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    Re: New Haarlem vs. I ❤️ NY For All

    Thank you for your knowledgeable input, Chuck. I have owned NH in the past and enjoyed some aspects of it, like the smoke and coffee. I was less enthused by its cocoa butter drydown, or what people...
  2. Re: Rasasi Haul / Jumped Back On The Hype Train...Even bought from a discounter

    Interested in hearing your feedback. I also am interested in sampling this house.

    Scarce, where did you try La Yuqawam, as I can't find it anywhere in Canada or an American supplier that will...
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    New Haarlem vs. I ❤️ NY For All

    Hi guys,

    I'm really closing in on pulling the trigger on one of these in my search for a satisfying coffee scent. I have had more experience in the past with NH, and less so with I ❤️ NY For All....
  4. Which of these Bond no. 9s is more masculine

    Hi B9 fans,

    I was looking to re purchase New Haarlem, but I am thinking for going for something in the same vein, yet different ( don't like the waffle syrup association. ) I have read both So...
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    Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme - reformulated?

    This has been such an interesting thread and such an insight in understanding this hobby/passion of fragrance collection, and how affected we fragrance lovers are by changes in the fragrances we are...
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    Re: D&G the one edp

    The Hudson Bay Company of Canada, also known as the Bay, carries it. I believe they ship to the US. The Bay owns Saks, so perhaps it is available there.
  7. Is Riverside Drive by Bond no.9 a good fall/winter fragrance?

    Hi Guys,

    I am contemplating ordering Riverside Drive as a fall/winter scent. I have owned it in the past, but went through it very quickly , but I primarily used it as a summer scent. I am...
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    Trussardi Black Extreme

    There isn't much info on this 2014 release. I came across it at the Bay and sprayed it on a card and found myself constantly returning to sniff it afterwards. It had a very prominent leather and...
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    Re: NEW: John Varvatos Dark Rebel

    Hey Hawk,

    Where did you try this in Canada?
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    Re: If you could un-discontinue one fragrance

    +1 original
  11. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterreano inter-layering recommendations

    Hi 'Noters,

    I really love some aspects of this line's Sicilian Almond, but I find it a bit cloyingly sweet at times. Was this line meant to be layered within the family? If so, what would layer...
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver EDC Advice

    How is the longevity?
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    Guerlain Vetiver EDC Advice

    I have the newest and former version of the edt. Just came across a rare EDC version, but I'm unable to smell/sample. Is it redundant to get the EDC or is it different enough from any of the EDT?
  14. Re: Which is the best of Marly or the best to explore?

    Ok, thanks for your input. i havevalso heard other suggestions of a similarity to Hypnotic Poison.
  15. Re: Which is the best of Marly or the best to explore?

    Hednic, how do you perceive the almond in Pegasus to other almond prominent frags?
  16. Re: Which is the best of Marly or the best to explore?

    Thanks for the input, gents. I have pretty much decided that Godolphin is the one that will be part of my collection, as I keep going back to my finished sample and smelling the residue from the...
  17. Re: Which is the best of Marly or the best to explore?

    After trying a few samples of Herod, Godolphine and Pegasus, I'm struggling between choosing between Pegasus and Godolphine. The top of Pegasus reminds me of Reflection by Amouage, but I couldnot...
  18. Which is the best of Marly or the best to explore?

    Hey BNers,

    I have just been introduced to this brand. I got a sample of Herod, which reminds me of Phaedon Tabac Rouge, and immensely high quality and well crafted. I already own Tabac Rouge, so...
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    Best of Boss in Motion seriesu

    Boss in Motion fans, which is your favoyrite of all the variations and why?
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    Poll: Re: Wall Street by Bond no. 9

    I used to love it, but when my mother told me I smelled like a dog, I couldn't get past the wet dog note, and I constantly perceive it every time I spray it. I wish I bought chez bond or riverside...
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    Re: Carolina Herrera "Herrera for Men"

    Referring to this
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    Re: Carolina Herrera "Herrera for Men"

