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    Re: Spa-like Fragrances

    Give Aveda Men a try.
  2. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - something similar ??

    Give John Varvatos Artisan a sniff. It's a crowd-pleaser, and I've always considered neroli to be the signature note in this one. I wore it just last Saturday, in fact, and all I could think of all...
  3. Re: Name 1 OVERRATED frag and 1 UNDERRATED Frag.

    Overrated - Vetiver
    Underrated - Cologne Royale
  4. Re: Aramis Havana (and other Tobacco fragrances)

    Ralph Lauren Purple Label has lush a tobacco accord that is just divine!
  5. Re: King of Oakmoss: what is the best oakmoss dominated perfume in your opinion ?

    My collection consists of products produced starting around 2009 and later. So while I do have some oakmoss classics, like Pour Monsieur and Eau Sauvage, my versions are far from vintage and the...
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels. Pour homme vs Tsar

    I own both in formulations that are about three years old, and Tsar is in my regular rotation that I wear to the office. It's so classy and makes me feel like a million bucks. I break out PH far...
  7. Re: Inappropriate times to wear fragrance (excluding gym and funerals)

    Seriously, though, I would not hesitate to wear two sprays of Colonia Leather to any funeral.
  8. Re: Your top three discontinued frags you'd want to see returned

    To the best of my knowledge, Purple Label has not been discontinued. It's currently available on the Ralph Lauren website. (Sadly, Modern Reserve is no longer in production, though.)
  9. Re: New Fragrance: Dior Homme Eau for Men - Dior

    I see Eau as a good replacement for the original Dior Homme Cologne (2007). I am fortunate to have a bottle of the 2007 Cologne, and while I love it, performance it truly terrible. As we all know,...
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    Re: Best of these $20 "citrus" colognes?

    Although I am a big fan of the citrus genre, I am not familiar with the ones on your list. So let me add two comparable offerings that are at the top of my list, Banana Republic M and Banana...
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    Re: Cheap Good Colognes

    How about Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau? Just $19.35 for the 3.4 oz tester on FragranceNet right now. How can you beat that for this superb, modern AND INOFFENSIVE update to one of the most iconic...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage

    This is a very polarizing fragrance for me. I have a small bottle, and sometimes it smells about as acidic as vomit on my skin. Other times it comes across as the most gorgeous floral aquatic out...
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    Re: The Best Patchouly ever...

    Boss The Collection Cashmere and Patchouli.
  14. Re: If I really like Bentley Intense for Men what else would I like?

    John Varvatos Vintage or even Burberry London.
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    Re: Favorite Men's Line

    Dior for me. Love the entire Dior Homme and Eau Sauvage lines, and their private collection is brilliant too!
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    Re: Bath and Body Works Cologne

    I concur that almost everything from own brands should be avoided. Their Ocean EDT for men is one of the few exceptions; it's actually a darned good aquatic. On the other hand, they carry a lot of...
  17. Re: Dior Collection Privee‎ Vetiver Discontinued.. 5 bottles Left @LV Dior Boutique

    If it remains available on a special-order basis, then wouldn't it still be on Dior's website? My feeling is that this one was made redundant by the equally-good Eau Sauvage Parfum. Based on that...
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    Re: Acqua di Parma. Colonial or Essenza

    Essenza gets my vote. Fabulous Italian barbershop vibe. Wears very well to the office any time of the year. The original Colonia is also great; very versatile and a good all arounder during...
  19. Re: Any fragrance similar to Jack Black's Turbo Wash?

    Jack Black's own JB Eau de Parfum is what you want. Dries down similar to T'erre d'Hermes but opens with a great eucalyptus blast, just like Turbo Wash.
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    Re: Citrus-barbershop

    What about Crabtree & Evelyn's West Indian Lime EDT? Like Eau Sauvage, this one probably runs a little more citrus than barbershop, but both elements are there. There's even matching shave cream...
  21. Re: What was the first fragrance that you bought?

    Polo Crest back in 1993. And oh how I miss it! The citrus in the top notes was sublime.
  22. Re: Just lavender - Is there such a fragrance?

    I wish Art of Shaving would come out with a Lavender EDT, to go alongside their excellent Lemon and Sandalwood EDT's. If that happened, and if it smelled just like their lavender shaving cream, that...
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    Re: Burberry London PROBLEMS!

    I had a bottle from 2006, and like you found it nothing really special. So I recently picked a new bottle that was made in 2011. Both smell virtually identical to me. I do get the pipe tobacco. My...
  24. Re: The black sheep of Dior's Homme line...

    With respect to the new 2012 version, I like it, but it is my least favorite of the line. It seems their objective was to take Dior Homme and dumb it down to the most mainstream version possible,...
  25. Re: Prada Luna Rossa, new male perfume by Prada

    This is exactly right.
  26. Re: If you had to be a one-cologne guy, which one? In other words;what is your most versatile fragra

    Prada Luna Rossa. Not my absolute favorite in my collection, but probably the most versatile. I cannot open think of an occasion that I could not pull off in this.
  27. Re: Best orange (smell, not the colour) scent for men?

    Banana Republic M, a superb, high-quality orange scent. This icon from the mid-1990's has just been relaunched. Banana runs great store-wide promotions on a regular basis and fragrance is usually...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Voted for Antonio Puig, Agua Lavanda. Love that stuff! Such a casual yet quality take on the genre. However, Prada's brand new Luna Rossa is also great and the bottle I bought late last month is...
  29. Re: Does it exists any great or even a masterpiece "sport" scent?

    As most of us have realized, the word "sport" (or lack of it) on the label does not indicate whether something is a true sport scent. I love Lanvin L'homme Sport, but with its heavy patchouli base I...
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    Re: What are the best Aquatic fragrances??

