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    Re: "Egyptian Musk" ?

    I love the smell of Egyptian musk! I'm not 100% sure but I'm thinking a large portion of the formula is a synthetic sandalwood odorant + Powdery Musk + Ambergris odorant. But there's more in there...
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    Re: Turning an oil into a spray

    I like the Kiels Musk Oil and have a large sample of it. I suspect, just by the feel of the "oil", that it's primarily IPM. Which would explain why it mixes with ethanol. But I don't have any hard...
  3. Re: What amounts of absolutes will 10,000 jasmine flowers & 28 dozen roses yield?

    If someone finds it interesting and wants to discuss it, then it does matter. If you're not interested in the thread topic then don't respond. Pretty simple.
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    Re: Lilac Accord

    I made this up and have to say it's really fantastic!! Really natural smelling!
  5. Re: Classic Fragrances - Best Reformulations

    I'm going to agree with the Patou reformulation of 1000. I tested it recently and it's pretty bad....It's almost entirely Isoraldine 70 on the dry down.
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    Re: arpege

    I really like Arpege and have made the Appell version. I didn't find it that similar.....I tried to do some additions but was unable to get it close to the real thing.
  7. Re: What do you do with waste aromatics?

    I would like to hear how scenting ones toilet water is any different than the bucket loads of aroma chemicals that get washed down the same drain from: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, Lysol,...
  8. Re: Reminiscent smells of cleanliness in naturals?

    There is quite a lot of citronella in ivory soap so that always smells clean to me.
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    Re: Alpha Terpineol

    Terpineol is one of those materials where, in its pure form, smells of floor polish from my elementary school. But put it in this formula and it's shocking how close to real lilac it becomes.

  10. Re: Geosmin - Looking for Guidance About How to Sell It

    I found my 1% dilution causes rapid olfactory fatigue and I've had to dilute it down even further to blend with. I think that's what's happening rather than DPG flattening it. And my DPG is very...
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    Re: The Perfumers Formulation Bulletin

    Give up?? No way! You use it as a starting point and modify it yourself and see where you get! And it's what I've been doing to make significant progress. Is it the original? No. It's it...
  12. Re: How to use Civet, and not end up with an old lady scent?

    Very interesting!! I have some exaltone too so maybe I'll make a mix of ambrettolide and exaltone and see how that goes. Thanks for the info!!
  13. Re: How to use Civet, and not end up with an old lady scent?

    There is a post I read, I'll try and find it, where Perfumo said the civet drydown smelled similar to ambrettolide (after the skanky skatole/indole qualities lessened). They are very similar in...
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    Re: Group buy for GC/MS

    Fragrances I'd like to see:
    Van Cleef and Arpels First EDP
    Fendi (The original Fendi by Fendi for women)
    Egoitse or Bois Des Iles
    Coty Chypre
    Patou's 1000

    I would be ok with:
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    Re: Group buy for GC/MS

    I'd totally be down for this type of thing. I learned a great deal by reconstructing a fragrance GCMS and would love to do it again.
  16. Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    1. Oakmoss
    2. Castoreum
    3. Musk ketone
    4. Delta-damascene
    5. Orange Flower Absolute
    6. Bacdanol
    7. Isoeugenol
    8. Habanolide
    9. Ylang-Ylang Extra
    10 Benzyl Salicylate
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    Re: Mysterious gift in mail?

    So how did it smell?
  18. Re: Cloudy, with Solids aldehyde dilution

    They can polymerize with age and form white crystals. I noticed a fine crust around the top of my vials. Your sample may not be adulterated but just old.
  19. Re: How to built a Chypre ( Mitsouko direction) accord.

    Basic Chypre-type Perfume

    Bergomot oil 15
    Sandalwood EI 8
    Vetiver Oil 6
    Oakmoss 5
    Rose Base 6
    Jasmine Base 5
    Gama Methyl ionone 3
    Patchouli oil ...
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    Re: Muscenone

    I would also be interested in some. I can't find any suppliers for DIY here in the continental US.
  21. Re: What is that modern artificial wood note that seems to be everywhere these days?

