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    Re: By Kilian Gold Oud???

    I've had customers order from middle east through the BK sales rep. Had to prepay but for Black Oud it was possible for example. I don't think they even paid a 'premium', the tricky part was the...
  2. Re: what is the best product for matte look, no shine& soft to touch?

    I like the Crew fibre ones and KMS Hairplay (still not crazy about the fruity smell but it's soft, holds, and no shine - check amazon for prices)
  3. Re: Cheaper alternatives to Portrait of a Lady

    yeah I was going to say one of the MFK Ouds and maybe something like Dior's Oud Ispahan
  4. Re: I love Juniper Berries! Recommend me some some strong & lasting scents

    er... strong and longlasting, sorry, can't help you there. But for Juniper, try Hermes Voyage and Malle's Angelique Sur Le Pluie
    and I think Frapan has a gin and tonic one so that may have some...
  5. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino or Mandarino di Amalfi? Thread by Classyscents

    just smelled Mandarino at Bergdorfs this week and blah, seriously, this is like barely a perfume. It's got a few ingredients, lasts about 5 minutes, and doesn't smell like a whole lot of anything....
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    Re: Ridiculous prices on ebay

    As an ebay seller I usually look up prices on the item before listing it and have also laughed so many times when I see the range. It's crazy how high some people price their items, and as you said,...
  7. Re: Wanted - BOXES - Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme, Tom Ford Extreme, Givenchy Pi, Sushi Imperial, etc.

  8. Re: $4000 to spare on colognes! What would you buy?

    If you look around on places like eBay, you can buy entire sample sets of whole lines for about $100. I'm not spamming, I promise, but I've got entire lines like Malle, Kilian, Ford, Chanel...
  9. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

    hey guys, I just hosted up a split of Tom Ford Lavender Palm. It's been discontinued for a little while now and will start to get even harder to find, especially as a flacon....
  10. Tom Ford - LAVENDER PALM 50ML - discontinued and getting very RARE!

    Tom Ford Lavender Palm:

    Tom Ford Lavender Palm, a fragrance Ford feels best evokes the image of California's "sparkling sunlight, natural blossoms, and expansive coastlines." The fragrance opens...
  11. Re: Japon Noir vs. Plum Japonais : Too similar to have both?

    honestly, unless you've sampled these quite a few times and really just know what you want, maybe pick up 10ml (or if you have to 30ml) from a splitter of PJ, and see if you can get a few JN 4ml's...
  12. Re: Byredo: Made in Sweden vs. Made in France

    I worked as a SA/rep for these guys for about 2 year (2011-2013). As far as I remember everything always was made in France. Now I will say that there was a slight packaging change at one point. The...
  13. Re: Japon Noir vs. Plum Japonais : Too similar to have both?

    I like both and have had the same back and forth myself about them. IMO JN is better, it's that fruity leather thing with a bit more oomph (smoke), whereas I find the PJ is a bit more sour and...
  14. Re: Bond no 9 cracking down on internet sales??

    I've had similar things happen with me. I listed up a bottle of CK Obsession and ebay pulled it down twice saying the company filed a claim that based on a parallel import issue or something.

  15. Re: Summer Split - Rare FULL 50ml By Kilian A Taste of Heaven

    last bump before I end this split!!!
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    Re: L'Homme Sage - Absolutely Amazing

    This one got a lot of chatter about 2-3 years ago. The first time I smelled it I had a worried laugh because I knew I'd be buying it. I wore that sample maybe a year later and I remember sitting...
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    Re: REL or Cuir de Russie?

    damn, that's one hellofa bump!
  18. Re: Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - Twist top?

