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  1. Re: Is Kenneth Cole "Reaction" one of the most copied scents nowadays?

    The scent is a really nice summer scent, but it has no longevity at all( like 1-2hours)
  2. Re: I need recomendations of good long-lasting and silage fragrances

    Joop, A Men, YSL La Nuit del homme, Fahrenheit, Every thing that Chanel makes(Bleu, Egoiste, Platinum Egoiste, Allure and all the Flankers). If you like sweet fragrances, then it doesn't get much...
  3. Poll: Re: When others talk smack about a cologne you love....

    Everyones nose is different, so it may smell different. Also, some people are just snobs and convey negativity to most frags.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Le Male always yes. I also get compliments from A Men and Boss NO 6 to add to more gourmands.

    Everyone dogs on Curve, but it is another "go to scent" that women love.
    Platinum Egoiste also gets...
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    Re: What to replace my Cool Water with?

    I would say that if Platinum Egoiste doesn't project or last on your skin, they Bleu isn't going to.
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    Poll: Re: Armani Code VS. La Nuit De L'Homme

    La Nuit de l'Homme is much more elegant and also projects and lasts. Code does not project as well, at least not on my skin and also lasts like 4 maybe 5 hours, where La Nuit lasts at least 8 hours...
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    Re: Fans of JOOP HOMME: Why the love?

    Shamu. I know that everyone says that the whole cold weather/warm weather thing is myth with most frags, but you might want to try this with the weather that we are getting now. I live in Ohio and it...
  8. Re: List of fragrances that have DEFINITELY, BEYOND A DOUBT been re-formulated

    Yes, this was a damn fine frag., but now is weaker than the aftershave version of the 80's
  9. Re: the old good times: what did you wear when you was at high school?

    Those were the same that I wore plus Safari and Eternity.
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    Re: Allure Homme Sport longevity issues?

    I get samples from sephora all of the time and I can tell you from experience that the sprays from those atomizers are like a third to a half at best of the original atomizers.
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    Re: Patchouli incense fragrance ?

    try the old powerhouse Quorum, just be aware that more than 4 sprays may knock some on their rear end
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    Re: FINALLY tried La Nuit De L'Homme!

    For some reason the Cardamon dominates the senses on my skin, not the tonka. I like this one and ended up buying after sampling.
  13. Re: Chanel Allure vs Platinum Egoiste vs Antaeus vs Pour Monsieur

    I would say that longevity and sillage are not a problem with any of them, unless the PM that your asking about isn't concentree(original lasts like 3 hours, concentree is 10-15 hours). The way the...
  14. Re: Looking for a good aqua / fresh scent with excellent longevity

    Chanel Allure Sport or Bleu
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    Re: Allure Homme Sport longevity issues?

    I don't have problems with projection or longevity. That includes every Chanel that I own and I even own Bleu.
  16. Re: Have you discovered your favorite designer house?

    I second that. Chanel has everything that you need, right down to no. 19 being Unisex.
  17. Re: I've been at my new job for just under a month now, and I swear...............the deodorizer in

    There is a mall in town where the bathroom air sprayers(whatever they are called) omit Le Male. The first time that I noticed it, I thought it must be somebody that was in there or had sprayed on...
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    Re: Millesime, love and luck, unforgivable

    Like I said I've never smelled MI, but many people have compared Unforgivable to MI. Based on the many, many people that have written that and said that, I would think that there are similarities....
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    Millesime, love and luck, unforgivable

    So I sampled Ed Hardy's Love and Luck and it smelled to me just like Unforgivable by Sean Jean. Of course everyone says that Unforgivable smell like Millesime Imperial, but I have never smelled a...
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    Re: Better options than British Sterling

    I would go Azzaro PH. Can't lose with that one and it won't be a shock to him, like and aquatic would
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    Re: What scent would "The GEICO gecko" wear?

    Burberry London
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    Re: When a cologne goes rancid...

    How long? You mean I paid 70-80 dollars for Fragrances that may only last a couple of years?(ie. Chanel and YSL)
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    Re: Help me to identify this fragrance please!

    I'll go with Polo
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    Re: The most disappointing fragrance house

    Safari in my opinion was decent and Double Black is ok,but all the others can go away.

    I forgot Explorer is not too bad
  25. Re: Burberry Brit and D&G The One : Similarities or just my nose?

    I myself do not smell the match of the two. I have worn both many times and I can notice similarities with The One and La Nuit De L Homme (YSL). But everyone's nose is different. I notice a similar...
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    Re: Knock-offs or imitations of originals

    I have bought several knock-offs and most of them have a plastic/wax-like smell that I detect under the scent. After smelling hundreds of good frags. I now turn ill at the smell of most knock-offs.
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    Re: lacoste essential -- longevitiy

    What does that mean avoid the big names? Creed is a big name. Chanel is a big name and most of there frags last a full day and sometimes stay on after a shower
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    Re: Cool Water Fan Wants Somthing Rather Warm

    If you like cool water, then I would think you would like Platinum Egoiste(chanel). It is a little more pricey, so I know you might think that it is expensive, but you only need 3 sprays and it will...
  29. Re: I need help from Bleu de Chanel likers, and others may chime in as well.