    Don't get too excited. I think the original is actually better
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    Re: Yves Saint Laurent La collection

    The way it was presented to me, i was left with the impression that these were not just newly re formulated, but reintroduced as limited edition and updated interpretations of the classic scents,...
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    Yves Saint Laurent La collection

    Has anyone tried the collection series for men by YSL? Apparently, the house has reintroduced four modernized versions of four of their classics; L'Homme, Jazz, m7 Aoud and Rive Gauche. I had a...
  25. Amouage Jublilation XXV 100 ml available for swap

    Hi 'noters,

    I currently reside in Toronto I got a great deal on Amouage Jubilation 25 over a year ago and I bought tow bottles. I have been using one, but the other I have no use for any longer,...
  26. Replacing discontinued Black Fiamond by Canali

    Is there anything out there, mass market or niche,
    that can closely resemble this no longer (reasonably) available discontinued gym?
  27. Re: Mancera - Wind Wood - Anyone try this one?

    I have never sampled this fragrance, but I was suggested that it is a very refined woody, leathery interpretation of JOOP??
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    For the love of Noxzema

    I just bought Noxzema shower gel and find it invigorating. Is there any fragrance out there that captures the deep clean scent??
  29. Re: Looking for an almond prominent scent that is not overly sweet

    I actually sampled this the other day. I can't really make up my mind on it though. That being said and not to jump off topic too far, do you ''noters'' get any almond from Balenciaga's Cristobal...
  30. Re: Looking for an almond prominent scent that is not overly sweet

    Thanks for the replies. I actually own a small bottle of 1725 Casanova. I can't say almond comes to mind. It actually strongly reminds of a cheaper version of Invasions Barbare.
  31. Looking for an almond prominent scent that is not overly sweet

    I have sampled and owned Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond and although I enjoy it, at times I do find it a bit sweet. Although not listed in the note structure, I sense at times an...
  32. Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia vs. Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa

    So Isolde you it's similar to the original AdP Colonia?
  33. Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia vs. Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa

    Does anyone find a strong similarity and how would you compare the two? I'm starting to explore the Villoresi line and find them very we'll blended.
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    Re: Tabac Rouge or Rouge Avignon

    Oops! Hedonic, I meant to ask what you prefer about RA over TR.
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    Re: Tabac Rouge or Rouge Avignon

    I have read of the similarities between TR and TV. Some claim TR in fact smells smoother and more refined. I was wondering between the two Phaedon scents, which actually smells more "RED"?
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    Tabac Rouge or Rouge Avignon

    My wife is asking which fragrance to get me for Father's Day. I'm debating between Tabac Rouge or Rouge Avignon of Phaedon. So which should be my first Phaedon?
  37. Layering Acqua di Parma's Blu Medoterraneo line

    Are there any good combinations to layer from this line? I am particularly interested in layering the Sicilian Almond as I find it a bit too sweet on its own.
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    Jack Black JB layering?

    I just bought Jack Black JB on a whim. I was debating between it and Czech & Speake's Oxford and Cambridge, but decided to go with JB because of price. I'm finding it a little similar to my Terrre...
  39. My first Czech & a Speake, which should it be?

    I finally stumbled on this line. I sampled a couple ( spraying testers, samples not available.) I appreciate what seems to be a naturalness to the scents. I will probably end up buying most of the...
  40. Anyone tried Ferrari Essence Musk eau de parfum?

    The note pyramid on this one sounds really interesting. This is what described on Fragrantica:

    "Ferrari Essence Musk offers a combination that with its sophistication and luxury describes the...
  41. Whose Got the power: Chez Bond vs. Green Irish Tweed

    I'm considering buying Chez Bond, but I'm curious as to how it stacks up against its older relative, GIT, especially in respects to projection and longevity. I can see GIT being sharper, more...
  42. Re: Seeking masculine Fruity, but not too sweet

    Bond no.9 Riverside Drive.
  43. Re: What Chanel is the best for which occasion?

