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    Re: Mont Blanc Legend .::. Anyone?

    i have a sample of these sparayed 2 sprays on my wrist and 2 on my neck,,for me its boring and generic and don,t works with my skin 3 hours affter apply i smell my wrist and almoust smell notching.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    it,s strange in last time i get a lot of compliments on chanel allure sport extreme im using it us signature scent even in cold weather.
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    Re: Most disappointing releases of 2012?

    for me 3 fragrances

    prada luna rossa tried 2 times at shops.
    jean paul gautier kokoriko one sample will end up in garbage probally.
    armani code ultimate had 2 samples and give them two...
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    Poll: Re: dior - homme intense VS. thierry mugler - a*men

    own bouth of them and i prefer dhi because it,s more versatile and easier two use and i know girls like it .a men can be two strong and agresive for some noses it,s only great for the night club but...
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    Re: allure homme vs allure homme sport

    i prefer allure sport but edition blanche is even nicer.
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    Re: What are you wearing to bed right now?

    i used two spray blue de chanel or aqua di gio on my pillow also some times versace pour homme.
    these hotter days i sleep only in underwear and i use two spray one spray on my chest of gautier le...
  7. help me choose a fragrance for my miami vacation.

    i flying very soon two miami and im not sure about what fragrance to bring with me like i fly from london two nyc first i know that i can only bring 100ml max so my plan is two bring a nice fragrance...
  8. Re: creed himalaya or creed silver mountain water for summer days

    is,s there also so much batch variation like with the aventus if it,s so what are the better batches for each.
  9. Re: creed himalaya or creed silver mountain water for summer days

    yes i noticed the poor longevity on the smw every time i wear it this really sucks but seems that smw gets more compliments than himalaya,i have the impresion that himalaya is a modified smw is that...
  10. creed himalaya or creed silver mountain water for summer days

    im planing two buy my next creed i want a versatile summer day creed, i own already aventus and millesime imperial now i want or creed himalaya or creed silver mountain water. i tryed bouth like 4...
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    Re: What makes a scent "college" or "for college"?

    i ask myself the same i believe it,s because it,s fresh versatile and not two expensive,i ask myself also what makes a scent a panty dropper is it their base notes like vanilla.
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    Re: Top 5 Year Round scents???

    aventus creed
    platinum egoiste chanel
  13. Re: Time to put on big boy pants and buy a Lutens...which one?

    right now i own chergui and love it and have several samples of lutens.i like also a lot ambre sultan and Five O`Clock.
    daim blond is also not bad at the opening i dislike it but after it gets nice...
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    Re: strangest compliment wearing a fragrance

    i never heard of this fragrance is it a niche fragrance i want two try this i don,t dislake the smell of vag.... haha
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    Re: strangest compliment wearing a fragrance

    haha what a horror i have a friend that haves this lacoste and says that the best smell for seducing women i sayd yea yea sure.
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    Re: The Strangest Fragrance?

    i own a sample of chili that is very strange scent
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    strangest compliment wearing a fragrance

    i wanted two know the strangest compliment you ever recieved wearing a fragrance.
    i recieved some very very strange ones here i start.

    in spain hairdreser started two compliment my jean paul...
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    Re: Will they re-release Gucci Envy?

    i hope they bring it back i really lovet it also the gucci 2 was amazing but lasted very short only.
    i also dont understand gucci such a hi quality barnd making top clothes and before top fragrances...
  19. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    haha can imagine i own a sample of fuel for life and find it the most syntetic cheap smell ever and people here in europe are buying it like crazy also the other diesel in the cool bottle i defently...
  20. Re: Do you ever wear the same fragrance TWO DAYS IN A ROW?

    yes sometimes i do but only in two situations

    situation one i buy a new fragrance and i love try try it in diferent conditions i can wear it 2 days or even 3 days in a row like i just made with...
  21. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    midnight in paris and creed aventus
    want two try that how many sprays of each
  22. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    i do in summer jean paul gautier le male with some versace eau friche on top two make it more light and fresh.
    in winter i tried several times creed original santal 2 spays in the neck with 2...
  23. Thread: Loving Creed

    by aventus

    Re: Loving Creed

    great two hear you like creed be carefull with the batch variations specially in aventus.
  24. do you Associate fragrances two any country or city.

