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    Re: Best Amouage for Men

    To address the meta-issue embedded in the OP's question, there is no conventional wisdom or consensus regarding the Amouage line.

    There have been a couple of duds, but aside from that everyone's...
  2. Re: I sorta like the smell of stale beer am I the only one with weird smell/odor interest?

    A while ago I started a thread about liking the smell of cat breath. But in that case, it turns it was only me. :-)
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    Re: Sweaty Guy Needs Some Help!

    Definitely consider Gendarme.

    I don't know how common this is, but vetiver scents can be a bit nauseating to me under the wrong circumstances. I wouldn't put anything more vetivery than Mugler...
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    Re: Worst cologne you've ever smelled???????????

    +1. There are plenty of scents I dislike, but the ones that actively nauseate me are on a whole separate tier. These usually have a sweet or cloying odor. (Or sometimes, clove...)
  5. Re: What's the most annoying, screechy, metallic(?), synthetic smelling frag you know of?

    I wasn't going to say it, since that's on about the same level as kicking a puppy around these parts, but I too have this reaction. To me, there's something nauseating and malignantly disturbing...
  6. Re: MoslBuddJewChristHinDao (Unifaith) by Elternhaus

    All I can say about this fragrance is that the name always reminds me of this Ween track, Reggaejunkiejew. (NSFW; profanity)
  7. Re: What is the most melancholy fragrance you can think of?

    Really? Would you say there's no such thing as melancholy music as well?
  8. Re: What is the most melancholy fragrance you can think of?


    I love this stuff, but it does feel very sad...
  9. Re: recommendations for safe, "clean" male fragrance

    Give Tommy Girl a try. Ignore the "girl" part - once you get past the fruity/floral opening blast (which is pretty darn nice on its own), it's just a clean, slightly sweetish, slightly floral tea...
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    Re: Most expensive ingredient?

    Baby tears
  11. Re: Which niche fragrances would you give 10/10 for sillage/projection?

    I can see your point, particularly given all the classic fragrances that go away to reformulation rehab and come back as a disappointing shadow of their former selves. But at the same time, isn't...
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    Re: How Do You Open Sample Vials?

    There's often a glob of fluid stuck within the cap because of surface tension, so start by holding the vial upright with your fingers at the bottom and flick the cap sharply a couple of times with a...
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    Re: Creed Scents: Overrated (A Noob's Opinion)

    I dunno, one I LOVED THIS SCENT out of three trials sounds like a pretty good hit rate to me... :coolold:
  14. Re: Which niche fragrances would you give 10/10 for sillage/projection?

    I'm always curious to hear where the OP lives with this kind of thread.

    The social status of scent in the US is a bit precarious. It's not looked down on per se, but still, the idea of people...
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    Re: Best play to buy Dia Man by Amouage

    No buying advice - I just want to egg you on. :-)

    This is a terrific fragrance. Excellent choice.
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    Re: Diethylphthalate?

    I believe Triclosan is the active ingredient in traditional Listerine (though there are now varieties of LIsterine without it). Although it is being investigated for some subtle health concerns now,...
  17. Re: i haven't heard about creed bois du portugal on these boards for the longest time!

    Hee hee!
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    Re: Thought-provoking new article

    Very interesting, thanks for the link.

    I'm skeptical of the idea that the public will turn to critique (which I'm interpreting as "reviews from people who know what they're talking about, wherever...
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    Re: Synthetic perfumes cause anosmia - why?

    It's not clear to me exactly what you're describing when you say your nasal cavities get all blocked out, or even what you mean by breathing problems. However, I would not characterize an effect that...
  20. Re: Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules (WHAT IN THE WORLD - COMPLEMENTS GALORE)

    Iso E Super gave me lordosis and hives! I had to <kkk> <choke> ... gackk!
  21. Re: Do you ever help people in store pick out a fragrance?

    Hee hee! :thumbsup:
  22. Re: Are there brands you won't buy by principle?
  23. Re: i haven't heard about creed bois du portugal on these boards for the longest time!

    The OP is right, though - Bois du Portugal was the toast of the town just a couple of years ago. Funny how it seems to have completely disappeared.

    Come to think of it, where's all the Terre...
  24. Re: Are there brands you won't buy by principle?

    Well, yes, pretty much. Not because I'm trying to enforce some kind of boycott per se, but because I tend to find the types of celebrities who have vast product lines arrayed around them to be...
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    Re: Rose lovers, any of you guys wear Nahema?

    I like Nahema, but I don't find that the rosiness lasts too long with this one. IIRC, this scent is known for not containing rose extract or simulating a rose scent so much as "suggesting" it through...
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    Re: Invasion Barbare and Feuilles de Tabac
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    Re: Gender scale ratings

    Beautifully said and, I think, accurate. Not to put words in your mouth, but my interpretation of your comments is that gender signifiers may be arbitrary and socially constructed, but they are also...
  28. Re: MDCI Invasion Barbare = Perfected LADDM?

