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  1. Re: Had My First Sales Event-- my experience so far...

    Yeah, who knows?
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    Re: Fragrance Record Label

    That sounds like a pretty cool idea actually. Don't know if and how it would work, but I like the notion.
  3. Re: Had My First Sales Event-- my experience so far...

    Thanks for the congrats and also the consolation.

    But looking to the positive, I did exceed my expectations with regard to product sales. The event organizer told us that we had the classiest...
  4. Re: Had My First Sales Event-- my experience so far...

    No. That's the worst part of it. She and I saw each other and it was beyond awkward. I guess we have to be happy for the good things life gives us. If I could have gotten the girl back if it...
  5. Had My First Sales Event-- my experience so far...

    Hey all,

    A week ago I had my very first experience selling my fragrances to the public. My plan was to get a vendor table at a conference and see if I could sell a few bottles. I was on a very...
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    Re: Male Underarm Sweat Accord

    Certain grapefruit type accords smell like armpits to me. Also sharp green notes and matierals like labienoxime give off this connection too.
  7. Thread: Maritima IFF

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: Maritima IFF

    The stuff smells like a wet dog. One of those things that can probably give some interesting effects in trace amounts, but at full strength I find it quite unpleasant. That said, get some and play...
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    Re: Taking the plunge for a White Lotus order?

    I'm very happy with both White Lotus and Eden Botanicals. Both sell quality materials. Good stuff for DIY perfumery on a small level.

    As the others have said though, I suppose that in trying to...
  9. Re: Alcohol smell standout, how do I get rid off it

    Agreed. It's possible that you're using too many mid/basenote materials and not enough topnotes. It's a good idea to look over the topnote materials you're using and make sure that you have some...
  10. Re: Anyone ever used Tobacco Absolute from Perfumer's Apprentice? I have a question.

    Thanks Luigi, the Wayback Machine is pretty cool. I found my invoice and discovered that I bought my tobacco absolute back in late 2009 (time flies!)-- it still smells amazing. I ended up calling PA...
  11. Re: Anyone ever used Tobacco Absolute from Perfumer's Apprentice? I have a question.

    Thanks very much! That's so good to hear. Dank u wel! :D
  12. Anyone ever used Tobacco Absolute from Perfumer's Apprentice? I have a question.

    Hey all,

    I've been working hard lately on my perfumes and things are going very well. I have a large batch of concentrate that has almost finished maturing and in the next few days I'll be...
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    Re: Violet Accord Formula

    I've been working on different variations of a violet scent for the past year. One of my favorite ionones is Methyl Ionone Gamma Supreme. It's very fresh and has tea- like aspects to my nose. ...
  14. Re: Inducing Temporary Selective Odor Fatigue (ITSOF)

    I stumbled onto this technique a few years ago by accident when I was trying to make clones of scents I liked. I'd make my version and compare the two-- and all of a sudden, I'd notice all kinds of...
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    Re: Question about PA Key Accords

    Agreed. The tobacco accord has an insane amount of methyl laitone in it. It's frustrating because I think methyl laitone has a wonderful and unique smell on its own, but everytime I use it in...
  16. Re: Acetophenone reactivity? Also a question about acetates...

    Thanks Thomas and David. Thats good news to me. :)
  17. Acetophenone reactivity? Also a question about acetates...

    I was looking for some materials with cherry/almond type nuances (I found a source for benzaldehyde but it won't arrive soon). I bought some acetophenone and I think it could fill some of the needs...
  18. Re: Anything I can substitute for Decadienal and Diacetyl?

    Thanks for the recs. I've not tried Acetyl Methyl Carbinol (acetoin) yet but I'll try to get some and see how it works. I find it a bit odd that diacetyl is allowed in Europe and prohibited in USA....
  19. Anything I can substitute for Decadienal and Diacetyl?

