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    Re: Ormond Jayne

    Pretty good niche player with quality, wearable fragrances. My favorites include Ormonde Man, Ormonde Woman and all Four Corners of the Earth offering. I also concur with cacio's observation on the...
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    Poll: Re: poll: Bvlgari fragrances

    Bulgari Pour Homme by a country mile. It may wear rather lightly but I find it deceptively good in terms of projection and longevity, making its reappearance long after I thought it's worn off.
  3. Re: Pick one of your favorite colognes and describe it to a "newbie" in one sentence

    Escencia Loewe
    A faintly musky bittersweet green scent with a sensual drydown, probably what a worldly gentleman of impeccable taste would wear. In other words: husband material.
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    Re: Which Vetiver Scents?

    My Fab Four:-

    Chanel Sycomore
    Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Creed Original Vetiver
    Zegna Haitian Vetiver

    Sorry, Guerlain...
  5. Re: Having a cold and being a cologne lover....

    I know how badly that would suck. As a good friend of mine used to say about similarly awful predicaments, it's like hanging from the edge of a cliff by the fingertips, with a terrible itch in your...
  6. Re: Where's the love for Polo Double Black?

    I wore Polo Double Black for a while back then before joining Basenotes. I like it better than the mind numbingly dull Polo Black.
  7. Re: Need Advice- I'm Invited To A $1million Party . . .

    Whichever fragrance you end up choosing do keep it low key lest they mistook you for the douche who fumigates parties... or worse, a male stripper... :wink:
  8. Poll: Re: When Projection is Beyond Arms Length (3 feet or more)

    It can be distracting having to constantly smell someone's cologne while having conversation with him or her. Putting yourself a further distance away will make it awkward for both. And if the...
  9. Re: Divatologist's application method for prolonged longevity. Does it work for you?

    Too much work IMO. Anyway the culprit is usually olfactory fatigue or desensitization.
  10. Re: Guess which Basenotes legend is thinking about starting a niche fragrance shop...

    Awesome news. Thanks for the update. Hope you announce that 'world first' here on Basenotes 1st. :smiley:
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    Re: What did they say you smelled like?

    "Did you leave the stove on? Smells like gas in here..."

    Memoir Man by Amouage.
  12. Re: Speed Smelling Collection by IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances)

    That's what I thought. Profiteering through the sale of incomplete fragrances or what I'd call 'by products' to hardcore scent junkies like us.
  13. Re: Sometimes we want fragrances with a great sillage,projection and longevity.

    Yup. Fragrance style evolves with the times. Big-hitting powerhouse nose curlers are very much in-trend in the late 70s through the 80s.
  14. Re: Why Don't Cologne Companies Come Out With Different Versions Of The Same Cologne At One Time?

    They do that actually. But only to focus groups.
  15. Re: Your favorite from The Different Company -

    Bois d'Iris, de Bachmakov and Sel de Vetiver are 3 of my favorites. TDC is probably one line that needs a little more discussion around here.
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    Re: Best single-note gourmand?

    Not a big fan of gourmand fragrances in general but I really like these 3: -

    Coffee : La Via del Profumo Milano Caffe

    Vanilla: Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

    Tonka Bean: Parfums di...
  17. Re: Frags in your collection that aren't even worthy of air-freshener status

    There is no room for such crap in my wardrobe.
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    Re: A cool story about a kind BN member

    Cool BNer indeed. I've been on the receiving end of some of these generous gestures myself. Let's pay it forward. :smiley:
  19. Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Misia coming Feb 2015?

    Violets, iris and rose?? Darn it, this sounds right up my street. I have never smelled violets on men, much less old men.
  20. Re: Proper intro and boring 'first frag' post (+ new Tom Ford fanboy!)

    Sorry to hear about the split. Been there myself. But it's good to know you're picking up the pieces and the odd fragrance bottles along the way, lol. Single best advice anyone could hope to receive...
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    Re: First post, just saying hello.

    A $3000 wardrobe is nothing to scoff at. Welcome to Basenotes!
  22. Re: PerfumeHunt-Rare and discontinued perfume hunting services!

    Wow, seriously? Whenever you are ready, I already have a few vintage fragrances in mind.
  23. Re: Sometimes we want fragrances with a great sillage,projection and longevity.

    Depends on the composition and ingredients. There is a lot of science involved. Molecule size, evaporation rates, quality of fixatives, etc.

    A much easier way around it is too look for online...
  24. Re: Fragrance Bout: Battle of the Five Armies

    And here I was half-expecting to see dwarves and elves in a fragrance war, lol. Thanks for sharing this video though I found it to be of limited value considering the impressions were based solely on...
  25. Re: Papillion Annubus, Marly Herod, or Mona Cuir

    Since they are not what I'd call similar fragrances, I'd say take your pick. Chances are you'll buy the other two some time down the road. :smiley:
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    Re: Florentine Iris by Ermenegildo Zenga.