    I don't think it's iso e super. Although it's ubiquitous it's not harsh. I think what your smelling are the super potent woody ambers: okumol, norlimbanol, karanal. Personally I hate them. They...
  22. Re: Viscous but not greasy solvents....

    Well thanks for the input everyone. I will make a few dilutions of IPM up to 24% and see how they differ. I really like the skin feel of it when it gets on my fingers while using it.
  23. Viscous but not greasy solvents....

    I have two or three samples (Boise des Iles pure parfum and Musc Ravageur) that are very thick.

    When I put them on they don't really feel greasy and "sink in" pretty quickly. I'm curious what...
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    Re: Love for Chypre top notes

    I've actually made the Basic Chypre that's first on the list Paul posted. It's from one of the books I purchased. I used the oakmoss at full strength and it came out fantastic. A great starting...
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    Question about Shangrilide

    I've got a bottle I would like to experiment with but it's very strong. Any suggestions on dilution/usage level? Maybe 3% like musk tincture?
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    Re: Butyric Acid

    I really can't imagine you would want a kilo or more of that stuff around. I worked in a chemical stock room and they had it on the shelf. It was in a bottle, inside another bottle, and wrapped in...
  27. Re: What notes do you get from Johnson's Baby Oil?

    According to Perfume Shrine, the baby powder accord is based on lemon + lavender + vanilla. I've never tried it because I'm not a fan of it myself. But give it a try in some varying proportions and...
  28. Re: Inducing Temporary Selective Odor Fatigue (ITSOF)

    This is exactly what I do! And it does work to some extent but I've noticed there are some agents like javanol that not only fatigue my sandalwood smells but also some others as well. So not...
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    Re: Very simple accords?

    Mellis accord : benzyl salicylate, patchouli, clove oil, and hydroxycitronellal (or lyral or lillial)
    Not fruity but the basis for some really awesome fragrances.
  30. Re: Hermitage Oils and Pell Wall Join Forces

    I just placed my order for some exaltone! Along with some geosamin, sandalore, irone alpha, and muscenone!
  31. Re: Hermitage Oils and Pell Wall Join Forces

    I've been debating about ordering some things from Hermitage and the addition of exaltone made it a definite: YES!
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    Re: Dissecting Famous Fragrances

    Just as an FYI....and I don't know if Surrender to Chance ships over can order a small sample of the vintage classics. That's how I was able to put current mitsouko side by side with...
  33. Re: Advice on containing aroma chemicals

    I keep my real stinkers (Shangrilide, Civet ect) in mason jars. The rubber seal keeps them 100% contained.
  34. Re: Zinc in the life and smelling of a Perfumer

    I agree Ziacam nasal is a very bad idea. Oral supplementation is not dangerous as long as the dose isn't excessive. I take Zinc Gluconate 50mg about three times a week. It has really made a...
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    Re: Materials Wishlist

    I'd really like to sniff Polysantol. I've tried ebanol, javanol, santaliff, sandella, and bacdanol.
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    Re: Musk xylene/musk ketone

    I looked at the animal studies they based the EU decision on. The data that showed carcinogenicity were from high dose oral administration and only occurred at the higher dose ranges studied. WAY...
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    Re: inexpensive sandalwood absolute

    Perfumers apprentice doesn't carry Santaliff. I'm in the US and I got mine from It's under the synonym Sandaxol. But it's the same thing. It's pretty cheap too a full ounce...
  38. Re: Anyone has experience with Perfumer's Apprentice GC?

    Yes the complete analysis was 100 dollars. I don't know if it's a bargain or not because I don't know of another place an amatuer can get it done. I guess technically it's 100 dollars PLUS you have...
  39. Re: Anyone has experience with Perfumer's Apprentice GC?

