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    Re: 'Sickly' fragrances

    I had this reaction to Ava Luxe's Love's true bluish light - I don't think the vanilla/amber combo sits well with me.

    You could try Osmoz while the directory is down for looking up notes if you...
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    Re: VERY FAVORITE Purchase/Swap of 2007?

    Bvlgari Black. My first basenotes inspired purchase, and so far my best.
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    Re: I need fragrance ideas..going shopping soon :)

    I've had a mini bottle of Inis for a few years now and always go back to it when I need something fresh, it's lovely. I have a 50ml bottle on it's way to me that should arrive this week so I can't...
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    Re: In love with an Angel!

    I stumbled across some reviews for the garden of stars fragrances just a few hours ago and made a mental note to try the rose angel if I see a tester again. Last time I saw them I tried the violet...
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    Re: What were your wardrobe additions for 2007?

    My list, in chronological order:

    Ralph Lauren Romance (the only pre-basenotes bottle on the list, and I don't wear it anymore)
    Bulgari Black - my favourite! However I noticed the last few times I...
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    Re: The most "bohemian" scents you know?

    Maybe Karma by Lush? It wants to smell like Camden in the 60s.
  7. Re: Are you a diva in scent only or all-around glam?

    I don't think I'm a diva at all, in life or in scent - I have enough of an interest to devour these boards every day, but I tend to shy away from the glamorous scents, or those that are loudly...
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    Re: The Secret to Sillage!!!

    Divatologist, I'm going to use your method when I shower in the morning and I hope it works - if it can give Bvlgari Black any longevity at all I'll be a convert to your ways!
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    Re: SotD Monday 3rd December

    I found my Ava Luxe samples lurking at the back of a shelf so I thought I'd revisit a few I didn't get on with before. I have firewood on one wrist and bohemian rose on the other. They mix...
  10. Re: Another Narciso Rodriguez thread: "This stuff is going to sell like hotcakes!"

    I like Narciso Rodriguez For Her, it's just what i've been looking for in an every day musk. I just won a 100ml bottle of the edp on ebay an hour or so ago for £20 :)
  11. Re: I just want to fall in love with a woman who loves perfume.

    Haha I totally forgot to actually answer the question in my post.. shows where my head is..

    But I really would love it if the next guy I'm with, that's assuming there will be one, shared or even...
  12. Re: I just want to fall in love with a woman who loves perfume.

    Lovely thread, Scentophile :) It's a nice idea to have someone close who understands the interest in fragrance.
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    Re: You know you're becoming a Perfumista when...

    I'll add just one, that's been bothering me tonight;

    You can't concentrate on some piece of important work at your desk because the fragrance you crave it out of arm's reach.
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    Re: You know you're becoming a Perfumista when...

    I'm not talking to my perfumes yet, but considering that I talk to food at supermarkets it'll probably happen to me before long. I think I'm still in stage 2, although I don't have the fixation with...
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    Re: Any impressions of DKNY Delicious Night yet?

    I wouldn't have tried this before because I don't like Be Delicious at all, but that description has made me really interested! I'm definitely going to look out for it in department stores.
  16. Re: Romance by Ralph Lauren class project Help wanted plz!!

    It goes really musky on me, especially after an hour or so, and it's my favourite part of the fragrance. I agree that it smells very mainstream but I kind of like that about it, it's mainstream but...
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    Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition

    Do you happen to remember any of the notes in it? Is it a chypre? If you managed to get your hands on a bottle and didn't like it I'd be happy to take it off your hands!
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    Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition

    Carnet de bal has grown on me so much that I had to wear it again today. It has excellent longevity, which is something I didn't have a chance to discover when I was writing the last post about it -...
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    Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition

    I've been wearing Carnet de Bal for the past few hours to fit into the vintage category.

    I can't write very much about it because I'm so unfamiliar with this type of fagrance. What I do know is...
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    Re: What perfume personality are you?

    I'm the first 'smile'! I've not tried any of the recommended four - Après l'Ondée, Chamade, Champs-Elysées & Jardins de Bagatelle. Chamade doesn't sound like my kind of thing but I'd like to test the...
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    Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition

    Today I'm wearing Love's True Bluish Light.

    I can't get on the site to look at the notes that are listed - does this one contain amber? I'm still getting used to what different notes smell like,...
  22. Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition (Preliminaries)

    Same here, I've sniffed some of my samples already and I know I won't be keeping all of them, so they need a new home!
  23. Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition (Preliminaries)

    I got mine the other day too, but I got about 17!! Had to make the shipping cost worthwhile, that's my justification..
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    Re: SotD Saturday 13th October

    Bulgari Black today - I want to bathe in the stuff, though I practically have already because it has absolutely no lasting power on me. I hope it's just because it's so cold today, I'd buy a big...
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    Re: What is the best way to clean a used atomiser?

    I had to look that up, do you mean the laundry detergent? Would any laundry detergent work? Does it have to soak?
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    What is the best way to clean a used atomiser?

    I have a 5ml atomiser that is currently filled with something I don't use much anymore, and already have in another spray bottle. It's not a heavy scent but I want to clean the bottle thoroughly so...
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    Re: Ladies... a question on skin care..

    Paula's Choice is supposed to be excellent - she has exfoliating lotions, non comedogenic moisturisers, and lots of other stuff, along with lots of articles about skin care and make up and guides to...
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    Re: Your best and cheapest favorite !!

    Inis by fragrances of Ireland - not sure if it's as cheap to buy in the US (or as easy) but it's only something like £15 a bottle here. I don't like it so much now that it's colder but if I want...
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    Re: The revenge of chypres

    I absolutely love the Retread scent too Clemmie! They had a fragravce called V quite a while ago that I think was sort of similar but I never tried it. Weird musky violets, mm. Sorry to take this off...
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    Re: The revenge of chypres

    I'd also be really glad if the trend in perfumes changed and the overly sweet or fruity scents made way for something more sophisticated. But can I make a small hijack and ask how 'chypres' is...
  31. Re: Why does Sephora recommend Bulgari Black when I tell it I like Ralph Lauren Roman

    Thanks guys! It doesn't bother me that they're really different, I still can't wait to get my little bottle of Bulgari Black :)
  32. Why does Sephora recommend Bulgari Black when I tell it I like Ralph Lauren Romance?

    As the title says really! The Sephora website has a feature that allows you to select a fragrance you like, and it gives you a list of others you might like. Well the only link that wasn't dead was...
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    Re: SSD! Basenotes Teaches The Globe Bulgari Black!

    Strange, I hadn't seen that this was going on until just now but I ordered a 5ml bottle this morning! Clearly much too late to join in but I'll try it in a week or so and think of you guys :)
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    Re: Diesel Fuel For Life

    I tried the women's one in a department store the other day and instantly regretted it - too strong, and just generally not my thing.
  35. Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition (Preliminaries)

    Thanks for your help moondeva! I'm not sure how I missed that post about sample prices!
  36. Re: Ava Luxe Experience - Autumn / Winter Edition (Preliminaries)

    Hi everyone.. I'm making a wishlist for some samples but it has to stick to a budget, so can anyone remember how much they cost? How big are they? And does anyone know what the shipping cost to the...
  37. Thread: Hugo XX

    by Blues

    Hugo XX

    Hi everyone - I've been lurking for a while but I'm still very new here!

    The other day I sprayed my arm with some Hugo XX, a new one by Hugo Boss for women. At first I found it unremarkable and a...
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