    I'm hitting the bottle again today and having a somewhat different experience of the first few hours. I still perceive the LADDM accord I referred to, but for some reason the impression isn't as...
  29. MDCI Invasion Barbare = Perfected LADDM?

    I'm sampling Invasion Barbare today and loving it - definitely one of the top 3 "best first impressions" out of the several hundred fragrances I've tried so far. So I've been digging up and reading...
  30. Re: Invasion Barbare: Help me rationalize this blind buy

    Just sampled this today and I find it STUNNING. Hope you enjoy your bottle!
  31. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    MDCI Invasion Barbare

    Wow, just stunning!
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    Re: Le Labo Baie Rose 26

    Damn you, persianprince! Now I'll have to try it...
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    Re: Favorite Smoky Scents?

    Comme des Garcons 2Man has a nice "campfire holocaust" vibe to it. Le Labo Vetiver 46 is a very similar scent.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Nasomatto Pardon

    Oh my gosh, yes! You are sharp as a tack, Primrose - good pickup!

    I think it's hilarious that Wikipedia has a page on dandyism.
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    Re: My Arranged Marriages To Date

    You write beautifully, Brian. And I'm sold on your analogy, even though viewed in that light I myself am a shameful and aging nasomaniac, desperately flitting from scent to scent in a pathetic and...
  36. Re: Sample Haul: Lutens, MDCI, Frapin, Puredistance, Amouage

    Dia Man is terrific. I like it OK coming out of the bottle, but an hour or two later it becomes a real stunner. Nothing strange or assertive that will knock you over the head, just a classy,...
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    Re: Gender scale ratings

    ...and just as ridiculous as gender labels for clothing. :-)
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    Re: Gender scale ratings

    I'm just speculating, but I would think they do it themselves. I've never seen any fragrance marketing that goes beyond masculine/feminine/unisex, whereas Luckyscent's system includes gradations.
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    Re: Is perfume making us fat?

    You can see the original paper (or at least, the abstract, summary, and some charts) here. I don't find it very compelling. The main conclusion is that "Overall, no significant associations are...
  40. Re: Unwanted negative associations and how they ruined a fragrance for me.

    So I'm curious... For those whose lives have been ruined by realizing that a fragrance smelled like, salami, ferrets, glue, latex, or whatever - why? I can understand being uncomfortable with a smell...
  41. Re: Anyone know what is that sharp annoying note in Amouage Memoir Man?

    Kind of a stinging, whistly pepper note? I think it's the same ingredient featured in CdG Ouarzazate. I like it, though.
  42. Re: What Fragrance Gets You The Most Negative Comments

    I have this reaction, too - MI, GIT, and Cool Water all smell kind of nauseating to me. There must be something more than just garden-variety scent preference going on. I don't "dislike" these...
  43. Re: Establishing an identity through scent - are us enthusiasts missing the boat?

    Insert obligatory "Ah, I see you've been sampling <fragrance name>!" joke here... :-)

    I wouldn't wear it outside of home. Why subject people to a scent they find repulsive? That's just rude.
  44. Re: Amouage Lyric for Men vs. Bond No. 9 West Side. Which ROSE scent is more masculine of unisex?

    I don't find Lyric Man to be very masculine, more because of the choking loads of powder than because of the rose. (And I love Dia Man, which many consider "too powdery"! Go figure...)

    Actually, I...
  45. Re: What do "old fashioned/dated" fragrances smell like?

    Is perfume making not tightly related to fashion?

    Fashion, too, has its perennials and classics as well as its era-specific manifestations.
  46. Re: What do "old fashioned/dated" fragrances smell like?

    Just as a data point, until relatively recently, I thought Givenchy III was my grandmother's natural smell. She was a light sprayer, and I had early on formed the impression that older people often...
  47. Re: Love vetiver based frags or not at all ? Please why?

    I like vetiver, but it always reminds me of The Ruins, if you ever read that book or saw the movie. It's about a malevolent, semiconscious vine that grows into people's bodies.

    The initial smell...
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    Re: What is so great about Chergui ?

    This is interesting information and it certainly describes me -- SLs were some of the first fragrances I tried when I started to get interested in perfume. I'll have to go back and do a resniff of...
  49. Re: Mark Birley Charles Street or Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

    Neither - I think he's saying that Americans seem to perceive Americans as being not classy.

    Which seems pretty accurate to me... :-)
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    Re: What is so great about Chergui ?

    I don't understand the appeal of Chergui, either. In fact, there isn't anything from the Serge Lutens line that has particularly impressed me.

    Of course, there are many SL admirers. Despite the...
  51. Re: Any of you BN'ers keep a database over your inventory ?