    I worked on a few different foody scents-- not traditional perfumes-- but rather literal interpretations of edible items, and I found that Decadienal (10% dilution TEC) and Diacetyl (10% dilution)...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Creed Royal Oud

    Ignoring the notes listed, I do find a similarity. When I first got Royal Oud, it reminded me partially of Egoiste. I have a bottle of the vintage Egoiste Concentrée; it's amazing stuff, but...
  21. Re: Australia... What smells like Australia? Need some help!

    Thanks everyone. I have a much better idea now. I really wish I could experience the wattle! I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  22. Re: Is this Ambergris? Can you please help me identify this, found on beach in San Diego.

    If it doesn't float at least you'll know you don't have a witch on your hands... (sorry for the Monty Python gag) :D

    I recommend the book Floating Gold: A Natural (and Unnatural) History of...
  23. Re: Australia... What smells like Australia? Need some help!

    Thanks guys! I'm going to order a few materials later today. I'm eager to get working on this.

    Also, I see that some members have tried to send me PMs but my inbox was full. Sorry about that. ...
  24. Australia... What smells like Australia? Need some help!

    Hey guys, I've been away from Basenotes for a while. I'm about to start working on a cool little project (it might end up on TV) and I need some help from some of you more well-travelled types (or...
  25. Re: I just discovered why 1 or 2mls of spilled GIT made my entire apartment smell of it

    Last night I was walking around my room and stepped on the pair of pants that I'd worn to work the day before. I felt a crunch. I'd destroyed a vial of Creed Spice and Wood that was in the pocket. ...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, September 2, 2012

    John Varvatos-- Rock Volume One
  27. Re: New Fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez For Him Eau de Parfum Intense

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    Poll: Re: Help Me 2 From Entire SERGE LUTENS LINE.

    Cuir Mauresque is a MUST!
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    Re: Major ebay defrag: is it one of us?

    I've been wearing Burberry Brit Limited Edition lately and really loving it. It's like Brit became something from Comme des Garçons Incense Series. If anyone is looking at this lot of fragrances...
  30. Re: Just received a bottle of Dior Homme Cologne

    I love the Cologne. Everyone else seems to go the other way with the heavy sweet Intense, but the Cologne is one that rarely gets talked about, comparatively.

    Cologne is a subtle departure from...
  31. Re: MEN'S Fragrance with a lot of CARDAMOM (Suggestions)

    Creed Epicea has a lot of cardamom-- along with the pine.

    I'd say if you're really looking for the most simple, direct cardamom note-- try Voyage D'Hermes. Cardamom can easily be overtaken in a...
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    Re: Serge Lutens 2012 export perfume?

    Please let it be Encens et Lavande one of these years. I'm getting near the end of my decant. This stuff kills Gris Clair in my mind.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, August 20th, 2012

    Serge Lutens --Encens et Lavande

    Well, it's still Sunday here, but I like to be near the top of the list! ;)

    EDIT: Now that it's actually Monday, I'm wearing Lalique White.
  34. Re: Hermes Bel Ami or Hermes Equipage (Can't Decide - Please Vote and Pick Only 1)

    I have vintage Equipage and new Bel Ami and far, FAR prefer Bel Ami. Equipage is OK, but it's got this rough almost crude 1970's feel to it whereas Bel Ami is smooth and timeless. There are times...
  35. Re: Why do so many men not like Chanel's Blue de Chanel?


    Everytime I wear this, women notice it and they love it. I have about 300 scents in my drobe, but Bleu de Chanel just has that "something" that works for it better than 95% of the other...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, August 16th, 2012

    Burberry Brit for Men Limited Edition

    I love this one. It could easily fit into the Comme des Garçons Incense Series. Nice pine needle notes.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

    Tom Ford for Men
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, August 13th, 2012

    Hermes Bel Ami
  39. Re: I finally smell the civet in Kouros for the first time after many wears

    Guys, the #1 notes are from the honey accord, the #2 is from the civet, the bathroom air freshener accord is from a combination of many of the other aromachemicals. The civet is NOT the "pee note". ...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, August 10th, 2012

    Terre d'Hermes Parfum
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    Re: Cuir Mauresque Serge Lutens

    Cuir Mauresque is awesome. The strange thing is that I wear it and get a mix of reactions that are alternately, "whew!" and "Oh my god, you smell AMAZING!" When I wear it, I can hear some people...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, August 5, 2012

    Creed Virgin Island Water
  43. Re: Scent from the late 80s with loads of anise?

