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    Re: Interesting article on frankincense

    Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoyed reading this article, including and in fact mainly from the perspective of possible, potential solutions to save this particular note/raw material in different of...
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    Re: Which of the following?

    From this list would choose, prefer and would be most likely to recommend an equal tie between DHI Parfum and La Nuit de l'Homme.

    Since either, in fact both of these might suit best, with more...
  3. Re: Longtime Lurker - Help me pare down to a few scents

    Also adding, among the possible (re) testing fresher choices, in no particular order:

    Creed OV, Mugler Cologne, Azzaro pour Homme l'Eau (possibly also the summer editions from the same fragrance...
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    Re: Just ordered a raft of samples...

    Congratulations and enjoy this wonderfully diverse and enjoyable sample selection.

    From this list liked so far subjectively and personally-although all fragrances are very good quality and often...
  5. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Reached and even exceeded around 12-14 dabs from a splash bottle of Grey Flannel this evening
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 14th December, 2019

    Grey Flannel
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    Re: Jazz Prestige appreciation

    The very infrequent and few testing experiences had with the vintage version of this one so far convinced me about belonging to the better scents by its release house so far-at any rate, even if...
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    Re: J'Adore starring Mr. Bean

    Thank you for sharing.

    Fake or not-for some reason can actually enjoy this odd but not unfunny (at least from a personal viewpoint) between one of the personal favorite comedians and incidentally...
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    Re: An in-roads to oud?

    Also adding Haboit Rouge EDP as a powdery, sophisticated, formalized oud, LM Black Oud for a darker, more exotic variation on this, nevertheless with a classic floral edge, vintage M7 as a...
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    Re: Tell me about Loccitane - Eau Des Baux

    Also happy to own and to use this-performance is generally good although deceptively understated, while its notes last well and stand out just enough or even more than that, at a relatively...
  11. Re: calm introvated magnetic mystirious inscrutable

    Perhaps also Salvador Dali pour Homme, Duc de Vervins, certain of the colder, more austere almost mineral/neutral (non smoky, not necessarily dark either, far likely airy, abstract undefinable)...
  12. Re: On the cheap side ultra masculine fragrances that still smell excellent?

    Also adding:

    Lalique Homme EDP

    Lapidus pour Homme

    Boucheron pour Homme EDP and Jaipur Homme EDP

    Chevignon Brand for Men
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    Eventually chose Rochas Man for this sync.

    A bit tenuous, but if too off topic and/or when in doubt, this does bring a certain holiday, almost escapist feeling on a rather cold, dreary winter day...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 13th December, 2019

    Rochas Man
  15. Re: Fakes and Frauds: More in masculine scents than feminines?

    While fake fragrances for both genders are or at least might be a huge market, for some reason the male ones seem to at least apparently be more often reported, talked about (including but not...
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    Re: Best aftershave for under $10 on Amazon?

    Seconding especially the Nivea options.

    So far, only found among the balms rather than lotions within this price category worth considering the ones by l'Oreal Man Expert, a few Cool Water...
  17. Re: YSL La Nuit De LíHomme 2019 batch and alternatives for Date/Casual Nightouts

    Would not consider this as problematic nor insufficient in terms of performance-including its 2019 version, therefore would not immediately or necessarily consider alternatives to this (yet), at...
  18. Re: Millenials are changing the perfume business

    Thank you for posting.

    Though formally belonging to this generation, did only partially identify with this description and also have starting to notice quite a variance, if not even downright...
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    If eucalyptus is also an option, might consider vintage Gucci Envy as a possible sync option.

    Though apparently dominated far more by ginger, the vintage versions of this has the ability to...
  20. Re: Looking for the Allyear round signature scent. Suggestions?

