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  1. Got any really good woody floral suggestions?

    I just found out after trying out a lot of fragrance on my skin, I have tend to move toward woody floral fragrances. If you have one that you think that I should try, please tell me!...
  2. Re: I actually liked Kuros and a job offer for me!

    omg no way, those idoits are missing alot then. For real curve as a new fragrance is a funny lie. I really wish SAs are more like us; wow I really wonder how good the human social enivroment would...
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    you know hacker x you are so right with a*men, pi and le male, way too sweet for summer. Have you guys tired those summer scents, they all are so smillar, green and amber. It just stink and they redo...
  4. Re: L'eau Bleue Issey (more thoughts)+a nice SA *

    L'eau Bleue Issey, I love it and I wear it to sleep awhile ago before I quit fragrance for GOOD. Then I don't know why ppl dis it so much, it have it's place and it's not for everyone. I know it's a...
  5. Re: When should I wear Chic by Carolina Herrera???

    like what he said, for real it's like d&g pour homme. I like it but it's way too young for me, as you can just smell that sweet note, like in swiss army.
  6. I actually liked Kuros and a job offer for me!

    So I went to my local The Bay and pull the Kouros tester and tried once. I can't belive my nose, I actually like something that I used to really hate. So does this ever happen to anyone? 1st you hate...
  7. Re: Need Suggestion again! Pure Cedar wood?

    Thanks alot guys, I will check these frag out when I get the time. [smiley=smiley.gif]

    It seems like cerdar isn't as hot as oak moss or other wood smell. Which is kind of a shame, because it's...
  8. Need Suggestion again! Pure Cedar wood?

    Here's the problem, I just smelled Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, which smell soooo nice. So is there any good men's counterpart to this good smelling frag? I really want to get a men's version of this...
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    Re: Stepping Up To Parfum

    Is there any place to buy pure parfum oil from designer house, except from Ebay? A website maybe?

    Seems like even on Ebay they only got parfum oil for female fragrance.
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    Here the question to all of you experts - How can one tell if one have a sillage?

    Sometime I just wonder if I have a sillage and that if it becomes offensive. Cause I had so many embarrassing...
  11. Re: How many days of the week do you wear cologne?

    Everyday, maybe once or twice that I don't wear in a week, depends on what I do mainly.

    Also I like some scent when I go to sleep.
  12. Re: L'eau de Issey -- thoughts on this?

    I don't know anything about the L'eau de Issey for women, but the men verison is good. It's light enough for a women, strong enough for a men.

    For real I go the other way around about escape. I...
  13. Re: Which scents do females like men to wear

    Intresting, beacuse I personally don't like it alot. This is due to too much of an ambery smell. Then what float your boat floats it.

    Still how can any women on this world can like the too much...
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    Re: Optimistic scents??

    I will say anything that makes u feel like a man.

    Anything green, aqua fresh, and maybe citrus will do.

    Got anything like that u own? Also those newer designer scents should fit that...
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    Re: Best fragrance for job interview?

    Tm cologne, bulgari pour homme, Lanvin L'homme, Most of the Issy, Polo blue, even Acqua di Gio will do. Those are pretty light scents and won't offend other ppl close, probally that is.

    Also dont...
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    Re: Comparison link/site?

    I agree with the others, sometime these comparison sites are so far off.

    I just can't belive some harsh scents can compare to those nice light scents that u can use in day time.

    For Lanvin...
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    need recommendations again : )

    Need help again from the basenotes community. I'm in a little sticky myself, and need your expert noises.

    Hereās the thing, I just tried Pasha by Cartier and it smells really herbal to me. Does...
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    Re: Davidoff Cool Water

    For real, from what I learned from fragrance, buy what ever you want, wear whenever u want. Don't believe everything ppl say about what's cheap what's good; it's you who make the choice at the end....
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    Re: The danger of overspray

    For real, I don't really mind women or men over doing it. As long as it smells good, and refreshing, i don't mind. It's just like La male or some other stuff that can make me sick, i will hate it.
  20. Thread: Opium

    by scentless_scent

    Re: Opium

    As much as it's unique, it's so strong even on the Edt edition. Somehow itās just smell really sweet and not so very pleasant on me, too much like the smell of a really hot cinnamon bun. :) I like...
  21. Re: Which scents do females like men to wear

    wow! that's a long list, can't belive so many ppl wants to impress women with fragrances Thanks a lot, I will check them out right away.
  22. Le Male, L'Eau Bleue D'issey, Oak Moss

    Le M‰le-

    Interesting little thing huh? I'm just trying it right now, and it smells quite alright to me.

    It's not something that I would die over, but it stink! It smells like something that is...
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    fragrance for your man

    Hi girls, just wondering this little question that Iām thinking of.

    If you are going to buy a fragrance for your man, what will it be? It doesn't have to be sexy or anything, just a good smell...
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