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    Re: Quorum: One note ruins it!


    That's why I never bought it
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    Re: Men Wearing Ladies Perfume

    If you look at the thread about men's frags that get the most compliments from women they all mostly smell very feminine which is to be expected.

    Men want their women to smell and act like women...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille - The Final Verdict

    I wanted to like this but after a few test runs decided I didn't want to smell like Dr. Pepper all day
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent get's you the most female compliments?

    This insight, though 6 years past, is interesting in that after scanning the pages most (not all) of the frags that get the most female attention are rather feminine in their own right. I'd wager...
  5. Re: Lalique Hommage a L'Homme: Any fans of this one?

    This stands out the most to me. It smells like a freshly opened pack of cigs and I like it.
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    Got a sample of GIT the other day. It was one of those, "Oh, THIS is what that guy wears all the time."

    It's okay from a distance but up close it kinda smells like salty sweat.

    Not a fan.
  7. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    This is one of those fragrances or something similar to it that I had smelled a long time ago, didn't know what it was, didn't like it either. The first time I smelled it was in a sleazy strip club...
  8. Online Purchases and Retail Price Differences

    Was looking at purchasing Lalique Hommage A L'Homme and looked it up on Amazon then looked it up on Nordstrom. The bottles were the same size but Amazon was half as much as Nordstrom.

    I realize...
  9. Re: Spice Bomb! Spice Bomb! You're my Spice Bomb! and Baby You Can Turn Me On! A Review of SpiceBom

    Got a sample today, smells like Romeo Gigli with a hint of Joop and Grey Flannel
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