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  1. Re: suggestions for elegant, sophisticated yet youthful frags

    Golden Boy

    Very reminiscent of TF's Tuscan Leather.
  2. Re: Which designer brand creates better fragrances than the rest?

    Dior and Chanel, IMO.
  3. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    Drop by Nieman Marcus if you can. I came out of there yesterday with 5 MFK samples, each in a 3ml atomizer.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, March 14, 2013


    Just got this yesterday. I'll probably be wearing this for the next few days as I find it very intoxicating...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?


    Every time I put it on.
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    Re: Top 5 Spring Fragrances

    Fleur du Male
    YSL l'homme libre
    Platinum Egoiste
  7. Poll: Re: Your strongest fragrance - projection & sillage?

    I've had several project like a beast sometimes but not others.

    I think Aventus is my overall winner only because it's my most complimented which gives me some indication it's projecting fairly...
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    Re: What is Your Favorite Minimalist Scent?

    I use to be fond of Le Male's minimalism. Outright vanilla, lavender, and mint in the opening. Not that I abhor it now or anything, my tastes are just evolving and favoring other not-so-sweet...
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    Re: Best 'openings' of all time?

    Aventus & Green Irish Tweed.

    Surprised to see the org. A*Men mentioned. One of my favorites, but certainly not for its opening.
  10. Re: Any weak fragrance that literally smells close to nothing?

    I remember Sean John's I Am King dissipating quickly through its linear stay. Douse yourself, whatever; it'll be gone completely in less than an hour. Juicy Couture's Dirty English isn't far behind...
  11. Re: Chanel Sycomore/Burberry London/Encre Noire

    What list of fragrances do you have that you would consider swapping for Encre Noire?
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    Re: a scent like talcum powder ?

    The Baron and Midnight in Paris. The latter had my relatives asking why my room smelled like baby powder.
  13. Re: With the colder months upon us, What will you be wearing?

    A*Men, Le Male, Opium, Antaeus, Egoiste, M7, and Joop.

    Hopefully add a couple more by then.
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    Re: Top 10 most versatile from your collection

    Acqua di Gio
    Green Irish Tweed
    Platinum Egoiste

    Are the ones that instantly come to mind... and oddly enough, Le Male too.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, September 17, 2012

    Fleur du Male in the A.M.
    Aventus in the P.M.
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    Re: Winter frags.

    This. Le Male by JPG is also another winter frag to consider.
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    Re: Gross imbalance of fall/winter fragances

    I have this imbalance in my collection too but don't mind it at all! I'll even wear these heavy hitters in the spring/summer months because they are too good to isolate to two seasons.
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    Re: I ruined my Aventus!

    Had to laugh at this!
  19. Re: Favorite "smell good"/"safe"/"blind buy" scent?

    Green Irish Tweed, Gucci PH ii, and Havana by Aramis.
  20. Re: 19 year old looking for 2 or 3 more fragrances...

    Le Male has always been my clubbing scent. A*Men is second.

    As for Burberry London, I like it but it doesn't really project. For a stronger and more competitively priced tobacco frag, try cK One...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Joop! Homme Wild

    Read that it will be available around September 16th, according to an online retailer who plans to carry the frag.
  22. Re: Fragrance that smell of class and power (work appropriate)

    Platinum Egoiste will have you ascending the social rungs in no time.

    On another note, I doubt Warren Buffett ever wore a fragrance.
  23. Poll: Re: Next scent? Havana, Egoiste or Platinum Egoiste

    It's really difficult for me even to suggest one because I really like all three.

    Since you may have all three eventually, for now, Havana.
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    Re: Some rare stuff I found by accident

    Very nice purchases indeed. Wish I had that old formulation of Havana.
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    Re: Question about Terre D'Hermes

    I wear it to work quite frequently and it garners compliments from the older crowd of women, but is received with aversion or indifference with younger females, from my experience.

    It's definitely...
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    Re: Last frag that WOW'ed you ?

    Dueto Parfums Golden Boy
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    Poll: Re: Have $80 to spend...

    In that case, Gucci PH ii + something else!
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    Re: Tobacco,pipe smoke type scent suggestions?

    CK One Shock
    Bogart PH
    Michael Kors

    Might be worth checking out this thread as it may cover a fragrance not mentioned here:...
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    Re: Clean boy - Bad boy

    Clean boy - Eau Sauvage by Dior

    Bad boy - Havana by Aramis
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    Re: Male teachers + scents

    Funny Drakkar Noir was mentioned as that's one of the ones I wore when student teaching. Otherwise I would wear Love & Luck or Sean John I Am King (definitely a time when I wasn't as serious about...
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    Re: Safe college scents in these groups

    Fougere: Green Irish Tweed
  32. Re: JACKPOT!! Just got myself a garage sale-once-in-a-year find!