    Go check out Versace Black Jeans.
  44. Re: The Six Degrees of Thallium - and discount store rage...

    The campaign starts today. The 2013 Basenotes Male Fragrance of the year... Thallium. :)
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    Re: new fragrance: Hanae Mori HiM

    The bottle looks awful to me, but I love Hanae Mori HM (both the EDT and EDP) and this house has built up some capital where I'm concerned. I'll be on the lookout for it!
  46. Re: Looking for 2nd tier Creed: Erolfa, Green Valley, Royal Water, Original Vetiver?

    Green Valley is being discontinued I think, which is unfortunate since it's easily as good if not better than anything else Creed has created. I'd try that one-- and if you like it, snag it before...
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    Re: Windsor, great, but, rose...?

    I get a very delicate dewy rose that softens the rest of the composition and melts the chill of the eucalyptus a little. It smells like real live roses. I think another thing to consider about...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

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    Re: Revisiting Tabarome Millesime

    Kind of a confounding scent to me. I've gone back and forth on it. Still, the weird thing is that an ex-semi-girlfriend smelled all of my Creeds and pronounced Tabarome Millesime the sexiest--...
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    Re: What's good with CB I hate Perfume?

    Mr. Hulot's Holiday is one of my favorite scents period. I have the water based perfume. It's a scent that completely fits its source of inspiration. Smells like a relaxed overcast day at the...
  51. Poll: Re: Kenzo Jungle pour Homme - longevity and projection

    Texture-wise, just picking up the bottle is enough to make me put it down really quick. The bottle feels gritty like sandpaper with the frosted effect on the back of the glass-- the little zebra...
  52. Poll: Re: Kenzo Jungle pour Homme - longevity and projection

    I bought a bottle of this last year and I don't think I've really ever worn it. The bottle I bought was a store tester and didn't have a box. To me it smells like a spicier Tam Dao. Maybe a bit...
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    Re: No Love for Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum?

    I have a bottle and I enjoy it very much. After a few wearings I can tell you that the original Eau Sauvage vibe does last very far into the drydown-- it just seems to vanish and reappear...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, July 19th, 2012

    Yves Saint Laurent-- L'Homme

    I love L'Homme in warm weather.
  55. Poll: Re: End Perfume Sexism - Should Basenotes Merge the Male and Female Sub-Forums?

  56. Re: What is "the best" comme des garçons ever , mention just one (1 ),,,????

    I've been going back to this one as well. It takes me to so many places and eras when I smell it. Even if it's almost a tad feminine, I still find it wearable. Really an original.
  57. Re: Any eau de toilette that is similar to Versace Pour Homme?

    D&G #1 Le Bateleur
  58. Thread: Bond No. 9

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: Bond No. 9: An End to Peace on Earth and Don't Go Down by My Riverside

    Bond is tacky and stupid.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, July 2nd, 2012

    Today was my first actual day of wearing Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum (wearing it to work, not just testing it).

    I've got to say I was surprised by two things-- the original vibe of Eau Sauvage did...
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    Re: "Winter Fragrances" in the HEAT!!!

    rotfl! :)
  61. Re: I Have a Few Questions about Eau Sauvage Parfum.

    Well guys, I just came from Sephora and...

    I really was impressed with this and I bought a bottle.

    It's amazing that the first few seconds DOES smell like the original Eau Sauvage EdT, but it...
  62. Thread: Aventus

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: Aventus

    I know this is a bit OT, but I wore Aventus to work yesterday and was quite amazed at how others noticed it. At one point, 5 hours after application ( 1 single spray to the upper chest, under my...
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    Re: What are you wearing to bed right now?

