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    Re: Your opinion of Montale's Dark Aoud?

    Personally I find Dark Aoud slightly boring by itself and it doesn't last as well as other Montales on my skin, therefore I tend to use it layered under Black Aoud or Full Incense and find it works...
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    Re: Can I please have some help with Montale?

    What about trying Black Musk? it doesn't have the heavy, beautiful rose of Black Aoud and you may find it more wearable. I would also recommend Aoud Lime and Full Incense as wearble alternates....
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    Re: RIP Montale?

    Ordered some Montales on Tuesday and they arrived in the UK today (thursday). I ordered my two bottles got 2 free 20ml bottles and samples of the two new fragrances aoud greedy and intense cafe. I...
  4. Re: Another new Montale for Spring 2013 - Aoud Greedy!

    re-ordered a couple of montales on monday and in addition to the free 20ml which come as the bonus they also sent some samples of aoud greedy and intense cafe. Had a quick dab of aoud greedy and it...
  5. Thread: Rose 31

    by anglomania

    Re: Rose 31

    I love Rose 31. I have real problems with longevity of fragrance but Rose 31 lasts a good 12 hours, with the rose strong right through to the end. I get a very strong cumin scent initially, which...
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    Re: Your opinion of Montale's Dark Aoud?

    I love Dark Aoud and wear it most days either by itself or layered with Black Aoud. Personally I don't find either very "dark" or unwearable, it's completely addictive stuff. I find that people...
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    Re: Challenging Fragrances

    I wear black aoud nearly every day and love it. I wear it to work, socially, by myself and in crowds, in cold and heat and only occasionally does anybody make any comment that they can even smell it...
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    Re: oud 27 blind bought

    just got a sample from Le Labo of amongst others Oud 27. I got the initial medicinal scent for about 3 minutes, this rapidly disapeared leaving a very faint sweet urine smell. Within 10 minutes it...
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    Re: Whats up with Mancera?

    have to say im loving mancera. bought a couple of bottles at selfridges and am completely impressed. lasts longer than anything else i've ever used including montale and czech & speake. the aoud is...
  10. Re: Problems with longevity - montale, czech & speake, amouage

    Update - I bought a bottle of Mancera The Aoud on Monday, tried it this morning, three 6 blasts left it 10 mins then gave it another 4 - result - it actually lasted all day althought quite faint by 5...
  11. Re: Problems with longevity - montale, czech & speake, amouage

    thanks for all your replies, but i can assure u its a couple of hours max. maybe i have weird skin or something lol - it's always been a problem whatever i've worn thats why i started on the heavier...
  12. Re: Problems with longevity - montale, czech & speake, amouage

    lol, i work in an office, it's a sterile environment and it's not just there that ive canvassed opinion lol i've been thorough - they just don't seem to last at all

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    it may...
  13. Re: Problems with longevity - montale, czech & speake, amouage

    olfactory fatigue is something i've considered, however it's not just me, people can't smell them on me either past about an hour and a half
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    Re: CdG longevity issues

    I'm the same, i have terrible longevity with CdG - within an hour it's disappeared. wonderwood was a disaster, avignon probably lasted an hour max. I also love the monocle fragrances - hinoki and...
  15. Problems with longevity - montale, czech & speake, amouage

    is it just me or does anybody else have problems with longevity and sillage? i've been experimenting with some of the montale's - dark aoud, black aoud, wood and spices and aoud lime - they last...
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