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  1. Another reason to suspect people who don't like smells....

    If there are additional studies to confirm this and refine it to pinpoint psychopathy, then it would be...
  2. Re: "Wearing celeb perfumes" as a potential relationship deal-breaker

    I think the only thing worse than having a celeb perfume is having an Ed Hardy perfume.
  3. "Wearing celeb perfumes" as a potential relationship deal-breaker

    Whoever that guy is in the above story, he's a champ. :)
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    Re: Rant: Perfume in an interview

    40-something and a former manager at another company; so by that count you think she should know better. Or at least have better taste in perfume than a cheap nasty fruity-floral fit for a teenager.
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    Rant: Perfume in an interview

    This is not your usual "what perfume should I wear to this job/interview" thread. This comes from the other side, as I was one of the interviewers for a recent job interview.

    Moral of the story:...
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    Re: Love's Baby Soft and adults

    I don't mind smelling a bit like "baby powder" or "talcum powder", but it has to be high-class and complex powdery smell - like Guerlain's L'instant Magic. That has provoked remarks from women I...
  7. Re: What Would It Take to Fix the Fragrance Industry?

    Here's a question:

    You have a famous, old vintage perfume. Turns out its great secret ingredient is vetiver grown from some volcanic island in the Pacific. A volcano destroyed that island...
  8. Re: Mystery L'Instant Magic ... Please Help

    Grand Duc: Does the EDT Limited version actually smell like the regular EDP? How about lasting power?
  9. Re: What perfume reminds you of a Moroccan Souk?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I could get my nose on Ambre Sultan at least as I've seen it before around my neck of the woods. We'll see if I can spot the others quoted here too....
  10. What perfume reminds you of a Moroccan Souk?

    To the fair ladies and the gents of BN:

    1. Preferably non-niche if possible, but niche suggestions taken. Try not to suggest something unrealistic, eg nothing "that can only be smelled in a Serge...
  11. Re: Some questions about Chanel Coco Mademoiselle please help!

    No the cap can be made of plastic so that's not a problem. The problem I think is that the plastic cap looks cheap; it looks like a cap that I had when I bought online a fake Coco EDP (similar...
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    Re: Most aristocratic fragrance

    Chanel PM feels like something an old-school English aristocrat would probably wear.
  13. Re: When does smelling good turn into self centeredness/vanity?

    WIth all due respect I disagree. Nature has come up with some good smells, but none that I would bottle and make into a perfume that I'd wear myself. I challenge any garden in the world that can...
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    Re: Olfactory Fatigue - At First I Was Somewhat Skeptical

    I rotate my fave scents regularly (a fave scent probably only gets one wearing a week); and just today, a female coworker have remarked that I've been less shy about the 'fumes compared to last year....
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    Re: Which would be best for a date?

    Code. Or even better: Buy YSL La Nuit de L'Homme; which is like the Code, but better. :P
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    Re: Are Armani Fragrances Overrated?

    Armani Code is a well-constructed perfume. Unfortunately, YSL's La Nuit de L'homme has recently topped it by being better! :P
  17. Re: Fragrances I'm ashamed to admit I like (guilty pleasures)

    JLo's Still (one of the most beautiful jasmine/tea combo I've ever smelled - on someone else!)
  18. Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    The Chypre category in the Michael Edwards scheme is there, it's just called "Mossy Woods".

    Mitsouko would be "Mossy Woods - Classical"

    That category does have more of the "modern chypres"...
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    Re: WTF!!!! Molecule 01

    I can't smell much of Iso E Super. And I should know - I have a pure sample vial of it from the perfumers' apprentice. If I mix it up with some alcohol I could sell it as a Molecule 01 decant then? :P
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    Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    I'm a pretty regular Fragrancenet buyer, but I do note that a few I bought have Arabic letterings in their boxes - which tells me that these are probably grey-market products intended for the Middle...
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    Re: Idylle me this...