    1. Platinum Egoiste
    2. Allure Homme
    3. Platinum Egoiste/ Allure Homme Blanche
    4. Allure Homme/ Antaeus
    5. Platinum Egoiste
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    Re: Back and looking for a new signature

    Goerlain's Vetiver.
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    Re: Pasha Fraicheur Menthe ?

    I have tried Heeley's, and although the mint is very prominent, it lacks the purpose of perfumery. Would you say the PFM smells as dated/old manly as some may find Live Jazz?
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    Pasha Fraicheur Menthe ?

    The reviews on this seem quite mixed both here and on Fragrantica. I am looking for a cool, minty fragrance for the winter and perhaps to wear well into spring/summer. Some reviewers find it ultra...
  47. Anything smell likeBody Shop Olive shower Gel

    I recently purchased the Body Shop's Olive shower gel. It doesn't smell like fresh olives, but has this very deep and stimulating fragrance that I find hard to describe. If I had to remotely...
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    Re: Aventus perfume oil

    My wife just ordered the perfume oil along with the stand edp from Neiman Marcus. According to their website, it is ideal to layer the two for extended longevity. Has anyone on the forum tried...
  49. Re: Name a fragrance that you wish you would have purchased prior to it being discontinued.

    Gucci Envy for men.
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    Re: New Fan di Fendi Pour Homme

    The Bay carries it.
  51. Re: What smells like Raspberry and Chocolate together?

    Kiton Black has raspberry and tonka.
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    Curious about Narciso Rodriguez Musc Oil

    I own both the edt and eau de parfum by NR, and I have smelled the musc oil which I find pleasant. I'm just concerned about the longevity of it considering its high price point. I have researched the...
  53. Re: Les Creations Couture Pi Leather Edition Givenchy for men

    It's an edt. It is supposedly a revisit/ reinterpretation of the original. I own this and it is the original slightly tweaked; less syrupy and not as powdery. It is nicely done, just wished it...
  54. Re: Les Creations Couture Givency Pi Leather Edition??

    This is now available at The Bay in Canada as is the Play Limited edition. They both seem like deeper, smoother renditions of their original counter parts. I actually really like the Pi. It seems...
  55. Re: New Bond No 9 coming next month: Sag Harbor

    Has anyone tried the Father's day edition?
  56. Anyone had any experience creating their own perfume by Aromachology?

    As part of an upcoming anniversary, my wife wants to get me an appointment with Aromachology at Jacob & Sebastian in Toronto where you are assisted in creating your personal fragrance using notes you...
  57. Les Creations Couture Givency Pi Leather Edition??

    I just came across this post on Fragrantica. Have any
    Pi lovers tried this?
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    Re: Puredistance M - Beauty And The Beast

    Call me crazy, but there is something about Pure Distance that reminds me of Joop! Homme, with the sweetness toned way day and the leather amped up.
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    Re: New- Voyage d'Hermes in Parfum

    Not worth the price tag.
  60. Mauboussin Homme EDP vs EDT: which is better and why?

    I'm looking to order a couple of fragrances online. I have owned Mauboussin Homme EDP in the past and although I do miss it from my collection, I do remember it being very potent and quite harsh at...
  61. Re: Any love out there for XS Extreme Pour Homme?

    I ended up ordering this and just received it. I definitely pick up a resemblance to the original with some added intensity from some of the notes, perhaps the fruit note. I don't think i pick up...
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    Solo Loewe Absoluto vs. Solo Loewe Pop

    I own the original Solo Loewe and find it to be a very fine and unique spice fragrance. It somehow reminds me of fragrances released in the 70s, early 80s era. Anyhow, i found that Fragrancenet ...
  63. When is A*Men Pure Shot set to be released in Canada?

    I recently asked the Mugler rep at the Bay flagship store in Toronto and she didn't have an official date for release. She did say it will be exclusive to the Bay and was hoping it would be there by...
  64. Billy Jealousy "Illicit": Does it really smell like a stronger CK One?