    is there any smell of any fragrance niche or designer that represents for you a country or city or any kind of local
    person of this country.
    or you can tell me what fragrance you woud wear in...
  25. Re: dior homme intense vs guerlain L'Instant,L'Instant extreme

    just get DHI and i love it ,for sure one of the best designer fragrances ever.
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    Re: Creed IS worth the money

    for me yes whell not all of their fragrances are perfect i think it haves more two do with the personal taste and diferent skin of every person ,but two own 1 or 2 creeds is defently worth i own...
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    Re: why are so many fragrance enthusiasts so sexual

    great point here i think the same i hate women with bad fragrances.
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    Re: Looking for summer night out scent

    versace pour homme
    ysl L'Homme Libre
    chanel allure sport
    dior homme sport
  29. Re: dior homme intense vs guerlain L'Instant,L'Instant extreme

    thanks for the reply my user name aventus i own it allready and i love it i will always have a bottle of aventus ,but aventus is a day two night diference with DHI i believe DHI i can use it more.
  30. Re: dior homme intense vs guerlain L'Instant,L'Instant extreme

    thanks for the reply,s i think my decision will be DHI or l,intant extreme but DHI is very expensive here for the price of a 100ml bottle i can get almoust a 75ml creed GIT.
  31. Re: dior homme intense vs guerlain L'Instant,L'Instant extreme

    you are right they used jude law for the comercials only david beckham or brad pitt coud be more metrosexual.
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    Re: What Are You Wearing Today?

    hollister grey polo shirt
    armani black jeans
    chanel platinum egoiste my versatile signature scent.
  33. dior homme intense vs guerlain L'Instant,L'Instant extreme

    i want two buy a hi quality designer Fragrance for nights out like im tired of my angel men or la nuit de le homme. i was in the stores trying different fragrances and now im not sure what fragrance...
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    Re: better soapy scent?

    prada amber so nice soapy clean scent.
    and creed himalaya.
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    Re: 2 Sprays! 12 Hours!! 10 meters!!!

    a men
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    Re: tuscan leather disappointment

    it,s good that you mention that because i also tried tuscan leather on my wrist and tabaco vainilla on the other wrist like i want two get a tom ford private blend bottle for christmas but im not...
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    Re: what happened with gucci envy

    ou no im so disapointing when is the funeral.
  38. Re: new year eve 2012 what fragrance are you wearing.

    that sounds great im also a scotch,wine and cigar fan.
  39. new year eve 2012 what fragrance are you wearing.

    just curious what are your guys wearing in the new year night.

    i think i will use serge lutens chergui and wear a black tuxedo.
    if in the last moment i decide not two wear the tuxedo like it...
  40. Re: Wore Acier Aluminium to cardio section of the gym today - mixed feedback

    4 - "One girl exercised next to me for 40 minutes, but she wasn't hot". Well then.... why does she even exist? haha... what are you 12? what a mean and shallow thing to say. I bet she went home...
  41. Re: What fragrances make you happy when you smell them??? What fragrances will you never get tired o

    creed aventus for me
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    what happened with gucci envy

    im trying two find gucci envy like i really enjoy it and always had a bottle since i tested this nice fragrance.
    but i run out of this green juice short time ago and im trying two find it here in...
  43. Re: Cheap perfumes that smell pricey almost niche quality?

    ecre noir
    platinum egoiste
    prada amber
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    Poll: Re: Serge Lutens Deal - Which other bottle?!

    five o clock
  45. Re: Wore Acier Aluminium to cardio section of the gym today - mixed feedback

    wow a creed used in the gym then what's your night out scent or special occasion scent.
    i use versace eau fraiche in a gym max 2 sprays or bleu de chanel or a great perfumed shower gel like the jean...
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    Re: What's your favorite designer scent?

    i have many favorites

    chanel platinum egoiste
    tom ford
    gucci envy
    gucci 2
    prada amber
    burbery london
    ysl la nuit de le homme
  47. Re: Five favorite niche brands and three favorite scents from each

    i only know 4 niche brands so i will make it with the 4 i know and like.

    creed aventus,millesime imperial,original santal
    lutens chergui,serge noir,five o clock
    tom ford oud...
  48. Re: Which Fragrances do your partners/close ones LOVE on you?!?

