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  1. Re: Looking for darker fragrances, so far Bvlgari MiB is my only one.

    Evil scents:
    Narciso Rodriguez
    No 88 Czech & Speake (by the way, Ozzy Osbourne wear this on his reality show on tv)
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    Re: New Azzaro Pour Homme refillable bottle

    Sorry guys, i did a mistake. I was reporting my opinion for the former version, not the current one. I like the previous one... found it modern and still with some barbershop smell. The current one...
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    Re: Azzaro PH vs Azzaro L'eau vs Rive Gauche PH

    Nice point of view!
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    Re: New Azzaro Pour Homme refillable bottle

    Rum, do you think the rechargeable is more similar to Rive Gauche than previous formulations? Any of you guys had this impression too?
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    Re: New Azzaro Pour Homme refillable bottle

    Oh, I noticed exactly what Rum wrote. This rechargeable is more toward to a summer scent than ever. Light, creamier, almost none musk. For me it was like a "Rive Gauche fraiche". I dare someone would...
  6. Does anybody here cultivates flowers used in perfumes conception?

    Well, i would like to cultivate some flower plants that are more often used in fragrances. But many of these flowers does have many species... For example, i would like to know which geranium species...
  7. Is Concentre d' Orange Verte by Hermes too dated for nowadays?

    I just don't want a retro vibe, not this time. :D
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    Re: A good pine scent?

    Halston Z-14 (people say is mostly piney, but i never tried)
  9. Re: Name some Sweetest (sickening) Men's Fragrances

  10. Re: "AZZARO pour Homme" : yesterday and today (1978-2015).

    The Azzaro Pour Homme 2015 does not have the silver strip on the cap. Did they also reformulated it again?
  11. Re: If you could only have one in a mixed climate

    Yatagan is great, i often wear it in hot weather.
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    Re: What would you wear with this watch?

    Santos by Cartier
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    Re: Tuscany Uomo vs. Havana

    Yes!!! I prefer Havana because there are many fougere's better than Tuscany (i only know and and have the current... it's weak and i wear it as a second option for casual wear)
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    Re: Azzaro PH vs Azzaro L'eau vs Rive Gauche PH

    For me, the new azzaro reformulation is quite modern, close to skin and reminds Rive Gauche but in a weaker manner. I never tried L'Eau . I would really enjoy if L'eau is even more close to Rive...
  15. Re: Mont Blanc Individuel.. Marijuana or just me?

    Mari- what?
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    Re: Chanel Égoïste or Guerlain Vetiver

    Egoiste is more complex. I would not recommend it as a blind buy. I like it very much, but if you sweat, the smell turns to a saliva-like odor to me. I guess is the sandalwood. Vetiver Guerlain is...
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    Re: Azzaro PH vs Azzaro L'eau vs Rive Gauche PH

    @hednic, is there any perfume near Rive Gauche? Especially, i am interested in that soap smooth middle and base. I am not looking for musk soapy notes, however.
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    Azzaro PH vs Azzaro L'eau vs Rive Gauche PH

    Does anybody knows if L'eau is more related to Rive Gauche than Azzaro PH (current reformulation: silver band at lower edge of the cap instead of the top of cap) is?
  19. Re: SANTOS - The latest release , A return to its former glory ?

    I used to see grey boxes and red boxes for Must de Cartier. So, i don´t think this is a release.
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    Poll: Re: poll: Bvlgari fragrances

    I like the tea note on BPH extreme, but overall it's too loud on synthetic side. At the end of the day i get tired of it. Maybe pour Homme or B Man extreme might have a more pleasant wearing? I read...
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    Poll: Re: poll: Bvlgari fragrances

    No, i meant to ask between those 4, because i know Black and many others are prefered here in basenotes.
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    Poll: poll: Bvlgari fragrances

    Choose the best Bvlgari in your opinion, among those 4 listed. Leave a comment!
  23. Re: Rive Gauche Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent vs Azzaro Pour Homme by Azzaro

    i found current Azzaro pour Homme much closer to Rive Gauche than old versions of APH. Oakmoss and musk were removed a lot (maybe fully removed). The citrus opening is very bright now, however...
  24. Re: I love Bvlgari Extreme(1999). which Bvlgari is similar?

    Thank you, Dave!
  25. Re: Rive Gauche Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent vs Azzaro Pour Homme by Azzaro

    Rive Gauche, but the current Azzaro is quite modern and easy to wear by young men.
  26. I love Bvlgari Extreme(1999). which Bvlgari is similar?