    Smells to me like a softer Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT with a more prominent rose and less orange blossom... good, but not good enough to occupy the "floral woody musk" spot that I reserved for NR...
  22. Re: Thierry Mugler quits fashion, lauches new perfume "Womanity"

    If he wants to do a funky scent, I think Etat Libre d'Orange has beaten him to it with their Secretions Magnifique. Next!
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    Re: Undenatured alcohol?

    In Australia, Dan Murphy's has 190-proof drinkable Polish spirit. Expensive though. Better to get denatured perfumers' grade alcohol.
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    Re: A*men; Why Angel Men?!

    Funny that, I thought the ancient Semitic people should have copyright to the word Amen. After all, it is a Hebrew word; and variants of it exist in other Semitic languages. :P
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    Re: The"lipstick" accord...what causes it?

    edit: Mr. Bon Vivant beat me to it. :)
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    Re: The"lipstick" accord...what causes it?

    Grand Duc: Iris by itself smells more like SL Iris Silver Mist or Chanel's 28 La Pausa. If you ever have a chance to smell either of them, that's how you know what iris should smell like. The smell...
  27. Re: which perfume has the long lasting fragrance?

    Hints of Narciso Rodriguez for Her (even the EDT) can be smelled 2 days on fabric after I wash my clothes.

    Chanel's Coco: Damn!
  28. Re: Help design a men's fragrance containing Ylang

    Believe it or not: try very little mint, almond and some "clean" white musk but with the ylang dominant as the showcase. Makes for a light floral that is not femme-fruity-floral - it's a "warm but...
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    Re: The"lipstick" accord...what causes it?

    What you're smelling is a combination of iris and leather note. The best demonstration of this note is the mid-note of Hermes' Kelly Caleche; which smells to me as if it's one of the perfume bases...
  30. Re: Aroma chemicals that are owned by/exclusive to a specific company

    One of these days I'd like to see this on eBay:

    "For sale: 5000 L steel vat. Content: Mitsouko Parfum oil"
  31. Re: "Things bogans like" - Celebrity perfumes

    Anthony87: I bet you while VB will probably not make a perfume, what you wrote is probably how the next male celeb scent will be marketed to the bogans watching the Sports Channel in the near future....
  32. Re: "Things bogans like" - Celebrity perfumes

    Apples and oranges. There's nothing wrong about being a communist, Jew, or trade unionists in itself - because those are either only a political view or membership of a particular race, which you...
  33. Re: "Things bogans like" - Celebrity perfumes

    Tens of views in this thread, and only Anthony87 gets the point. What a pity... I know there are other Aussie members in this forum.

    And oh I hate people who "get offended on behalf of other...
  34. Re: "Things bogans like" - Celebrity perfumes

    Galamb: I only note that this sort of behavior is only done by people of the bogan persuasion. it's not a matter of nationality.

    If I personally interview the hundreds of people who bashed the...
  35. Re: "Things bogans like" - Celebrity perfumes

    Galamb: Class superiority or hatred? Or perhaps a hatred of the thoughtlessness the bogans often display, such as bogan teenagers doing car burnouts outside your house at 2 am in the morning? Or...
  36. "Things bogans like" - Celebrity perfumes

    To non-Aussies: A "bogan" is an Australian term that is the equivalent of the English "chav" or the American "white trash". This is from a blog "Stuff Bogans Like" that itself parodies a bestselling...
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    Re: Help! Is this a FAKE?!

    Actually, no. Turns out I don't like something in the drydown - it's something vetiver-like (whatever it is, it smells dusty earthy to me which reminds me of vetiver).
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    Re: Help! Is this a FAKE?!

    Too bad I came to this thread late. If you're in Australia, I would've been happy to sell you a used (80 ml+) bottle of Lolita Lempicka EDP for $30 + postage. I got off it after wearing it for a...
  39. Re: What is the best "all around" fragrance you've ever owned/experienced?

    Prada Infusion d'Iris. I cannot think of an occasion or season where it's ever wrong to wear it...

    Mitsouko as a close second...
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    Re: Surprising Perfumes on Strangers!

    [don't know why this thing double posted - deleted]
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    Re: Surprising Perfumes on Strangers!

