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    Alot of Love alot of Female compliment

    I just wanted to Share This....I get alot of Love alot of female compliments by wearing "Montale Black Auod" Can anyone please recommend other scents in this class Of cologne that I can...
  2. What Mens Cologne mix well with another cologne

    What mens cologne mix well with other mens cologne that creates a great new scent??? Thanks in advance.
  3. I am "43" in need of a Awesome summer scent!!

    I am "43" and in need of a GREAT summer scent recommendation BN royalty!! Thanks in advance!!
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    Should I purchase New Harlem by Bond 9

    What is your experience with New Harlem Bond #9....How is the longivity & Siliage? Finally do you get alot compliments from the women per your experience!! the cost per bottle is price so that is why...
  5. Pino Silvestre-Jury is Still out on this Frag

    Hello All,

    I recently purchased a bottle of Pino Silvestre and yes It was a blind purchase. So far let me just say that I am not sure about this one. The initial spray of Pino Silvestre and the...
  6. My Cologne List...I need your feed back what Am I missing?

    1. Pino Silvestre
    2. Bogart Pour Homme
    3. Aramis
    4. Azzaro Pour Homme
    5. Givenchy Gentleman
    6. Alfred Sung
    7. TSAR
    8. Xeryus Rouge Givenchy
    9. EAU Sauvage Extreme Christian Dior
    10. Ted...
  7. Not Happy with my recent Purchase of L'Instant Guerlain

    Hello All,

    I recently purchased a Bottle of L'Instant Guerlain although it Smells great the projection of the cologne and longivity shall I "Sucks". My Question is have others experience...
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    Bogart Pour Homme

    Where can I purchase a Bottle of Bogart Pour Homme??? Major retailer, online, Marshalls or Target Stores...How much is to much for a Bottle of Bogart pour Homme? Thanks very much!!
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    Re: Bogart Pour Homme 2004

    Where Can I Purchase a Bottle of~Bogart pour Homme. Major retailer, Marshalls or Mid-Level retailers like target????? How much is to much for a Bottle of Bogart pour Homme? Thanks!!
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    Re: Best Ole School Mens Fragrance

    Thank for Sharing Marais...excellent read....And yes everthing colgne wise is starting to smell exactly alike....Thank God for the Old School scents.
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    Re: Best Ole School Mens Fragrance

    Strange enough as a kid my Dad favorite Scent was Aramis which gave me the Biggest Headache years ago. I swore I never would purchase Aramis because of the massive headache quality one gets from one...
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    Best Ole School Mens Fragrance

    What is The Best Ole School Mens Fragrance that has longivity without being overbearing senses? Something great during the cold months.
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