    I was just wondering about the Aramis mini coffret last night. Are the small bottles splashes or do they come with an atomizer?
  33. Re: If you could pick a fragrance for the Republican Party and another for the Democratic Party...

    Republican - Gray Flannel

    Democrat - Green Irish Tweed

    One antiquated, and the other modern with many batch variations.
  34. Re: A scent that don't leave the room until long after I'm left? (Help?)

    Joop Homme. I sprayed this on myself at my work in our break room which is fairly big and has adequate ventilation and my one coworker went back in it nearly 15-30 minutes after I had sprayed and...
  35. Re: Fragrances that can suck the oxygen out of a room

    Not sure how I missed mentioning Fleur du Male by JPG. It's the only fragrance that when I applied a spray to the neck I felt it asphyxiating me and had to wrap another shirt around my throat like a...
  36. Re: weird, I sprayed kouros and it smells fresh, citrusy, chalky, clean and r

    I think Kouros is reminiscent of a men's locker room in a way, for many people, which produces a "dirty" vibe for them.
  37. Re: If you could only pick 3 designer scents to use for the rest of your life what would you pick?

    Platinum Egoiste
    Le Male
  38. Re: Signature Scent: YSL L'Homme or Polo Blue

    YSL l'homme

    I really dislike Polo blue.
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    Re: Tips on improving drier skin?

    Diet too. Increasing more healthy fats - EFAs and Omega-3s - if you hadn't already.
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    Re: Fresh Scent Needed GIT or Terre D'hermes

    My sentiments as well.
  41. Re: Why do so many men not like Chanel's Blue de Chanel?

    I don't hate this one. I just find it a little too bland and not appealing enough to warrant a purchase.
  42. Re: Fragrances that can suck the oxygen out of a room

    Hmm, now I wish I had picked a bottle up a bottle of this at TJMaxx today.
  43. Re: Finally tried Polo Green - what in the he** man?!?!

    Polo Green, Paco Rabanne PH, Aramis, and Azzaro are all old school fragrances still sold in department stores and such today that I would choose over the countless allures, l'hommes, and -insert...
  44. Re: Fragrances that can suck the oxygen out of a room

    Yes. Good grief.

    Le Male, too, according to my girlfriend.
  45. Re: Dueto Parfums Golden Boy = Tuscan Leather!

    I just had to weigh in on this thread as I'm really enjoying Golden Boy right now.

    I've also been interested in getting a split of TF's Tuscan Leather, but if the two are so similar I may just...
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    Re: Old Spice Swagger deo

    I don't get the Rive Gauche or Drakkar Noir similarities at all. OS Swagger and RG both smell soapy to me, but not alike.
  47. Re: What are your partner's favorite scent(s) on you?

    Green Irish Tweed tops the list.

    And which one do you like that he wears?
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    Re: New to fragrances

    Current top 10 in no particular order:

    Green Irish Tweed Creed
    Platinum Egoiste Chanel
    A*Men Thierry Mugler
    Golden Boy Dueto
    Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier
    Midnight in Paris VC&A
    Kouros YSL...
  49. Re: How could anyone ever possibly like Le Male?

    Vanilla, lavender, and mint is what I get.

    When my roommate use to wear it years ago he over applied it and I only got a room fumigated with what seemed like powder. Then just a couple of months...
  50. Re: Hurry! What scent do wear when you don´t have time to think?

    Platinum Egoiste

    GIT coming in second.
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    Re: Ideal Man's Wardrobe

    Many girls and guys at the college I attend wear chinos and don't come across as the odd ones out. I suppose in the context of today's younger generation where girls wear leggings with ugg boats and...
  52. Re: When may I begin wearing Burberry London?

    These posts echo my sentiment regarding the matter!

    Normally though, I find purported Autumn/Winter-only scents have more leniency being born in Spring/Summer if worn at night.
  53. Re: First 10 minutes of wearing Terre D'hermes Parfum! I have to say, this is really....

    Hearing some of these comments regarding TdH reminds me of my experience wearing it at work once.
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    Re: Ideal Man's Wardrobe

    I prioritize chinos and dress pants before a pair of jeans. I don't find denim jeans to be any more formal than a pair of say 9-11" khaki shorts, or the like. That said, in the warmer months, I...
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    Re: Where do you store your fragrances?

