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  1. Re: Carven Vétiver & Carven pour Homme Relaunches (2014) {New Fragrances} {Men's Cologne}

    Reading this makes me depressed. When I first saw the thread, I did not even think about Carven Homme. My brain read something else, maybe Monsieur Carven ? I thought they would have forgotten about...
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    Re: Davidoff Zino/Zino Davidoff discontinued.

    Nice that they gave a reply. That being said, this was a terrible decision by Coty. And I would never wear Obsessesion for Men in place of Zino ( the two are not even close or the CK is not nearly as...
  3. Re: Do you consider Guerlain Vetiver as one of the best classic men's fragrance of all-time?

    A great smelling classic fragrance. Even young men and women will appreciate this one.
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    Re: Cerruti 1881 Flanker Thread

    I really like the original 1881 the best.

    I am not much help with the flankers, however, my first testing of 1881 Intense had me very queasy ! I have not braved another sampling of it since.
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    Re: Merry Christmas from Scentologist!

    Merry Christmas everyone !

    ( West Indian Limes has some great products, btw. I like the after shave balm and that set that contains a mini of the edt makes a great gift).
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    Poll: Re: Best Givenchy Fragrance for Men?

    Like many of the better Givenchy releases, this thread is a fossil ( I really miss DustB !).

    Update on my choices : GIvenchy has produced a couple of my favorites : Vetyver ( I have only smelled...
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    Re: Habanita parfum for Christmas.

    A really nice write up Stevolution, thanks for sharing. I found the previous Habanita edt some time ago and was mixed about it. I admired the scent, but didn't think it was easy to wear. I've really...
  8. Re: Fragrances with NO NEGATIVE REVIEWS on Basenotes

    I picked up a mini of this one and yes, it sure is a strange one. One thing I like about the current Directory is that it does not emphasize the percentage rates of positive reviews. I always thought...
  9. Re: OPIUM pour Homme , eau de PARFUM version: still in production, but....

    This is really nice to read ! I really find this to be such a nice and rich fragrance. One for special times, but perhaps any time one is in the mood for it. It also allowed me to appreciate the edt...
  10. Re: The 1980s were THE most important for male fragrance

    I've been on a really good 1980s movie kick as of late, so I should break out as many scents as I can to help appreciate these films. They are not all perfect, but I enjoy seeing them. To Live and...
  11. Re: The 1980s were THE most important for male fragrance

    I laughed !

    Not that I want to take anything away from this 1980s "Hump-athon"... . I've really appreciated scents from the 80s for a while now. But I think a reviewer said it best ( I think it...
  12. Re: New limited edition from John Varvatos : Artisan Acqua

    It's always nice to have some good comic relief on here. That whole blurb was funny, but this above is just plain hilarious.
  13. Re: Guerlain HERITAGE - Eau de Parfum versus Eau de Toilette ?

    I agree with what Marais says with regards to the EDP. Go for that one David, as I think you will far more satisfied with that one than any of the EDT's. I was not that impressed with the older EDT...
  14. Thread: Crave by CK

    by Surfacing

    Re: Crave by CK

    I think this Crave was quite nice as well. It is not something I would wear at the moment, other than to remember times gone by. But I still think it is a worthy scent, particularly for those who...
  15. Re: How often do you smell fragrances on other men?

    Two days ago I swear I smelled a generous amount of Dzing on another guy ! I am not 100% sure, because there is always a chance I could just be smelling a previously worn leather jacket ( by him),...
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    Re: Hiddeous comparisons...

    For sure ! The current Santos is just embarrassing. Why they would gut such a fragrance is beyond me. They may as well have discontinued it. People will always blame others (IFRA, EU....etc). This is...
  17. Re: NEW fragrance Samba Skin out Pure Havane!!!

    I will perhaps wait for Snaggy's thoughts before pulling the trigger. It sounds like a nice scent, but the trouble is that I will be stuck with it if it doesn't work out. I suppose vanilla laden...
  18. Re: Just got my bottle of DHI (reformulation)

    Try out Cartier Declaration, Dior Homme Sport or Mugler Cologne. Also, many vetiver fragrances cut through the heat like Guerlain Vetiver or Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.
  19. Re: Today I had my lucky day - My purchases were unbelievable!

    mdclx, if it is okay with you, I am going to close my eyes and fantasize about having your fragrances ;)

    I am very happy for you ! Those are some terrific gems. I will always love designer...
  20. Re: How often do you smell fragrances on other men?

