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    Re: Favourite Maurice Roucel fragrance?

    In a way I adore Iris Silver Mist, but at some point its drydown always becomes overbearing and intolerable for me. I've had very long and patchy relationship with this one.

    The ones I own and...
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    Re: Signature Quest - Conifer Citrus Woody

    I'm almost certain you would love LV Uomo. Fantastic fragrance that seems to fit your criteria.

    1. It's green, more forest than cut grass.
    2. It has great citrus top, juniper and juniper berry...
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    Re: SOTD Wednesday 26th August 2015

    SotD: Yohji Homme
    SotE: to continue the liquorice theme, Angela Ciampagna's Liquo
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    Well done cytherian! Sweet and dry? I'll have to think about that one. It's possibly an oxymoron.

    Either way, I've loved this one for more than a decade and still enjoy every wear. Still easily...
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    Re: Signature Quest - Conifer Citrus Woody

    I second Gucci Nobile and Villoresi Uomo and add Blenheim Bouquet. It is citrus and coniferous, but in a way it's more geared to warmer temperatures. So while it is scent-wise the best match I can...
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    Oooh, today I received Angela Ciampagna's Liquo from the amazing Colin Maillard. Gorgeous bottle and very impressive fragrance.

    This is to liquorice what Villoresi's Piper Nigrum is to black...
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    Re: the quality of yesteryear

    Modern versions of some classic Guerlains such as Mouchoir de Monsieur, Habit Rouge and Derby are still good and have this charming old school vibe to them.
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    Re: Royal Mayfair is a masterpiece.

    Yes zztopp, good to see you!
  9. Re: Finally Discovered a Good Designer Fragrance Marketed to Men (in over three months)...........

    I agree with cacio. It's a bit flat and synthetic smelling for me too. I kind of like it, but decided to part with my bottle.
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste edt 75ml splash

    Buy the whole stock while you are at it.
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    Re: SOTD Saturday 22nd August 2015

    Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne from the 70's

    Aaaahhh, I smell great. Finding right version and fresh bottle of Habit Rouge can be a bit difficult, but worth it.
  12. Re: Parure, Derby, Envy, Xeryus, and others

    A lot of new stuff added!
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    I believe the seller only ships to Europe and Asia, unfortunately.

    It really is a rare occasion that Forester-made versions of F&M, Dark Rose and No.88 aftershave are available at all, let alone...
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    OK, so I also bought Washington Tremlett Black Tie, made by Forester.
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    Cytherian, that is none other than vintage version of Czech & Speake Frankincense & Myrrh.

    Today I bought, well, vintage versions of Czech & Speake Frankincense & Myrrh and Dark Rose. These...
  16. Re: Pour Un Homme De Caron Vs A Taste of Heaven

    Atleast my vintage version of Pour un Homme has absolutely nothing cheap about it. Are you guys sure you aren't letting the price tag affect your judgment? Actually, this is one of the best examples...
  17. Re: What are some or your "Nastypiece" fragrances ?

    No Kaern, let's not go to that theoretical discussion about the concept of masterpiece. It is exactly as amazingly retarded as is the discussion about what is art. I would just say that masterpiece...
  18. Re: The most sexy fragrance you have ever smelled

    This is probably almost too obvious point, but I'll still state it. No fragrance is sexy in itself. Sometimes combination of situation, fragrance and person wearing it can create an illusion that a...
  19. Re: What are some or your "Nastypiece" fragrances ?

    Interestingly, I have exact same reaction to Invasion Barbare. Very difficult to be around. Just like with Dior Homme Parfum, I realize it smells good, but it doesn't breathe. This is really hard to...
  20. Re: And my current Top 20 Spring/Summer is...

    Fantastic list. I could easily form a top10 of my own from this refined collection of fragrances. Genuine quality, no flavors of the month here.

    I guess it goes without saying that this would...
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    Re: favorite jasmine ?

