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    Re: Best of Tom Ford Private Blend?

    After owning and wearing most of them, when it really comes down to it, I'd say my favorites are Italian Cypress and Amber Absolute, and maybe Tobacco Vanille though it's cloying at times.
  2. Re: Is there a way to become an official B/N UK splitter on here

    yeah I ship to the UK here and there and haven't had any issues (fingers crossed). I never label it as perfume though ;-)

    anyway, I think in answer to your question, there are some rules about...
  3. Re: I declare discontinued prices to be ridiculous as of today !

    Currently wearing (the last of) my sample of Egoiste and I've got to say I'm really enjoying this. It's wonderful stuff! No idea if this is a vintage or not but I'm putting this on my decant/buy...
  4. Re: anything terpenic, camphorous, and resinous all in one?

    House of Matriarch Blackbird
    Russian Tea
    Black Afgano
    Armani Bois D'Encense
  5. Re: I declare discontinued prices to be ridiculous as of today !

  6. Re: Tom Ford Bois Marocain - Dry and woody as a bone

    Smelled it pretty often and honestly just never warmed up to it personally. Then again I don't really like anything green or overly woody so that makes sense I think.
  7. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    ah, this reminds me I need to do updated (and better organized) pictures sometime soon!
  8. Re: Has anyone ever bought or noticed a fake TF Private blend bottle in ebay?
    and if you see 100ml square TALL bottles, they're fake.
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    Re: Recommendations for my first Dior

    is the private collection available to you or just the main line?

    age, job, lifestyle, when you wear scent, etc...?
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    Re: Dior Homme Bath Line

    I think we're going to start seeing these sort of ancillary lines becoming very common over the next few years... just my hunch.

    it's partly a good way to upsell (more $ per customer), and also...
  11. Re: Neroli portofino, Mandarino d'amalfi & Costa azure in Sephora!

    my point was about the opposite direction. Of course people who shop at higher end boutiques are more likely to buy at that price. That's why they have the whole line available there.

    My point...
  12. Re: I realized I love Tobacco what?

    I think TO is one of the best releases TF has done, and in particular when you put it into the context of the past say 5-10 "new" releases from the line, many of which were pretty lackluster IMO. I...
  13. Re: Perfume of Life Website Has Permanently Closed

    I checked in a few times there and honestly it felt like nobody was around... basic functionality, uninteresting design, and almost no membership... what's the point?
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    Re: Reducing my collection

    you might be surprised how many uses you can get out of a 10ml decant... it's like 20-25 wearings. So grab 5-7 bottles, make 10ml decants, and you'll have enough scent for 3-4 months within 5 small...
  15. Re: Help ID a By Kilian? Similar to Scent Intense

    Firstly, wow, nice score!

    Secondly, so with those special edition jeweled bottles, you can fill them with anything from the line... it really could be anything. That being said, most of Kilians...
  16. Re: Neroli portofino, Mandarino d'amalfi & Costa azure in Sephora!

    I always wondered why of all the PB's, just the one (Neroli) was at Sephora but the rest was exclusive to only a few higher end shops
  17. Re: Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir has blown be away

    have heard so many great things about this one I'm going to go try it this week. I'm a fan of Essense but I hear this is quite different
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    Re: Placing a face to the nose.

    wow, neat!
  19. Re: First time smelling fragrance at the store

    it takes time, ie a lot of experience to develop your palette. Sure it's possible you just didn't like most of the ones you tried, but I'd say you have to smell something 2-3 times, give it a wearing...
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    Re: What to do with empty bottles?

    I collect Tom Ford bottles, so if anyone has empties please message me!!!
  21. Re: Retiring from splits for now. Open splits have been closed.

    Such an amazing contribution to the community. As a fellow splitter I can tell you this is a LOT of work, and I only do like 10-15 max. Rich is above and beyond. Thanks so much for making this...
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    Re: Czech & Speake No. 88

    ever have those notes you hate but then for some reason like one scent with it? No 88 is that for me. I hate the green herbal bitter notes of Grey Flannel, almost ruined Violets for me, but then No...
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    Re: Frederic Malle/Estee Lauder

    do note that there isn't only one kind of reformulation... the ones Malle has already done were to meet IFRA compliance, the ones that might be coming would be for cost cutting reasons. I'm not...
  24. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    ^^ Hey B, Yep I'm back! Sorry about the delay, just had a few strange weeks of events there. Y'know I've been online on this site almost every day for maybe 1-2 hours for, phew, 5-6 years straight!...
  25. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    ^^ PM sent
  26. Re: Where to buy Dior Bois D'Argent in Canada?

