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  1. Re: Can't Smell Your Own Fragrance? SPRAY LESS!!!

    I realized this as well over time w experimentation. It is sort of a strange phenomenon.
  2. Re: [CONUS] FS Brand new bottles of Tom Ford, preowned Amouage women fragrances, Creed tester OS

    bump . thanks
  3. Re: [CONUS] FS Brand new bottles of Tom Ford, preowned Amouage women fragrances, Creed tester OS

    slight price adjustments drop once more. After that just will keep.
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    Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    Ive been buying too many shoes. Luckily i have been getting them on asos and lot of them are (not classic styles ) but modernized street type looking dress shoes and more 70s style type shoes they...
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    Re: The best bottle designs

    I always liked the Xerjoff Blue hope and Red hoba bottles.

    For the ones I have, nothing beats the parfum de marly in terms of just how it feels in hand. The heaviness and solidness of the bottles...
  6. Re: Why do some people hate fragrance this much?

    not worth it. Not worth my time and effort she is not important to me , but i was amused whenever i see it.
  7. Re: Why do some people hate fragrance this much?

    What I think sometimes w certain people , it is not per se an utter disgust towards the fragrance you or I wear, but an excuse for them to make some sort of negative expression towards us (trying to...
  8. Re: Navitus Parfums (Redolessence & Paramount Impex LLC & Various perfumers)

    haha yeah i am tired of Carlos as well. The only two thoughts he can verbally complete on his videos are "i said to him, omigod!!! what are you wEAARRRIng ??"
    and "I can definitely ROCK this!!"
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    Re: New year’s eve scent!!!

    Im probably just going to stay home w my better half and watch tv or something. go to bed early. Been tired lately. She works a long commute as well. I'll wear something sparkly and opulent though....
  10. [CONUS] FS Brand new bottles of Tom Ford, preowned Amouage women fragrances, Creed tester OS


    Added bottles 2-11-2020:

    Amouage Bracken for Man 100ml full presentation more than 97% full $109 shipped

    Xerjoff Casamorati 1888 100ml about 80% bottle remaining visually of 'fillable...
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    Re: BLEU DE CHANEL edp

    Chanel is one of the most faked. If it is too good to be true than possibly it is. The cap emblem doesnt look right. It is a bit on the circle and not refined enough. I looked at my cap and the C and...
  12. Thread: Haircut!

    by debussychopin

    Re: Haircut!

    I wish I had enough hair on top of my head to be able to decide between different options of methods of cutting. I always cut my own hair with a pair of clippers. Nothing I can do but keep it all way...
  13. Re: Amouage: what do you think is the sleeper or under-rated of the line?

    I agree with the above that the Opus series is highly underrated. I had tried a couple of their fragrances from that line and they are artistic and may not fall in line with what you would wear daily...
  14. Re: What are other perfumes in style of Tom Ford Noir Extreme?

    I have both Noir extreme and Man black Orient, although I like black orient , i find it not similar to Noir extreme at all.

    I do however have Parfum de marly Oajan and find that one a better and...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    i havent bought any fragrance at all this month...

    jeans on the other hand...dam.
  16. Re: Fragrances for a hoodie and jeans type of guy

    Anything will do really.
  17. Poll: Re: Help concerning TF Noir EDP, Noir Extreme and Noir EDT; potential buy

    Noir extreme is a more appealing , more fun, gourmandy scent. I have a bottle of this and wear it often at nite.
    Noir edp some guys may not enjoy wearing it. It does lean a bit feminine on this one....
  18. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    Some of them I keep in the box. Lot of these higher end ones come in some nice artistic boxes. The other ones, where the box is just a flimsy piece of cardboard and put together without much thought,...
  19. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    Do you wipe down the cellophane of all the fingerprints as well?
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    Re: What is your TOP 3 DESIGNER of all-time??