    still hoping two find the definitive fragrance that makes me get a girl friend.
  49. Re: Which House Has The Largest Number Of Quality Male Fragrances: Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Lauren

    chanel first
    ysl after
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    Re: Top 6 from this list

    platinum egoiste
    the dreamer
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    Re: Top 6 from this list

    platinum egoiste
    the dreamer
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    amazing collection video

    anybody knows ho is the owner of this amazing collection is it a basenotes user.
    here the video
  53. Re: A question for those who own MANY colognes/fragrances/perfumes ...

    for me its number 1 two alternate i have even a personal list of what fragrance with what shirt,suit two wear what colors and what weather or moments two wear and when i dont know what two wear or if...
  54. Poll: Re: Which one of these Serge Lutens I should consider buying ?

    serge noir
    ambre sultan
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    Re: Santa Claus would smell like...

    burberry london with smoke and cinamon candy
  56. Re: creed original santal vs bond n9 new haarlem vs serge lutens chergui

    thanks for the advices i just get serge lutens chergui and im happy it,s really a special warm fragrance.
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    Re: Is Tuscan Leather an 'attractive' fragrance?

    i tested many private blend tom fords yesterday and these was one of my favorites also loved noir de noir,oud wood,tabaco vanilla.
    i find these fragarance super unique you will be different and need...
  58. Re: Another top 3: The fragrances you can't stand.

    i dislike cartier roadster,bond n9 silver factory and jean paul gautier fleur de male smell so strange and girlie really repulsive ,also the new hugo boss is horible i had a sample and it went two...
  59. Re: YSL La Nuit de L'homme smells like Paco Rabanne One Million to me...

    i own them and find them very diferent ysl la nuit is better for me.
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    Re: creed aventus plus compliments??

    i really love aventus i will have it always.
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    Re: How much have you spent on fragrances?

    i spended more than 500 dollars in designer fragrances in a crazy day people buying in the same store for 50 bucks or a tittle more where looking me strange.
    my collection is not so big ,normally i...
  62. Thread: Compliments?

    by aventus

    Re: Compliments?

    you remind me of me i can get mad if i don't recieve compliments and tonight im going two a party and i hope two get complimented.where i live i get compliments more of old ladies or familiar...
  63. Re: Burberry London V Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme

    i own la nuit and tested burberry london i find la nuit more versatile.
    but i will buy son a burberry london like i adore the smell.
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    Re: your top 5 creeds at the moment 2011

    millesime imperial
    original santal
    green irish tweed
  65. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    since i turned 17 or 18 i always owned at list one bottle of le male in my arsenal i use it in my older teenager days and early 20 almoust every day at this moments i only had le male,azzaro chrome...
  66. Re: What cologne with good projection and good longevity you think is good for daily wear?

    dior farenheit absolute
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    Re: What Are You Wearing Today?

    black D&G jeans.
    dark grey lacoste pullover
    ysl la nuit de le homme.
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    fragrances in the movie theatre

    what fragrance woud you recomend something aquatic maybe blue de chanel i look for a fragrance i can use perfectly for a dinner first movie after night witout gassing people once i used ysl la nuit a...
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    Re: Scent for a young lawyer

    my advices designer fragrances

    chanel platinum egoiste
    chanel allure
    tom ford

    my advices niche fragrances

    creed millesime imperial
    creed green irish tweed
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    Re: How many sprays of A*Men?

    this is a dangerous boomb be carefull how you use it i make normaly 2 in my neck once i puts 4 in a party night first had 2 but like i was flirting with a girl and drinked a little i whent two the...
  71. Re: Santos De Cartier By Cartier For Men Concentrate

    remember still that santos cartier my mamy used two work cartier fragrances and tabacco and she had a small room at home full of tabaco and in the other corner tons of samples and bottles of cartier...
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    Re: The worst of the worst: Projection / Longevity

    for me blue de chanel i get only 3 hours.
    my versace eau fraiche does lack longevity if it,s not very hot outside.
    gucci 2 extremly low projection only people that are really in your personal space...
  73. creed original santal vs bond n9 new haarlem vs serge lutens chergui

    im just planing my next fragrance purchase just before my birthday and i want two get my a nice present these time a niche fragrance that works great in the cold swiss winters like it,s getting...
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