    also note that sometimes the Dior boutiques have different prices from other retailers... so call around first before buying if you care about price
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    Re: Smoothest Oud (smoud)

    huh, also not cheap but who needs a whole bottle (ok me). Mona Di Orio's Oud IMO is fantastic. Smooth but multifaceted. I have a 100ml bottle. Gimme a shout if you want to meet up and smell it. I...
  28. Re: Counterfeit CREED Aventus... now in 2.5 oz bottles!

    this link helped...

    reported the item as counterfeit...
  29. Re: Where are all the Vintage Creed bottles?

    oh I remember this thread from way 'back! Huh, good to reread it.
  30. Re: New Tom Ford PB Neroli Portofino Line Fragrance

    huh, funny. In my experience it's the men who always find it too feminine!
  31. Re: Ebayer Quelestuchesameredbrulerenenfer Aka JP Grosvenor legit? Anyone have experience with this, enter any ebay name and see the negative/neutral reviews, even if they've been 'removed' by ebay
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    Re: Creed Flacons

    If you get the water from Silver Mountain, even better!
  33. Re: What % of your wardrobe fits the "middle eastern / arabian" influenced category?

    at a guess I'd say 20%, that's if we're going past the oud/spice/leather and including heavy gourmand type things.
  34. Re: Jean LaPorte L'Artisan Parfumeur Cascarille

    wow, what a cool find!
  35. Re: I'm pretty sure I haven't told this story before

    let's be honest, we're all small timers compared to Hednic. Sometimes I think about him and think, huh, can I even really honestly call myself a hobbyist? I mean I've got like 200 bottles and most of...
  36. Re: I'm tired of poorly packaged decants/splits

    I've spoken with and seen the decants of the various splitters... and for the most part I think the usual guys do a really good job. I have and will participate myself with other guys, not just my...
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    Re: Oud Ispahan

    that's why we recommend doing 5-10ml decants instead of bottles. Often the enthusiasm wanes and you're off chasing the next unicorn before the first frag is dry... if you can scratch the itch of...
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    Re: Oud Ispahan

    Great choice! I love this one. You may find the Leather Oud quite a bit more sharp and ahem animalic... I'd add the Ambre Nuit to your list to test as well
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    Re: What Would George Costanza wear?

    Haaa, exactly what I was going to say!
  40. Re: 'There is a furor within me'...Serge Lutens speaks: poetic statement meaning..?

    This is your perfumer.

    This is your perfumer on drugs.

    Any questions?
  41. Re: Let's talk about 'BOSS The Collection' scents

    When I worked at a shop a few years ago I remember we launched the line. Smelled them all a few times and honestly, there's nothing of note here (so to speak). It's a total pass in my opinion.
  42. Re: Roja Parfums to be launched in Holt Renfrew Toronto (Feb 2015)

    Clive's line got dropped. That being said it was a different level (~$1K) and his line was just tucked away on a shelf in the ladies section without any repping it... if Roja's line is going to sell...
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    Re: The Amouage Experiment

    also, since you're in Canada... The shop Niche Essence here in Toronto, run by Kiavash, is the Canadian distributor... so if you called them and said you wanted to sample the line, there's a chance...
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    Re: The Amouage Experiment

    ah, I knew there were a few missing from that list. I highly recommend also getting samples of Memoir and Opus 6
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    Re: Best oud for under $250

    I'd say you'll find your answer in terms of what the accord can be between these... so +1

    Armani Prive Oud Royal
    Bond 9 booth New York Oud

    Tom Ford Oud Wood
    Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud...
  46. Re: Is there a less expensive "clone" of Back to Black by By Kilian?

    so couple of points...

    1. You can buy a 30ml-50ml REFILL for this scent for less and put it in your own atomizer. I'd say win-win. You get your scent for your budget.
  47. Re: Donald Trump builds his fragrance Empire

    I actually Loled. You know how people just internally smile and say lol but they're lying. Nope, I'm chuckling right now as I write this... aw man, that was funny. Thanks
  48. Re: Uh-oh...discovered Tom Ford Pvt Blend

    Congrats! and welcome to the family.

    There's a lot of good juice in the line. Personally some of my (underrated) favorites are Italian Cypress, Cafe Rose, the new Tobacco Oud (really coming to...
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    Re: Kill me now ... (Kouros rant)

    ah, so you've discovered Kouros. Congratulations!
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    Re: waiting is the hardest part...

    hey amazon please invent a drone to drop off perfume samples at my door. I'll just stand there with my head tilted back for direct smell insertion when the vial lands.
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    Re: Rive Gauche in walmart

    Welcome Bipbop... just want to point out that the original post is from about 2 years ago and also from a Canadian poster... I remember about 2-3 years ago buying a tin can of RGPH for about $25-30...
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    Re: Skimping on bottles..