    I've got a few of these bottles. Can't comment about the different jewels but I will say that mine are twist off tops and at least one has leaked or evaporated a fair bit. The juice is good in this...
  19. Re: So Le Labo swears that their fragrances only last 2 years (if stored correctly) before turning b

    I've always found Le Labos to be heavy on the synthetics (and that's not a criticism, most of them smell fine, but rather obviously synthetic) so I can't see how they'd "go bad". I mean having clear...
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    Re: Finally!

    haaa, pretty funny read. Welcome and it's always nice to hear someone new and enthusiastic. Happy sniffings!
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    Re: REL or Cuir de Russie?

    Have you tried Cuir de Russie parfum?
  22. Re: Similar to tom ford oud wood but with better longevity & projection

    there's also that other clone everyone was talking about years ago, Surrati Thom Oud or something also off ebay I think
  23. Re: MPG Ambre Precieux - Clear Bottle vs. Red Bottle?

    wow, that's new. So there's the red 90ml (vintage) and I knew about the 100ml (current), and now a 50ml in clear? huh
  24. Re: Bleu de Chanel - how does it wear on you?

    ^ yep, ditto. I get warm citrus, ginger, and some light woods and musks. Mostly yellow creamy citrus with ginger for me. Never noticed much incense or anything of that sort.
  25. Re: Does Byredo Pulp smell like Diptyques Philosykos to anyone ? If so, is having both two redundan

    yeah I find these two pretty different.... I think of Philosykos more as a fresh fig, first you climb up the wood mossy tree trunk, you reach through the green leaves and pluck a fresh juicy fig, you...
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    Re: Fumerie Turque reformulation?

    I'm assuming you're smelling a new bell jar and comparing it to either old bells or the export 50ml's?

    Call me crazy but as pretty as the bell jars are I'd still much rather just have all 50ml...
  27. Re: After the Oud fad dies out, then what?

    well a point as has been brought up, where are the emerging markets happening? China, Russia, Middle East. We're seeing the oud spice and leather, so I predict the next move with be clean light...
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    Re: Best place to order samples?

    Eh some random sources for you...
  29. Re: Chanel No. 5 parfum extrait - awesome sandalwood frag

    I've got to say that I really think the Chanels, like the Guerlains, in their Parfum forms are worlds apart from the regular stuff. It's how they were always meant to be. And particularly with No. 5....
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    Re: L'Artisan Al Oudh

    Firstly, I think it one of the most beautiful bottles out there. It's just a wonderful work of art.

    Secondly, as for the scent, so funny, i was going through a pile today and it's the only one I...
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    Re: Dior Homme Parfum!?!?

    wow, nice looking bottle!
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    Re: Citrus economical fragrance

    Eau d' Hadrian by Annick Goutal is a solid choice but I think the cheapest you'll find it is around $50-60, plus I find the Balmain slightly more masculine and oldschool
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    Re: Citrus economical fragrance

    +1 Monsieur Balmain
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    Re: Guerlain's 500ml bee-bottle

    hmmm, solution


    (works for my scotch...
  35. Re: How long do you sample before buying a bottle?

    I've learned to scratch that itch of "I have to have it" by just getting a 5-10ml decant and often avoided buying the FB. Not to say that I wouldn't, but with such a big rotation and always more...
  36. Re: By Kilian Refill - Fill Level Question

    I'm pretty sure it's normal. They always leave some room (20%) in the refill containers to account for expansion, avoiding spillage (how would you pour if it were right to the top), etc. I've seen...
  37. Re: What fragrance is your guilty pleasure ?

    jicky parfum. I'm 29 and always feel like a smirky dirty old man wearing this and it's fantastic
  38. Re: Tara Reid launches Sharknado-themed fragrance Shark by Tara

    so I assume because her movies go straight to DVD, the perfume must be a a straight to the clearance bin at Walmart release too right?
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    Re: Cocktails

    one thing I will say as I've dabbled a tiny bit with mixing is unlike cooking, you can't just throw in a dash of this or that. The proportions really are a bit of a science as much as an art. I've...
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    Re: What's new?

    comeback? when did it leave?