    I had a fragrance GC'd by Perfumers Apprentice. It was Charles of the Ritz (1977) and I was very very happy with the results. The synthetic components were all identified and quantified as well as...
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    Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    I'm surprised with all this sandalwood talk no one has mentioned the series of sandalwood articles posted here on basenotes about the Santum Album grown in australia. I bought a sample because I...
  41. Tips for buying FENDI original formula on EBAY

    A long time ago when I was a student, I did an internship at a pharmaceutical company and I worked with this woman who always smelled fantastic. After smelling her day after day I finally said to...
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    Re: Your favorite note combinations

    I really really love powdery fragrances so:

    1) Super powder combo-- Musk Ketone + Cosmone + any floral (I love it with ylang ylang)

    2) Benzyl Salicylate + Habanolide - Clean laundry-ish

  43. Re: Apologies for the lack of responsiveness

    Make that money honey. We really appreciate all the help you give us amateurs who are just playing around!!
  44. Re: Need your opinions regarding, Eden Botonical Essential Oils

    I think they're great. Both in customer service and the quality of their oils. They offer sample packs so you can test different oils by location. And when you order, they give you a free sample or...
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    Re: Honey Notes

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!! I will post again when my next order comes in and I'll give my impressions!!

    What I will say for now is that Phenylacetic Acid at a 1% dilution is...
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    Re: Honey Notes

    Yes I have Paul. I also searched basenotes and TGSC. I was more interested in peoples personal opinions of specific materials....

    PHENYL acetic acid has been listed in all of those places and...
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    Honey Notes

    I purchased some beeswax absolute which is fantastic. And I also have some phenyl acetic acid which smells nothing like honey and mostly like the organic chemistry lab I worked at. What other...
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    Re: The secret of scent

    Yea it's a great book. Lots of fun. It has some history, some science, and it's a good time. I'm really into chemistry so I read every last detail, but I could see some people thinking it's a bit...
  49. I've been fiddling around with the replacement...

    I've been fiddling around with the replacement arochemicals (ebanol, javanol, santaliff, sandella) for ages trying to find something I like. I'm excited to get a sniff of this new supply!!! I'm...
  50. Well look what arrived in the mail today!

    To be honest the top notes are a bit "aged" but the heart and base are fully intact! The seller on ebay gave it to me for almost nothing because there is a chip in the stopper top and they must have...
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    Help with Civet

    I've got some civet (recreation) and would like some guidance in calculating what percentage of the fragrance concentrate it should be at. I guess what I'm looking for is recommendations for three...
  52. Re: Sniffing out notes on Egoiste Platinum

    It has a very prominent Galbanum note I can smell without any trouble. If that's one of your raw materials go have a sniff and then sample the Platinum Egoiste and it will jump right out at you.
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    Re: Anosmic to sandalwood recreations

    Hi! I'm also I guy who is very interested in sandalwood synthetics. I've posted about them before and since then I've learned a couple of things.

    The first is, all the synthetics you have DO...
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    Re: Polysantol

    Thanks Paul, I checked out that link and they do offer samples (less than a KG) so I'll see if they will work with me.

    And thank you also Chris, Hermitage looks like they ship worldwide so I will...
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    I'm really enjoying working with the synthetic sandalwood aroma chemicals. I currently have Javanol, Ebanol, and Santaliff. They're all different and some are closer than others to smelling like...
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    Re: I think it's ISO E SUPER!

    Thanks for that tip! I will have to give it a try if I find one I can't smell.
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    Re: I think it's ISO E SUPER!

    Thanks Chris!! You're beyond awesome!
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    I think it's ISO E SUPER!

    I've been a sniffer for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I told my mom that I could identify people by their smell. She looked at me like I was an alien!! Anyway I would name smells...
  59. Re: What was the first fragrance that you bought?

    Drakkar Noir. In high school. And I loved it. Probably too much too HAHAHA
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    Re: hmmm is this still Sandalwood?

    I've been trying various sandalwood accords and oils and substitutes for a while now. The Sandal Wood Supreme 3ml (which was 30 dollars) from J Steele is the best I've tried so far. It's far...
  61. Re: Mysore Sandalwood essential oil query

    I would love to buy from a reliable vendor... Who would you suggest?
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