    I'm curious about blind buying this from Neiman Marcus online. I've read a couple of reviews and some mention its similarity to CK One, but a stronger version. It seems to have a very high...
  65. Re: Any love out there for XS Extreme Pour Homme?

    Hednic, do you find it similar to the original with some notes intensified or an entirely different altogether?
  66. Any love out there for XS Extreme Pour Homme?

    I typically like the idea of extreme/intense versions of my favourite fragrances. Unfortunately, this is not always represented in the fragrance itself, and can in fact smell like an entirely...
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    Prolonging the peppermint in A*men

    After many encounters with this iconic fragrance, I just learned it has peppermint as a top note. I do sometimes find the styrax/ tar note unbearable, but do come back to it fin time to time. I would...
  68. Axe Excite shower gel reminds you of........

    I tried Axe's Excite shower gel, and it definitely reminds me of some commercial fragrance. I am unsure whether it reminds me more of a cross between one of these three fragrances; Joop Homme, Paco...
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    Rochas Man reformulation??

    I am looking to rediscover this gourmand classic for a cold Canadian winter. I read somewhere that this fragrance has gone through a somewhat recent reformulation. I haven't worn this scent for...
  70. Could Kiton Black be the perfect wedding day frag?

    My big day is coming up soon, and as an avid collector of perfume, I am stuck with the dilemma of which fragrance in my collection I should wear, or which I should go out and purchase. The front...
  71. Re: Thinking of layering Pi. Any suggestions?

    I love the opening/top of Pi, so perhaps something with a sensual citrus. How about Tom Ford for Men???
  72. Thinking of layering Pi. Any suggestions?

    Even after many years of collecting and experimenting with perfume, Givenchy Pi is a fragrance I constantly turn to after going without for months. I love the top notes. It has a very exotic and...
  73. Re: Himalaya vs. Silver Mouintain Water: which should i choose as my signature fall/winter scent?

    I bought a new bottle of Reflection from an official dealer. The rancid gone bad poison I received in the mail from someone trying to instigate me to go out and buy and send them whatever they feel...
  74. Re: Himalaya vs. Silver Mouintain Water: which should i choose as my signature fall/winter scent?

    After sampling both, I think i find SMW more easy to tire/get bored of. As for Himalaya, I think it can really work in certain situations and weather. While sampling it, I wasn't blown away, but I...
  75. Himalaya vs. Silver Mouintain Water: which should i choose as my signature fall/winter scent?

    I am ready to make my next Creed purchase to carry me through the fall and winter. I have decided to buy Green Irish Tweed and either Himalaya or Silver Mountain Water. I am wondering which of the...
  76. Re: Any remaining sources for Dior Homme Intense?

    i just purchased DHI from the duty free shop in Athens, Greece. How do I know which formulation it is? Are there any differences in the packaging/bottle?
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    Re: Athens, Greece

    Athens is a farce. Don't hold your breath on finding most of the lines mentioned.
  78. Athens, Greece. Where to shop for fragrances.

    I will be in Athens in the next couple of days, and would like to know where to go sample/shop for more of the niche lines. I am mostly interested in finding the Profumum Roma line. Any...
  79. Re: Unforgivable Night/Unforgivable side-by-side paper sampling.

    I recently sprayed Unforgivable Night on a tester strip, and the scent that instantly came to mind was Bond no 9's Wall St.
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    Poll: Re: Le Male Vs Versace Dreamer Vs A*men

    Le Male is the only one, imo, that can be worn in every season, even summer. But go very easy on the trigger for best effect.
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    Re: How can I love Paestum Rose?

    Are there any mass market fragrances marketed to men that have a very prominent rose note? I tried Ungaro III, but I am unsure about it. I would be interested in niche offerings as well, but...
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    How can I love Paestum Rose?