    Possibly also, in no particular order:

    Bvlgari Extreme, Baldessarini Ambre and/or del Mar, Aqua di Roma Uomo, regular Paco Rabanne XS, other Emporio Armani versions, releases and/or flankers,...
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    Might joint the sync with either something like Rochas Man or Zara Double Black for the chocolate (neither 100% carbon copay chocolate, but still among the most chocolate-type scents personally...
  22. Re: Are there any perfume notes or materials you've changed your mind on this year?

    Revised quite a few preferences if not from outright dislike and luckily even less allergies towards stronger incenses and patchouli, mainly if not exclusively thanks to a few unisex EDPs by Le...
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    Re: Winter purchases for men?

    While considering BDC indeed quite suitable for winter (as well as all year anyway) would add to a list of possible choices, especially among the ones based on your tastes:

    F by ferragamo black ...
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    Re: House Affinity/Aversion

    No particular aversion so far, but did luckily experience affinities with numerous houses to this point, quite diverse and eclectic as well:
    Bogart, Lapidus, Aramis, Mšurer&Wirtz/Muehlens, Geoffrey...
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    Re: Sandalwood struggle

    So far never had this experience with a sandalwood scented bar soap to his point, however did neither specifically choose nor easily find bar soaps deliberately focusing on sandalwood as main note....
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    Re: Introduction

    Adding Rochas Man, Bogart pour Homme, Jaipur Homme EDP and Burberry London, as well as most Zadig&Voltaire male fragrances especially This is Him among the testing options for winter/colder weather,...
  27. Re: Compare a fragrance to another cultural product

    Did compare in the past and might consider Rive Gauche to a certain Parisian lifestyle/feel.

    Including but not limited to luxurious but functional and minimalist haute couture of timeless yet also...
  28. Re: Yep another wedding one - but shortlisted :)

    Either of these are highly appropriate, but would probably consider an equally ranked/ranking top 3 consisting of Lalique, Rive Gauche and Chanel PM, in no particular order, each qualifying...
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    Re: Hand soap and body wash

    L'Occitane, Yardley, Tabac, 4711 (this latter one owned by the same company as Tabac), l'Erbolario and/or Bronnley may also be among the brands that are worth further exploring if seeking for either...
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    Re: Interview Fragrance Advice

    Though self employed now for quite a while, did wear during the last job interviews that went well and where both subsequent employers as well as myself reached, yet also kept up a fairly good long...
  31. Re: Sandalwood & Incense: a match made in perfume heaven. What are some of the best examples?

    Also adding in no particular order (and mostly, with few exceptions, anywhere between the affordable to only slightly pricier categories) especially:

    - several Guerlain classics, like Heritage...
  32. Re: Spreading awareness of niche-niche fragrances

    Thank you for the recommendation-it happens often that underrated and/or less known quality is there especially in the case of (part from BN) little to not really popularized companies
  33. Re: Blind buy: Hommage Voyageur - what am I in for!

    Based on all testing experiences had so far, this turned out to be a decent value fragrance with good performance as well (especially during its base/final development)
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    Re: Can you find the hidden unicorn?

    Might not recognize everything, apart from some vintage Dior, Fath and Schiaparelli bottles, but if genuine and the retailer trustworthy, a definitely affordable and decent value price for such...
  35. Re: Seeking scents for my wife, must be light and non-floral

    Possibly also Mugler Cologne, Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco and/or l'Erbolario Neroli
  36. Re: Fragrance for office winter and summer

    Another vote for Spicebomb Extreme
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    Re: My dirt cheap favorite tobacco scents

    Thank you for the news, will not only be eager to test this asap. But if enjoyable and/or (like most if not all their fragrances as well) affordable to the point of being inexpensive yet also great...
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    Re: Spec me a fragrance for my dad!

    Most masculine Lalique and Boucheron classic fragrances do not surpass this mark, even more so if by other not just affordable but luckily also good value fragrance brands like Chevignon, Lapidus,...
  39. Re: can anyone talk about Aramis 900, Tuscany and Devin in terms of their performance?