    I am interested in that tea note, airy and fresh. Maybe any of those below? Thanks!

    Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir
    Eau Parfumee au The Vert
    Bvlgari Man
    Bvlgari Man Extreme
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    Any frangrances with lily (muguet) for men?

    I like the creamy smell of muguet, but i suspect it's almost a exclusive note of female gender fragrances. Can i find any fragrance that a man might wear?
  28. Re: How much of your collection is made up of sweet perfumes?

    20% i think.
  29. Is Azzaro PH the most related scent to Rive Gauche PH?

    I would like to know if Azzaro is the scent that most smells like RG. I tried the new reformulation of Azzaro and for me both have somethings in common, although Azzaro is much more weak than RG....
  30. Poll: Re: Are you a fan of fragrances that have a soapy scent?

    I love RGPH but the soapier smell i tried is Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme.
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    Re: How does Lolita Lempicka Au masculin smell?

    Don´t expect much of it. I would compare it to Armani Code and Rochas Man. It has a kind of rum-sugary smell in a woody base. Do i like it? Yes. Outstanding? No.
  32. Re: I'm looking for tin can Rive Gauche PH, worldwide shipping.

    Amazon is not the best option. Brazil' shipping cost is 55 USD per item.
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    Re: Well hello, Yatagan!

    I get a shower and wear Yatagan, then i feel clean, no dirtiness... However i feel more confident aplying on my chest and fabric. It works great on fabric. A coniferous forest smell for sure!
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    Re: Estee Lauder acquires Frederic Malle

    It could be worse! It could be Coty! LOL
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    Re: Ebola, now as an Eau de Parfum

    As a physician, i would say it's a shame.
  36. I'm looking for tin can Rive Gauche PH, worldwide shipping.

    Hi guys, i am having problems on finding Rive Gauche... even on ebay, most sellers don't ship to Brazil. Is there any webstore that still sells this one? Thanks!
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    Re: Top Ten Designer Picks - with a few rules

    YSL Rive Gauche
    YSL M7 Absolu oud
    Chanel Égoiste
    Caron Yatagan
    Cartier Santos
    Dior Eau Sauvage
    Rochas Man
    Hermes Concentre D'Orange Verte
    Lalique Encre Noire
    Grey Flannel
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    Re: Incense fragrances on a budget

    Visit Azzaro for 20 USD. I have a 10 years bottle and all i smell is incense, almost like Kyoto by CdG. By the way: CdG men, Gucci pour Homme I, Body Kouros, Loewe 7, all are on designer prices range...
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    Re: Who is who on Basenotes: post a pic...!
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    Egoiste: Sweaty drydown note.

    Egoiste is such a great scent, however the ending drydown smells for me "sweaty" . Not body odour, but like dried saliva smell on skin. What is this? Sandalwood?
  41. Thread: Antaeus Help

    by voidvader

    Re: Antaeus Help

    The scent you are looking for is Santos de Cartier. It has a coconut-like dry down instead of amber (Antaeus).
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    Breeze: Which scent(s) gives you that feel?

    Preferably designer's scents, but can be any.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage (new): what's new?

    I'll try the new one soon. It's hot here in Brazil now, sunny hot days...
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    Eau Sauvage (new): what's new?

    I think i only know the "old" one. I met this scent in 2008-2009, and then, never again. What i remember is a very strong opening, like a dry bush. Very realistic, but way from nowadays citrus...
  45. Thread: Encre Noir

    by voidvader

    Re: Encre Noir

    No Ink. It's all mirrh and vetiver with some ambery dry-down base.
  46. Re: According to Roja Dove: Five scents to drive women wild

    I love some of those! Haven´t tried Aramis yet;i love Santos and Antaeus, but can´t put then often, because they are a little off place. There are some scents i clearly remember the moment and place...
  47. Re: Azzaro Visit Men, Fragrance same or similar?

    Very very similar is Kyoto by Comme des Garçons. Ferrari Black is to my nose similar too. Also, but i did not try : Celine Fever, Sartoriale Paul Zileri.
  48. Re: Does Shalimar have something to do with Habit Rouge?

    That was my doubt. Thanks.
  49. Re: Are fragrances slowly being removed from society?

    Definitely a sick society that needs tons of rules and laws to not disturb the too much fragile and sensitive human being of 2014.
  50. Does Shalimar have something to do with Habit Rouge?

    i have Habit Rouge EDT and don't like it much. It's too powdery, stinky. People around tends to like it, but not me. I found shalimar EDC and was curious about it, but don't want that pressed powder...
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    Re: I want "clean" but something distinguished

    Live Jazz
    Monsieur Balmain
    Rive Gauche
  52. Dior Eau Sauvage(reformulated): suited for clubbing too?