  41. Re: How long do you sample before buying a bottle?

    I give things minimum 2 wearings, usually 3. You have to see day, night, even a season or two. He's not going to reformulate or discontinue it so I'd say take your time and wear it thoroughly to see...
  42. Re: For Sale - TOM FORD, Serge Lutens, Jo Malone, Diptyque, By Kilian, Caron, etc

    price drops on most items!
  43. Re: Summer Split - Rare FULL 50ml By Kilian A Taste of Heaven

    bump! So close guys, just one more portion. This is a really beautiful scent and a good deal...
  44. Re: Warning: Andy Tauer and Salad DO NOT MIX

    as I've always said...
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    Re: Who does apples the best?

    specifically for a crisp green (metalic) apple, I'd try that Malle one Outrageous that I mentioned earlier
    for red apples, there are quite a few but I think Brosius's Gather Apples is a good (albeit...
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    Re: Gone Bust

    um, what sort of 'niche' 'houses' are you talking about here... I don't think most of these are just rich hobbyists... they're usually people who've been in the industry for a long time and are going...
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    Re: a perfume seller dilema

    maybe more 'niche' lines of familiar brands? Like Armani privee, Chanel Exlusifs, etc. Those lines you won't get if you're a random store, but maybe things like Boss's premium line, or the new Zegna...
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    Re: Marc Jacobs Men - Fig!!

    shoot I forgot to add, Holts also has the Armani Privees and they have that Fig Eden one, plus they'll have Aqua Di Parma Fico D'Amalfi.

    but basically I think of MJ as a wet leafy earthy fig,...
  49. Re: Need help wading through all the YSL L'Homme flankers

    +1 to most of the above. L'Homme's not bad (I got a bottle) and La Nuit seems well liked (didn't do anything for me personally) and the rest of the flankers are all pretty meh.

    RGPH is solid....
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    Re: Marc Jacobs Men - Fig!!

    Hey, a Torontonian! Cool. Well Holt Renfrew on Bloor has Diptyque so they'll have Philosykos EdT and EdP. Ask for Karina the sales rep. And Sephora just started carrying L'Artisan, though limited...
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    Re: a perfume seller dilema

    You will always be frustrated if you try to make your customer do what YOU want. Ask them questions so you learn what they want, and give them that. It's not about you, it's about them.
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    Re: Perry Ellis m: Simply the Best

    (Ron Burgundy voice) well then, all you panty's out there, look out!

    welcome to the forum. It's nice to see such enthusiasm. Let's hope you don't get banned too quickly ;-)
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    Re: a perfume seller dilema

    There's no simple answer to this but I'll give it a shot.

    I'd like to believe that I'm a "Sales Person" with "integrity". So how can I in good conscious sell something I don't think is good or I...
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    Re: Marc Jacobs Men - Fig!!

    and L'Artisan Premier Figuer (plus the Extreme version).

    + 1 to Diptyque Philosykos, it's what you want. (Also try the new EdParfum version)
  55. Re: Here are the notes, help me find the fragrance!

    So one of my (many!) pet peeves about 'note lists' is that there's no sense of proportion. Is there a drop of X or is a major accord?

    If you can smell the scent please and:

    1. describe the...
  56. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

    Anyone interested in Tom Ford Lavender Palm? I might be able to source a flacon of this...
  57. Re: North American Spring Split - RARE opportunity - FULL 50ml By Kilian A Taste of Heaven & Beyond

    come on y'all, let's get these filled!
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    Re: I blame you basenotes :p

    (my hobby before perfume was Japanese swords so don't worry, if you're crazy, then it's as crazy as me!)
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    Re: I blame you basenotes :p

    I see some really great choices in there including the Diors and AdP Oud(?) and Kyoto.

    Tell me more about the Katana....
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    Re: Fruity/Exotic Bond No 9 Scents?