    Guerlain Samsara edp (vintage)

    My bottle from 1989 (found NIB bottle from my parents house by accident, my father had bought it to my mother, he himself wore Kouros. Not bad at all, dad) is pretty...
  22. Re: My teen daughter is very upset - can someone help?

    Her being upset will go away in few years. Stay strong.

    On a more serious note, I would go to a fragrance counter and start testing. I've never been a huge fan of finding a substitute for a loved...
  23. Re: What are some or your "Nastypiece" fragrances ?

    Dior Homme Parfum is intolerable. Too dense and sweet in an extremely non-natural way. Just really difficult to be around.
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    Re: SOTD Wednesday 19th August 2015

    Vintage Patou Pour Homme aftershave after shave
  25. Re: AWESONOFA.... WHOOOPS!!! ...Well, I'm glad I'm staying in tonight

    Haha! If I were near by, I would come and say hello. And bring few artisanal beers with me. Then again, there aren't many civet lovers of my caliber.
  26. Re: Fragrances that blew your mind when you first smelled them?

    I'll try to avoid just listing my favourite fragrances and answer the question as honest as I can. Not all of these are favourites, but they managed to surprise me in one way or another.

    L'Air du...
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    Re: What´s the...?

    For example:

    - Most elegant scent? Tiffany for Men (vintage)

    - More refined scent? Equipage (vintage)

    - Most daring scent? Absolue Pour le Soir

    - Safest scent? Chanel Eau de Cologne
  28. Re: Has Anyone Had A Fragrance Go Bad On Them Overnight OR In A Very Short Period Of Time ?

    I have stuff from the 70's and huge number of bottles from the 80's and I have only one time experienced this - and the bottle in question was 40 years old and without the box.

    I think you should...
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    Re: Best "Masculine" Rose/Violet

    Vintage Domenico Caraceni 1913 is superb and traditionally masculine rose fragrance.
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    Vintage Czech & Speake aftershaves

    Hi guys! I adore vintage C&S scents (the ones in a cylinder-shaped package), most of them are completely on a different level compared to what is currently flooding the market, especially when it...
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    Re: Best dior privee

    Leather Oud for me too. I view it as the greatest fragrance of this decade. Like many of the polarizing scents, I find this to be very cozy and comfortable to be around. I can imagine it would make a...
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    Re: Bottle/scent correlation

    Well, if it is possible for a fragrance to smell gothic (not sure how much it makes sense), vintage No. 88 is the one in my humble opinion. New version is soapy and mellow, not gothic at all.

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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    Etro is criminally underrated around here. Atleast the vintage versions of the ones you bought are very good. Let alone vintage Gomma, Messe de Minuit and Shaal Nur.
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    Hoping to receive it by the end of the week. If it's as good as Liquo, I will buy ten more bottles. But... it won't. World just doesn't seem to work that way,
  35. Re: Have people stopped buying Guerlain after the racist remarks?

    He said something ignorant and hateful and apologized. In my life I have forgiven more serious things than an old man from a different era being a jerk. While I too work actively against racism, I'm...
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    Re: Best vanilla

    I agree with pluran - not a rare occurence. This is the only fragrance with prominent vanilla accord I wear regularly.
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    Re: Today I bought August 2015

    That's not vintage, I'm dissapointed Colin. But feeling is probably mutual, since I just had to buy this blind, crazy price:

    Then I got back...
  38. Parure, Derby, Envy, Xeryus, and others


    I have the following for sale, add 8 euros for shipping (it's atleast double, but I'm happy to pay half of it):

    Guerlain Parure 100 ml edt NIB 290 €

    I found this from really old...
  39. Re: I found my holy grail fragrance but its discontinued.(Iris Ganache)

    It just adds to the pleasure when you finally get the bottle. Just keep on sampling it to be sure you love it in the long run and at the same time search ebay and other marketplaces for it....
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    Re: Better Arabian perfume than Amouage?