    Ocean by Bath and Body Works. By far the best of their own brand offerings for men. A genuine aquatic that smells superb and is true to the genre. Any man willing to wade through the girl-iest...
  31. Re: thoughts on ralph lauren purple label cologne?

    I am a huge fan of this one, and just happen to be wearing it today! So classy and dignified, it screams corner office while still exuding the kind of rugged, laid back Americana that Ralph is...
  32. Poll: Re: which fragrance is better as a date scent?

    John Varvatos is a great scent, but more for the office than a date, in my view.

    The One and Bleu are both perfect for dates, I had a difficult time choosing between these two. In the end, Bleu...
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    Re: Monster sillage + clean scent

    Burberry Weekend. Clean, somewhat soapy, and a true projection powerhouse.
  34. Re: Upcoming Birthday Purchase (Dior La Collection Privee)

    If true then that's very unfortunate. I do not think that Grand Bal and Out Isphan are among the best offerings of this line, whereas Vetiver and Eau Noire clearly are IMHO!

    Granville and...
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    Poll: Re: Polo Black or Double Black?

    I own and like both, but can't really say that I truly love either.

    Black is a great office scent with a fabulous mango top note. I find the patchouli dry down to be a very average version of...
  36. Re: Im loving Rive Gauche and Azzaro PH... What next for me?

    Saw that mesaboogie mentioned Prada Amber Pour Homme as an anternative. I agree, and would point to Prada's brand new Luna Rossa as an even closer example of the type. Here, the focus is more on...
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    Re: Light Amber Fragrances

    I agree with all of the Prada ambers mentioned. But for an even lighter take on amber from that house, check out their new Luna Rossa.

    Lavender is the star attraction here, but the dry down...
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    Re: Fragrances With Peppery Notes?

    L'Occitan. This one is pepper and Lavendar, straight up. Great quality ingredients, beautiful dry down and an incredible value at the price point.
  39. Re: Fresh Linen type of smell i need advice! help :)

    Nautical Voyage definitely has a fresh linen note to it. I pair it up with Meca Root Deodorant for Men from The Body Shop as they smell similar and both give off that clean laundry vibe.
  40. Re: Clean cut, professional and well groomed !?

    Yes! Seriously, this is one of the best, most contemporary office frags out there. Really worth the effort to hunt down and experience.
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    Re: azzaro pour homme l'eau??

    I bought it online about three months ago. It really is very similar to its older brother. The differences are that it has a nice citrus blast in the opening, is less sharp (that "skanky" note has...
  42. Re: Clean cut, professional and well groomed !?

    Chanel Allure Home Edition Blanche
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    Re: Great formal scents

    Ralph Lauren Purple Label. This is definitely boardroom material. It's also unique and rare enough that you will be the one at the event who smells like this. It's available again on the RL website...
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    Re: Scent for a Funeral Service

    Haven't gone to a funeral since I took up this hobby, but I would maybe reach for Dior Vetiver, and then just a couple of sprays.
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    Re: Power Scent

    Lauder for Men... rich, powerful, compelling. An American equivalent to Antaeus. It's still in production, but I guess they aren't exporting it to Europe because it's completely infused with...
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    Re: Wearing Cologne While Working Out ?

    I think a light application is fully appropriate. I get a lot closer to people at work than I do at my gym, for pete's sake! Lately I've been wearing Bergamotto did Calabria from Aqcua di Parma's...
  47. Re: A fresh scent for when hitting the gym!

    I work out three or so times a week and have no qualms about putting on a couple of sprays of the right scent. But I am very selective, some scents just don't work and i don't want to overwhelm...
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    Re: Polo Blue vs. D&G Light Blue?

    I'd consider Polo Red White and Blue, also available at Sephora, to be closer to Light Blue than regular Polo Blue is. This is a newer and lighter version of Polo Blue, similar but without the basil...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage hype

    I agree that some days this smells beautiful, like soft freshly washed linens, and other days I get little more than a screechy acidic scent. Never can predict which I'm gonna experience on any...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Azzaro Chrome Summer

    Sprayed this in a card at Macy's late last week while looking into some recent releases. It immediately smelled familiar, and it took about 20 seconds to figure it out. When I turned to the SA and...
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    Re: Rainy Day Fragrance ?

    Polo Explorer. It's one of my favorites, but does not get much use because I can only pull it off in an outdoor setting, in cooler temperatures.
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    Re: Comfort scent

    Christian Dior Bois D'Argent, also worth seeking out because it's so damn unique. Of the dozen or so fragrances in my office rotation, this is easily the most relaxing and comforting of them all,...
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    Re: The Most Classic Smelling Men's Cologne

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    Re: What does Tzar remind you of ?

    It's a quality fougere that has aged very, very well compared to most of its contemporaries, such as Paco Rabanne PH to name one. It's little less "barbershop" than some of those, and a little more...
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    Re: Edition Blanche - Alternatives??

    You may want to try The Art of Shaving Lemon. Longevity is great for a lemon EDT. Not a perfect substitute, as it has more of a vetiver vibe than a creamy one, but the quality is right up there.
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    Re: Colonia Intensa

    Count me in as a big fan. The woody drydown of Intensa is the most natural rendering of cedar I've come across in a fragrance, superbly blended with the citrus to form a smooth if somewhat...
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    Re: Signature Scent

    My definition is the scent that others know you by. I have about 50 bottles in my wardrobe, but only a small subset of those are in my regular office rotation. I consider the one I wear to the...
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    Re: Best Lavendar Scents

    Agua Lavanda Puig is the classic Spanish take on this, and every bit as good as its reputation. It's lavender with a touch of citrus, giving it somewhat of a Mediterranean feel. Make sure you get...
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