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  1. WANTED: CB I Hate Perfume Wildflower Honey and SL Fille de Berlin

    Desperate for the Wildflower Honey now that Christopher Brosius has doubled his prices and priced me out.
  2. Tauer Mahgreb, Guerlain Shalimar, Piguet Bandit, Lelong Elle Elle and other vintage for sale!

    I must downsize a bit and have the following bottles for sale:

    Tauer Cologne du Maghreb. New boxed. $85
    SOIVHOLE (Liz Zorn) Orris Ochre (discontinued), no box, tested once. $20
    SIP Minibar...
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    Re: mona di orio pased a way

    why in heaven's name should anyone so young die during routine back surgery? This is beyond tragic. i hope there will be an investigation.
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