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  1. **Seeking Gucci Envy for Men**

    Seeking Gucci Envy for men. I know it's hard to find. Please PM me if we would work something out. Thank you.
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    Re: Your favorite gourmands??

    Im glad someone else knows about slumber house. Great line.
  3. Re: What are your partner's favorite scent(s) on you?

    My girlfriend enjoys Musc Ravageur on me.
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    Re: Fragrance Insurance

    Very true. I have my renters Insurance through USAA. and I pay about $15 a month. I won't even see that. But it covers up to $10,000 of you own personal belongings no matter what they are. So to have...
  5. Re: Cologne Reviewers on Youtube *QUESTION FOR EVERYONE!*

    Once a week is nice. But sometimes you can't always get around to it. It's time consuming especially from a testing standpoint for a quality review unusually try and get a review out every two weeks....
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    Re: Reflection man

    I agree completely. I think most don't understand either that this scent is a little transparent. So you think you cant smell it, but others can. The base becomes more solid when the sandalwood kicks...
  7. Re: l'instant de guerlain extreme... idk anymore

    This stuff is great for me, but I already have 2 bottles. So I don't need another. But I know a lot of people blind bought it from hype and ended up not liking it. It fits my needs completely though....
  8. Re: Thierry Mugler A*Men Gold Edition

    I hope they understand consumers are not happy with these types of marketing schemes.
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    Re: The projection of STH?

    I get 8 hours with longevity on this. I get good projection for about 3 hours. When it gets warmer I think it will get much better. I do four sprays
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    Re: Musc Ravageur in the summer?

    This works better for me on hotter days too. When its in the 50s this projects better and that clove smell doesn't linger as much. I would do one spray in the summer as well. Maybe another at the...
  11. Re: recommended everyday scent for high heat

    +1 For edition Blanche Also try Aqva Marine. Maybe even Dior Fahrenheit 32
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    Mugler better not cancels people's orders. Unless they are willing to give a full refund. I'm almost fed up them. I love the house but geez. And they should keep a good seller out all the time like...
  13. Re: Designer fragrance for the summer?

    Chanel Allure Edition Blanche
  14. Re: The new fragrance by Ben Sherman was a bit of a surprise.....

    I own New Haarlem. And I tested out Ben Sherman. I do get the woodiness But as for the coffee note, New Haarlem does it so much better IMO. So much smoother. And since it's strictly gourmand I think...
  15. Re: If you own New Haarlem, please comment and advise!

    I own both. L'Instant can be used through the spring. But would be too much for the summer. New Haarlem is great for the fall and winter. The summer would be too cloying for new Haarlem. But if you...
  16. Re: I need help choosing a cologne that my girlfriend will like, that I want to wear.

    How long have you been dating her? She didn't like Armani Code?
  17. Re: The Jewel of Micallef for Him - Micallef

    After testing it today again. I still find it some what unsual. But not better done than anything that I have smelled before. Projection is weak after the first initial blast. Longevity is maybe 5...
  18. Re: The Jewel of Micallef for Him - Micallef

    This one works well on me. The top quickly falls to the back on my skin and I get this nice sweet incense smell with some musk behind it. Very nice. Nothing common here in the US. This is on my list...
  19. Re: Bond no 9 New Harrlem vs Thierry Mugler Pure coffee

    New Haarlem definitely. Synthetic but sill a nice frag. Definitely get a sample of both though to see which u like better
  20. Re: Pure Malt and Pure Havane re-release in 2012?

    I don't see why they don't just keep both fragrances in the forefront. They are very popular and profitable for the company. Thierry Mugler needs to take a look at that. Even raise the price to $120...
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    Re: No Deodorant?

    That's a lot of stuff to do besides wearing deodorant. But I don't understand what the problem with wearing deodorant is. It's cheap and effective. Rich people will say anything to try and start a...
  22. Re: What are your favourite clothing brands?

    I feel you. I'm more of an Marc Ecko type. the INC. or L-R-G. I can't afford any of that other stuff either. Lol. I'm a college student
  23. Re: Anyone tried the new Montale Dark Purple?

    This sounds intriguing. I'm going to have to get a sample of this one. They have quite a nice house
  24. Re: I just sampled Musc Ravageur and L'instant De Guerlain Extreme

    L'instant is better only because it is more wearable. However Musc Ravageur is quite amazing. It's just not as versatile.
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    Re: Pure Malt Release?

    they bring this back and forth. I wish they would just keep it out in the open so everyone can buy it. Just keep checking their site I guess.
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