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    Re: Is Aramis Havana all that good?

    I think havana is a masterpiece! bold, spicy, musculine and sexy... something that will have pple asking u what u are wearing. it is actually not available in singapore even with the release of...
  2. Poll: Re: Kenzo Jungle pour Homme - longevity and projection

    hey, indie guy, you should give this another chance... perhaps re-visit it after a few months. might get a new perspective.
    personally, i think this is an incredibly sensual scent. as it does smell...
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    Re: Coco Noir

    I was thrilled when i first heard of Coco Noir, because Coco is such a great scent! I was expecting something even more animalic with Noir. But it was such a letdown. It came across as a cheap,...
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    Re: Review: Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

    Hi Buddym... i hoped these posts did not deter u from buying a bottle of this. i think it is being discontinued. Dun see this being displayed anymore. Old or newer bottle, they are still GREAT...
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    Re: Something clean and herbal?

    hmm... aveda MEN cologne (discontinued though).. art of shaving sandalwood (has a bit of medicine smell which i love) ... aramis 900 (try to get the older version)... beverly hills VIP (love to bits)
  6. Re: Giorgio For Men By Beverly Hills - How Would You Rate It

    excellent scent... both the original and the VIP. one of the best musculine smells EVER. 80s scents are so much more interesting compared to all the similar-smelling citrus/aquatic/woods stuff that...
  7. Re: So disappointed I can't wear Guerlain Heritage

    not sure if others feel the same, but (older version) heritage is incredibly long lasting and powerful. i need to spray it on my pants instead of anywhere near my neck. i actually find myself...
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    Re: Shalimar Guerlain - disappointed

    the first time i tried shalimar, i was also disappointed. was thinking to myself.. u mean this is it? smells like lemon cookies, what's all the fuss about? But... over the span of the next couple...
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    Re: Miss Dior Original

    absolutely agree that miss dior smells like VdN. but between these two, i still prefer miss dior. in small amounts, i think a guy can carry miss dior off...
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    Poll: Re: Bois des Iles or Egoiste?

    i think everyone needs to have BOTH... they are similar yet the moods they convey are quite different. egoiste is more "brash" in comparison, and i dun mean it in a bad way.
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    Re: Platinum Egoiste Reformulated?

    i really enjoy PE... the vintage has a richness that the reformulated version sorely lacks. really unique smell... which makes me kinda wonder why modern scents nowadays smell so similar (typically -...
  12. omg! sounds really good! wonder what sizes they...

    omg! sounds really good! wonder what sizes they come in and for how much...
  13. Re: Has Boss Number One been reformulated?

    i have the hugo boss without the no. 1. it definitely lasts longer than the no.1 that are being sold in the malls nowadays. scent-wise, i also find something missing in the current formulation. ...
  14. Re: Does Chanel Egoiste and Platnum Egoiste smell similar?

    As many have mentioned, they do not smell alike. I have both and like both. But i would imagine that Egoiste is easier to "like", so to speak, by most people. I guess for first timers - go for...
  15. really don't see the point of this exercise...

    really don't see the point of this exercise except creating a lot of confusion for consumers. can imagine many cases of peoply buying the wrong perfume... really hope they do not phase out the...
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    Re: Is this a fake D&G Pour Homme?

    i asked the sales lady and was told that there used to be two factories manufacturing this scent (ie. italy and germany). subsequently, they closed down the italy factory. i tried both (vintage...
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    Re: In Praise of Burberry Touch

    do u mean "on the hair and neck" or really (gasp...) "hair on the neck"... hahahhaaa...
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    Re: In Praise of Burberry Touch

    incidentally, today i asked a colleague in my office if he was wearing Uomo moschino. he replied that it was burberry touch. anybody thinks these scents smell alike?
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    Re: Cacharel Anais Anais

    yes.. actually the picture on the bottle is different. not sure if u can view the pics below...
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    Re: Cacharel Anais Anais

    i think anais anais and beige are a couple of white flowers scent that grew on me. i think the old and new formulations for anais are vastly different. definitely sample the vintage one if possible...
  21. Re: Similar cologne to Abercrombie's FIERCE?

