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  1. Divine, Hermes, Tom Ford, Mugler, Brooks Brothers - US only please

    Cleaning out the closet. All of these have been stored in a cool dark place and include original boxes. Sale price includes Paypal fees and shipping to the US. Thanks for looking.

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    Re: Divine L'homme Sage

    One of my top three scents for sure.
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    Re: Just received Creed Himalaya

    It has become one of my go to, safe for any occasion, scents. It always seems to improve my mood.
  4. Re: Whats so special about Dolce and Gabanna The One?

    It might work for others but not me. At first I thought I liked it, wore it a couple times and it ended up in the market place, sold to another who was happy with it. Different strokes for...
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    Re: A*Men / Angel men - method of application

    A light application works well for me, a heavier dose, not so much. It is overpowering to me, and to others I fear, if applied too strongly. One spray from a distance to the chest for me.
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    Re: Himalaya by Creed, Outstanding Longevity!!!

    This one lasts 8+ hrs on me with no problem close to my skin, decent sillage but not on the strong end of the scale.
  7. Thread: Mark birley

    by lee4411

    Re: Mark birley

    I have to say I enjoy it and haven't picked up on any of the negative notes other have mentioned here. My wife is very vocal about things that don't smell "Clean" to her and hasn't mentioned any...
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    Re: Young scent for old man

    As an old guy (56) who is getting older but refuses to grow up - I've gotten compliments wearing Terre d'Hermes and A-Men, plus few others that would be considered more "Age appropriate". I dress my...
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    Re: Terre d'Hermès vs Terre d'Hermès Parfum

    I like them both in the beginning, but as the day goes on I like the EDT more. For some reason I get tired of the EDP where the EDT stays refreshing to me. I can't tell you exactly what causes it...
  10. Re: what is your longest lasting cologne at least 10+ hrs?

    It would be a toss up between Tom Ford Italian Cypress and Divine L'Homme Sage.
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    Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I got samples of both a while back. At first I liked L'Air du Desert Morocain, but after an hour or so I started getting tired of it. A couple hours later it really bothered me. On the other hand,...
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    Re: A little complaint

    I like the reviews on both sites. IMHO people here tend to be more educational and describe the aspects of a fragrance in more detail, where Fragrantica tends to lean towards just what people...
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    Re: I'm a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Fan

    I've got this one and it is a regular in my rotation. I've wondered about the lack of comments about it. It's a nice office scent, one that I've consistently received compliments on. East to wear...
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    Re: M Micallef Online Store

    I bought a bottle of Gaiac a couple weeks ago and had no problems. They shipped the next day and sent a tracking email. Shipping is included in the price too.
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    Re: ... Gaiacwood by Zara ...

    Ditto on Micallef's Gaiac. got a sample and then bought a bottle, not cheap by any stretch but it brought a smile to my face and I enjoy wearing it.
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    Re: Swap Pure Malt for Divine L'Homme Sage?

    Interesting thread, answers as diverse as the members of this forum. That's what makes this place fun.
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    Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    This one has been at the top of my "Wear" list since I tried it last year. Very unique and I never get tired of wearing it.
  18. Re: Fragrances you like less and less everytime you wear them

    TDH. It was my start here into the fragrance world and thought it was the best. After spending some time here and a year later - I still like the first whiff of TDH but now when I wear it I get...
  19. Thread: Cypress

    by lee4411

    Re: Cypress

    Ditto on Tom Ford's Italian Cypress. The longevity is excellent as well as the scent. Sometimes fragrances are worth paying for......
  20. Re: someone else feel sick with Dolce&Gabbana pour homme?

    I sampled with a spray on a test strip and liked it so I bought a bottle. The first time I used it I thought maybe it mixed with my no scent aftershave because it had this odor that just didn't...
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    Re: On complements...

    On New Year's Eve I went to the liquor store to get a bottle of wine. I had just showered and put on some TDH. When I went up to pay the two girls working the register looked at each other, then...
  22. Re: Why are so many new members fascinated by Creed?

    I agree with the comment about the Basenotes awards and GIT showing up multiple years. When I first arrived here the first samples I ordered were TDH and GIT. I then spent more time researching...
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    Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    No, I experienced the same thing. It led me to some semi blind buys based on sample dabs because it took a few tries with spray vs. dabbing to realize I did/didn't like some fragrances. Expensive...
  24. Re: what is the best dolce and gabbana for a 50+ guy?

    I'm 54 and tried pour Homme. I liked it as a fragrance but it didn't work for me. One of those that smelled better on others than on me, but your mileage may vary. Can't say it was strictly my...
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    Re: What do we mean when we say 'soapy'?