    I think the company sending some extra juice isn't an admission of guilt per se... more just good PR. So far we have a question about whether or not the measuring instrument is accurate, and only one...
  53. Re: Demeter has 4 tobacco fragrances. Can anyone recommend the best one?

    also read up on CB I Hate Perfume scents since they're both Christopher Brosius's work. You may spend a little more and get a better (slightly lol) scent
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    Re: Finally happy with my collection

    Looks like a good solid well-rounded collection there. I'm a little jealous of your vintage MPG's!
  55. Re: How similar to TF Grey Vetiver is Guerlain's?

    exactly +1.

    I own several bottles of the Guerlain in it's various forms and I love it dearly, but I really think ol Tommy boy has done a great job cleaning it up and updating it. It's one of...
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    Re: just wondering (needing input) +++

    has the member been actively posting or does it just say 'last online X time'?
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    Re: Skimping on bottles..

    it's amazing what a difference the bottle shape and weight and all that can make, good or bad. For example the Dior Homme bottles, the parfum is 75ml and the edt is 100ml, same size OUTER bottle, but...
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    Re: Best oud for under $250

    available to buy in Toronto, oy, you've got limited options.

    Honestly, you can PM me and we can meet and I'll show you 15-20 or more Oud scents I have in my collection if you're interested....
  59. Re: New fragrance from Christian Dior, La Collection Privée - Coming May 2015

  60. Re: Preserving scents (flacons, vintage splashes, etc) using heavy airs...

    I own a bottle of this stuff and use it to spray into some of my single malt Scotch bottles since I don't drink too often and some of them are quite expensive so I don't want them to go bad. There's...
  61. Re: The Fragrance you have the most bottles of...

    For all my bottles, I actually only have a few with backups.

    Rive Gauche (tin can) x 2
    Guerlain Vetiver (ribbed bottle) x 3
    YSL Pour Homme (edt sigh) x 2
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    Re: Disguised

    jeez guys, he's ESL. Don't nitpick every word. You get the overall just of the idea of what he was asking. Why we all being so meta here? Just answer the darn question for fun.

    and yeah yeah we...
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    Re: What have I become?!

    if you're in a position where you're having to choose between spending time with friends and family versus your hobby,
    choosing between spending the money on one versus the other because you only...
  64. Re: What is your strategy/structure/system...?

    I get that people would group according to house for 'collection/visual' reasons, but functionally speaking doesn't it make more sense to organize by type of smell?

    I say I feel like 'citrus'...
  65. Re: What is your strategy/structure/system...?

    I group mine roughly by main accord / feeling, and by colors/textures and stuff. like greens (eg vetiver) yellows (eg citrus) whites (eg florals) blues (eg aquatics)... then the darker stuff like...
  66. Re: How narrow have you gotten your collection? Or do you keep adding?

    Haaa, I remember thinking how 20-30 was enough. But practically speaking even 15-20 I think is good. I've come to realize I'm just a collector, and maybe a small snob even. I've got about 100 bottles...
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    Re: Bought Mont Blanc Individuel blind.

    you bought it blind? How'd you find it?

    lol, too juvenile?
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    Re: Raw and other high end denim?

    Huh, sounds like me. Y'know it's funny because I started with Nudie (Slim Jim), then APC New Standards as raws, then after years went slimmer with APC Petite Standards (before the 2% spandex, damn I...
  69. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    haaa, you've got a Duesenberg? That might be an expensive repair :rolleyesold:
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    Re: May I ask a favor?

    did you ever figure this one out?
  71. Re: Preserving scents (flacons, vintage splashes, etc) using heavy airs...

    well I mean to use this for things like my 250ml or 500ml flacons when they're like half empty and half full of air instead of juice. Surely that can't be good for the perfume. Or even vintage...
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    Re: Hi there everybody!
  73. Replies

    Re: What happened to Katie?


    Gotta love those dimples! :-)
  74. Replies

    Re: Disguised

    no, he was looking around at the carnival/celebration they had some time last week (in whatever country he's from) and noticed the idea that the mask says one image and the real face inside is...
  75. Replies

    Re: Disguised

    I assume you guys are just joking around right?

    OP's asking (in ESL) what 'niche' scents are really just posers and are more like 'designer' scents in disguise. Designer smells pretending to be...
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    Re: Bad creed original vetiver

    I'd say just get another one from an online discounter. Most of their bottles are fine, occasionally with ones like GIT it's not unheard of for like 1/20 bottles to be a little 'flat' or not up to...
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    Re: Tom Ford Private Blend

    Yeah I don't see retail or tester bottles come up too often on discount. I've seen Fragrancenet occasionally get them, it's rare but does happen. And if you want 100ml make sure it's the wide one,...
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    Re: Better Musc Ravageur alternative

    What part of the Musc Ravageur do you like? There's the sweetness, the spiceyness, the dirty raunchy funk...