    L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Noir Absolu

    Goodnight moon... Goodnight stars... Goodnight Basenotes! ;)
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    Re: L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme

    The original is the best. Unfortunately, there's just something about it that just gives a lot of people a headache-- me included, though I love the smell. The summer version (2010) that I have is...
  65. Re: Comme Des Garçons: Amazingreen! A new fragrance!

    This fragrance sounds amazing.

    I love the smell of gunpowder-- maybe not so much when it hangs in the air following the sound of some low IQ hoodlum popping off shots abruptly in my neighborhood...
  66. Re: I Have a Few Questions about Eau Sauvage Parfum.

    Thanks guys for taking the time to answer my questions. I'll try to test it in the next week or two and see what I think-- and when I do, I'll post my thoughts.
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    Re: Need a fragrance that smells like this

    Prada Amber Pour Homme.

    Some of the aldehydes used give an ozonic impression. There is some bergamot. I get musk and a hint of vanilla/coumarin/tonka. There is patchouli. A bit barbershoppy...
  68. I Have a Few Questions about Eau Sauvage Parfum.

    Hey guys, I've been quite intrigued by the release of the new Eau Sauvage Parfum by Dior. I love the original Eau Sauvage, though I'm quite prepared to expect this Parfum to smell almost nothing...
  69. I Have a Few Questions about Eau Sauvage Parfum.

    *** Accidental Double Thread!
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, June 25th, 2012

    Creed-- Bois de Cedrat
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    Re: H.M. by Hanae Mori

    If you like the EDT, then the EDP may be a real treat for you. I have them both and I like them each in their own way. The EDP is just so much fuller, dense and more rounded. Awesome lasting power...
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    Re: H.M. by Hanae Mori

    I did pay retail for this at Nordstrom-- there was a SA there pushing it. I wanted the EDP. I paid retail for the EDP, but the SA also gave me a 1oz. bottle of the EDP as well as a large shower...
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    Re: Creed's Royal Oud

    Royal Oud works really well for me. On my skin it has a deep incense character. The bitter galbanum in the intro can be a bit off putting to some, but I find that it adds a nice texture to the...
  74. Re: Bond No. 9 - I love New York for All - Marriage Equality

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    Re: A Fragrance Story for Today...

    Me too! Just tonight there was a girl sitting at my bar wearing Alien. I don't know that it is, but it seems like very woman I encounter is wearing either Alien or Angel. Thierry Mugler really...
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    Re: A Fragrance Story for Today...

    That's awesome. I've come to find that many scents which smell different in the bottle can smell similar on skin when worn by random people; it really takes a little bit more for a particular...
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    A Fragrance Story for Today...

    I just got home from work. I had an interesting experience that I had to share here.

    Before work, I was trying to decide what my SOTD would be-- it was down to Terre D'Hermes Parfum or Aventus. ...
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012

    I was at Nordstrom yesterday and I tried the entire range of rereleased classics and I was blown away with all of them. Tuscany, Devin, New West, JHL-- they were all scents that I remember smelling...
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    Re: Creed Royal Oud , what should I expect?

    I like Royal Oud a great deal. It smells amazing and I do detect a well integrated oud note in it. Sure, it's not exploding with funky barnyard oud, but it's a classy refined smell with a magnetic,...
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    Re: Bay Rum homemade pomade

    I use Murray's Pomade. It smells like Chergui.

    I'm not a huge bay rum fanatic. The pomade sounds good though.
  81. Re: J'Accuse! There is a Recent Sport or Summer Scent You Have Loved! Confess!

    I know; I have No.1 Le Bateleur too. I shouldn't like it, but I do. It does smell really good on my skin.

    The guilty pleasure sport scent for me is... Habit Rouge Sport. I love the stuff.
  82. What a loss. Rest in Peace, Mr. Robert.