    Classic Amouages are French to the bone (just think about Gold, Gold Man & Ubar) and the newer ones are just all over the place stylistically. Attars are different case altogether, Arabian and well...
  41. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Maybe Lalique White or Insense Ultramarine Icecube for your friend.
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    Re: SOTD Tuesday 11th August 2015

    First version of Xeryus. Wearing this for the first time from bottle I just acquired. Very impressive aromatic fougere!
  43. Re: scents which capture the essence / the feel of a place ---a precursor to travel ?

    Himalayan odyssey, those fragrances you mentioned are not bad fit, but they are just not favourites of mine.

    Scandinavian countryside (or more specifically Finnish forest) would be Ungaro I. Too...
  44. Re: scents which capture the essence / the feel of a place ---a precursor to travel ?

    Nowadays I travel almost exclusively to Italy. In the islands or Amalfi coast I usually feel like wearing Carthusia's Mediterraneo. In the countryside I prefer more rustic and herbal citrus, such as...
  45. Re: Scents that basenotes forgot (or lost momentum)

    Piper Nigrum, Santal Noble and No. 88

    Ok, so it's more than a decade when these where big here. Anyway.
  46. Re: Describe your last purchase in two words...

    SMN Melograno


    My second bottle of this, and still I have no idea what to make of this. Often it's both simultaneously, sometimes just the other.

    Scarce, you should absolutely sample Liquo. It's dry, salty, earthy yet fullbodied. Angela Ciampagna's sample pack is rather inexpensive. Rosarium and Aer are also excellent.

    I'm almost certain...
  48. Re: Please provide an objective explanation as to why Creed seems to be the most hated/loved house o

    It probably has something to do with the combination of high price, fabricated prestige and pleasant and easy to approach fragrances. This might excite many newcomers and annoy some of the more...

    As a fan of both SMN and true to life and salty licorice fragrances (such as Angela Ciampagna's Liquo - which actually smells like Amarelli licorice), I obviously placed an order. Added some...
  50. Re: New: Kenzo Totem - Totem Orange, Totem Yellow and Totem Blue

    Vintage Kenzo Pour Homme is a fantastic dry & green aquatic. Completely on another level compared to most in this genre.
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    Re: The best value in niche fragrances?

    Older niche companies are often still very good value. Namely, Lutens, MPG, Lorenzo Villoresi, L'Artisan Parfumeur and even The Different Company (you can have 50 ml of the stuff for 70 euros without...
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    Re: Have you found a perfect fragrance?

    A, yes. The, no.
  53. Re: L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain - Eau De Cologne?!?!

    Now this is excellent! It is everything I was hoping it to be and I much prefer it to overtly sweet L'Homme Ideal. Sweetness in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but here it was sweetness of one...
  54. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    Unlike thebeck, I want to wear this a lot. It probably has to do with the fact that when Mugler Cologne came out, it was very important fragrance for me. My wife would still want me to wear it, but I...
  55. Re: Which scent have you worn the longest on a CONSISTENT basis?

    Villoresi Uomo and Eau d'Hermes
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    Re: Man's best friend scent

    Some fragrances make me feel like a modest and confident man who is trustworthy. A man who knows his place in the world and is content with what he has. As a father of three little girls, some days I...
  57. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    I really like Aer and Rosarium and love Liquo. It's the only one I'm going to buy. I concur with the good life's description of Liquo, simplexity at its best. Interestingly enough, Pour un Homme is...
  58. Replies

    Re: The hednic Appreciation Thread

    Beranium Chotato, that's just excellent!

    About the criticism, hednic is always first to admit that he is not a reviewer and has never said he has the best nose. He is Basenotes institution in his...
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    Re: The hednic Appreciation Thread

    Congrats hednic! He is a great basenoter and, more importantly, always friendly and helpful. A good man.
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    Re: a Modernist scent....