    i think if u like fierce, u will also like D&G pour homme and Tommy.
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    Re: Chanel Beige (Les Exclusifs)

    i have grown to really like beige. glad i bought a full 200ml bottle when i was launched. beige somehow manages to capture natural class in a bottle! i spray some on my bed, close my eyes and...
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    Re: New Chanel: No 19 Poudre and Jersey

    i was so looking forward to try jersey... but what a letdown it was. smells thin, synthetic and cheap to me. chanel must be making huge profit margins on this. much prefer bois des iles and...
  24. Re: Eau Sauvage and Eau Sauvage Extrèem.

    i like both... i think extreme is not as bad as some make it out to be. but pls check which version u have as i think the latest reformulation ("intense" instead of "concentree") has very bad...
  25. Re: Can you name any EdT's that are better than the EdP's ?

    previously i used to believe that it always better to have the stronger, more concentrated version. but i think now it is not always true. edps tend to focus more on the middle/base notes. some...
  26. Re: L'Occitane Eau des Baux and Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

    Hi Force of One... u are not alone... i find them very similar too! it happened by chance incidentally cos' i was sampling the SDV for a couple of days (that was a few years back). subsequently, i...
  27. Re: Do any of you get good longevity from Eau Sauvage?

    i find the longevity lacking as well. can't seem to smell it after a couple of hours, unless i smell really closely. this might sound weird, but i bought the eau sauvage deodorant stick (back in...
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    Re: Antaeus or Pasha?

    i find them rather different so can't really choose between them. both are good in my opinion. pasha, with its spiciness toned down by menthol and citrus, is easier to wear though. antaeus ,which...
  29. Re: men that wear Kingdom Alexander Mcqueen

    i find that the discussion above does not seem to distinguish between kingdom edt and edp. i think it is impt as they smell quite different. the edp is the one that smells "dirty".
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    Re: Fahrenheit Fresh

    actually i like this version (bought it at the Frankfurt airport in 2004). The bottle is different from the usual shape (the base is oblong and not round). it smells like the usual fahrenheit but...
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    Re: Vintage Fahrenheit?

    The best way to identify a true vintage is the pressurized aerosol spray. I have a bottle that was purchased immediately when it was first launched in 1988. Others that i bought subsequently all...
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    Re: Versace Black Jeans alternative...

    yup... i agree that rive gauche is probably the closest i know to black jeans (the fresh barbershop vibe in the drydown). i also share the view that BJ and fahrenheit are rather similar in certain...
  33. Re: Amouage v Serge Lutens... which is best?

    hmm.. considering the prices, sizes and longevity.. i think SL is an easier buy. amouage.. nice but only when i strike lottery maybe.. :)
  34. Re: Amouage v Serge Lutens... which is best?

    i find amouage nice, but somehow not quite good value for money (just like creed)... just my personal opinion.. so pls dun bombard me (*ducking for cover*). serge lutens, to me, seems better value...
  35. Re: Which Serge Lutens has the best sillage???

    i have arabie... and it IS a sillage monster... i find that if i spray normally (at a distance) the sillage can be a bit overwhelming. so i usually spray really close (to mimic a dab and reduce...
  36. Re: The Fragrances of The Different Company

    Love your wonder woman thingy... the ones i like are Jasmine de Nuit (really grew on me and apparently a whopping 700,000 Egyptian jasmine flowers are needed to make a 90ml bottle), Oriental Lounge...
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    Re: Is this vintage Fahrenheit?

    yes... i find the vintage fahrenheit smells nicer than the current formulation (which i find has too much leather and also a bit gasoline smelling). incidentally, a couple of years ago, i bought a...
  38. what a non-descript looking bottle.... :(

    what a non-descript looking bottle.... :(
  39. Re: L'Artisan's Havana Vanilla v. Double Vanille

    SDV smells like a good quality boozy vanilla to me. anyway, i had high expectations of HV since i love vanilla and i love havana (aramis). However, HV kind of fell flat on me when i finally got to...
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    Re: Magie Noire Oldish vs New

    yes.. the latest all glass rectangular bottle (as well as the huile parfum which i incidentally have 2 bottles of) smells definitely greener compared with the earlier version. so, for people buying...
  41. Re: Frustrated (Grrr) with my bottle(s) of Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

    Oh... i LOVE my bottle of SDV too... bought it some years ago, so i guess it was still one of the better batches.

    gosh.. then i shd hurry up and buy a bottle of bois d'armenie which i have been...
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    Re: Égoïste vs Égoïste Concentree

    hahaha... even though they were not exactly bargain prices (around US$80 + $15 shipping = US$95 per bottle), i am pleased with the purchases...

