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  1. [CANADA] [TORONTO] Tonka Imperiale, Rose 31, Royal Island Water, Philosykos, Pure Malt


    Guerlain Tonka Imperiale, 75ml 90% full- $175

    Le Labo Rose 31, 50ml 90% full - $75

    Creed Royal Island Water, 125ml - 90% full - $250

    Diptyque Philosykos EDP, 75ml - 95% full - $75
  2. Used Tonka Imperiale - $175! [TORONTO]

    Selling a used Tonka Imperiale 75ml bottle from Guerlian for 175 dollars.

    Meet up in Toronto Canada only. Box included.

    Heres a picture of the level:...
  3. Re: I can't post on the market place forums!

    yes, it is working perfectly now. Thank you!
  4. Re: I can't post on the market place forums!

  5. I can't post on the market place forums!

    Hey, I've been a member of the basenotes community for over a year and I realized that I cannot post on the market place forums, if anyone can help me, that would be amazing.

  6. Re: Wear what you enjoy. Oh really? A revelation

    You can always wear enough for you to only smell your fragrance a spray to your wrist can have you smelling your own wrist all day if you enjoy that scent without projecting.
  7. Re: Bad Experience in China: Eau Sauvage attracted The Police.

    wow even frequent basenotes community members can throw some mean insults... why is this allowed?
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    Re: Anything close to a forest?

    L'homme Libre - Yves Saint Laurent

    smells like forest to me
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    Re: Bigarade Concentree not so concentree.

    where are you spraying it and how many sprays?
  10. Re: EDT vs EDP - Not what it says on the bottle?

    the way I see it is... the easier a note is to pick up by the nose for example tonka beans, the more the fragrance will project. However in terms of alcohol, the more alcohol there is in a fragrance...
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    Re: Most disappointing releases of 2012?

    la nuit de l'homme frozen cologne... just terrible

    projects for 20 minutes and then gone
  12. Re: Will i still be smelled with these clothes on?

    You gotta remember Fragrance isn't always used for the purpose for other people to smell it. You can always spray enough just for yourself to enough and no one else. But that is just a personal...
  13. Re: Will i still be smelled with these clothes on?

    In my opinion less is better when you are heading to class. It's pretty rude to invade other people with your scent when they are trying so hard. You gotta respect the classroom setting. Half a spray...
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    Re: Spring Fragrances

    I'm not exactly sure what its like weather wise in Alaska but if you mainly wear heavy winter fragrances, then maybe wearing lighter fragrances will feel more refreshing :)
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    Re: The Forum Has Changed in the last 5 years

    If you want more quality posts... then you can post in the appropriate sub forums topics... This has nothing to do with male fragrance sorry. We need people to move threads to their appropriate sub...
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    Re: Black Afgano projection longevity??

    Did you put the small sample on your wrist?

    if you spray it from the bottle on your body like your chest or neck it projects much better. You can't really determine projection from a sample vial...
  17. Re: Please recommend some Spring/Summer scents for me...

    I found tea fragrances to be the best for spring

    highly recommend silver mountain water by Creed.
  18. Re: Your most loved and hated note in perfumery currently.

    Favorite: Vanilla

    Least favorite: Oud
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    Re: Fragrances you truly love but can't wear

    The main difference is that you can choose to stop looking at someone's shirt but if you are standing next to someone in a closed space you can't choose to stop smelling their scent :(

    The scent...
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    Re: Two signature spring\summer scents

    I love my creeds for the spring and summer

    Original Vetiver, Silver mountain water for the spring

    Millesime imperial and Virgin Island water for the summer
  21. Re: Your safest, go-to, anytime, anywhere scent?

    Diptyque - Eau Duelle

    very nice transparent vanilla based fragrance
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    Re: Reflection Man...worth it?

    Amouage is a great house where not everything is for everyone but, if you like it (which it seems like you do) then you should pull the trigger and go for it. If you have any doubts about buying it...
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    Re: 1 Fragrance you can't live without.

    Spiritueuse Double Vanille I liked it enough to memorize how to spell "Spiritueuse"
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    Re: Creed Fragrance Analysis

    Their quality for fresh scents can be argued both ways, however, Creed hasn't used every ingredient out there to make any argument that Creed is the best for their quality overall. You can't compare...
  25. Re: Cuir Beluga vs. Spiritueuse Double Vanille

    In the cold weather SDV is my ultimate date scent. It just has the right amount of thickness, projection, sweetness and appeal. People just seem to be drawn to me when I wear it. CB falls flat for me...
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    Re: Thoughts on Bond No. 9

    The value of bonds are pretty low for what they cost.... at the same price point diptyque, frederic malle, byredo, serge lutens are all available which to me have better value than bonds
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    Re: basenoters hating on 1 million

    I think the way you come off in your original post makes it seem like you're pretty much attacking everyone who owns niche and just doesn't like one million. You kinda make it seem like everyone who...
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    Re: New categories of scent

    "I'm not seeing anyone important today so i'll just throw this fragrance" category - Versace Man Eau Fraiche
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    Re: L'eau D'issey questions

    I think that L'eau D'issey doesn't smell like what the modern man would wear today. If you enjoy older scents you might enjoy L'eau D'issey

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think that L'eau D'issey...
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    Re: Best "light" niche fragrances for men?