    Modernism as a cultural/philosophical/literary/art movement is so diverse and also such a long period, I don't think the concept really means much at all anymore.
  61. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    Unfortunately after two hours Kanat loses its edge and becomes light and pleasant white floral musk fragrance. Still very nice, but not very interesting (or Cella-like). Aer has somewhat similar...
  62. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    This is getting from bad to worse - financially speaking. If I would have to rate Liquo and Aer, I'd give Liquo 9/10 and Aer 7.5/10. Now I'm wearing Kanat, and I really don't want to rate it at all....
  63. Replies

    Re: Lets make a list: Your 1 spray fragrances

    Czech & Speake No. 88 (vintage) is insanely powerful. It has oily texture, concetrarion must be very high. One spray and I leave atleast 30 minutes scent cloud to the elevator. Absolue Pour le Soir...
  64. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    I just had to spray Aer to my other hand right away. I have to say I'm again very impressed. Somewhere between Kenzo Air and Sel de Vetiver. Vetiver, grapefruit and salty undertones is what I'm...
  65. Re: Flankception, what's the deepest a company has gone with a flanker?

    Shalimar Parfum Initial is a Shalimar flanker and l'Eau is flanker of a flanker. Si Sensuelle is in my understanding just a limited edition bottle of the L'Eau. I could be wrong.
  66. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    I just received the sample package, what a great surprise! Beautiful presentation, just gorgeous. Liquo is the first in line.

    I already have to say that I have not been this excited about niche...
  67. Re: Flankception, what's the deepest a company has gone with a flanker?

    Genius thread Lomaniac! So, we can't seem to get past the flanker of a flanker level?
  68. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    I have been wearing this for two days now. The opening is huge blast of neroli, citrus and synthetic musk. It's rather unbearable for a few minutes. When it settles down, it's actually very nice,...
  69. Re: Pour Monsieur and Platinum Egoiste - Safe for work?

    Both are very, very safe choices.
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    Re: Your Top 5 suit and tie fragrances

    Tiffany for Men (vintage)
    Equipage (vintage)
    PdN New York (vintage)
    Amouage Gold Man (vintage)
    Domenico Caraceni 1913

    Suit and tie occasions are very different, as are these fragrances. First...
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    Re: Makeup / lipstick / woman's purse smell

    ...along with a jockstrap.
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    Re: Name your favorite Amouage

    Vintage Gold Man
  73. Re: Fragrances that smell rich/opulent/luxurious?

    Vintage Tabarome is rich and luxurious. Vintage version of Amouage Gold Man is rich, opulent, luxurious and then some.
  74. Re: What is the real story with "vintage" fragrances?

    Buying sealed vintage is very safe. I have a lot of bottles from the 70's and have never encountered spoilage when I've bought them new. Buying used is obviously much more risky.

    A lot have been...
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    Re: If money were no object....

    Leather Oud is the only fragrance I would like to own but haven't bought a full bottle of because of the price. I will one day, hopefully for a reasonable price.
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    Re: Ideal summer Chanel

    Chanel Eau de Cologne is in my view much better than any of the Allure line. It's not sweet citrus, but not bitter either. Superb modern eau de cologne with surprisingly good longevity (this is my...
  77. Replies

    Re: Your "National Fragrance"? :)

    Sorry Mark Trail, Finland already has a dictator. Guerlain's Imperiale it is.
  78. Re: What is your strongest chastity belt scent?

    I am a skin chemistry sceptic. Differences are in my experience usually very small. I guess people just approach certain notes differently. I can easily pick up the barnyard element in Leather Oud,...
  79. Poll: Re: Your Current Favorite(s): How Many Backup Bottles Do You Have?

    Dear Monsieur Montana, I would love to. But I'm afraid I only have one back-up and I wear this a lot. Actually, I'm wearing it right now. I think I need to get some more.
  80. Re: What is your strongest chastity belt scent?

