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    Re: Mindless Alphabet Frag Naming Game ~ PART 5

    L is for Labdanum 18 by Le Labo
  2. Re: Which masculine or unisex fragrances ladies do you wear?

    For fall and winter, Some of my favorite scents to wear are considered masculine or unisex:
    Mechant Loupe by Artisan Parfumeur
    Muscs Kublai Kahn, Arabie and Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens
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    Re: Today I bought

    July54, Sarrasins is beautiful, excellent choice!
    I bought it on My trip to Paris last summer, and wore it every evening while I was there. It now reminds me on romantic dates to the opera. On...
  4. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique edt vs edp vs parfum

    Just discovered the forum on this site and straight a away could use everyone's advice on wich concentration/version to choose.

    When I first smelled this scent, I think in edt concentration, as a...
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    Re: Today I Bought - July 2012

    Today I got my order from the Artisan Parfumeur sale in: two bottles of Tea for Two (can't believe it's going to be discontinued) and one of l' Eau de Navigateur for € 47,- each. LEDN was a blind buy...
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