    Chanel Bleu de Chanel EDT
    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP
    Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP

    (I will not list exclusifs/prive /private lines as I dont consider them straight designer)
  21. Re: Please use caution when shopping at Nose Paris

    I hope you get your money back in full. That is egregious in how you are receiving service from both the store and the courier.
  22. Re: Creed Millésime Impérial discontinued (& possibly many other perfumes) - EU regulation at its fi

    MI is a meh fragrance anyways.
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    Re: The ultimate go to scent

    I would say Bleu de chanel hands down.
  24. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    I had 7 sprays of TF GV EDP tonite before I started work and then I did 2 more sprays to touch up before I met with a few people. Now after my 'lunch' (dinner) I will perhaps spray another 4 for the...
  25. Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    I have several comments regarding this topic (ymmv or it may be just my specific cases), thank you..

    1) I do mainly prefer the 3.4 oz bottles (100ml) if those are the ones that come in a better...
  26. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    6 sprays Bracken man before work . I will be spraying a few more after lunch.
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    Re: Male Fragrances You Would Rate 10/10?

    Amber absolute
    Black violet
    Italian cypress
  28. Re: Recommend a fragrance that smells like Cheeto's?

    Lame thread. Sorry.
  29. Re: Which one scent you own do you give max sprays

    I always max out on any fragrance (definition of max is different for each frag) unless im testing something. If meaning which one i spray most of in one instance , perhaps bleu de chanel at a good...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 8th August, 2019

    Bleu de chanel
  31. Re: Have you ever stopped someone to ask what they're wearing? What was it?

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    Re: One choice for...Vol II

    This is based on my limited own and what I know:

    - Winter in Madrid (never been to Madrid.. I would guess something from Parfum de marly )
    - Second date (Parfum de marly , let say, Oajan)
    - A...
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    Re: No-Buy August

    sure. I was not planning on buying anything anyways during the hot months of shipping.
  34. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    10-15 sprays of grey vetiver today in the office.

    throughout the day.
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    Poll: Re: Best Vetiver

    Not a big vetiver fan. I have a bottle of Grey Vetiver... and that is all I need for that.
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    Re: Maison Francis Grand Soir

    I like it. It is sort of greasy smelling kind of cloying but I like it. Not for work.
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    Re: Explain your icon

    Mine is just me ten years ago. I wore a lot of Abercrombie hoodies back then.
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    Re: Explain your icon

    Beautiful.. nice work
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    Re: 3 Essentials That Represent Your Style?

    I dont wear all three types of chain at once. A combination perhaps. Most times just one. A necklace. or a bracelet. However the items I have are a bit subtle (thinner metal , nothing gauche or...
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    Re: Tell me about the Aventus subforum...

    There should be a subforum entirely dedicated to the fragrance Tom Ford Lys Fume.
  41. [USA] Re: Tom Ford Noir Femme, Creed Original Santal, and other items

    Added items.
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    Re: 3 Essentials That Represent Your Style?

    Really depends, at work Im usually having a watch on and fragrance. But at nite or on weekends or outside of work, I can be wearing all sorts of metal bracelet, necklace, or even anklet combinations.
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    Re: $1000 budget

    Oajan, Pegasus, Layton, Herod, Carlisle, Percival
  44. Re: Rare Xerjoff's limited time for US customers

    Thank you
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    Re: Everyday compliment getter for teen?

    You're 15 just get an inexpensive bottle of cologne or body wash that smells good to you and , if not already , start paying attention to fine details of grooming , keeping fit, good posture , having...
  46. Re: Do you prefer having one signature fragrance or having a small collection to choose from?

    It is difficult to have , let say, one only signature shirt. If I wear that shirt both night and day, both at work , and going out, or at special events or casual, or at a ballgame or at a date, then...
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    Re: what are some best jeans?

    I am glad you opened up your mind towards them. Skinny jeans do drive up the body proportions a bit so when you look at your self from a profile, you will look longer, leaner, a bit more than just...
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    Re: what are some best jeans?

    As long as your jeans make your legs and ass look smokin hot and you like them, that's all that counts. Glad you like skinny jeans I don't go anywhere without them.
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    Re: BASENOTES.NET -- The Fragrance

    Will this fragrance burn your face?
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    Re: Second Fragrance

    if youre 16 and limited funds (of course) I would suggest go to Zara or Hollister and sample a few of their fragrances. They have some good stuff and really cheap. I would not go with any suggestion...
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    Re: Creed - Original Santal - Options?