    Vintage Czech & Speake No. 88 is most likely not very alluring to most. I wear it only with certain kind of clothing and mood.
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    Re: SOTD Thursday 9th April 2015

    Yohji Homme (vintage)
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    Re: Your "National Fragrance"? :)

    I've said many times that if people in general would wear eau de colognes and not synthetic, sweet and sickening designer fragrances, fragrance as a social phenomenon would be a positive one. Since...
  83. Poll: Re: Your Current Favorite(s): How Many Backup Bottles Do You Have?

    I have back-ups maybe for 8. These are not the greatest fragrances ever created, I like them very much and I've made some great deals. Price often dictates my back-up purchases, I've never paid more...
  84. Re: ? - Freshest Sandalwood [since Sandalwood (Floris) is no more] - ?

    Etro's Sandalo is very discreet and light, yet not insubstantial.
  85. Re: Angela Ciampagna: Not your usual *artisanal* line.

    Thanks for the information alfarom and Colin Maillard! I'm very, very interested. Liquo sounds especially amazing.
  86. Re: Creed to release a new fragrance this summer

    I've heard it's a fragrance Creed created for Anne Hathaway.

    Because it's Creed, it goes without saying that we are talking about Shakespeare's wife here, not this American actress. After all,...
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    Re: SOTD Wednesday 8th April 2015

    Caron Pour un Homme (vintage)

    It smells plain great and I never tire of it. I feel it's a good fit for sunny spring day.
  88. Re: Fragrances that remind you of a beach or an ocean...

    You are not alone. Apart from the saltiness, most aquatics hardly resemble anything one can find in the nature. If the aquatics were sold in a red bottle and named differently, the connection would...
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    Poll: Re: Dior homme intense vs Dior homme parfum

    This is my answer as well.
  90. Re: Fragrances that remind you of a beach or an ocean...

    It's dry and green aquatic I really enjoy wearing. The vintage version even has foresty feel with very natural mossy base. I perceive it as less synthetic than most aquatics.
  91. Re: Fragrances that remind you of a beach or an ocean...

    This is an excellent suggestion. I also second Sel de Vetiver.
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    Re: NEW 2015 Boucheron Quatre Pour Homme

    Not too excited about the notes, but Boucheron fragrances are usually classy and of very high quality.
  93. Re: What are some 'must have' old school frags?

    Some favourite old school scents include:

    Eau d'Hermes (vintage)
    Hermes Equipage (vintage)
    Herms Bel Ami (vintage)
    Gucci Nobile
    Caron Pour un Homme (vintage)
    Pascal Morabito Or Black...
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    Re: Dior Leather Oud - lovin beats hatin

    I find it pleasant and comforting. For example right now I'm going to bed and I wear it for my own pleasure.

    What I'm trying to say is that for me it's not challenging or provocative. Some people...
  95. Poll: Re: Poll: a masculine modern classic father's Fragrance to remember you by?

    Bel Ami from your list.

    I'd like my three girls to remember me wearing vintage Eau d'Hermes, but obviously they will only remember the variety.
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    Re: Most worn March '15

    More than one wear:

    Domenico Caraceni 1913
    Patou Pour Homme (vintage)
    Derby (vintage)
    Yatagan (vintage)
    Leather Oud
    (a bit surprisingly) Kenzo Pour Homme (vintage)
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    Re: Do you also purchase designer fashion?

    I agree with this. But... isn't all of this kind of given for adults?
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    Re: Do you also purchase designer fashion?

    I buy designer clothes and shoes at around -85% in average. I love it how I buy my finer clothes for around the same price people pay for Zara and H&M trash. Really like Costume National, Dsquared2...
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    Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo vs Uomo Extra

    Wearing profumo today. Amazing. Whatever shortcomings EDT might have are fixed here.
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    Re: Hiding purchases

    Well, I wouldn't lie about it but sometimes I, umm, forget to mention.
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