    In case anyone is left wondering, I certainly don't get makeup powder nor lipstick note from Florentine Iris. IMO it smells like Creed MI with a crystalline woody Iris at its core. Sharply masculine,...
  27. Re: NEW - Light Blue Swimming in Lipari Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

    Nah. I'll wait for their White Speedos edition.
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    Re: Top 10 Least Worn?

    This exercise threw up quite a few surprises for me. Among least worn:

    Amouage Memoir Man
    Amouage Ubar
    Dyptique Tam Dao
    Gucci pour Homme (vintage)
    RL Polo Explorer
    Guerlain Shalimar
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    Re: Fresh Vanilla

    +1 on the Diptyque and Guerlain.
  30. Re: Chanel fragrances - Only available at retail prices?

    Yes you might get them cheaper from fragrance enthusiasts who are offloading their unwanted stuff. But BNIB bottles? I don't think so unless they got some questionable stock from eBay.

  31. Re: 5 specific scent fragrances every man should own

    Niche /designer options:

    Leather: Odori Cuoio or Chanel Cuir de Russie

    Oud: By Kilian Rose Oud or YSL M7

    Incense: Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure or CdG Zagorsk

    Tobacco: DSH Le Smoking...
  32. Re: Jean-Claude Ellena, a look back at his years at Hermès

    Agree that Terre d'Hermes was probably his best piece for the house. IMO his clean minimalist approach has gone on long enough. Personally I don't find it a good fit with Hermes' generally bolder...
  33. Re: Which Issey Miyake flanker you like best

    Another +1 for L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme
  34. Poll: Re: Creed Royal Oud or Amouage Jubilation XXV (scent, versatility)

    I find Royal Oud to be the more versatile of the two. But I agree we are comparing apples and oranges.
  35. Re: a scent that you like but others/most don't seem to like

    Since Grey Flannel & Bottega Veneta PH have already been mentioned, I'll add Serge Luten Rousse. A somewhat lipstick-ish cinnamon fragrance that is not very popular here on BN.
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    Re: Name some SUEDERAL scents!

    Bottega Veneta
    Serge Lutens Daim Blond
    Armani Prive Cuir Amethyste
    Aigner Black for Men

    ...among others.
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    Re: Oud invasion of US high end malls

    It could simply be a trend reversal of the 'clean and fresh' which has had a long & prosperous run in the US. But I suspect the strength of petro-dollars count as a factor although there is a...
  38. Re: Ormonde Man Made to Measure Parfum 50% Concentration

    Neither is 'Man' original. Or the tired 'Black' moniker used by countless brands. Maybe these are just easier to remember and enunciate than the French tongue-twisters. Lol.
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    Re: My personal opinion on Guerlain

    Tragic indeed. I wish they'd just given it another name instead of bastardizing the original.

    Back to topic, Guerlain clearly needs to renew its customer base and has to reach out to a newer...
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    Re: Do you ever swim in it?

    With the exception of Hednic, I doubt if any of us have enough fragrance volume to fill up anything larger than a tiny bathtub, much less to swim in it. :wink:
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    Re: Must have unique colognes of all time

    Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme.

    A herbal freshly soapy oddball of a scent. Haven't smelled anything else quite like it, to be honest. Not a must-have though.

    For all time unique...
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    Re: What is your 'simple' favourite?

    Ulrich Lang Nightscape
    Kenzo Air
    Creed Original Vetiver
    Bulgari pour Homme
    MFK Aqua Universalis

    By 'simple' I understood it to have these elements: clean clear lines, minimalist structure,...
  43. Re: Would it be crude to give our unwanted fragrances to the homeless?

    While you're at it, why not throw in a couple of unwanted homes?

    Seriously, many of them are just people who need to catch a break or two. Not handouts, especially not of the next-to-useless...
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    Re: So... leather isnt really leather

    'Leather' is just 'skin'. Does skin smell? So you are absolutely correct. Different people have different experiences with leather products too. This is probably why there is no singularly definitive...
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    Re: Decant Shop killing me

    TPC was better before they split up. I don't really have a problem with them nor with STC as I am generally a cool customer. 2 - 3 weeks' wait ruffles no feather of mine. There are far worse things...
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    Re: Dunhill Icon - thoughts?

    Cool looking bottle btw. Carlos Benaim created the original Polo so I'm keen to know how this fits in with Dunhill's image.
  47. Re: What are your 'workhorse' fragrances?(most versatile)

    Loewe Esencia
    Odori Cuoio
    Burberry London
  48. Re: what fragrance did you take on your honeymoon?

    Invasion Barbare. :wink: Can't remember the other 2-3 decants I brought along.
  49. Re: La Fille de Berlin, any guy is going to wear this?