    With apologies for a rather belated reply:
    most if not Aramis fragrances did become familiar with, own and test over the years performed just enough for, even slightly above average performance...
  40. Re: I like Habit Rouge, Heritage, Samsara, and Shalimar. Can I blind-buy any other Guerlain classics

    Also adding Derby and Mouchoir de Monsieur among the regular line, Songe d'un Bois d'Ete among the exclusive line Guerlain fragrances
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    Re: Spec me a fragrance for my dad!

    Possibly also Lalique Homme EDP, Boucheron pour Homme EDP, Paco Rabanne pour Homme
  42. Re: can anyone talk about Aramis 900, Tuscany and Devin in terms of their performance?

    So far, owning and using the current (not vintage) Tuscany, have always gotten indeed moderate projection from it with more than decent longevity, often 8 hours plus as skin scent and the...
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    Re: A gift for my mom

    Also adding two Hermes options from the same fragrance line, Voyage d'Hermes and Voyage d'Hermes Parfum, as well as a few Tom Ford ones, White Patchouli being among the ones with less of the...
  44. Re: Caron 3rd man has arrived, wow , very smooth and classy

    Congratulations for your purchase.

    Caron masculine and unisex scents (also the few feminines by this house did test so far) have this gift of being extremely classy and suave in a very...
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    Re: A fragrance for my beloved grandmother

    Also adding Yardley English Lavender and if testing options are available (while not always reliable with Notino, these brands are not entirely absent from the offers either, including as small,...
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    Re: My dirt cheap favorite tobacco scents

    Also adding the (so far) two scents from the Zara Tobacco Collection, another on budget option with good performance and surprisingly enjoyable tobacco notes, to the list of both great...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 9th December, 2019

  48. Re: Montblanc Aventus or like Sauvage?

    To my nose alone, while close to Aventus, not very or not that different from Sauvage either-as if the notes of Aventus were boosted/reinterpreted with the freshness levels of Sauvage (and yes,...
  49. Re: you are walking along the notorious El Camino rope bridge

    Close tie between Caron pour un Homme and Bogart pour Homme, but probably the Caron will be chosen
  50. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    6 generous sprays of Habit Rouge, albeit just the EDT
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 8th December, 2019

    Habit Rouge
  52. Re: Tonight I'm sampling Chanel Platnium Eqostie.

    Liking this fragrance quite a bit (having yet to find a Chanel masculine, even considering/including Bleu, didn't like yet), both as more than enough performance and for the actual scent.
  53. Re: Newbie looking for fragrance recommendations with specific criteria

    Perhaps at the upper budget limit a small (er) bottle of either these affordable niche fragrances (not really more expensive than the upper end of designer scent pricing), all by the traditional...
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    Re: Buddy from Pull and Bear - Help

    While not aware of and never having smelled any Pull&Bear fragrances yet, mostly tending to agree with and to second the Zara recommendation.
    Since their variety of both inexpensive and quite...
  55. Re: on the subject(s) of humidity and mild exercise

    So far, have to second the opinion (s) that weather conditions between moderately dry and moderately humid, just right in the middle (or close to average, median values of air humidity) did so far...
  56. Re: How are the following fragrances? Smell and Longevity wise?

    So far, have perceived the performance of Montblanc Individuel, but also of Love&Luck and even more so of Nautica though the latter two are very inexpensive
  57. Re: Powerhouse Fragrances - two that brought to my knees

    Also adding One Man Show Gold Edition-while technically first released way after the powerhouse age, both its note structure and its performance behave in such way so that even few sprays can be...
  58. Re: Anything out there similar to Pure Havane or Malt that is a bit less sweet...

    The following ones also share some similarities to certain extents:

    - Aramis Havana (not so much because of the name but far more due to an almost gourmand sweet rendition of boozy notes yet not...
  59. Re: Brand new here; sorry if I'm posting in wrong place


    Especially if this fragrance should be available from reputable sellers, would recommend waiting for a good offer before a purchase.
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    In sync today with a less common Maurice Roucel choice, bar far neither the first nor the likeliest did have in mind.

