    Joop Rococo.
  75. Re: What readily-available colognes under $100 fit this description?

    Eau de Rochas pour Homme comes to mind.
  76. Re: Just curious. What % of Your Wardrobe did you Rate 5 Stars?

    Between 30 and 50 of about 400 scents I own.
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    Re: Today, I am not particularly enjoying...

    I'm still struggling hard with Alien Man. Cannot really get beyond this Axe\Lynx effect. Put it on yesterday after showering. Now it lingers and lingers... and not in a pleasant way.
  78. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    A (somewhat) new Hugo Boss Bottled flanker with a blue juice: cynical
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Really wowed by my current rotation. It's hard to choose every morning, really....
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    Re: Guerlain : Vetiver :: ______ : Patchouli

    Wouldn't say there's a patchouli centric Guerlain in the way Vetiver is vetiver centric. There's Habit Rouge though, but this one is also citruses, florals, amber and a lot of powder and vanilla.
  81. Re: Aquatic/fresh/blue a non aqua/Fresh/blue palate?

    Here's a few that might fit IMHO (some might think of them as not aquatic at all):
    Bleue d'Issey Miyake
    Mistral Patchouli
    Eau de Rochas pour Homme
    Declaration d'un Soir
    Breath of God
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    Re: Today I bought April 2019

    Finally backed up Bleue d'Issey with 3 of the 75ml bottles. This should last for quite a while...
  83. Re: Montblanc Aventus or like Sauvage?

    Hi, well this is my take on the Montblanc, which I think is really good.
    Explorer lasts on clothes for a whole day and even more. My car smells of its drydown in the morning, because I've been...
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    Re: Sweet with Patchouli Base

    Tauer's Patchouly Flash for a slightly boozy/ambery take. L'Eau Bleue d'Issey for an unusual ozonic/salty/herbal take. Molinard's Patchouli as an allrounder, earty/minty/a bit of barbershop and more...
  85. Thread: Mancera Wave Musk

    by Roky

    Re: Mancera Wave Musk

    One of my favorite weird fragrances:
    I often say that I don't like "too synthetic" scents, whatever this means - yet I adore Wave Musk.
    I'm not much of an aqua\laundry musk person - this one is...
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    Re: Your all time favorite!!

    This would be my take, too.
    But if I have to focus, right this moment it's Basala.
    This one has all the attributes
    I'm liking in a perfume:
    Fougere aspects, freshness, depths, oriental notes,...
  87. Re: 2010's: Decade of Ambroxide. Who actually used it best?

    Came here to vote for Tauer in niche/indy segment. Andy praised the use of ambroxan (or a very similar material) years back in his early blog. Think I'm getting quite a bit of it in Incense Extreme...
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    Re: Your favorite Mancera?

    My faves are Sand Aoud as an oud/rose/ambery one and Wave Musk as a faux-ambergris floral aquatic middle eastern themed thing. Red Tobacco is nice, too. I think of Sand Aoud as the true, most...
  89. Re: Of these Serge Lutens and L'artisans which is a blind buy worthy?

    I think one should love or at least like rose to enjoy Santa Majuscule - and a thick vanillic, quite linear mid to base with Ambre Sultan. I'd buy the SM if I were you. But if the top notes of AS...
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    Re: What will be your go to summer fragrance?

    Some summer staples of mine over the years.
    If I had to pick just one go to scent, it would probably be the Eau d'Ikar.

    These are some true favorites:
    Eau de Rochas Homme as a woody herbal...
  91. Re: Which are good bargain-gems of the last 10 years?

    I also thought of these. Even his AT Attar is an extremely good value for money for what it does.

    A more common bargain gem is Eau de Rochas pour Homme, it might have been mentioned though.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Replacement/Reformulation

    Current Eau Savage is pretty nice IMHO. And if you liked it, I'd say the same as the gentlemen in here. For a bit more longevity you could sample Eau de Rochas pour Homme, but it's a bit more dry and...
  93. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Daniel Hechter Charactére, current formula. This is a nice woody patchouli citrus retroscent, not too far away of Givenchy Gentleman with a bit of Azzaro pour Homme mixed in. Nice.
  94. Re: Who legitimately has the largest fragrance collection?

    ... just for the fun... I think I own about 300 and quite a few minis. As you can see, my collection is a bit of a chaos... but, well... enjoy��
  95. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Joop Homme Absolute. I like it very much. It's spicy, but in a sleek, almost transparent, slightly weird way. Nothing reminds me of the original Joop Homme (which I respect, but seldom wear it).
  96. Replies

    Re: Today I bought March 2019

    Bought Joop Homme Absolute on impulse, after buying Explorer on impulse, some days ago :-) ...
    Both feel like great workhorses, the drydown of both of them feels quite a bit more refined, comparing...
  97. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Explorer, Montblanc. I like it and bought a small bottle.
    I'm not much into this Aventus-hype-clone-batch-shit. Explorer feels like a nice, clean, woody workhorse with a bit more refinement than...
  98. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Got two samples today:
    A scent named "Cabal" by a brand "Miro". Behind this, tere is "Maxim Markenprodukte", a german company who did the cheapie-legend "Prince Classic" (which is sadly...
  99. Re: Suggestion request : sweet woody, a little oriental, for man

    I also thought of Lui Rochas, but I never get that "sweet" aspect, neither the "leather" smell. Sweet to me is more of a tongue-, than a nose-thing.
    Anyways, thought of Lui Rochas as a more...
  100. Re: Can anybody help? Eau de Toilette on board of the Concorde

    ... well, that's what I may do ...
    Thought that I might find the definite answer while chatting a bit in here (more fun :-)
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