    To me it means Mugler cologne. From what I understand it's the scent he created that reminded him of a soap from his childhood. When most people smell it they too would be reminded of a fresh bar...
  26. Re: What was your favourite personal fragrance 'find' of 2009?

    Divine l'homme sage was my best find for the year.
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    Re: Shopping Technique

    I've tried the sample route but I seem to have to try some scents a few times before I decide. I've also made some purchases based on samples that ended up overwhelming when I applied them via spray...
  28. Re: If you could only choose one cologne, what would be your choice?

    Guerlain Heritage - every time I wear it a smile appears on my face. Any time, any place, any mood. All my other top choices aren't that universal.
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    Unscented aftershave and cologne?

    When I got out of the shower today I put some Lab Series aftershave on. It's unscented and I've used it for a while. Then right away I put some D&G pour Homme on. It didn't smell right, or even...
  30. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought after joing basenotes?

    First up was Terre D'Hermes, followed by GIT. I figured if they were high on the award list it was a good start. Since then I've learned a lot just lurking and reading, and of course buying more. ...
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    Re: Fragrances you like, but your partner...

    Glad to know I'm not the only one in my situation. I've been trying different directions for a little while and have found my wife and I have pretty different tastes. She likes the whole clean and...
  32. Thread: 99Perfume?

    by lee4411

    Re: Abusive response from 99perfume .com!

    I was under the impression that if you placed an order by noon it would ship that day. If that's not the case then I retract my issue with them. Nick is correct - UPS was not shipping ground on the...
  33. Thread: 99Perfume?

    by lee4411

    Re: Abusive response from 99perfume .com!

    That response works for me. At least they are trying to please the customer!
  34. Thread: 99Perfume?

    by lee4411

    Re: Abusive response from 99perfume .com!

    I ordered some Guerlain Heritage early Wednesday morning, way before noon. They charged my card immediately, but no tracking info showed up on their site. I finally got an email Monday saying it...
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    Re: Why no love for L'Homme Sage?

    Easily one of my top three choices. I just bought a 50ml refillable spray and a 150ml bottle of it. Seems a local spa that carried Divine products went bankrupt and just walked out. The owner of...
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    Re: How long until colognes expire?

    I recently came across a steal on Divine L'Homme Sage. A local spa that carried Divine products went bankrupt and just walked out. The owner of the building told the remodeling crew they could have...
  37. Re: Is it just me, or Heritage smells SOOOO similar to L'air Du Desert Marocain ???

    I can't smell the similarity. On my skin L'Air stays really spicy while Heritage EDT takes on more of a sweet scent as the dry down occurs. Now you guys have me wondering about the EDP version......
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    Re: Guerlain HERITAGE EDT vs. EDP

    I just purchased a bottle and the IFRA listing is on the back of the box.
  39. Re: What happened to Vibert's reviews and recent posts?

    I was one of the fortunate ones to have answered the samples thread a while back, and Vibert was the one who sent me samples. Such a nice gesture and one that won't be forgotten. Good luck in your...
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    Re: Terre D'Hermes - EDT & Pure Perfume

    I got a sample of the EDT then ordered the EDP. You will like both. They are very close to the same in my opinion.
  41. Re: Ten new members who have an interest in sampling

    I got mine yesterday as well. What a deal. Thanks!
  42. Re: Ten new members who have an interest in sampling

    That's the best one I've heard in a long, long time..... :D
  43. Re: Ten new members who have an interest in sampling

    I got a PM yesterday asking for my mailing address so I'm good to go. Pretty nice thing these guys are doing.
  44. Re: Ten new members who have an interest in sampling

    I was number two and never received anything, but that's ok, if someone else was more deserving I understand.
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    Re: Havana, Hype or Reality?

    I'm new to this and I took a chance and ordered a sample from The Perfumed Court based on the hype here and the positive reviews. I really didn't think I would like it but one whiff and I was...
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    Re: Aramis Havana - Summer, winter, or anytime?

    Thanks for the feedback. I thought maybe the name was influencing me but when the scent reminded me of something I would smell down Caribbean way I immediately think of a hot summer day or night. ...
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    Aramis Havana - Summer, winter, or anytime?

    Based on reviews and talk here I ordered a sample from The Perfumed Court. I got it today and I must say I really like it. Being new at this I'm undecided/confused if it would be considered a...
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    Which notes tend to create nose fatigue?

    Forgive me if I'm using wrong terminology, and please correct me as I am obviously a newbie here. I am curious if the same notes tend to create nose fatigue in everyone or is it an individual thing?...
  49. Re: Ten new members who have an interest in sampling

    My first post. I'm in!! Thanks for the great offer.
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