    I'm going to have to get some small atomizers, because I can't stand it when I put something on and 2-3 hours later I have to snort my skin off my wrist to smell it.
  30. Re: I need help from Bleu de Chanel likers, and others may chime in as well.

    That's what I would do. Plus you need to sample London. If you have a Sephora around, you can get a sample and try it on your skin.
  31. Re: I need help from Bleu de Chanel likers, and others may chime in as well.

    Are you getting two full bottles for one? Go with the deal. You will get the fresh scent with the sport and you will also get one of the better winter frags. out there. The only problem that London...
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    Re: I got a compliment while wearing Kouros.

    That's because the current generation of young women(18-25) are too used to weaka#$ aqua colognes.
  33. Re: Please recommend fragances heavie long lasting!

    Polo Green (I get at least 10-12 hours and I have very dry skin)
    Giorgio (12+ hours)
    Chrome(an aquatic, but lasts 8-10 hours)
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    Re: Obsession men: has the formula changed?

    Forgot to say that it only lasted about 6 hours. The original would last at least 10 hours and sometimes more on me.
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    Re: Obsession men: has the formula changed?

    Bought and wore this yesterday, because of this post. Obsession has been watered down and whatever gave it that really spicy smell has been dulled down. Woodland does smell more like the Original....
  36. Re: Bath & Body Works New Signature Collection for Men

    Bought two bottles of Woodland today, because the manager said that it is not going to make a comeback. I have always loved that scent. They now have all of the sprays and colognes for the new line...
  37. Re: Oldest cologne that never gone a reformulation

    What kind of regulations did they put on frags. I've read that their was something that was against regulations in Fahrenheit and that was why it was reformulated.
  38. Re: Just ordered Eternity Men by Calvin Klein. What should I expect ?

    You should wear this, especially if you're in school. This cologne isn't as popular as it used to be, so the girls won't know what hit them. They will definitely smell it and compliment it.
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    Re: Quest for original Eternity

    Is it possible that they dropped the sandelwood down a few notches and maybe the vetiver? I have not had this in my collection for over 15 years, not because I got tired of it, I just wanted to try...
  40. Re: is there any scent that smells like SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER?

    I have sampled I am King and think it smells good. Understand that I am not a Puffy fan or whatever he calls himself, I am a metalhead. A lot of people are saying that CKone and Chrome smell like...
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    Re: The official CK Be Thread :)

    Is it possible that I just can't smell it, but other people can?
  42. Thread: Joop!

    by damageinc

    Re: Joop!

    You get a lot of bang for the buck with Joop. A 1oz. bottle goes a long way!
  43. Re: Can anyone recommend a leather fragrance that's not too leathery?

    Safari has leather in the basenote. I have always noticed the leather smell in this, but it is not overpowering.
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    Re: The official CK Be Thread :)

    Resurrecting this thread. @Colognejunkie-- I was wondering if you think that there is a way to make it last longer or project a little better, as this is the only problem with this beautiful cologne?...
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    Re: Getting CK Be to last longer

    I'm glad I found this post and see that I'm not the only one that has this problem. I can't tell if it is projecting and it only lasts a couple of hours at best.
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    Re: Similar to Polo?

    @chickenwings- I don't know where you're from, but Polo green at Walmart and Meijer in Ohio is $40 for the 2oz or $50 for the 4oz. size. That may seem expensive if you normally get 1oz. bottles of...
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    Re: Halston Z-14 reforumulated? when?

    I would take the old stuff too, but the new stuff ain't too bad. I can't complain for that price.
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    Re: Halston Z-14 reforumulated? when?

    I noticed a difference for sure, and could sense a lemon scent that was much stronger than I remember. I just thought that maybe there was something to the spray vs. pour thing that made that change...
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    Re: Halston Z-14 reforumulated? when?

    I noticed that you said that the old bottles were a pour style(splash). I have been wondering if using the splash method instead of the spray may drop the top notes down a little, because most of the...
  50. Re: What's your favourite 80's powerhouse scent?

    Polo and Giorgio for men
  51. Re: Recommend good sillage and long lasting fagrances?

    Those are perfect recommendations. I also use Burberry Homme and that seems to stay and still project for about 8 hours
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    Re: Has anyone purchased from

    I'm bumping this post to see if anyone else has had luck. It's hard to find good sites that don't have knockoffs
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