    You can get sweet and spicey with say Spicebomb... We could go with anything from...
  79. Re: Noir de Noir vs Portrait of a Lady- on a man?

    I own and have worn both at least a few times. In theory, I respect the composition of PoaL more, it's more interesting, complex, better made, and all the stuff I technically appreciate, and as a...
  80. Replies

    Re: My personal opinion on Guerlain

    ^^^ it's fantastic. And that brings me to a point I want to add. I think houses like Guerlain are taking a two tiered approach.

    They have a main stream publicly accessibly, likeable, relatively...
  81. Preserving scents (flacons, vintage splashes, etc) using heavy airs...

    An idea occured to me...

    Now if you could DRINK...
  82. Re: Noticeable color change in my 2009 bottle of Windsor

    couple of points...

    1. I wouldn't suggest banging the stopper onto anything. It's glass. Whenever I've had jammed Ford flacons, I spray a little rubbing alcohol around the top and it usually gets...
  83. Re: Your favorite from The Different Company -

    +1 to Sel de Vetiver, Oud Shamash, and Bachmakov. Those 3 stood out to me
  84. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford- London EDP

    Ha, so funny you mention this... I was just smelling it today.

    So I believe it's fairly exclusive, certainly for London and I did see some in Sydney. My first thoughts were that I noticed the dry...
  85. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    ^^^ PM received, all good!
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    Re: ADP Colonia Intense

    I really like this one too. For me, I actually go pretty heavy on the application, like 2 chest, 1 back of neck, and 2 wrist, at least. So 4-6 sprays instead of the usual 2-3. I get maybe 4-5 hours...
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    Re: Body fitness!

    I'd also add a point here about focusing on calorie to nutrition ratio. Veggies have relatively low calories and high nutrition content. McDonalds burgers fries and a drink? Lots of calories and not...
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    Re: What happened to Katie?

    wait, what?! What are these 'things' you speak of?

    (grumbles and mutters and goes back to sorting a desk full of samples)
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    Re: May I ask a favor?

    I have a hunch I know the answer... BO is quite distinctive, and I'd say it's hard to mistake it for anything else. Either it's a fake sample, but why would anyone bother faking just a sample, and...
  90. Re: What Tom Ford scent smells closest to Aventus?

    If you want the smoke with a hint of sweetness with good projection, I'd say the closest (which isn't really saying much) is Tuscan Leather

    Black Orchid will get you the same attention, all rotten...
  91. Re: Of Plumbing, Perfume and Private Messages

    Well said!

    As they say, if you're good at something, never do it for free.

    And you, Chris, are good at what you do and deserve to be compensated for it.
  92. Re: what to look for in a collectors perfume store

    well, whenever you're done buying.... let me/us know (PM if you prefer) where the shop is. Might be a couple of things I wanna pick up! Thanks
  93. Re: what to look for in a collectors perfume store

    my pitch to them is always along the lines of look, when was the last time anyone was even interested in buying this bottle? Give me a fair price and I'll take it so you can get some money back and...
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    Re: Neroli Portofino - Bad sample?

    what else can I add except a +1. It's an EdC style scent so to begin with in theory it's not meant to last all that long, but as they go, this one's an EdP and I've always got a really good solid 5-8...
  95. Re: Clean and fresh fragrances with long longevity


    something along those lines.

    There's a million choices for each so I don't even know where to start.

    His age? Your budget? Any niche lines available/not there?
  96. Re: New fragrance from Christian Dior, La Collection Privée - Coming May 2015

    fantastic. I've really enjoyed this line. sounds like an instant buy for me.

    I'm still kicking myself for not getting Vetiver. Hey if anyone has a partial 125ml of Vetiver PLEASE message me,...
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    Re: Tom Ford Fragrances

    wow, amazing! I've always wanted to know this information. Thanks you guys!!!
  98. Replies

    Re: French Lover 2014

    note that there was a new packaging brought in a couple of years ago. Old ones have a matte finish on the caps and different boxes. I'm not saying the juice was reformulated with the packaging...
  99. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford Fragrances

    look through the directory. I believe most of them don't have a nose written for them, though I do recall something about Sheldrake and Amber Absolute, and there's a guy David someone who's credited...
  100. Re: Guys with 10+ bottles in their collection, do dates/girlfriends/wives/friends look at you funny?

    no more than usual lol.
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