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  1. Re: Guess the cologne, win a free sample! (part 2)

    lacoste essential?
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    Re: Zara's fragrances

    i have never tried one of their fragrances before.
  3. Re: L'eau d'issey Pour Homme "experts"...Is it my skin or the Bottle?

    it lasts pretty long on my skin but most fragrances last for a long time on clothes anyway
  4. Re: Giorgio Armani Aqua de Gio vs Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey

    Even though Acqua Di Gio is the Number One bestseller, keep in mind that not everyone wears cologne so it is a rare occasion where you will smell exactly like a person's ex.
  5. Re: Giorgio Armani Aqua de Gio vs Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey

    I own both and i think ADG is far more superior to Issey Miyake any day. I have used more than half my ADG and barely a quarter of my 2.5 oz bottle of Issey Miyake. ADG got me many more compliments...
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    Re: Starting a new collection!

    Get Bleu de Chanel. It smells great AND you can wear it in any season. Maybe consider getting another bottle of ADG. At least a small bottle of it. Lots of people love it.
  7. Re: Have you ever apply fragrance in your hair?

    done it before, but not with an expensive fragrance
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    Poll: Re: Which of these is the best?

    Probably Green Irish Tweed.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I never tried the vintage fahrengeit but i noticed all the hype for fahrenheit so i went out and tried it. It was not nearly as good as i...
  9. Re: Aqua Di Gio vs Green Irish Tweed vs Cool Water

    Ive noticed that even though most people chose GIT as their number one, there were still some people who listed ADG as their favorite but not one person listed cool water as their number one. Just...
  10. Re: Whats a good cologne for the outdoors: camping,fishing,etc

    I agree. The bugspray will mix with the fragrance and it would just be a disaster
  11. Re: Whats a good cologne for the outdoors: camping,fishing,etc

    Maybe something like 212 men
  12. Re: 21 year old student - Needs recommendations! - (Picture included)

    Lacoste essential is a very good one to me. It is one of the best green scents and definitely the Best Lacoste scent IMO.
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    Re: Nautica Voyage hype

    Its decent for the price. I agree, i really liked it on paper but on my skin it just smells synthetic and almost irritating. Its not bad but not too good either. I DEFINITELY prefer cool water and...
  14. Re: Worst cologne you've ever smelled???????????

    I havent come across too many
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    Re: What's going on with me :(

    Is it common to spray that part of the arm? Cuz it probably gets rubbed alot if spryed there.
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    Re: Races and fragrances

    Drakkar Noir is very common in the black community in my area. They all have eith the Drakkar Noir or some Calvin Klein fragrance.
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    Re: Ever broken a bottle?

    Ive dropped a heavy bottle in the bathroom before. I thought it was over but all it left was a small indent in the glass. Very well made.
  18. Re: 21 year old student - Needs recommendations! - (Picture included)

    You put down fahrenheit twice, but that's a good thing because you should definitely get it. I also agree with the acqua di Gio. Always gotta have that.
  19. Re: Do you have a fragrance you won't wear in public, only at home and just for your pleasure?

    I never wear Nautica Voyage out of the house anymore but every week i would weae it around the house just fir the heck of it. I rarely wear Curve out either and i find myself always spraying it when...
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    Re: Best Chanel Fragrance

    Thanks guys. I will really consider Egoiste.
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    Re: Best Chanel Fragrance

    The three that i listed were some suggestions. I do not HAVE to choose one of those three . I am just looking for a bottle that would suit a guy under 20 and costs under $100.
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    Best Chanel Fragrance

    What is the best chanel fragrace for a younger person. It should be under $100 a bottle and an 18 year old can wear it.
  23. Re: Someones GIVIN' ME 1 Bottle of Free Perfume (Please Pick 1 Basenote Members)

    Burberry Brit for sure brother.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    There are lots of 3.4 bottles of Nautica Voyage at the two tjmaxx stores in my area. They got pretty decent ones here like chrome and dirty english. Very good prices. And also lots of Drakkar Noir.
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    What are the BEST Sport fragrances?

    What are your favorite sport frags?
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    How many bottles do you own?

    How many bottles of cologne do you have in your collection? Which ones are your favorites. I own about a dozen bottles and as of right now i like my Versace man eau Fraiche and Acqua di Gio. I know...
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    Re: What are the best Aquatic fragrances??

    Haha i got both adg and issey miyake. I personally really like aquatics.
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    What are the best Aquatic fragrances??

    What are some of your favorite aquatic fragrances? The first fragrance i ever bought was Cool Water which is an aquatic. It's pretty good. What do you guys think?
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    Re: Is Cuba gold close to Le Male?

    Thanks man i'll check it out.
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    Is Cuba gold close to Le Male?

    I have been hearing some good things about Cuba gold online and it talked about it being close to Le male? I remember spraying on le male at a department store a few months ago. I liked it so i...
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    Re: Champions of Green?

    Lacoste essential?
  32. Re: Do you guys find yourselves guessing the scents in the room?

    It's okay. I find myself doing that too. I actually did that yesterday haha
  33. Should i get lacoste essential or love and luck?

    Im in highschool and i will use it primarily for summer.
  34. Re: What are some good fall and winter fragrances for a highschool student?

    Thanks guys! What do you like more givenchy play intense or rochas man if you had to choose just one.
  35. What are some good fall and winter fragrances for a highschool student?

    What are some good colognes that a teenager can get for under $60. Please list fall and winter ones.
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