    Maybe it should be called "Creed Copy Santal"
  52. Re: Do you sometimes smell alcohol from your initial sprays?

    I dont smell it like milliseconds after I sprayed it, but after letting it settle for a few seconds and smelling, for any of my fragrances, this has never happened.
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    Re: Will high heat damage my order?

    Let me just say this, but I have kept my Guerlain Heritage edt bottle in my car glove compartment for close to a year now. It is the only bottle I have been keeping strictly in the car to use as a...
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    Re: Best male Oriental

    thumbs up!
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    Re: Best male Oriental

    I would say out of my stash it would be Oajan
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    Re: Amouage Alert: Overture for man!

    Beautiful bottle.
  57. Re: Why is your favorite genre your favorite?

    Probably a spicy oriental. One w a base of incense and or amber and patchouli. Maybe something leaning towards gourmand.
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    Re: Amouage Alert: Overture for man!

    I love cognac. I love myrrh.

    But im tired of sandalwood.


    I don't need to buy.
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    Re: Your favorite cinnamon fragrances?

    There's a sort of cinammon sub theme to all of parfum de marly oriental fragrances but it isn't your typical big red chewing gum cinnamon.
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    Re: Parfums de Marly...Herod is weak?

    Can you tell us the name of this ebay seller? So we can avoid purchasing from that seller. Thank you.

    ...ooops ..old thread.
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    Re: Fragrances With a Free Gift

    If I ever buy a fragrance at full price at a dept store, I will ask them to load up on the samples of my choice. I mean , really load up.
  62. Re: Recc Me An Unconventional Summer Fragrance!

    I would recommend Ispazon by parfum de Marly. Very airy fresh summery/springy take on kind of a green irish tweed but with a culinary aspect to it (thyme and bay leaf...these are definitely present...
  63. Re: Recommended Amouage scent for the summer (Humid, Texas weather)

    Bracken man. Love it
  64. Re: Kids and perfume (I may not get my rental deposit back)

    Why would you want to get your small kids into/exposed to adult fragrances? I dont get that.
    Who cares if they get into axe in young adulthood. It wont hurt them. Plus, im sure theyll be smart...
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    Re: Lets Talk Watches

    ^that is very photogenic
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    Re: Today, I'm particularly enjoying...

    Bleu de chanel edt and Ispazon parfum de marly , layered. Pretty awesome.
  67. Re: What's your wardrobe's number-of-perfumes to number-of-houses ratio?

    For full bottles I have mostly Tom Ford , Amouage, Parfum de Marly.
  68. Re: Old School Vs. Modern What Do You Gravitate To Most?

    These kind of questions are difficult to answer (or perhaps easy to answer) because it is an absolute type of question but my life in terms of style and hobbies and such are not absolutist (black and...
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel

    If upon first smelling it is similar or same, you most likely got authentic. The fakes you can tell right away. Nothing where you have to keep gauging and comparing bc they wont go to those lengths...
  70. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    64 sprays of guerlain heritage edt.

    Yes. I counted.

    On my car interior.
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel

    Bleu de chanel and any chanel is one of the most heavily faked fragrance out there. Some of them are actually so good it is really hard to tell unless you take it to a boutique or smell it.
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    Re: Overview of my Montale / Mancera haul

    I so dont like Montale's bottles. They look like cheap, tacky colored, aluminum bottles. I guess that is what makes me biased when it comes to describing their scents. I dont prefer them at all.
  73. Replies

    Re: Show me your Carlisle! (please)

    That video is revealing. The horses on mine look sort of un detailed as well like the fake in the video. Hmmm.
    Other than...
  74. Re: Purchase Question: Bleu de Chanel EDP or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

    I would go with bdc it is a more quality scent.

    v (below)... i dont understand someone recommending to the op a completely different fragrance when all he is asking is for us to provide our...
  75. Re: What are your favorite houses at the moment?

    Definitely will be checking it out if i get a chance. If it is similar to Percival, it would be nice I am sure. I heard it has a cooking spice type of background to it though, which Ispazon is sort...
  76. Re: What are your favorite houses at the moment?