    I prefer Lutens' Sa Majeste la Rose.
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    Re: Is there a "THE" fragrance?

    If there IS such a thing, Basenotes wouldn't exist.
  51. Re: Looking for fragrance suggestions my wife can also wear!

    Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    Amouage Jubilation 25
    Dior Homme
    Chanel 28 La Pausa
    Dyptique 34 Paris St Germaine
    Penhaligon's Endymion
    Histoires de Parfums 1876

    ... and so many others,...
  52. Re: Fragrances that took a little while to warm up to

    Guerlain Mitsouko. Took me a few wears. Everytime it smelled a little different, but never unattractive. Like a beguiling temptress, she got me hooked and finally reeled me in.
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille - Thoughs

    Good in very small doses. Beyond that its linearity and constant projection wears me out. My half bottle will probably outlast me.
  54. Re: Guys with 10+ bottles in their collection, do dates/girlfriends/wives/friends look at you funny?

    Never. Many are in fact pleasantly surprised. Gotta agree with LHBI's observation (and interesting account, as always). Share your passion with the people you care about, do not attempt to hide it or...
  55. Re: Thinking About Layering Noir de Noir With Tobacco Vanille For Valentine's Dance

    Do not take layering in the literal sense of the word. It's seldom about spraying one fragrance over another. It's about wearing two fragrances together. For example you could wear a single spray of...
  56. Re: Thinking About Layering Noir de Noir With Tobacco Vanille For Valentine's Dance

    Before you fumigate the dance hall this weekend, I second the trial run suggestion to determine the optimal no. of sprays and most favorable NdN : TV ratio.
  57. Re: Everything you want in a fragrance! At last!

    And I thought this is gonna be another Aventus thread...
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    Re: Losin' the love.

    Stick to samples and the occasional browsing at your local fragrance counters. This will save you a bundle. And stay away from
    BN, esp. the 'Today I bought...' threads, lol.
  59. Re: Noir de Noir vs Portrait of a Lady- on a man?

    Sometimes the same perfume wears differently on a man as it does on a woman, or at least it is perceived differently. Unless we are doing double blind tests it is very hard for humans to remain...
  60. Re: Noir de Noir vs Portrait of a Lady- on a man?

    'Tis easy to see how one maybe influenced by the name given to a fragrance. If Portrait of a Lady is named say, 'Black Knight' I bet we'd see fewer references to old ladies. IMO PoaL is the more...
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    Re: Your Valentine's day scent?

    Just another work day for me. But maybe I'll wear something different just to shake things up. Like a cool jasmine from La Via del Profumo's Amber Shehrazade.
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    Re: I want to smell like this...

    This Is clearly too obvious but why don't you just wear the D&G The One??
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    Re: Do you stop-short your bottles?

    Probably less than 20% but yeah, generally speaking I tend to do that somewhat instinctively for those fragrances that I don't buy backups for.
  64. Re: AdP Colonia Leather vs Cuir Ottoman Parfum d'Empire

    Cuir Ottoman. I find the AdP a little too similar to Tuscan Leather which I already have. You might want to consider this point IF TL is in your wardrobe.
  65. Re: Do you take it personally when someone doesn't like your fragrance choices?

    Probably not. I don't think these plebeians are suitably qualified nor do they have any inkling to what constitutes 'good taste'. :wink:
  66. Re: Oddball - Etienne Aigner In Leather Suede Edition

    Have yet to try this one but Etienne Aigner Black for Men is not bad for a leather scent.
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    Re: Why is Bvlgari Black so damn intriguing?

    I don't know about you but I don't think I'd take kindly to 'you smell like a condom' comments, lol. Looking at the bottle design, perhaps it was inspired by a hockey puck? That said, it is something...
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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    Whoa. What did I miss??

    To the OP, congratulations on your conclusions. You can finally start building up your Creed collection in contentment. I certainly wouldn't mind having Creed fans/experts...
  69. Re: How much have scents and smells from your childhood influenced your tastes?

    Time spent as a child rolling in the grass, playing among weeds and wild mimosa probably explains my inexplicable love for grassy scents and green florals. There were also alot of other scents...
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    Re: Interview with Erwin Creed.

    "Our history is real and true. "

    Y e a h, r i g h t.

    Poor kid.
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    Re: Oldest fragrance you own?

    Some Creed from 510 BC.


    More recent ones incl. Guerlain Mitsouko edc circa 1967.
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    Re: once you go niche you never go back!

    Oddly I find myself in agreement with most of this. This deserves a sticky! But the final phase IMO should be:

    8). Flat broke (and living in your parents' basement) :wink:
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    Re: Only for Macho Men!

    I heard the late Randy Savage used to wear this...
  74. Re: Zenga Indonesian Oud,what do you guys think?