    I recently purchased Eau d'Italie's Paestum Rose, as I was very excited to find a dark rose scent. But after a generous wearing, I got a very strong vinegar like smell, which somewhat turned me off....
  83. JPG's Le Male deodorant stick is mesmerizing....Why can't the eau de toilette smell so good?

    i have been recently using Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male deodorant stick and I just can't get enough ot this intoxicatin scent. It is so clean, yet has such a seductive aura to it. It feels like the...
  84. Gucci Envy for Men vs. D & G The One for men

    Does anyone else find these two fragrances similar to each other? I just sprayed Envy for men on my wrist, and it instantly reminded me of The One for men by D & G. Both definitely share the...
  85. Re: Narciso lovers, how do you wear/layer Narciso Rodriguez for Him edt?

    I bought the ''musc'' edp, but got bored of it. I feel the original edt to be more substantial, but again, at times find it a little harsh.
  86. Narciso lovers, how do you wear/layer Narciso Rodriguez for Him edt?


    I plan on revisiting this scent after putting it aside for a few years. I recall when i first tried it, I found it somewhat harsh, then found it almost cloying due to the violet note. I am...
  87. Layering the Mugler line. Any successful creations?

    i recently purchased A*men Pure Malt and Cologne, and will likely be adding Ice Men. Has anyone layered any of these with any success?
  88. Re: Which is the best rendition or flanker of Davidoff's Cool Water ??

    I just tried (and purchased!) Cool Water Frozen and I must say this is what I remember Cool Water smelling like when I first tried it back in the 90s. It has a much more robust and piercing opening...
  89. Re: Is DRAKKAR NOIR still popular with the UNDER 30 crowd?

    Is there anything from the modern era, ie; this decade, that smells anythign like it or was inspired by it?
  90. Re: Which is the best rendition or flanker of Davidoff's Cool Water ??

    I was wondering for those of you that favour or are familiar with Cool Water Frozen, how does it compare to the original? Is there a big difference especially in the projection and longevity?
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    Re: CdG Incense Series,any others?

    Cardinal by Heeley
  92. Which is the best rendition or flanker of Davidoff's Cool Water ??

    I already own Green Irish Tweed, and have owned Cool Water a few times. I would like to find the most vibrant and fresh flanker of Cool Water available. I have even tried other scents that I've read...
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    Re: Does anyone every layer Joop! Homme?

    I never would have imagined to layer Joop! with Jubilation. For years, I have been looking for a Joop like fragrance and have tried many; Original Santal, Individuel, Reflection Man, and have not...
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    Does anyone every layer Joop! Homme?


    I was wearing Bleu de Chanel PH today and there is an aspect of it that reminds me a bit of Joop! Homme, and I was thinking...''hmmm, this could probably layer well with Joop.'' I know that...
  95. Looking to find the perfect layering combo for Good Friday, in particual, Comme des Garcons' Avignon

    Hi All,
    I recently purchases Comme des Garcons' Avignon and really enjoy it. I'm planning on wearing to to church today, but would like to layer it with something to help distinguish it from the...
  96. EXTREA, EXTRA: Great news for Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose lovers

    I was passing through Holt Renfrew in Toronto to retry Hermes Concentre Dorange verte. I saw a bottle of Concenre Pamplemousse Rose. I'm now intrigued. Anyone else seen this?
  97. Re: Montale Red Vetyver vs. Terre D'Hermes: Is it possible to love the one, but not the other?

    I just remembered that Cereus no. 11 is also similar to TdH. Does Red Vetyver share similarites with Cereus 11, as I do prefer that to the TdH.
  98. Montale Red Vetyver vs. Terre D'Hermes: Is it possible to love the one, but not the other?

    I am considering blind buying Montale's Red Vetyver ( and perhaps Blue Amber.) I know, I know, you should always sample first, but I honestly find buying a sample is really never enough for me to...
  99. Re: Planning the scents that will accompany me on my trip to the Greek isles this summer. Help, plea

    I've tried Philosykos; nothing special. So there is no higher quality/niche answer to AdG?
  100. Re: Planning the scents that will accompany me on my trip to the Greek isles this summer. Help, plea

    Thanks for all the suggestions, gentlemen. But I would really love to find something very similar to Acqua di Gio with some more ummph , so to speak. Is there anythign out there? Wall St and...
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