    Temporarily, they are in a dresser drawer; and the boxes are in a separate one.
  56. Re: First 10 minutes of wearing Terre D'hermes Parfum! I have to say, this is really....

    I like it, but don't love it. While it's not overly complex, it certainly doesn't strike me as cheap smelling.
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    Poll: Re: which ? M7 or Pure Havane ?

  58. Re: How many sprays of Cool Water should I use, and where should I spray it?

    I don't mind Cool Water at all. I sampled CW at Kohl's recently and my girlfriend caught a whiff of it said she liked it a lot and thought it smelled like "that stuff you own in the big black...
  59. Re: Do you worry about buying used fragrance online?

    Yes, I do. Especially on eBay and other auction sites when you just don't know if the juice has been exposed to intolerable heat conditions, siphoned out and replaced with knockoff juice, etc.
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    Re: Effect of cologne on clothes?


    I've always sprayed my clothes with no problem up until I bought A*Men and sprayed my white shirt all around the torso before going out once. An hour later I noticed what looked like the...
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    Re: How do you apply your fragrance?

    Like others have said, the frag's purpose dictates how much I spray.

    If I want to make a loud presence I will spray behind my neck (1), each side of my neck (2), two on the chest (2), each forearm...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Joop! Homme Wild

    I'm still waiting...

    Where do Joop! flankers normally retail?
  63. Re: Power, intelligence, strength, moral character, sexy

    This introduction reeks of a cheesey backstory used for an action-adventure movie...

    Encre Noire layered with 1 Million. The paradox seems fitting.
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    Re: rescue me from body spray

    I agree with the above except I want to add that strong frags can be worn in such work environments if used with careful application. I had a waiter who wore Joop that I got intermittent wafts of...
  65. Re: Hate then Love...What about Love then Hate?

    Some day your username will suddenly be a revered niche fragrance to denote your coming along in the perfumery world. :-P
  66. Re: Hate then Love...What about Love then Hate?

    Without outright hating or loving them,

    Love to hate: L'homme Libre - I just bought a full bottle and felt like returning it an hour later - all sales final though, the receipt stated :(

  67. Re: Fragrances with the strongest Performance and tremendous Projection/Longevity

    Gucci Pour Homme ii and Tommy Bahama Set Sails St. Barts last through a shower and the night into the next morning - but have little to no projection on me. And some of the biggest projectors...
  68. Re: Advice on my next purchase. Niche or maybe several designer.

    In regard to Sell Marin, maybe you will be the anomaly out there that doesn't appreciate it like this reviewer:

    " Warning: Don't buy it if you don't wanna smell like a fish ..... many people love...
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    Re: rescue me from body spray

    Try Le Male (lavender and vanilla), Terre d'Hermes (citrus/woods), and Platinum Egoiste.

    These are big performers that will help cut through the smoke and heat during your daily grind.
  70. Re: Fragrances with the strongest Performance and tremendous Projection/Longevity

    Fleur du Male
    Joop! Homme
    Bogart pour homme
    Le Male
    Terre d'Hermes

    Honorable mentions/purported ones that need more testing by me:
    Green Irish Tweed
    Ambre Russe
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    Re: Recommend for a blind buy

    I would take all the suggestions from the posters and buy a small 3ml sample of whichever ones you like. This way you can explore outward more and find what you enjoy without sacrificing a lot of...
  72. Re: Best blind buy and would you recommend it!!

    Another for Green Irish Tweed. If you find you like Cool Water, chances are you will enjoy GIT, too. Of all my blind buys, this is the one I found instantly pleasant and didn't leave me...
  73. Next purchase: Rive Gauche PH or Live Jazz?

    Hello everyone. I will be using either one of these in mostly a social/class setting. I've sampled both and thoroughly enjoy them equally, which is why I'm calling on behalf of you guys (and gals)...
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    Re: Lavender scent

    I like the mint and lavender in JPG's Le Male.
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    Re: Sexy, projecting summer fragrance?

    Kouros and/or Platinum Egoiste for a scent that stands out among the rest.
  76. Re: Have you discovered your favorite designer house?

    As of now:

    1.) YSL
    2.) Chanel
    3.) Thierry Mugler
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    Re: Is FragranceX a trustworthy company? I wasn't sure because they list Grey Flannel as a best sell

    Ok, it's ONE of what, like fifty best-sellers they list?

    The rest of the list looks on-par with what we see at local stores and other online stores, i.e., AdG, Cool Water, Joop!, D&G Light Blue,...
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    Re: Hate Today, Love Tomorrow Scents

    Hate is too strong of a word to describe any of the scents in my collection. My dislike for any of my fragrances on a given day is attributed to getting tired of them (worn too consecutively, needs...
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    Re: What's next for my collection?