    Hilaire, I'd be that man. Dance with me and you could detect anything from Chanel's Coco to Narciso Rodriguez for Her. Tocade scored me 2 compliments in the same dance class last year. :)
  42. Re: Indoles.. love them and hate them... now I know why?

    I've a bottle of 10% Indole in Isopropyl Myristrate. Believe it or not, it does not smell fecal or rotting as you thought it would. Although recently, I recognize it as part of the smell that you get...
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    Re: Masculine chypres?

    Isn't that a classic barbershop fougere rather than a chypre?
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    Re: Masculine chypres?

    The CpM is probably my 2nd fave Chypre, and it would have been my favorite Chypre if it is not so shy and a skin-scent even after an hour. I still like spraying it on the inside of my hat though as...
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    Re: Aromachemicals for dummies

    "Introduction to Perfumery" is as thick and dense as a third-year College textbook. If you can get it for CA$70, that's cheap. I've paid more for new textbooks at College...

    Then drop the lovely...
  46. Re: sending fragrances internationally is illegal?

    In theory, it would probably be illegal to send combustibles via air mail via the postal service. Nothing however should stop it from being sent via surface post which is why US online frag sellers...
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    Re: Aromachemicals for dummies

    One of the most comprehensive books on this subject for non-industry people... (I've got a copy myself)
  48. Re: Didn't know I was a "fumehead" till the New York Times told me so....

    Brielle: What's "smeller" in French proper? "Senteur"? :)
  49. Re: Any information on Chypre by any chance?

    Of the above, isn't the original legendary one the Coty's Chypre?
  50. Re: Would you wear something you don't like if it gets you compliments?

    Interesting question to ask in this board when it's also full of veteran perfumistas. So the answer is: Never. Nie. Jamais.

    Why buy something else that I don't like when what I already have a few...
  51. Re: Have you found you have a predeliction towards certain NOSES?

    The two different Polges made 2 of my favorites.
  52. Re: Challenging the Sacred Cow: Is Mitsouko actually all that?

    Didn't like Mitsouko at first (smelled the EDT - big mistake!) Then one day I found the EDP. Then something happened after I started wearing Mitsouko EDP: My tastes have changed that quite a few...
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    Re: Chanel. Only two.

    Coco EDP and Pour Monsieur all the way...
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    Re: Adjusting a suit jacket

    Depends on the price of the suit; because you need to compare

    [cost of owned suit + alterations] vs [cost of new suit - net sale income from your owned suit]

    Big through the chest can probably...
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    Re: What Fate Awaits the House of Guerlain?

    I'm of course still a neophyte to the house of Guerlain (see my wardrobe); but I feel:

    L'instant Magic is a superior creation that is worthy of being called a modern L'Heure Bleue.
    L'instant PH...
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    Re: GQ's Most Stylish Men 2010

    Don Draper from Mad Men is my style hero. But for current real-life person whose style I admire, it's George Clooney. I prefer the Clooney over Beckham because Beckham is a metrosexual, whereas...
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    Re: HELP ME!! dior homme fake?

    OP: Post pictures of the bottle from several different angles; we've got enough DH owners here who can tell you. I have 3 bottles of DH, one from eBay, and they all look identical (that is the eBay...
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    Re: Men wearing perfume?

    Your inexperience is showing. :evil:

    (see my sig line on what the difference is between a "men's scent" and "women's scent")
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    Re: shoes for navy suit or charcoal gray suit

    I occasionally break The Rules consciously. Having said that, even when I break the rules, I know my female friends will still say I still look more dapper than even most of the regular suit-wearers...
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    Re: shoes for navy suit or charcoal gray suit

    I actually like my pair of rich mid-brown brogue (wingtips) shoes with my navy suit.

    There are supposedly rules that match belts and shoes, but there are times when I consciously chose to...
  61. Re: What additives would make a scent last longer?

    You gotta be careful with these proportions, eg don't necessarily assume that 15 drops of your base EO cannot be covered by such a few heart or top EO's . You need to know the relative strength of...
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    Re: Guerlain Soap

    I'm an amateur soapmaker, and I've made soaps of my fave perfumes. I've just finished my own homemade Mitsouko soap (by using real Mitsouko in it). No surprises - it smells just like Mitsouko. So far...
  63. Re: ''Everyone wears it, you wont stand out.''

