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  1. Re: Cologne and deodorant vs natural body odor & pheromones

    I don't think going natural is the way to go and as it has been said before, perfumes smell different according to your body chemistry. Pheromones are more concentrated in oily parts of the body like...
  2. Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    Thanks to both of you for your replys!

    Well...I guess the bottles are moving to the bedroom huh?
    I knew about the light being bad but had no idea as for humidity.

    Dressed&Scented; Welcome to...
  3. Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    Hello scent lovers!

    I am totaly new at this. My name is Marie, I live in Québec Canada and just started getting a bit more serious about perfumes. I have always enjoyed smelling nice, but studys...
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