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    Re: Milan - IT

    Thanks for you all for this thread, together with the recent blog post about Italian colognes it was of great help to me when I visited Milan a few weeks ago.

    My overall experience of the city...
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    Lancome d'Azur (2010)

    Lancme's d'Azur is missing from the directory!
  3. The Guardian: "Jaguars obsessed with Calvin Klein scent"

    Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent, Friday 11 June 2010 17.53 BST

    "It's advertised...
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    Re: About the site

    I've too ordered from them once and was happy, very very happy with everything. Would definitely order again, although the shipping costs are IMO quite high..
  5. Re: which perfume has the long lasting fragrance?

    Try Clinique Aromatics Elixir. Recently I sprayed some on my hair, at noon to be precise - stayed out all day, took a shower in the evening, went to bed, and could still smell the perfume on my hair...
  6. Re: Have you found you have a predeliction towards certain NOSES?

    Alberto Morillas is my guru, too.

    First I got Chic by Carolina Herrera. It was my first Eau de Parfum ever - I think I was 21 or so years old when I bought the bottle. Sadly I can't stand it...
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    Re: more from 4711/Muelhens

    There's also an eau de cologne named simply as "Tosca". I've inherited a vintage bottle from my grandmother and I'd love to know more about the fragrance!
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