    But wile considering a weather and/or evening appropriate male gourmand by...
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    Re: Sample of the Day - December 2019

    Cuir de Nuit by Yves Rocher-vanilla meets fairly inoffensive, non animalic suede notes in one scent and while this is an EDP with longevity performance to almost qualify for a beast mode, the...
  62. Thread: White musk

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: White musk

    Being familiar with all three and having tested at least the last two very much, did personally perceive Muschio Bianco as the best of these three, with The Body Shop White Musk as a decent...
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD 2019

    Ispahan by Yves Rocher
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 6th December, 2019

    SOTE: Ispahan by Yves Rocher
  65. Re: Top 10 women's fragrances for $60 or less

    Also adding (while not 100% certain that the best), in no particular order, a few of the feminine and/or unisex favorites in this budget, price range:

    the feminine 1881 by Cerruti
    Versace Red...
  66. Re: Money not a factor Tom Ford Tuscan leather or Rasasi La Yuqawam

    From a personal viewpoint alone: happening to have liked both and thus recommending either or even the two at once.

    If however having to to choose and to recommend only one while money were still...
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    Re: Citrus on a cold Winterís day

    Wearing most citrus fragrances already worn during summer and/or warmer weather during winter as well.

    But if having to focus and/or to recommend a few specific choices would wear the entire year...
  68. Re: My first bottle of burberry london made by coty!

    Congratulations and enjoy.

    An affordable and more than decent performance fragrance that can be both obtained inexpensively and suits especially this (meaning by this mainly the Christmas, winter...
  69. Re: Jovoy, The Best Niche Fragrance Store In Paris Now Ships To USA With DHL Express In 2 Days!

    Thank you for sharing the link, having only discovered the thread now and happy about realizing that they also ship anywhere or nearly anywhere in the EU as well
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    Re: 1-12 Halston a lost american classic

    Still readily available with online discount fragrance retailers where I live and yes, must admit to like it and to be glad to own this-apart from being inexpensive, its array of notes is quite...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 6th December, 2019

    Cuir de Nuit EDP, as wrist application for testing purposes alone
  72. Re: Letís talk Davidoff Zino itís been awhile.

    Indeed, given the current price that remains very affordable on this one-little to no point in finding a costlier vintage of Zino.
    Like mentioned before, at worst reapplication, at best applying...
  73. Re: Letís talk Davidoff Zino itís been awhile.

    Still regularly wearing and glad to own this.

    Always enjoying about this mainly but not exclusively the fact that, due to still being in production, Zino provides, at very inexpensive prices, the...
  74. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    Being a guy myself, did in fact use the term juice in several posts, but did not notice using this particular term nor having any reasons to do so more than with any other term used to name, describe...
  75. Re: Where to start ? Advice if possible on a perfume choice please.

    Sampling can always be a good thing, further expanding with lower costs and risks the options worth considering, while Rive Gauche by YSL still seems in production, as well as some of the La Prairie...
  76. Re: Adding a winter fragrance to the office rotation

    Also adding Lalique Homme EDP, Boucheron pour Homme EDP, l'Occitan to further winter choices, most of these doubling also well for all year office wear, while from your list would go with and second...
  77. Re: What would this fictional perfuner/character wear...

    If the character wears a vintage that best reflects the personal style, mood, appearance:

    - Le Dix by Balenciaga,

    - vintage l'Heure Bleue,

    - almost any vintage Patou or (as mentioned in...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 5th December, 2019

    SOTE: Unique Leather
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    Re: 18 Fragrnces Shootout!

