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  1. Re: What do you think the trend of men's fragrance will smell like in the year 2050?

    Oakmoss -- the real deal, not some synthetic reconstruction -- will make a comeback in a big way in 2050. Unfortunately, the abundance of oakmoss will be a side effect of the conquest of Earth by an...
  2. Re: Donīt be afraid of using it! Discontinued perfumes!!!

    My sample vial of Minotaure went rancid within a few months after I first tested it. It's the only one of my 400+ samples and 50+ bottles that has turned (that I know of). In light of etoile's...
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    Re: Is a reputable seller?

    I hope so. I'm awaiting shipment of my first order: Muscs Koublaï Khän and Chergui.

    Out of curiosity, I looked up the "street view" for their address:
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