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  1. Dior Homme I missing something?

    I tried this one me expecting a massive powerhouse of a smell and was really disappointed as I didn't smell much at all, it didn't seem intense in the slightest. Do you have to have a particular skin...
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    Re: Drakkar Noir - Old Formula Again?

    My latest bottle of this was form a department store, but I've seen a bottle that is different and says '80%' on the front. Is this a vintage formula does anyone know?
  3. Re: Never Smelled Drakkar Noir Until Yesterday...

    I love it one of my favourites EVER!
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    Re: Just bought....Giorgio Beverly Hills Men

    I've just bought a bottle of the reformulated version from EA,and have to say it disappears off my skin within the hour, which is a shame as the smell itself is great. Has it ever been faked could I...
  5. Re: Is there anything that smells like Givenchy Gentleman, but lasts longer and is stronger?

    Thanks for the recommendations. I've ordered Giorgio Beverly Hills ,and Davidoff Zino at very reasonable prices. The Bond No 9 will be my treat when I go to New York as it appears ot be a bit more...
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    Re: Your Most Worn Fragrances of 2012?

    Givenchy Gentleman
    Lapidus Black Soul
    One Man Show
    Drakkar Noir
    Lapidus Pour Homme
    Azarro Pour Homme
  7. Is there anything that smells like Givenchy Gentleman, but lasts longer and is stronger?

    That's it, that's all I want to know! I love this fragrance, but just wish it was a bit more powerful and longer lasting.
  8. Difference between Azzaro Pour Homme and Azzaro Pour Homme collectors edition?


    This is my first post and my question is quite simple, what is the difference between the two fragrances above.

    From pictures I've seen the collectors edition seems to be much lighter in...
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