    Eau Duelle - Diptyque, a light vanilla fragrance with a touch of spice that I think is perfect for the office

    Philosykos - Diptyque, Figs off a fig tree. perfect for spring in my opinion
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    Re: Top 5 Notes

    tonka beans
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    Re: Tested tons of perfume this week and...

    Amouage has a signature feel to their fragrances that very unique to that house. I think that if you really like it, you should go for your Amouage favorites!
  33. Scents that you love but don't see yourself wearing

    There are a lot of scents out there that I think are extremely made and well done. I just don't see myself wearing scents like Musc Ravageur and Tonka Imperiale at all but I appreciate the quality...
  34. Re: Why do so many people recommend to spray eau du toilette on the chest?

    As mentioned above it doesn't project. Spraying on the chest is for yourself not for anyone else. The smell wafts up from your chest to your own nose as you move about during the day

    Some juice...
  35. Re: Fragrance Addict at Just 19 years old? Is This Normal?

    Its never a crime to invest time and money into something that you are passionate about :) just as long as you recognize the opportunity cost of all those creed fragrances lol
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    Re: Do you ever get frag fatigue?

    taking a break for a while is the remedy for any fatigue :)
  37. Re: honey fragrances, are there any out except Pure Havane ?

    L'homme - YSL has a honey like sweetness to it
  38. Re: Buying habits; do you get hauls or space it out?

    For me if I have the money I usually get fragrances one at a time unless there's a huge sale or whatever

    If I'm on a budget I get fragrances after a huge period of stressful times to reward myself...
  39. Re: 1 Million and A*Men as signature I crazy?!

    if you really like them wear them :) but always be considerate of those around you, especially with powerhouse fragrances!
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    Re: Matching fragrances to your look

    I usually determine what I'm spraying on that day will be best suited for the weather and the occasion
    Since I dress for the occasion what I will spray for the occasion will usually match

    I think...
  41. Re: Has Anybody Tried the Philosykos Eau de Parfum yet?

    The EDP to my nose is much greener and more complex than the EDT

    if your only going after figs I recommend the EDT but you're looking for something a tad more complex I'd go for the EDP
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    Re: Refining one's collection

    if you have friends/family that know that you have a fragrance hobby, you can give it to them as an appreciation gift.
  43. Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Philosykos its unbelievably addicting...
  44. Why do we have two nostrils and other interesting olfactory facts [VIDEO]

    Hey I stumbled across this really cool video if anyone wants to watch its 9 minutes and 33 seconds long so its quite long. Its mainly geared towards science and has a lot of cool stuff.
  45. Re: Most Disappointing Fragrance(s) So Far This Year....

    The most disappointing fragrance would have to be La Nuit de L'homme Frozen Cologne... I have 100 mls sitting on my shelf *shutters*
  46. Re: Your precious, unopened, Back Up collection!!

    Planning to get a back up of Spiritueuse Double Vanille and trying to look for a used vintage bottle :D I think having a back up is great if you 100% know that you are going to get another bottle...
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    Re: Watch out...

    I think this thread can perfectly tie in with the thread of how powerful a sprayer should be. When I watch youtube fragrance reviews I do not know why an atomizer that shoots out a HUGE amount of...
  48. Re: Baffled by how Creed Aventus is such a compliment getter...

    The same reason why you see Aventus being "ridiculously average" is the same reason other people can think your scents are "ridiculously average". People have different noses... the worst scent to...
  49. Re: So.. what fragrance would Bond... James Bond wear?

    James Bond is obviously the best spy Britain has to offer so he wouldn't wear anything to stand out... my vote is on polo blue
  50. Re: 5 must have fragrances for any mens fragrance enthusiast

    Diptyque - Philosykos
    Creed - Aventus
    Guerlain - L'instant de Guerlain Extreme
    Guerlain - Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    Bvlgari - Black
  51. Anyone know where to get Frapin fragrances Toronto?

    Hi, I've been trying to search long and hard for Frapin fragrances in Toronto but no luck. I am looking to try Frapin 1270 and 1697 however I could not find a store downtown that carries any of...
  52. Re: Your Top 3 popular fragrances that you just don't like

    L'Eau d'Issey
    Le male
    1 Million
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    Re: Name an unnecessarily OVERRATED frag you know or own!!!

    Le male.. I just don't see how I can get past the heavy mint, insane projection and synthetic vanilla.
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    Re: Best 'openings' of all time?

    Dolce & Gabbana's The One

    The warm sweet citrus grapefruit combination with a very subtle edge from the ginger makes it my favorite
  55. [Toronto] Any places that sell atomizers?

    Hi, I'm super new to the basenotes community! I was wondering if there are any people in Toronto that know of a good place to get glass atomizers? I'm currently looking for a 30ml glass atomizer so I...
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