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  1. Re: So I want to smell like an old man - maybe 'mature' is the right word

    You won't go far wrong with New York by Parfums de Nicolaï.
    Spray it very lightly, IMHO this is in a world of it's own, class and elegance in a bottle !
  2. Re: Need help choosing everyday fragrance for university

    Hello GSP, I would search out some Dunhill Edition. Not exactly in the bargain bin but the fragrance dose last very well and one squirt from a distance dose it.
    Remember to let it fall softly on the...
  3. Trish McEvoy Lavender Spice Suggestions

    Hello all,:happy:
    I would love some suggestions.
    My all time favorite Trish McEvoy Lavender Spice was discontinued a few years back.
    While I have found a few bottles in the past that have been...
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