    The problem with a database is that it's so easy for it to get out of sync with reality, especially with samples since they easily get used up, loaned out, given away, or lost. I would think it would...
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    Re: A cautionary tale

  53. Poll: Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver vs. CREED Original Vetiver

    I don't see these as having much in common. It's hard to even compare them.
  54. Re: CdG Series 6 Synth - Dry Clean & Soda (opinions plz)

    This series is a credit to perfumery - go, Rei, go!

    I think Soda has historically gotten the red-headed stepchild treatment for not being weird enough. But in fact, it's an excellent, wearable,...
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    Re: Netflix of Scents

    I think this is a great idea, but I think you'd have to start a new database. Even with the huge volume of reviews on Basenotes, I don't think the thumb system has sufficient granularity to support...
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    Re: Another solution for sample vials

    I have a similar organization scheme to yours, but based on Ziploc freezer bags.

    One thing I like about the Ziploc bags is that odors can't leak out. Even though these are supposed to be sealed...
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    Re: Serious decision time !

    Hee hee!
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    Re: Noob Experience: Week Five

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    Re: The war on oakmoss

    No, no, that would make too much sense. :-)

    I like this idea a lot. It sidesteps the issue of warnings for specific ingredients; they could all be covered by a general warning such as "This is a...
  60. Re: "Rare" or uncommon notes you would like to find more of.

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    Re: The war on oakmoss

    To start with, IRFA is not an external regulatory agency. It's the fragrance and flavor industry's own trade association, funded directly by the likes of IFF, Givaudan, Robertet, Firmenich, and...
  62. Re: Modern 'Manly' scent wanted for guy in his 30s

    Yeah, but what's the alternative? Fragrances that project a repugnant, "stay away" vibe? I wouldn't call those masculine, just bad. (Or you could call them Kouros... :smiley:)

    I can think of a lot...
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    Re: Amouage for Beginners

    +1 for testing. Given the price of a bottle, it just makes sense. has all the testers for $6 each for 2ml, which is pretty comparable on a per-ml basis to the full bottles.

    Of the...
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    Re: TOP 20 as of 2012

    I hate to derail the thread, but what the heck...

    This is a very idiosyncratic top 5! If there's been a past thread in which you explain your approach, I'd love to read it.
  65. Re: Why does the fragrance in shower gels go away once you rinse them off?

    Shower gel is soap. It's designed to solubilize a wide variety of molecules, including many of the oily or nonpolar molecules found in perfume bases. Hence the utility of washing off unpleasant...
  66. Re: "Rare" or uncommon notes you would like to find more of.

    This is going to sound a bit out-there, but I love the smell of cat fur. Of course there are some skanky cats out there, but a clean, healthy cat usually has a warm, clean fur scent that's vaguely...
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    Re: Just bought CdG 2 Man. Should I keep it?

    No longevity problems here. Doesn't last all day on me, but nothing else does, either.
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    Re: Amouage Honour Man: Review

    Is it Timbuktu or Dzongkha? Smells an awful lot like those to me.
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    Re: The war on oakmoss

    Thanks for these references, kbe - very interesting reading. Actually the whole IRFA site turns out to be pretty useful as well.

    I dug around a bit for specifics on what the IRFA's criteria are...
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    Re: The war on oakmoss

    Like 99.9% of Basenoters, I'm acutely aware of what we've lost and sad to see the old formulations go.

    Nevertheless, I have to wonder: how many of you decrying the IRFA regulations actually know...
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    Re: Oud 27 and I have arrived!!

    Even though I find the soggy diaper note in Oud 27 to be quite vivid, this is also the only urine-scented fragrance that makes me sort of understand the appeal of urinous notes. I think it's quite a...
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    Re: Similar to Memoir Man (AMOUAGE)?!?

    I have a theory that Memoir Man would be similar to CdG 2Man layered with CdG Ouarzazate. I have all of these available, so I'll have to do a side by side test.

    Memoir Man seems shyer than either...
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    Re: Dealing with Discontinuation

    This sounds like good advice. And very freeing.
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    Re: Help me rename Le Labo's fragrances!

    Oh yeah! :-)
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    Re: L"Air Desert Marocain

    LADDM is a truly great fragrance, though it is very strong as others have mentioned.

    To me it smells like a warehouse full of flat-packed cardboard boxes. The vanillic aspect is the vanilla of old...
  76. Re: Looking for some inspiration for my own perfume line

    I agree. Your competitive advantage as an independent perfumer probably isn't in market research. More likely, it's your ability to pursue ideas without the constraints imposed by somebody else's (or...
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    Re: When to test samples?

    I find that it helps to be fairly mercenary about samples. By which I don't mean "prematurely judgmental", more "knowing exactly what you want to get out of the sample".