    I get around this problem of being recognised by.... wearing "feminine-marketed scents" that are quite rare to find in the first place. Of all the "femmes" in my collection, I've only smelled Narciso...
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    Re: Had fragrances stolen from me.

    If I don't trust someone to do the right thing that I know I'm safe even if I were to leave them in my house alone, I don't invite them in the first place.
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    Re: You can choose one fragrance under 50$

    50ml of Mitsouko EDT (hard to believe but I've scored it for less than US$50 inc. shipping online).
  66. Thread: March GQ

    by GourmandHomme

    Re: March GQ

    I don't relish the thought if BN is mentioned in GQ if only because I don't want a flood of noob metro$exuals to pollute the discussion boards with endless threads on "What scents will help me get...
  67. Re: The Depressing Realisation That One Day a Favourite Will Disappear...

    I plan to always have a back-up bottle of my Top 5 favorites. If it's discontinued for good, I might decant a bit of it into a small spray bottle and open it to smell it from the bottle from time to...
  68. What would you use to scent your hat

    The hat in question: Gray wool felt thin-brimmed fedora. Polyester lining.

    What perfume would you use to scent the inner lining (if you're inclined to do so)? :)
  69. Re: Since when were fragrances seen as girly?

    Liking frags is a bit of a girly hobby; but so what - because I'm secure in my masculinity I'm not afraid to admit to it.

    But I've got other "manly" obsessions to match. Eg I'm an enthusiast of...
  70. Re: Stetson - The daring complexity of a niche and the greatest pun of all-time in Men's fragrance

    I remember when Stetson used to be advertised without Tom Brady in it. Now that they have to pay Tom Brady, maybe that's why it's more expensive; because his salary doubles the price!
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    Re: Dilemma: help me out guys!

    If I have a GF, I'd let her know early in the relationship NEVER to buy me frags unless I've expressed very strong interest in it (though I wouldn't mind a woman buying me Chanel's 28 La Pausa ;))....
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    Re: Scent to cover up a hangover

    "Febreeze" (wikipedia it)... it smells nice, and actually covers odors.
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    Re: Challenge: perfume for a perfume-hater?

    Chanel Allure Homme Ed. Blanche
  74. Re: So.. what fragrance would Bond... James Bond wear?

    Yup. If one part of me staying alive in my job depends on me not being detected then I'd try to only wash myself and use non-perfumey product.

    If I were Bond, I imagine that I could be just...
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    Poll: Re: Do you mind if a scent is linear?

    Not at all - in fact if a perfume smells great in the first minute, I wish they could make it so that minute lasts for the next 10 hours!

    I'm always impressed everytime I smell L'instant Magic...
  76. Re: Attn: MEN! What 5 women's fragrances would be a MUST to have.....

    Mitsouko EDP
    L'instant Magic
    Coco EDP
    Prada Infusion d'Iris
    Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT
  77. Re: Has anyone here insured their collection?

    That reminds me, I should take a picture of my whole house again and store it somewhere safe, including my perfume collection.... will do that this weekend.
  78. Re: Scent of a Roman and a Byzantine emperor

    Don't quote me on this, but I read somewhere that Gaius Julius Caesar smells like horse sweat. :) In fact, would be curious of what happens if you Google:

    Julius Caesar "horse sweat"
  79. Re: Frag to wear to see a WWII-planes airshow?

    I went. Was fun. An air show hangar is a perfume in itself - rubber, oil, grease, aviation fuel... :) I went with Dior Homme, but am curious what Vol de Nuit is like...
  80. Frag to wear to see a WWII-planes airshow?

    Am going out soon to see an airshow - and as it's cloudy and gloomy outside I'm choosing Mitsouko EDP. But am interested what others would choose. :)

    (And don't say Diesel "Fuel for Men" :P)
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    Re: L'Instant de Guerlain

    I've been raving on about it in several threads, but L'instant slightly missed the mark. The flanker is superior to it (L'instant Magic). I know the L'instant is a floriental and the L'instant Magic...
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    Re: What scent category are you ?