    Not very often, but here and there. I think those that do wear it tend to wear them lightly applied. As if having someone smell your fragrance will get you exiled to the Arctic or something.

  21. Re: Can we bump threads from the MFB archive ?

    Thanks Hedonist. I know what you mean. I want to add onto some threads and I feel they give more context, as opposed to just starting off a new topic on the same subject, but one that will not have...
  22. Can we bump threads from the MFB archive ?

    This may be a silly question, but I usually find it more comfortable to add on to a previous thread. I feel that it is more better ( assuming it is for a reason and that the thread is not over 2...
  23. Caswell Massey English Lavender Signature Scent and English Lavender Water

    I like the look of the Caswell-Massey bottles and the idea of a traditional company that sells simple, yet enjoyable fragrances. Lavender is something alot of us appreciate and I wanted to experience...
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    Re: 360 Green Perry Ellis?

    Interesting, I did not know that. Appreciate your industry insights as always scentimus.
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    Re: 360 Green Perry Ellis?

    Ah....I look bad now :(. I was wrong, I admit it.

    I always found a charm with the Perry Ellis fragrances. I don't take them seriously, but here and there there are some nice ones. If you can get...
  26. Re: Favorite Sandalwood Scent with good longevity?

    ^ Always great to see an old timer post :)

    I may have to seek out this one in vintage form. I haven't heard much positive about the current stuff.
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    Re: 360 Green Perry Ellis?

    I have never heard of this nor seen it for sale. I doubt that Perry Ellis would randomly release another 360 flanker, as they are in another direction now ( not saying it is any better !).

  28. Re: Has anyone tried Cella Eau De Lavande and Colonia Classica ?

    Thanks Marais for sharing your experience. That is a really good price you got the Colonia Classica for.
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    Re: Vendetta pour Homme by Valentino

    I have to agree with the comment, although I thought it radiated decently ? Ocean Rain has this damp kind aspect to it, I just don't get that with Vendetta which has alot of clove and is more woodsy...
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    Re: Primer on Lalique Men's Fragrances?

    This is a pretty decent line of fragrances.

    My favorites are :

    Lalique pour Homme edt/edp : Either one is quite good, although I find the edt has more citrus in the opening. I just love the way...
  31. Re: Has anyone tried Cella Eau De Lavande and Colonia Classica ?

    ^ Thank you Tim. That is really good to hear about the Lavande's longeveity. Should you ever come across one of their scents, please don't hesitate to report back. The soft soap sounds nice as I...
  32. Has anyone tried Cella Eau De Lavande and Colonia Classica ?

    The weather has finally become quite hot and I sometimes prefer a refreshing scent to enjoy. I have become alot more interested in more traditional style fragrances as of late, although feel quite...
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    Re: Tuscany per Uomo - vintage

    Hedonist, it may be better to take a pic of the back of the box ( where the indredients are listed). I know that it is not the current formula ( which doesn't really help, I suppose).
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    Re: Rocabar is so underrated here.

    I have a decant of Rocabar and have always found it good. Sometimes when wearing it, it may fall under my radar ( but one can spray a few extra to make up for that). I love the juniper/berry smell in...
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    Re: pinaud clubman aftershave review

    I am very interested in Pinaud Clubman products and traditional scents/aftershaves at this time, so your review is much appreciated lanky. The price seems quite decent as well !
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    Re: Creed Aventus Is A Waste Of Money

    I LOL'd at this comment :D
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    Re: What would Jose Mourinho wear??

    Oh, you are absolutely correct outline. I am surrounded by English fans and somewhat follow the team myself. I can easily see USA being ranked higher than England. The English club can at times be a...
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    Re: What would Jose Mourinho wear??

    I am not doubting that the USA will ever have success or be better than England ( pretty plausible, although as a Canadian I am not one to talk :o). But people have been saying this since 1994's...
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    Re: Backup Bottles of Oakmoss-Oriented Scents?