    In my case, I'm generally...
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    Re: Why does vetiver develop as it does?

    I hear and obey! Thank you.
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    Re: Help me rename Le Labo's fragrances!

    I kid the perfumistas! I kid!

    But I like El Cumino... :-)
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    Re: Men & Perfume

    If the right infrastructure was in place, I think people would probably be as enthusiastic about smell as they are about taste (food), hearing (music), touch (massage), and sight (visual art). I'm...
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    Help me rename Le Labo's fragrances!

    As some of you may have heard, I will soon be taking over as Acting Director of Fragrance Marketing at Le Labo. (You can see more of the details in this press conference - I'm the...
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    Re: Why does vetiver develop as it does?

    Some great comments here, thanks! I'll definitely check out Vetiver Extraordinaire and Molecule 03.
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    Why does vetiver develop as it does?

    I don't know if everyone perceives this in the same way, but to me vetiver always seems to have a dramatic evolution over time. It comes out of the bottle smelling rooty, nutty, or dirty, but after a...
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    Re: Inky smells in colognes.

    A third vote for CdG 2 here. To me the ink note is very clear. This one seems pretty unisex to me despite the existence of 2Man.
  85. Re: Sampled my first Amouage fragrance...Dia Man

    Stop the hate! Dia is the bomb, one of my favorites for sure. I don't get loads of powder, but there is some there. Mostly I'd lump it into the same category with classic manly orientals such as the...
  86. Re: Le Labo Rose 31 Initial Review: Initial Grade = 8.5/10

    I love Rose 31, but I don't find it dark at all. In fact, I think of it as an optimistic "sunny day" scent. Think of carrots when you smell it - that might shift your perception! :-)
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    Re: I don't detect ANY leather in these:

    I haven't tried this one, but I'll keep my eyes open. Two others that are "realistic" leathers are Montale Aoud Leather and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Both smell great.
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    Re: Long Lasting Lime?

    +1. That's true of all citrus scents - the molecules are just too small to hang around for long. Citrus fragrances usually combine some kind of fairly true-to-life citrus opening with a "citrus-like"...
  89. Re: what is that distinctive GIT/Cool Water note?

    The Perfumer's Apprentice has a variety of aromachemicals available in small quantities. Prices are very reasonable, as is shipping.

    I recently ordered a bunch of the "usual suspects" from them...
  90. Re: Ought one avoid wearing tobacco-perfumes around children?

    It's hard to forgive Luca Turin's 2-star review of Rose 31, but he does nail the general impression when he describes it as "carrot juice". Maybe this is the perfect job for Rose 31!
  91. Re: Ought one avoid wearing tobacco-perfumes around children?

    Just be sure to wear mostly sweeter tobacco fragrances such as Fumerie Turque around the kids. Most kids have a sweet tooth, so this will help their young brains to associate the delicious jolt of...
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    Re: Tom Ford Italian Cypress

    I like Italian Cypress a lot, but I agree that most of its DNA is shared with Z-14 and the original Polo. IC is superior to both of those, but is it really worth 10 times the price?

    For me, all of...
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    Re: Please help me find 2 ideal fragrances

    Sycomore, C&S #88, CdG 2Man, or Grey Vetiver for #1?! Y'all buggin'. :wink:

    Not that you couldn't wear them to the office, but these don't seem like "refreshing, inoffensive, and light" stealth...
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    Re: lectric shave

    Worked fine for me. It's essentially cassava flour in a fast-evaporating solution. It lubricates your face and does make shaving smoother and less irritating.

    My complaint is that it has a strong...
  95. Re: Name the four coldest, inhuman, emotionless, robotic fragrances in your collection

    I'm reminded of Luca Turin's description: "This is the last smell you remember before the wearer fires you."
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    Re: I like Tom of Finland. Do you?

    Unfortunately, I get a strong and ongoing impression of both vanilla and safraleine from this one, and neither of these notes really works for me. I usually find vanilla cloying and saffron just...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme (Blind)

    When you first put it on, it will smell like a pleasant, somewhat generic aromatic fougere. Nothing wrong with that, but let it develop for a couple of hours for the real fireworks. It becomes a...
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    Re: How many wears ?

    This is the impression that I'm starting to form as well, despite all the talk to the contrary ("Well, I just hated it the first five times I wore it, but now it's my HG!").

    I have yet to go from...
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    Poll: Re: How important is longevity?

    Don't "at least 6+ hours" and "more than 6 hours" mean essentially the same thing?

    My answer would be that less than 4 hours is a problem. I do value more time beyond that, but it's not a huge...
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    Re: updated Montale website

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. To be sure, it's a bizarre approach; I'd love to know what Pierre Montale is thinking.

    On the other hand, I'm really enjoying working my way through a set of...
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