    Parfums de marly
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    Re: Creed Cease & Desist

    I , for one, think differently about decants and/or counterfeiting ( not related to each other of course).

    I would think if my brand was heavily counterfeited i would perceive the actual brand...
  78. Re: Genuine or Fake Amouage Reflection Man?

    That is one well done meticulously copied bottle if it was fake.
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    Re: 3 Essentials That Represent Your Style?

    Right now (dont recall what I posted last time) but short brim fedora tilted back (jazz style ; i never wear it straight w brim down like the staunchy standard you see on all those posters on that...
  80. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    So far about 14 sprays of PDM Ispazon.
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    Re: Creed Purchase in Paris

    One of the basenote sellers on here (Jaylim) has a brand new GIT 100ml bottle for 170 dollars. but great buy in Paris. That is a good souvenir too since it is literally from the homeland.
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    Re: Your most worn June 2019

    Interlude is aWeSoMe
  83. Re: Looking For Something New For the Summer...

    bergamot 22, aventus, mfk aqua vitae, nio, kobe
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    Re: Decant got skunked in car

    I keep some decants and full bottles in my car (none that I deem very important though, just emergency grabs or stuff I spray prior to gym) and they are all fine quality wise, however I noticed on a...
  85. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Carlisle so far 7 sprays...just had lunch will step outside to spray about 5 more. jeah baby
  86. Re: Anal Completionist Newbie Needs Forum Reading Strategy

    Welcome. Enjoy your journey into fragrance. This isnt engineering or rocket science. So there is no set way or methodical approach to this.
    Just go out there and start smelling samples and watch a...
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme: Similar products?

    Maybe xerjoff uden
  88. Replies

    Re: Your most worn June 2019

    Most worn in june has to be a tie between ombre leather , bvlgari man black orient, pdm ispazon, dark rebel, and jv oud. Not that i like these the most but out of practical reasons that came up this...
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    Re: Best purchase you made in last 6 months?

    I dunno. In last 6 months ? Whether it's a fragrance, watch, hat, eyewear, or what have you, I really have to do my research and really like something before i buy it. (If of any relatively high...
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    Re: Authentic Parfums de Marly Layton

    The laytons have such a nice beautiful bottle. Love the patina on the horse relief and the cap.
  91. Re: Pairing certain fragrances with certain outfits(men, women, etc.)

    Yup. Always do. Depending on what I wear I choose certain fragrances. When I look more raw and alter egoish, I choose more of my darker scents or challenging ones. Or just black orchid. When I...
  92. Re: Blind Buy Reports — tell everyone here! (decants count, too!)

    I would say most of my purchases were blind buys. The only ones that are not are the ones I can sample at the dept stores locally.

    But sometimes I do enough research on the web/youtube that I...
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    Re: Most animalic that you enjoy?

    Probably the one that I wear often that may be considered 'animalic' is Musc ravageur. I wear it to the gym sometimes. Perfect to be animalic there. lol
  94. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Sprayed about a total of 12-15 sprays of Tom ford noir extreme yesterday throughout the day. Today I may do more.
  95. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Interesting. Thought you didn't like it much.
    I'm waiting on pegasus.
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    Re: Parfums de Marly Suggestions

    Right now my favorites are Oajan and Herod. Carlisle is definitely good but it is similar to Oajan and Herod in certain aspects. So I would choose something a bit different like a Layton Exclusif or...
  97. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Yeah I took a chance on it. The seller told me about the stash she had from her store they were all kept outside or something and all off in scent. It smells fresh though.

    I think the bottle...
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    Re: On an ideal date

    We both would be wearing Black orchid. Or interlude man. Then we mack out.
  99. Replies

    Re: Tom Ford Oud Wood

    18 or 19 years old it really depends on who you are. If I met you for about a good three mins I would be able to tell.
    Oud wood is a relatively challenging wear for a young person I would think. But...
  100. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Today about 12 or 13 sprays of Ombre Leather 18.

    Disclaimer , i can do this w my ombre leather at work because mine is an "as-is" , the fragrance is brand new but the batch was left in an area...
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