    Have not tried the new one. Looks like is a more modern approach than the vintage, isn't it? Could it be good for night parties or is it a daytime scent?
  53. Re: I am smelling a huge ginger frag among the crowd. Which scent can be?

    I agree 100%. I will try to discover which one it is and bring back the answer to the thread. :D
  54. I am smelling a huge ginger frag among the crowd. Which scent can be?

    At night parties i detected a not so pleasant fragrance that is very powerful. Seems like people here gave a break to One Million and many are wearing this designer scent. For me it's a bit...
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    Re: Azzaro PH vs Aramis Tuscany per uomo

    That's it. Tuscany has a natural citrus top. Then it calms down to a patchouli plus suede-like note (or maybe basil). The longevity is as poor as the one of APH reformulation. I apply 3 or 4 spritz...
  56. Re: Azzaro Pour Homme reformulated x Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau

    Thank you, Ken.
  57. Re: Azzaro Pour Homme reformulated x Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau

    I found New APH reformulated pretty weak. It fades to a skin scent in minutes. If L'Eau is even weaker, i won't buy it.
  58. Re: A dark, brooding scent that screams; Don't "Double-Cross" Me!

    what about Salvador Dali Pour Homme?
  59. Azzaro Pour Homme reformulated x Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau

    How can these two be compared, in terms of smell and longevity?
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    Re: Rive Gauche vs. Sartorial

    I am sad rive gauche will become rare as m7. Prices are going up. I will try sartorial, as i love RG too.
    ** New reformulated azzaro pour homme has more in common with RG than previous one, but...
  61. Re: Been searching now for 6 years and still haven't found it

    I would take 6 seconds to ask the name of the perfume. Wait 6 years is a torture! LOL .
    One Million
    Dior Homme/ Dior Homme Intense
    A*Men Pure Malt
  62. Re: Can you please recommend me easy to find, gorgeous spicy-oriental scents?

    Those who supposed about designer scents were right, i find them easier and maybe only them. I have Egoiste, and love it, even when it seems to smell a little "sweaty". Jaipur and Opium i din't like...
  63. Re: The World Cup Has Begun; What's a Good Fragrance to Wear at a Crowded Sports Bar or Pub?

    i will wear Mugler Cologne to watch Brazil vs Mexico today. Here in my city one entire avenue will be closed for some hours to show the game out in a big screen. Girls are drinking vodka insanely....
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    Re: Lavender-Based Colognes?

    Go for Caron pour un Homme.
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    Re: Ermenegildo Zegna Essenza di Zegna

    Anything to do with Acqua di Gio?
  66. Can you please recommend me easy to find, gorgeous spicy-oriental scents?

    What am i looking for? Warm, spicy, soft sweetness if present ( i can´t tolerate vanilla that much).
    What i don't want: lavender, patchouli, heavy musk, white florals... (not this time)

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    Re: Bleu de Chanel - does this look authentic?

    This is the probably the most important think. Not the magnetic cap per se. There are fakes with magnetic cap. But legit Bleu de Chanel is like a little of "magic cap": no matter which position you...
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    Re: Azzaro PH Weakness?

    Dimitrios, do you think is still ok this new reformulation?
  69. Replies

    Re: Azzaro PH Weakness?

    Yeah guys, i was happy and sad when i smelled the reformulation. Happy because the smell is more modern, seems more balmy, just like my beloved Rive Gauche. Nobody will tell is a scent from 70's. But...
  70. Re: Cologne from the 80s; Purple Color; Large Square But Thin Bottle with Black Top; Very Popular

    How good is this scent nowadays? I saw it a few times, but don´t know much about it.
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    Re: Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    After i get mine in hands i'll post my impressions too :D
  72. Re: Compiled list of so called (old man) scents.

    Many i recognize as elegant rather than old. But i don't enjoy strong tobacco and menthe notes and that is the line for me. Givenchy gentleman is one i don't like.
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    Re: It exists something similar...?

