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  1. Re: Anyone Have Tips for a Newbie on Winter Fragrances?

    Thanks so much for your good advice Two Roads and EnvYuS! ^ ^

    I have almost always gravitated toward fresher, sweeter, lighter fragrances, but recently have been okay with more woodsy or "deep...
  2. Anyone Have Tips for a Newbie on Winter Fragrances?

    Hi all! I've always loved perfumes, but only quite recently have been introduced to the fact that there are both Summer AND Winter fragrances. I usually tend to lean toward more summery, light...
  3. Re: What's your fave fresh/fruity/floral fragrance?

    I'm pretty new to scents, but of all that I've smelled (just about all of Macy's and Sephora) I like Beyond Paradise Blue by Estee Lauder.
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    Re: Favorite Jeans?

    Lucky Jeans are my favourite so far, but I haven't tried many different brands besides it and a few others.
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    Crisp Petals by Eddie Bauer?

    Hi, I'm a complete n00b here, and I didn't find it, so I registered it and it isn't up yet. [How long does this usually take?] I own it. It reminds me a little of L'Occitane's "The Vert". A darker...
  6. Re: Which fragrances have the highest sillage and or longevity?

    DEFINITELY POISON INDEED! I remember spilling some on myself as a small child, and it took what seemed like DAYS to rub off. I will never forget that scent. (Can't say I'm very fond of it,...
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    Re: How to get samples at dept stores?

    Good tips! I have NOT been having much luck at my local Macy's, but perhaps when I go to the city I'll hit some of the bigger department stores some of you have mentioned. My friend said she went...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Hi, I'm new and I'm trying to figure out how to use my "wardrobe." I still haven't figured it out. Can anybody help me?
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