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  1. [International] Amouage, Tom Ford, Creed, Xerjoff, Micallef, Frederic Malle, HdP, MDCI etc Discontinued Vintage!


    Hello Fellow Basenoters,

    The time has come to relinquish most of my collection which I have acquired since 2011. Everything for sale has been stored away in the underground cold...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Check out eBay right now a $5000 500mL Aventus flacon from 2011... take a wild guess which batch
  3. Re: L'Instant De guerlain Extreme or LIDGE....

    mmm-ok wow this is a tough one. L'instant de Guerlain Extreme is very good in a laid back and confidently masculine kind of a way, and although LidGE is identical in every aspect it has this vibe you...
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    Re: The problem with Tonka Imperiale

    TI is the best gourmand, but for the price you can likely find equally satisfying frags (eau des baux, rochas), however you won't find anything that's going to last like this stuff (12+ hours). Yes...
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