    Spoomburg, I was not suggesting one needs to go to perfumer school for several years to learn the trade. I just thought adding drops of oakmoss or whatever note to a fragrance seemed...
  40. Re: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme Rare Fragrance Sighting

    I know Canada and the USA are two different countries bud. I have a hard time believing that VC&A pH is more in abundance up here than in the States. I don't think the OP is looking hard enough or...
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    Re: Backup Bottles of Oakmoss-Oriented Scents?

    Is it really that simple ? I can't imagine it working that way, as I was always under the impression that a fragrance needs to be blended and mixed a certain way.
  42. Re: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme Rare Fragrance Sighting

    I see Van Cleefs and Arpels pour Homme at every perfume shop and kiosk I go to. No idea where the OP has been or if he is just a hermit.
  43. Re: Article: Banana Republic to launch Wildblue Noir and Wildbloom Rouge

    What are the odds that the mens fragrance will actually live up to the attractive notes listed here ? I would say slim and none. I imagine it will just be another fresh opening - then mild woodsy dry...
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    Re: What happened to the "transparency" fans ?

    Buzzlepuff has a great reply here !

    OP : I am surprised you had to ask because you yourself were around here and should have remembered the names of many of those terriffic members. I think alot...
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    Re: Kouros or Mont Blanc Individuel

    I don't find these two fragrances all that different in smell. I am surprised no one else has mentioned this. I would choose Kouros just because it is a well known classic.
  46. Re: Lalique Hommage a L'Homme: Is it unique enough?

    Glad you like it. Its a nice fragrance and I can totally see the tobacco accord in this one. I liked it, but wasn't head over heels for it. I think I just favor some other scents in my rotation in...
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    Re: Chanel Platinum Egoiste

    I agree with this as well. To my surprise, I do appreciate this fragrance ( and to some extent, Eternity, although I do not own the CK). I never thought of myself as a fan of this genre of fragrance,...
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    Re: Hermes Vetiver Tonka, Ridiculously Good

    It does remind me of Terre d'Hermes in a way. I sampled this one about a year back and sorry to be the downer here, but I really think this is a mediocre fragrance. It could just be me and how some...
  49. Thread: YSL L'Homme

    by Surfacing

    Re: YSL L'Homme

    I get pretty good longevity out of this one too. While it is a newer release, it really reminds me of the classic Kouros.
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    Re: Bottles for Swap : Added A Few More

    After a long time, bump...
  51. Re: A simple, fast, cheap, and effective way, to PROTECT your old perfumes.

    Thanks Andre. I have many bottles with a built in sprayer, so I wonder if I should put parafilm around them ? A helpful thread, nonetheless for you.
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    Re: What do you like to smell on other guys?

    A favorite of mine is Dior Fahrenheit. But to be honest, I just rarely smell fragrances on other people. I don't go to da club or pubs, and since a prevailing attitiude here is that fragrances are...
  53. Re: Bad Experience in China: Eau Sauvage attracted The Police.

    Those damn Chinese cab drivers *shakes fist in the air*
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    Re: Trouser droppers?

    A Canadian using the term trouser ?! I am offended.

    I will have to go with Fahrenheit from what I have read on this forum and what I have observed in real life as well.
  55. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    No one is getting offended. People are disagreeing with the validity of the study...etc. We are allowed to voice out opinions in response to the thread. Just because someone does a "study" does not...
  56. Poll: Re: Which has more longevity: Chanel Sycomore or Lalique Encre Noir?

    Encre Noire lasted a cold water wash on my undershirt. It tends to radiate closer to the body when worn ( than compared to Sycomore, however).
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    Re: Fragrance similar to M7 by YSL

    I think Korres may have changed the formula on this one. I don't see Agarwood listed on the current bottles anymore ( It's named as Saffron Amber Cardamom now) :(. I also got a recent sample and it...
  58. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    Thanks for the cliche. When people voice there opinions that are contrary to yours, it must be for the sole purpose of being offended.