    Riverside Drive or Scent of Peace for Him - Pineapple
    Little Italy - Mandarin/clementine
    Central Park - Lime (blossom)
  61. Re: Got a surprise when I got home today!!!

    your lady bought you a lady killer? perhaps it's a cry for help!
  62. Re: Chanel No. 5 + Shalimar = Men's What??

    the first ones I thought of were Eau Sauvage and Old Spice. Brut would certain fit in there, and maybe something like Aramis or Fahrenheit but I think those two are more regionally popular (USA and...
  63. Thread: Score!

    by Master-Classter

    Re: Score!

    wow, great finds! I've paid $30-50 for each of those bottles before, even testers. and both of those are amongst my top 10 scents
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    Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    Hot damn, that actually works!

    I was going to say that I think for most guys all in all around 15-20 would be a good overall well rounded wardrobe and somewhere around 25-30 there are probably...
  65. Re: Escentric 01 - any fans? Any experience with it?

    great info Buzzle, thanks!

    I bought the original Molecule 01, having tried both but the Essentric 01's addition of a couple of accords didn't make a whole lot of difference IMO, and if I ever...
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    Re: What's my problem with Amouage?

    don't worry so much about this or that house. In many cases (ok maybe not Amouage) but the scents from one 'line' are done by different perfumers and labs, so treat each particular fragrance as a...
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    Re: Are the Cheapies Really Worth It?

    Life's short, wear the good stuff. Maybe it's a cheap (cost) scent, but don't settle for cheap (bad smell, short life, no projection) scents.

    Even as a guy who's got like 100+ bottles, I'm sure...
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    Re: Mr Blass has floaties!

    I could be totally wrong here since I know nothing about perfume chemistry, but maybe 'floaties' just happens because of all the dust in the air and imagine there's palettes of empty bottles sitting...
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    Re: Hard at work

    hr hr, give us a better pic of your um organ.....

    (yeah like nobody else was thinking it)
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    Re: aqua di parma intensa oud

    Hey EVH, there are a number of places where people host splits, see below. Hope that helps. And as to trustworthiness, well people usually have feedback on their profiles and use your judgement...
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    Re: aqua di parma intensa oud

    where a store won't ship to Aussie, maybe a north american or european fragrance friend splitter will. I can tell you shipping to there is expensive, it really is, but maybe instead of paying $35 for...
  72. Re: After the Oud fad dies out, then what?

    the big thing I learned from the industry side is that it's not a consumer/demand driven market, it's about supply. People buy what they're told to buy. So basically whatever the next captive is. I...
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    Re: aqua di parma intensa oud

    Pretty sure Strawberry is fine. Also I think considering it's a large bottle I thought some of the local splitters were doing this one... see if you can get 30-50ml, or maybe if you take enough juice...
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    Re: What frags are "Antiseptic"?

    +1 for Esprit du Tigre (herbs and camphor) and Serge Noir (clove)

    but really just depends on what you mean by 'antiseptic'... need more explanation here
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    now that's some high end stuff right there!
  76. Re: What is the first oud that I should try?

    Personally, my new favorite is Mona Di Orio's. It's just beautiful. So smooth and yet multidimentional. Amazing stuff.
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    Re: Amouage Reflection Man v MFK APOM

    I've always found a connection between these two as well. Something about the powdery orange blossom. I already own Reflection so I'm sort of not sure about getting APOM even though I suspect it's...
  78. Re: Anyway to fill the fragrance bottle from Decant.

    depends on how they're sealed. If it's crimped with metal (example Creed), then no. If it's a ring and rubber flange (example Ford) then yes. Look from the bottom through the bottle and see if you...
  79. Re: Armani Prive Ambre Soie discontinued !

    wow, really?! that's a shame. I always liked this one. That and Bois D'Encense, which I think is the one that sort of started it all
  80. Replies

    Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    yeah I guess it's a really a personal call, and also whatever your partner wants. Personally I use a trimmer on say #2 for the groin and backside area and maybe #3 for legs and chest, so basically I...
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    Re: A little help from the Gurus.

