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  1. Re: Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the civietiest of them all?

    Try Tom Ford Urban Musk from his White Musk collection. I find it rather skanky and animalistic but at the same time sophisticated.
  2. Poll: Re: Which one do you think is better? Bond No. 9 New York Oud or Montale Black Aoud?

    i own both but prefer NY Oud slightly over BA. Although both are great in theie performance!
  3. Poll: Re: Tom Ford Private Blend vs Dior La Collection Privee vs Chanel Les Exclusifs?

    Tom Fords by far. There are too many to choose from:NdN, TV, TL, TV, JN, PP, OW, MB, NP, BM, CA, AA, VG,Z AW, WS,JR, JM, UM, MP,SB, BV,IC,to name a few lol
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