    People are indeed allowed to disagree. I ( or anyone else)...
  59. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    I totally agree noseferatu ( great nickname BTW :)).
  60. Re: Zara silver for him - Which known brand smells like it????

    ^ It has similarities to some fragrances I have smelled before. There is almost like a musky vibe with this one. It really is hard to place. Kinda clean, musky and not too sweet ( which is good). It...
  61. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    I'll keep it short : I don't take this study seriously, despite the researcher(s) efforts. I did skim over it. I'll see if anything changes in a week or so. But I am really not impressed by the study...
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    Re: The Aquatics and Mainstreaming

    I don't find aquatics to be more affordable. I think the miscommunication here is that I think ( and let me know if I am wrong) that you are making this into a niche vs. aquatic divide. I am not...
  63. Re: Which famous designer brand sucks in fragrances the most?

    Solid post Diamondflame. I totally agree that Bulgari does decent fragrances and are indeed consistent with the company's aesthetics.
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    Re: The Aquatics and Mainstreaming

    Disagree 100%.

    The people who do say they dislike or "hate" aquatics do so because they do infact dislike them. Are you implying they dislike them just for the sake of being snobby ? Get real....
  65. Re: Which designer brand creates better fragrances than the rest?

    Christian Dior with their current stuff is pretty good. I am not too familier with Comme des Garcons, but their current lineup is impressive. Cartier is quite good too and some of my favs come from...
  66. Re: Which famous designer brand sucks in fragrances the most?

    Gucci for me :

    Gucci by Gucci
    Gucci by Gucci Sport
    Gucci Guilty

    ( I am almost tempted to say Gucci pour Homme II, but I think I have to try it again to be sure)

    What makes me upset the...
  67. Re: Van Cleef an Arpels PH : Leaf Brown box. Is it about roses?

    I wouldn't say roses is dominant, but it is clearly there. Its done very smoothly ( the rose accord) and is among other notes ( greens - galbanum and moss ?, woods - leather and something other...
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    Re: Kouros Question (Am I missing something?)

    That is a good point Andre :o
  69. Replies

    Re: Kouros Question (Am I missing something?)

    They just changed the bottle. I would be a little surprised if it was d/c'd, but if someone loves it, they should get stocked up.
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    Re: The Great Reformulation Debate.

    I don't understand what you are getting at here ? How do you know those members have not discussed or were concerned about reformulations in prior years? There is also alot of valuable information in...
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    Re: Old Spice and Red for Men

    I always found Red for Men to be unpleasant stuff. I draw similarities to Carlo Corinto for Men and Xeryus. It just seems to repell me. But now I think I want to try out Old Spice. Almost crazy that...
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    Re: L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme - buy it here

    It's easier than finding a good sandwich where I live. Well, thats not completely true, but you get the point.
  73. Re: Something interesting in this old shop? (pictures)

    No idea what you should buy, but looking at these pictures makes me really wish I lived where you do.
  74. Re: anyone notice that Amouage Epic Man has been reformulated

    It is a good read, thanks. Chris is an amazing contributer to this forum.

    But does that explain why Epic Man is supposedly reformulated...if it is at all ? I would really need to read more...
  75. Re: anyone notice that Amouage Epic Man has been reformulated

    Zero chance I will believe a reformulation has taken place unless some other people do a side by side comparision. Some people are just more reliable for me ....and others are just fuzzy and strange...
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    Re: Black cashmere

    I'm wearing my sample today and think it can work for warmer days. Perhaps summer evenings are better than summer days. Black Cashmere is not too heavy, but with some incense ( or something that give...
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    Re: The Great Reformulation Debate.

    I disagree with you. I think Zino is actually remained relatively intact and similar enough to the vintage. Actually, I cannot even tell the difference to be honest. My vintgage is not extremely old,...
  78. Re: Hi everyone--sort-of newbie looking for an accessible (non-niche please!) rosy men's cologne!

    Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir
    Gres Cabaret EDP ( Women's scent, but wearable for a guy IMO)
    Krizia Moods Uomo ( opening and mid notes have rose)
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    Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme - reformulated?

    The so called "endless conversation" is quite helpful and shows the depth of knowledge and appreciation of fragrance enthusiasts.
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    Re: Most classic male fragrance?