    maybe a bit counter here but don't let your ego get in the way of your (and your gf's) happiness. As long as you don't think the scent is terrible, if at least you find it wearable and it makes her...
  82. Re: North American Spring Split - RARE opportunity - FULL 50ml By Kilian A Taste of Heaven & Beyond

  83. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    honestly our database is in serious need of a revamp. Consistent pictures, note lists, release dates, etc. It's a bit embarrassing IMO
  84. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    If you were eavesdropping on the lineup at Basenotes, it'd be for an art gallery, and Fragrantica would be the lineup for a prom
  85. Poll: Re: Spiritueuse Double Vanille v. Tobacco Vanille - Which one is the better bang for your buck?

    TV for me, it's more well rounded. SDV is the best vanilla out there IMO, but I don't often want to smell like straight up vanilla and only vanilla. Plus, and not to start a fight here, I'm a guy,...
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme - wow!

    if you like Gucci ph, I'm not surprised you liked Spice & Wood too
  87. Re: BN members....What's your take on Parfums de Nicolai ? Good stuff or not so good ?

    I sniffed through quite a few and honestly nothing much stood out. New York is good (vintage is better!), but it's a toss up with Bois du Portugal and others that are similar. For the price NY's not...
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    Re: Gucci Oud - New 2014 Fragrance

    even a broken clock is right twice a day
  89. Re: so confused right now. need some advise

    either buy samples to keep the cost low, or, take the pressure off yourself and just pass for now. If you want something and can't afford it, remember, it's just perfume, it's not rent. Take a...
  90. Re: My fragrances hardly ever sell on here....What am I, chopped liver ?

    yep, couldn't agree more. I am also really baffled by this one. I'm literally listing everything up on eBay now out of frustration that after having had stuff listed here for weeks and weeks with...
  91. Re: I want to start off my fragrance collection

    without naming specific names of scents, my best advice is to start slowly. Just read these boards for a while (and try not to believe everything you read), and go out to stores, any stores, and...
  92. Re: Some like it HOT! (Pepper in scents)

    Well for black pepper, +1 to Piper Nigrum, and I also suggest Marc Jacobs Bang and Armani Privee Bois D'Encense...
    For pink pepper I suggest Chanel Sycomore

    and for red peppers, try L'Artisan...
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    Re: By Kilian's scented necklaces

    didn't he discontinue the solid versions of the original series, those little black mirror case wax things?

    so what are these, the same wax but holders to go around the neck or do they hold actual...
  94. Re: More ocean than Heeley's SEL MARIN delivers?

    Yknow now that you mention it, I remember reading that in the reviews and I guess because I wasn't around then for the neon pink zink nose paste it's not a strong scent memory, but considering the OP...
  95. Re: More ocean than Heeley's SEL MARIN delivers?

    Check out Christopher Brosius's stuff (CB I Hate Perfume). I remember he's got a few like At the beach 1969, and then some single note ones like tidal pool, etc.
  96. Re: North American Spring Split - RARE opportunity - FULL 50ml By Kilian A Taste of Heaven & Beyond

    weekly bump...
  97. Re: Best weightless incense - Bois d'Encens, Sancti, Cardinal or??

    Byredo Encens Chembur is pretty airy. Has some dry ginger in there. Makes me think of gingerale or soda or something. Plus a wide plank dark wood floor.
  98. Re: Leathers have always eluded me. Some suggestions?

    Humph, I'd try some 'softer' ones too... such as Lutens Daim Blond, Bottega Veneta (womens), Chanel Exlusifs Cuir de Russie, etc
  99. Re: What is similar to Eau de Gentiane Blanche?

    humf, what a range of views of this scent!

    I may be way off base here but Narcisso Rodriguez ph. To my nose they both have this bitter herbal opening and wet earth smell
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    Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur Sale

    gocha, ok thanks. sounded like it would have been too good to be true anyway. would've been an insta-buy
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