    See my screenname.

    Am getting into Chypres lately and also some of my faves are in the "soft floral - woody musks" family.
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    Re: new Mitsuoko

    Maybe this is just an American thing, but nowhere else in the world do I see this sign as much as in America, "Exact change only!" :)
  84. Re: What would be the male equivalent of Kenzo Amour?

    Another +1 for Bulgari Black; but if you can handle it, try a relatively unknown "butch-y" feminine in this vein is Guerlain's L'instant Magic.
  85. Re: What's like Chanel pour Monsieur (non-concentree) - but lasts longer?

    delete - doubleposted by accident
  86. Re: What's like Chanel pour Monsieur (non-concentree) - but lasts longer?

    Yup, today I did. Might try to make a different mixture ratio though next time once my 4 ml sample vial is empty.

    What I got today upon full wearing was something that is described above. But what...
  87. Re: What's like Chanel pour Monsieur (non-concentree) - but lasts longer?

    Turns out I have the answer all along to my own question all in my fridge.... how to create a longer-lasting CpM:

    - 50 ml bottle of Chanel pM
    - 75 ml bottle of Mitsouko EDP
    - A...
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    Re: new Mitsuoko

    I've never smelt vintage Mitsouko, but I'm a recent convert to Mitsouko and I think the new EDP does just fine compared to so many other designer offerings out there. I liked it so much I ordered......
  89. Re: About very expensive fragrances. Placebo effect.

    More $$$ definitely means nothing in terms of quality. One of my favorite scents is the Australian brand of wool wash detergent "Softly" in the pink bottle which I would put against any niche florals...
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    Re: Making out with Grandma?

    I've been complimented by women when I wear Coco EDP. That is the granniest of all my frags, even beating Mitsouko in terms of the Grannie-scale. Funnily enough, that means they usually got...
  91. Re: Look at your beautiful collection. I'll let you keep 3. You have 1 minute. Choose.

    Dior Homme
    L'instant Magic EDP
  92. Re: About very expensive fragrances. Placebo effect.

    I had a look at my fridge. Guerlain. Chanel. Dior. Prada. But I also have cheapies like Stetson(!), Joop Jump and Nautica Voyage. Point is: Some of us BNers are purists - we buy for the juice, not...
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    Wow. All that shows is that pretty much all women...

    Wow. All that shows is that pretty much all women like florals, soft florals, and woody orientals. Coincidentally, the top-10 or top-20 best-selling feminine-marketed perfumes are in these...
  94. Replies

    Re: Which perfume are you?

    Dior Homme. A modern creature but built with an old-fashioned, classic construction.
  95. Re: Rive Gauche is the President of Basenotes. Who is the Vice President?

    Sorry, with all due respect, if Rive Gauche (pH I presume) becomes BN president, I'll have to leave the country. :P

    And it's not because I haven't given it a good shot. There's a bottle of Rive...
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    Re: Ebay...people to use, people to avoid?

    The 404 thread. My tip is, and I will stand on this: Do not buy overly popular perfumes or latest releases on eBay. High chance that it's a fake.... buy the slightly more obscure ones on eBay and...
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    Your own paradigm-changing perfume?

    I'm referring to this situation. Say you've been an apprentice Perfumista for a year or so. You can tell your Orientals from your Florientals. You have a respectable wardrobe of 10-30 scents or so....
  98. Re: Basic Human Reactions to Olfactory Stimuli

    No kidding about that smell part. I won't date a girl if somehow I smelled her up close and she does not smell "right" to me. And I don't mean with her perfume selection; I mean how she smells with...
  99. Re: Pour Monsieur by Chanel discontinued!?!?

    Funny that, in Australia, only the regular CpM is available. Can't find CpM Concentree here.

    But also in Australia, it's Egoiste Platinum that's available - regular Egoiste is impossible to find.
  100. Re: What's like Chanel pour Monsieur (non-concentree) - but lasts longer?

    If only I can find that one. :) Can only find YSL L'Homme lately, which I know is different that YSL pH.
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