    If I'm after real oud, I'd just buy the real stuff. If you like it, will the fact that it smells nothing like real oud ruin your enjoyment? That said I think Zegna Essenze is a solid line if you're...
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    Re: New Bruno Fazzolari Scent: Room 237

    What a compelling write up! But I wonder if the level of appreciation for this particular composition could be diminished if one is not familiar with or totally ignorant of the Stanley Kubrick's...
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    Re: Petition to ban acronyms

    I too find the practice irritating. I don't mind typing a fragrance house name in full every time but I draw the line at Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido. But acronyms use is not...
  77. Re: How Much Is Your Fragrance Collection Worth?

    No idea. I ran out of toes and fingers...
  78. Re: La Via del Profumo - Oud Caravan Giveaway!

    Congrats to the 3 BNers! :smiley:
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    Re: Xerjoff shooting stars for her

    They are ok, nothing particularly outstanding. I remember liking Irbitra, Oesel and especially Shingl.
  80. Replies

    Re: once you go niche you never go back!

    I'm afraid I don't share the OP's experience. Even as I venture further into non-designer houses, I still continue to find gems from the designer world. Foremost in my mind is the concept of...
  81. Re: A shocking fact : Creed is completely unknown in France's perfume shops

    I wouldn't call it a shock, maybe a good reality check instead. Just because a fragrance brand is well known here doesn't necessarily mean it is just as well known elsewhere. Maybe Creed needs to...
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    Re: Lumière Noire

    My sentiments exactly.
  83. Re: Call me late to the party, but... (L'Hommage à L'Homme)

    Thanks for sharing your impressions. Always wanted to try this one as I find the bottle rather attractive. Have you tried the Voyageur flanker?
  84. Re: Scent associations- dating, starting new relationships etc.

    Unless she's said it often, I wouldn't read too much into her fragrance preference. She likes you enough to pay you a compliment. IMO leaving behind scented articles of clothing doesn't seem to be a...
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    Re: Seller Beware

    At least you came out with the aces. :smiley:

    I do not know how some people can live with themselves treating others the way they do. Once a store assistant offered to source for me a pair of...
  86. Re: A boring night= frag comparisons with the girlfriend

    Thanks for sharing. At least she didn't blame your fragrance hobby for your lack of funds. Now you can raise funds by selling off those she prefers less. :smiley:
  87. Re: Any frangrances with lily (muguet) for men?

    I can't recall any male-marketed fragrance with muguet as a dominant note either. Usually it is in support of other more central note as in Houbigant's Orangers en Fleurs.
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    Re: The Aramis range

    Aramis original
  89. Re: Is there any problem with wearing after shave as perfume?

    If it's safe for your face I don't see why it can't be applied to other areas with skin. :smiley:

    I think aftershave is a great option. An intimate skin scent to be enjoyed by that special someone.
  90. Re: If you were a woman, what men's fragrance would make you swoon?

    If I were a woman, I'd probably be offended by the question. Fragrances don't make us swoon, so I've heard. Real men ( or low blood pressure) do. But in the spirit of the question any smooth...
  91. Re: Recommend me a dusky, sensual fragrance (Rocker/ patchouli)

    This. Definitely edgy enough for the rocker.
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    Re: *NEW* Hermés - Le Jardin de Monsieur Li

    Another luxury brand release pandering to the Chinese market? I wonder which Mr Li this was related to...
  93. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    Wow! I'd dearly love to go but my missus would be bored out of her
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    Re: What's your favorite castoreum scent

    Cuoio Tartaro by La Via del Profumo
  95. Re: Hypothetical: if your gfs parents asked you about your hobbies, would u admit to your frag obses

    If it is an obsession then yes, it could be a problem down the road. But if it's just one of my hobbies, I don't see why I should keep it a secret. Nothing to be ashamed of, really. It's not as if...
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    Re: Want to treat myself...want suggestions.

    Yes. Oroville is a rather subtle scent based on tobacco flower and galbanum, with a touch of powdery floral nuances. Nice and somewhat dandified but nothing groundbreaking.
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    Re: Want to treat myself...want suggestions.

    Leather - Cuoio Tartaro by La Via del Profumo

    Vetiver - Haitian Vetiver by Ermenegildo Zegna

    Tobacco - Montabaco Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne
  98. Re: Scents that can be used in the high heat that are not citrus based.

    Where I live is hot and humid all year round. Believe me, you CAN wear ANY scent. The trick is to calibrate your application according to the fragrance profile. Go much lighter on heavy or floral...
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    Re: A masculine yet non-hipster Patchouli

    Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfums
  100. Re: My BN blog has some stuff about a recent trip to Europe

    Thanks for the blog post, JaimeB. We miss seeing you around here. Looking forward to seeing those pics!
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