    Well, Narciso for him is quite unique, but considering it has something to do with some fougeres, i think you should go this way of patchouli theming: Azzaro PH last reformulation is quite light and...
  74. Re: hi guys i need your openion on the compliment factor of these colognes

    IMO, L'eau d'Issey has a slight advantage over AdGio. Hanae Mori will probably give you compliments too, because of it's sweet vanilla.
  75. Re: Trendy, but unpleasant disseminated notes and ingredients

    I looked for Norlimbanol and Ambrocenide, but they seems to be new, or newly patented. I think the substract i smell is a bit older, maybe last 10 years.
    It's interesting... Here in Brazil they use...
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    Re: Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    I think all the statements here are of great value and given it´s low price (i found it for $20) i will probably buy it blind. The descriptions here brought to my mind Salvatore Ferragamo PH as both...
  77. Trendy, but unpleasant disseminated notes and ingredients

    Nowadays i am noticing so many scents (or clones, fakes, who knows?) with a disgusting "airy-woody" note. It is the same of DG light blue, Versace PH Fraiche, One Million, Polo Blue ...just to name...
  78. Replies

    Re: Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    Good explanation by Slayer!
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    Alternative to YSL Live Jazz

    What could be a alternative with good fresh citrus blast, not overly synthetic...a more modern citrusy (1990-2014). LJ was created in 1998, i think.
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    Re: Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    They re-released it in 1999 and it already got reformulated? This is strange.
  81. Re: why does everyone jump on luca turin's bandwagon?

    Luca Turin reviews were for me like a introduction to perfumes history, mostly through designer's perfumes history and notes. You may be disappointed if you are looking for a buy or not to buy guide.
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    Re: Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    I think the pic above is about the current one. What has changed? Synthetic, poor longevity ?
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    Re: How popular is Rochas Man

    I read someone's opinion that rochas man has been widely "cloned" on baby wipes and deodorants (Lynx- Axe Dark Temptation). Does anyone know or agree with that?
  84. Re: Most underrated and least talked about Men's Fragrances ever...

    Yeah, Modern Reserve is such a beautiful scent.
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    Oscar for Men: Is it a good scent?

    Oscar for Men is a really cheap scent out there, but in some threads people complained about "too much pepper" on it. Do you guys think is it a good take for summer days? A pleasant citrus scent ?...
  86. Thread: Egoiste

    by voidvader

    Re: Egoiste

    I'm addicted to Egoiste. I can't rotate easily these days. I need more and more of it.. LoL. :D
  87. Replies

    Re: I am 28, is Terre d'Hermes too old for me?

    It's fine. Terre is modern but not trendy. Those kind of advise "this scent is not for your age" is irrelevant, in my point of view.
  88. Extremely Hot summer. Leave some suggestions please!

    i 've been "bathing" with Mugler Cologne, Monsieur Balmain, Live Jazz e especially Rive Gauche, which seems to calm down my skin. With rive gauche i feel clean and fresh. Ohh, i forgot to say.... The...
  89. Re: Encre Noire, Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme, Tokyo Kenzo...

    If you have a weighing machine you can use the principle of Archimedes. I never tried, but may works.

    1- Find a recipient and put water until the top of it, the maximum limit of overflow.
    2- Put...
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    Re: Please Help: Is my Egoiste Legit? A bit different.

  91. Replies

    Egoiste cap stucked. Solved. :D

    SOLVED. The black small cap was stucked tightly inside the bottle cap hole. So when i opened seemed that the small cap was weirdly missing, and i thought it would be a fake. Thanks Hednic for the...
  92. Re: Im loving Rive Gauche and Azzaro PH... What next for me?

    Maybe Paco Rabanne PH, Tuscany, Monsieur Balmain.
  93. Poll: Re: Which one is indispensable to your wardrobe: Égoiste or Antaeus?

    Love your ponderations, always right on target!
  94. Re: Considering a blind buy of Chanel Pour Monsieur

    you MUST like lavender. It has a lot of it, but it is almost a cologne. It did not last on my skin too long.
  95. Re: You've helped me before, please help me again

    Calvin? i don't remember much of it. :(
  96. Poll: Which one is indispensable to your wardrobe: Égoiste or Antaeus?

    Choose the more indispensable. Cheers!
  97. Re: Santos de Cartier new bottle. Reformulated to the better?

    I bought one of this. It is just a concentree version tuned down and sweeted with a coconut base. The spray is horrible to apply. Interesting, i wanted to buy the so called "awful" reform. version,...
  98. Re: Im content with my small collection. Are you?

    I want more! \o/
  99. Re: Azzaro PH (old formulation) vs Azzaro PH (new formulation)

    I tried the new one today. I would say it is faint, pale or bright compared to the original. I think it may work fine for a summer scent. It will stay close to skin after few minutes. Looks like most...
  100. Do you wear any scent that your mom also wears and love?

    I am curious about that. If the answer is positive, say which one.
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