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    Re: Wishing to find the specific odor..

    @hednic Yeah I am trying but as a newbie to this world of fragrance, I couldn't get any thoughts on the samples I tried except "this one's good/that one's not my type". I just wanted to get which...
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    Wishing to find the specific odor..

    Good day everyone!

    I am a newcomer who has recently joined and was looking through all kinds of posts about perfumes lately, wishing to find some info I looked for quite some time. I wasn't a big...
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    Can't new members read code of conduct?

    Sorry if that's a common rule applied to any forums or blogs, but it is a pain to be unable to read the code of conduct while I want to participate in the community in right ways. I was reading...
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    Re: Why are so many people marked as "banned"?

    Came as someone posted up the same question in mind, read so many answers that makes me feel astonished, and thanks to all those words that clarifies more than just original question: why are there...
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    Poll: Re: Boxing hand wraps (Bandaged)

    I do no know how to quote other's post or its imgs yet.. but those yellow gloves seem to be the best choice out of all given!
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    Poll: Re: Which headphones is better?

    Although I am a big fan of Dr. Dre Headphones, I would go for the second one among the two.

    Other features seem to be about the same except open-air or closed system. Closed system makes me feel...
  7. Re: I'm looking for a fashionable backpack for college

    Gucci backpack.. indeed it looks awesome.

    Well, but that's outta my grip since $1,000 still sounds much even though I am out of school already and I was on work since 2 years ago.
    About 100-200...
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    Re: What do u think of this shoulder bag for men?

    Sorry to add one more NO reply to the post.. :(

    But seriously not for a man, maybe for a lady.

    For a man.. I guess.. something like these would fit better. (Well, I do not know about how you...
  9. Re: Crazy about leather….bags, shoes, belts, wallets. What are you wearing?

    Big fan of leather features with such lovely color, RED!
    Coach seems to be a suitable choice instead of overpriced brands indeed.
    I love how your gloves' color perfectly matches with the bag..
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