    on bois des iles, I think it is great too... i smell...
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    Re: Magie Noire Oldish vs New

    I have quite a collection of MNs. The best smelling one is the circular glass version that comes in a box that has those strange symbols all over (extremely perfumey). The latest one (clear...
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    Re: Polo Green

    hmmm.. was just reading this thread and felt that i need to maybe speak up a bit for oaksbluff... i have a bottle bought in the early 80s (well kept in dark cupboard), and i also have a new bottle...
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    Re: YSL OPIUM, EDT or EDP?

    i have the edt and secret de parfum... i like both. the edt is more wearable (ie. just in case there are people around u who are sensitive to strong scents) and kind of "airy" but still very spicy...
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    Re: Égoïste vs Égoïste Concentree

    i recently nabbed 2 bottles of egoiste concentree. to me, i think the concentree stays true to the egoiste scent. ie. they do not smell significantly different from one another. however, the...
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    Re: What is Jovan Musk 2

    yes... i love it too. apparently, it has male pheromones in it. an aromatic fougere that is worth checking out!
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    Re: Giorgio VIP and Aramis 900 Herbal

    aramis 900 smells very rosy to me... particularly the older version. The new gentlemen's collection doesn't seem to last as long and smells thinner. for people who like rose (like me as i find it...
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    Re: Secret de Parfum

    i have the Sdp... it is stated as an edp on the bottle. however, i find it smoother and stronger than the normal edp.
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    Re: Gris Clair - wtf?!

    i tried GC the other day.... i like the initial 40mins or so... cannot stop sniffing! but the drydown smells extremely powdery to me. so that is a bit of a deal breaker for me.
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    Re: How many EDT's do you own?...

    back in the days when i was still a normal peson, i used to own like 4-5 bottles. nowadays, it is more like 4-5 bottles every week. i have so many bottles i have stopped counting (it gets kind of...
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    Re: Review: Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

    i own an older bottle and have sampled the newer one as well. I find the older perfume has less of that artificial lemony smell at the beginning.. anyone else feels the same? unfortunately, i think...
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    Re: Tommy boy reformulated?

    I presume u are referring to Tommy by TH. I have a bottle bought in 1994/95. It is quite amazing (the smell, the sillage and it really lasts!) really very different from the currrent formulation...
  54. Re: Egoiste vs Opium pour Homme - what do you think?

    yup... both are sweet /spicy orientals.. so i agree they do smell similar. the basenotes are where they differ imo. sandalwood lovers will go for egoiste. i think chanel uses the same sandalwood...
  55. Re: Opium - EDT vs EDP vs Parfum (vintage, of course)

    i seem to have 2 different vintage versions of opium edt. the first one has gold trimmings on the cap. the other one just has the plain cap. i hope u guys know what i am talking abt. i suspect...
  56. Re: Chanel Allure vs Platinum Egoiste vs Antaeus vs Pour Monsieur

    hmm.. i have pour monsieur concentree, egoiste, plat egoiste and antaeus. actually i find all of them very lasting. i wonder if it is just me, but the new antaeus gives me a headache... some...
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    Re: The 10 "Must Have" -"women's" perfumes

    1) obsession
    2) shalimar
    3) jicky
    4) miss dior
    5) bois' d'armenie
    6) dune
    7) kingdom
    8) bois des iles
    9) coco
    10) poison
  58. Poll: Re: yves saint laurent - m7 vs. chanel - egoiste

    both are very nice in their own ways... i really can't choose. and u dun have to.. just buy both!! :)
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    Re: The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    my take on the new vs old egoiste is that the new one smells more harsh (particularly in the opening). vintage egoiste is smoother and does not sting my nose.
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    Re: Favorite cheapie & favorite costly...

    cheapies - jovan sex appeal (women vintage), gloria vanderbilt, vtg body shop oils, jovan musk 2, obsession, ...

    expensive - guerlains (jicky, MdM, SDV, attrape coeur, apres londee, bois...
  61. Re: Was Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP Special Reserve For Men relaunched too?