    From this list, glad to incidentally own, use and enjoy Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme, a solid near powerhouse designer classic with outstanding performance and inexplicably neither discontinued nor...
  80. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    10-11 or even slightly more dabs from a splash bottle of Old Spice EDT
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    Sticky: Re: Synchronized Fridays 2019

    If joining the sync, fragranes of his along the lines of Rochas Man and Bogart pour Homme might be the likeliest options
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 5th December, 2019

    Old Spice EDT
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Among the recent unisex affordable options, the recent 2019 bargain Yves Rocher EDP Cuir de Nuit did turn out a fairly smooth, balanced and good performance choice for its inexpensive price.
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    Re: The writing instruments thread

    So far, the most expensive one did ever own and use was an early 90s Lamy fountain pen, but would hardly call it high end.

    Other than this, the one that got most daily use including several exams...
  85. Re: Why aventus is the best parfum for man?

    Maybe not the best ever, but a fairly solid niche rendition of the pineapple theme, also with a certain freshness and woodiness of a subtle, well nuanced type.

    At least have perceived it like...
  86. Re: I have two questions about polo green and Caron line ups..

    While not aware about the outer aspect of this particular Polo Green bottle, assuming that these outer changes are harmless if the actual juice is not affected.

    As for the second question, all...
  87. Re: New Roja Parfums Scandal, Vetiver, Enigma & Danger Parfum Colognes

    Thank you for the info. Eager to (re) test especially this particular version of Enigma, although uncertain how this might benefit from extra lightness, as its performance was one of its better and...
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    Re: Doing a 180

    Strictly among the feminine ones-especially both classics on the more formal, traditional side like Chanel No. 5 and the almost equally popular but far more fresh and casual, aquatic ones like the...
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    Re: 1 million smelling different..

    Tending to agree about the subjective, personal perceptions of this fragrance to have likely changed-so far, whenever having tested/sampled this fragrance (albeit storage conditions in the respective...
  90. Re: I'm bored - what's everyone asking for for xmas/holidays?

    Might revisit, even if not necessarily ready to yet receive as gift nor to get one by myself-the limited edition unisex fragrances by l'Occitane, among others
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    Another less common as much as fairly logical/expectable sighting in a non-fictional program of a non-perfume scented product from a quite famous perfume line.

    On at least one (if not more)...
  92. Re: Guy new to fragrance, figuring out what notes work best for me


    While not aware yet about the fragrance brand Hawthorne, also adding Caron pour un Homme as a good everyday and also dancing fragrance-light enough to be inoffensive during almost any...
  93. Re: Your top 5 favorite "winter" or "fall" fragrances under $40

    Among others, especially:

    Bogart pour Homme
    Lalique Homme EDP (though not in the wardrobe yet, this can also double as great all weather, all year fragrance)
    Aramis Havana
    Rochas Man...
  94. Re: Has anyone seen this variation of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme?

    Tending to second the opinion that this might be among the first vintages and if it held up well, congratulations and enjoy
  95. Re: What is your worst used fragrance purchase experience?

    So far, luckily none.

    The few times did buy used fragrances, the fill levels were close to maximum and the seller fortunately reliable, the quality of respective fragrances did turn out ok.
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    Re: Amber fragrance on a budget

    Especially if Ambre & Santal by thous house is available-definitely an option worth at least (re) testing and/or considering, as this one smells more expensive than its price while remaining quite...
  97. Re: Anybody familiar with Vintage Vetiver or Habit Rouge?

    Congratulating your for this impressive find, must admit to be familiar only with vintage Vetiver (having never smelled nor owned and used Habit Rouge beyond the current version), but even in this...
  98. Re: Non-IFRA-Compliance & Bogart (Signature) Pour Homme (1975).

    If the price difference (s) between the different versions is minimal and the retailer trustworthy, recommending to go for it.

    If however not, even the current version of Bogart Signature, while...
  99. Re: Wardrobe Death Match: There Can Only Be One

    Thank you for the impressions shared on this thread based on a very fascinating idea.

    Would personally have a quite difficult if not even impossible task to decide in favor of one out of...
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    Re: Your 2019 favorites!

    So far, tested and found few fragrances from 2019 did enjoy-however there were some definitely good experiences, mainly but not exclusively some of the recent unisex EDC and incense based EDP...
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