    Gucci Pour Homme ii
    A*Men (or Platinum Egoiste if you feel you have enough 'loud' scents for now)
  80. Re: My (Unfortunately) Most-Complimented Cologne: Curve Revisited

    Curve is indeed the most talked about fragrance at my work where both the men and women, whenever the discussion of fragrance is brought up, reminisce about this juice and it being their all time...
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    Re: top 5 or 10 men's favorite fragerances

    Unfortunately they seem too obscure for the rest of us to try. Have any decants? :-P

    My current top five:

    Green Irish Tweed
    A*Men (original)
    Le Male
    Terre d'Hermes
    Gucci Pour Gimme ii
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    Re: Recommend a good purse atomizer?

    I'm using the Travalo refillable atomizer (gold one) and refilled it around five times now and never had a leak of any sort. The filling method is quick and easy. Nice option if you're looking for...
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    Poll: Re: What should be next A*Men pure..... ?

    Basically what I was thinking…
  84. Re: Hi, I'm a college student and I need new cologne.

    Yep, personality, charisma, and looks will dictate the lady pull.

    From your list I'd go with Armani Code but would test more at a local mall/boutique that carries a fairly large range of frags...
  85. What smells from childhood influenced your liking of their notes in fragrances today?

    Hopefully my title is comprehensible enough for you all to get the gist of what I'm asking.

    Just a couple that come to mind for me:

    Mint - after a light shower from the night before or just a...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - July 2012

    Since I've learned sampling is the best way to go rather than blind-buying, my monthly purchases have significantly decreased.

    Only fragrance I bought this July is A*Men and one of my favorites -...
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    Re: What is THE 90s fragrance?

    Yep, my thoughts too, Tommy.

    Possibly my first cologne, or Michael Jordan, but I still apply it when I want to wear something summery and non-offensive to the gym - in other words, an occasion...
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    Re: YSL L'Homme vs. YSL L'Homme Libre

    I like libre more, especially its drydown. I also agree about this one really appealing to younger individuals.
  89. Re: Acqua di gio VS Armani code VS Le Male VS 1 million?

    I agree with hednic's sentiment, Le Male. I find Le Male to be more versatile than Acqua di Gio, personally, as I prefer this one mainly for spring/summer day-time use only, and the former suitable...
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    Re: Health concerns regarding fragrance.

    Precisely why I keep my soy intake minimal. I'm not sure how much of a concern it should be for a perfume to penetrate deep enough through the skin to have a significant effect. Most products...
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    Re: Health concerns regarding fragrance.

    I'd be more concerned about this, but given many waterways are contaminated with estrogens that makes its way to our tap water, I think we have bigger concerns. :smiley:

    - - - Updated - - -

  92. Re: Having difficulty finding a predominant cured tobacco note.

    No offense taken, SmellsLike. Near the completion of my post I realized how nearly impossible it would be to expect someone to know exactly what's for me given the subjectiveness of fragrances, just...
  93. Having difficulty finding a predominant cured tobacco note.

    I've been sifting through numerous fragrance reviews and threads looking for a scent that has 1.) A cured tobacco smell, i.e., pipe tobacco or flavored cigar, 2.) The tobacco note is prominent in the...
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    Re: Platinum Egoiste or Fierce?

    This echoes my thoughts on the decision. I wore Fierce as my signature scent throughout High School, and nowadays wear Platinum Egoiste.
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    Re: Fragrances with a "fireplace" smell

    That's what came to my mind, too.
  96. Re: Which Scent has a lot of Booze in it? Rum,Gin,Whiskey You name it Baby..

    That I've tried: Ambre Russe and Set Sail St. Barts

    I just revisited Bois d'Ombrie since seeing this thread but don't get much of a boozy odor from it. If it's Jim Beam that this frag has a...
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    Poll: Re: Why most BN reviews are positive

    I chose the fifth option on the poll before reading any responses or looking at the poll results as to keep a totally non biased opinion, which I see an overwhelmingly number of people also chose.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Chalk another one up for A*Men and GIT. I seriously am debating whether I want to wear A*Men around one particular co-worker of mine or not given she wouldn't stop talking about how really good I...
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    Re: What budget scents do you actually wear?

    Since the OP suggested only frags in the 3.3oz./13 USD range, Thallium is the only budget scent I own that fits the bill. I do not like Michael Jordan and Tommy Bahama is close contender but more...
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    In addition to what Pearl said, and being purely speculative of course, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of flak the Creed house gets comes from the individuals out there who leave feedback/write a...
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