    Love love love BH VIP!! in fact, i love the original BH ph too! I am just a sucker for 80s powerhouse perfumes.
  62. Re: Vintage Magie Noire issues and questions

    i am a CRAZY collector of vintage MN too! :P i have the circular-shaped version, the tall glass with plastic "shoulders", the huile perfume oil, and even the new squarish bottles. Out of these, i...
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    Re: Best feminine lavender

    the more obvious lavender scents i have are caron puh as well as guerlain's MdM. But when i REALLY need a lavender fix, i drip lavender essential oil on my pillow and INHALE like there is no tmr...
  64. Re: giorgio beverly hills for men 1984(original)VS giorgio beverly hills for men(re-issue

    Hi Wirral Guy... i have a bottle of vintage Giorgio BH too from long ago. I noticed it also looks somewhat brownish (if memory serves me right, it used to be more yellow rather than green). I first...
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    Re: Bijan For Men... Are these the same?

    Actually i LOVE this scent too! First used it in 1988. A small dab will do and it lasts and lasts... I really wonder how bijan can make money using such concentrated juices. I expect them to...
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    Re: Chante D'Aromes test results.

    I remember the first time i smelled CDA. i had bought a humongously fat bottle of vintage EDT from ebay (oval shaped with glass stopper). when i opened the package, my entire room was filled with a...
  67. Re: Poison is still the real thing, isn't it?

    I have numerous bottles of Poison... all older versions as I find the newer one thinner and not as long lasting. Bold, perfumey and smelling like grapes!! Love it!! :) It is quite interesting...
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    Re: Horizon (Guy Laroche):

    Wonderful perfume. It smells of the ocean and pine trees. I love to spray some in my bedroom just before I sleep. I reckon those who like herbal scents like aramis 900 (which I also love) will...
  69. Re: E. Roudnitska's last bow: Valentino Ocean Rain

    I managed to get a bottle recently. Wanted so much to like it as everything abt it sounds so right up my alley (I love GL's Horizon so I thought they would be similar but with some interesting...
  70. Re: which vintage enough for Bois des Iles?

    i have the vintage edc and edt as well as the new exclusif version for BdI. Others might disagree... but i actually like the exclusif version the best. The vintage ones smell a bit too powdery /...
  71. Re: Another great frag ruined? Lagerfeld Cologne vs. Lagerfeld Classic.

    i just bought a bottle of lagerfeld cologne. is it just me or it smells exactly like vintage chanel no.5 edc? spooky... anyone feels the same?
  72. Re: Questions about a giant Shalimar parfum bottle

    hey.. i have exactly the same-sized bottle as your picture, except my juice looked darker and the front sticker just says shalimar. anyway, adore adore the parfum. when i first opened up the box it...
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    Re: Body Shop Samarkand

    Lovely perfume oil from the good ole days when TBS made quality stuff. These scents really bring back wonderful memories of the 80s. Does anyone remember how one is attracted to the Body Shop just...
  74. Re: Has anyone tried Jovan Sex Appeal for men recently, what do you think

    Immense value for money if u ask me... similar to KL Homme (Lagerfeld) except KL smells a bit more powdery and smoother to me. But i think SA smells more sexy and spicy (and certainly a lot...
  75. Re: Explanation for Turin's take on Jovan Sex Appeal.

    My take is that fragrances in the 80s were termed "powerhouses" because of their extreme sillage and lasting power. This stems from the fact that fragrance houses (at that time) were trying to beat...
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    Re: Kouros Tattoo or Kouros Fraicheur?

    I own both the regular and the fraicheur kouros. I think both are great in their own ways. fraicheur is more office-friendly... make no mistake, it still has the signature civet note, albeit toned...
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    Re: Baryshnikov for men

    I used to own a bottle last time (bought in 1989), but gave it to my brother who has since moved away (with the perfume..) :( no prize for guessing which/who i miss more. anyway, i remember it...
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    Re: Best Sandalwood

    my favourites: Body Shop's Samarkand and the Art of Shaving's Sandalwood (in the drydown)...
  79. Re: Seeking Scent Closest To Musky Male Armpits

    Has anyone tried Patou Forever? Somewhere hidden within the fuity notes, I smell male underwear... wonder if i am alone in this...
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    Re: Fresh Citrus/Vanilla

    Shalimar Light!!!
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    Re: Gucci Accenti -- Anything Like It?

    i was just doing a side by side comparison between Theorema and Accenti last night. I found Theorema much more orangey smelling compared to Accenti. Maybe can try layering Theorema with a bit of...
  82. Poll: Re: Pour Un Homme, Jicky or Mouchoir de Monsieur?

    i own all 3 of these fragrances. For Jicky, i find the vintage perfume (in square glass stopper) simply out of this world - quite possibly my holy grail. I have the pdt and edt as well. very good...
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