    Givenchy Vetyver to me !
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    Re: P. Picasso Minotaure or Cartier Santos

    I didn't know Minotuare was reformulated. Is there a way to tell by the box design or bottle ?
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    Re: Mauboussin - Génération M

    I really appreciate this one as well ( as you know, CMcG). Nothing average at all. Unique, fits my personality, and it has really grown on my with time. Average fragrancs tend to fizzle out after...
  83. Re: How many truly 'Great' Designer scents do you think there are?

    I feel this is a good solid point. I have tried to come up with lists of great fragrances, but I honestly can't hold it to less than 100. There are a lot of really great ones out there. It depends...
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    Re: Fragrance similar to M7 by YSL

    Hard to say, but perhaps Fahrenheit Absolute or Tom Ford Oud Wood. I personally lean towards the Dior.
  85. Re: How many truly 'Great' Designer scents do you think there are?

    Stop whining.

    There are about 100 or so truly great designer fragrances. Probably more, because I haven't sampled exactly everything.

    PS: Why are you talking about footballers and heavyweight...
  86. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    With all the suspense, I took your Dior Homme Intense :happy:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gotta do some detective work Kbe ;)
  87. Re: Fragrancenet: Amouage Epic woman unboxed refunded because it's out of stock..a LIE!

    :tekst-toppie: Coincidently, I just recently learned about the Kubler-Ross model. I just don't think Change1 will move past stage 2. Hey....we've all been there !
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    Re: Body Odor as a complement to a fragrance

    Why would you think that ? This thread does not come across as having an agenda at all :huh: . There are some really interesting ( and humerous ) perspectives are posted.
  89. Re: Beware of these fragrances: Do never buy them blind

    Considering you gave them away, I am gonna have to disagree with you and encourage more people to blind buy fragrances like these. I like them all ( minus AMen which smells like food to me). The way...
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    Re: Balmain for summer?

    Joshua, I say go with Monsieur Balmain as well. Its pretty refreshing in the summer heat. I would stay away from BalMan because it is pretty heavy and more of a sweet oriental. Carbone maybe too...
  91. Re: Contremporary interpretations of those glories from the '80s

    Loewe 7 is quite close.
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    Re: Anyone wear Laura Biagiotti Roma ?

    Roma Uomo has qualities that I like and sometimes works for me, but at times can just rub me the wrong way. There is something about the fragrance that bothers me and I don't know what. It comes...
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    Re: Trussardi UOMO : it's so dark?

    I found Trussardi Uomo a bit too green for me in a way that did not sit well. I may have to try it out again. Is it still easy to purchase ?

    Regarding Leonard pour Homme, this is a good one, but a...
  94. Re: March Madness - Fragrance Bracket Tournament

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    Re: The Forum Has Changed in the last 5 years

    Nothing wrong with that IMO. People have standards and viewpoints...etc. Snob does not equal elitist, so it's all good.
  96. Re: Alternatives to Fahrenheit Absolute (powdery incense)?

    I really like FA, but am hard pressed to think of anything else all that similar. Perhaps YSL M7 Oud Absolu, YSL Opium pour Homme edt/edp, Histoires de Parfumes 1740 Marquis de Sade, Dior Homme...
  97. Re: Vintage FAHRENHEIT: marvelous memories from the past (Christian Dior, 1988)

    ^ What Ken said. Thank you Andre. I really want to give Fahrenheit another chance. I swapped away my bottle before, but quite enjoy the random wafts I sometimes encounter in public.
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    Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    A truly amazing fragrance that took me by surprise as to how good it is. Perhaps it is just an aquired taste. But I have always appreciated fragrances like Gucci pour Homme and Salvador Dali pour...
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    Re: Fresh, aquatic? Rose scent

    Try out Declaration D'un Soir for sure ! Another to try is vintage Alain Delon Samurai ( if you can track it down).
  100. Re: Yesterday and Today: CAPUCCI pour Homme (from 1967)

    Andre, I really appreciate the contribution you make to the forum !

    I have wondered about a blind buy with Capucci. I remember Hirsh Duckfinder singing its praises a few years back. I may go for a...
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