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  1. Re: Spring Splits -Creeds Exlusifs/Masque Milano Tango/Marly/Aventus/Tom Ford...(world)

    Shaktoo, how many sprays do you use? I find these new bottles Postumo uses spray a finer mist, probably drawing less liquid. Have you tried two sprays instead of one? I have one of the recent GIT...
  2. Re: Spring Splits - Jardin d'Amalfi/Pure White Cologne/ Kilian /Lutens/MFK/... (worldwide)

    GIT + VIW arrived, all safe and no leaks. Loving the new bottles, they feel more solid and spray a really fine mist!
  3. Re: Postumo' splits - Virgin Island Water (last spot)/ MI / Spice&Wood

    Wow, no wonder my inbox was quiet. Did not realise BN did an overhaul of the website. Was there a Tom Ford split going on as well, or is that one over?
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