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    Re: Which three would get more wear from you?

    Le Male.
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    Re: What to buy with my $100 gift card

    I'm pretty sure you can go over and ask for $100 to be applied to the gift card and the rest on another card. Most stores would be more than happy to do that for you.

    What do you like in a...
  3. Re: What female scents are even deadlier on the male?

    I've never seen anything in writing from ELdO directly stating that Bendelirous was created for one gender or another, but Bendelirious was sold exclusively at the ELdO website and Henri Bendel...
  4. Re: What female scents are even deadlier on the male?

    I'm of the opinion that nearly every Etat Libre d'Orange offering rather perfectly straddles the line between masculine and feminine, with the exception of one. Bendelirious is undoubtedly feminine...
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    Poll: Re: Need Help Selecting Cologne For College

    Sephora sells Bleu de Chanel for $84 in the 3.4 oz size. I've seen it for less on occasion, sometimes as low as $60 without even broaching eBay or other forums.

    From what you've mentioned, 102, I...
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