    What a loss. Rest in Peace, Mr. Robert.
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    Re: Pure Shot: Worthy of a Purchase?

    Patchwood is interesting stuff. It's kind of like what iso-e-super is to cedar, patchwood is to patchouli. It's got the woodiness of an iso-e-super type material, but with a very fresh,...
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    Re: Pure Shot: Worthy of a Purchase?

    I didn't really like Pure Shot last month when I sprayed a tester on my wrist; I also sprayed Chanel Allure Homme Sport Extreme-- and between the two of them, I ended up getting an sinus allergy...
  85. Re: Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan - shi_ty disgust in a bottle :(

    I think this is true. I've come to realize that sometimes you can walk out of the house wearing a particular fragrance-- and half of the people around you might love it and the rest might find it...
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    Re: Ambergris - it's crazy stuff

    HAHAHAHA!!! Sculp, that was hilarious. Thanks! :)
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    Re: Al Rehab fragrances

    One of my coworkers (he's from Senegal) showed me something he had. It was a little roll-on bottle and it said Al Rehab on the top of it. I tried a little on and it wasn't too bad-- the composition...
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    Re: Explain to me the appeal of Rive Gauche

    Wearing Rive Gauche is a little like having a face with a perfect profile. You can look straight in the mirror all day long and just not see it, but when you go out into the world, it's not lost on...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, May 21st, 2012

    L'Artisan Parfumeur-- Voleur de Roses
  90. Re: A fragrance that personifies love, trust + commitment

    For me, more than anything, it's probably Jo Malone Amber & Lavender (Bertrand Duchaufour)-- This is the scent I wear to weddings, funerals, and all things of that nature. With all of the stuff I...
  91. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: L'artisan great deal at Fragrancenet

    That's great to hear. Voleur de Roses was the ONE scent that I really, really, really wanted from L'Artisan and it was sold out the first time. I'm glad that you and I were each able to get a...
  92. Re: Champagne taste on a Beer bud.....awwww heck.....I can't even afford Beer!


    Great to see you back. I can't believe you only have 500 posts. :)

    It's too late now, but in the past few weeks Fragrancenet was running a ridiculously cheap sale on L'Artisans. I got...
  93. Re: My girlfriends reaction to Millesime Imperial...

    A few days ago I was at work and dabbed a little Aventus on my wrists and neck. My male coworker asked sarcastically, "What smells like Pine-Sol?" :)
  94. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: L'artisan great deal at Fragrancenet

    Voleur de Roses is incredible stuff. The bottle I got was unboxed and the juice was a little on the dark side-- but it had never been sprayed. I was a tad worried that the topnotes would be muted-...
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    Re: Your favourite Serge Luten...

    I'd fallen in love with my sample of it-- the way it goes on so industrial and heavy with styrax and floral notes-- then starts to warm to a golden glow of soft smooth ambery sweet leather. I got my...
  96. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: L'artisan great deal at Fragrancenet

    Just got my 1.7 oz Patchouli Patch and 3.4 oz Voleur de Roses. Both are unboxed but were unsprayed. Also, both are the old style bottles. I'm so glad to finally have Voleur de Roses-- it's been...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

    Serge Lutens- Cuir Mauresque
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    Re: Your favourite Serge Luten...

    Lately, I've been obsessed with Cuir Mauresque. It changes a lot from the topnotes to the drydown. I get mixed results on it. I've encountered a few people who may have perceived it negatively,...
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2012

    L'Artisan --Voleur de Roses
    --Patchouli Patch

    Serge Lutens-- Cuir Mauresque
  100. Thread: Fragrancenet

    by Indie_Guy

    Re: L'artisan great deal at Fragrancenet

    I just got an email too. Voleur de Roses 3.4 oz and Patchouli Patch 1.7 oz both shipped.

    I did pay extra to get the two-day shipping, so that may have something to do with the speed of it, but...
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