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  1. American Eagle Live: Bleu de Chanel by any other name...

    When Chanel released Bleu de Chanel in 2010, the internet exploded with derision, words like "synthetic" "cheap" and "generic" flew around every fragrance site imaginable. Nonetheless, it was...
  2. Re: Ed Hardy: Skulls & good it's FIERCE!

    bigbz: what you're looking for is Curve, it's basically the base lavender without the screechy top
  3. Ed Hardy: Skulls & good it's FIERCE!

    It's an Abercrombie an Fitch Fierce clone of course, but it happens to be the best one. Fierce ha the distinction of being the most expensive cologne with the cheapest ingredients. Ed Hardy gives...
  4. And the winner for best celebrity fragrance house is....Beckham!

    I know I'm not alone but I continue to be astonished at the quality of fragrances this house is putting out. To be sure they have their stinkers, but the rule of thumb, as with many houses is,...
  5. Re: New from David Beckham : Classic Summer

    Bigbz: Beckham Homme is actually a brilliant woody pepper. Spicy and just lovely to wear
  6. Re: Lanvin L'Homme Sport...comparisons please

    think Hanae Mori HM without the sweetness of the vanilla notes and floral mid...this that musky in-your-face lemon opening with musk drydown
  7. Lanvin Avant Garde: Better than it has any business being

    Lanvin is a house that always flies under the radar, an old French fashion house whose fragrance line is an affordable luxury. The trouble is a combination of poor marketing budget and low retail...
  8. Guess Homme Seduction Blue: YSL La Nuit de L'Homme, you got CLWNED

    Guess Seduction Homme Blue is marketed as a fragrance that is "refreshing" and "airy" with the ubiquitous "marine notes" meant to lead you to believe this is an aquatic with topnotes like "sand"...
  9. One Million Intense: Intensely Derivative

    You know, I was just thinking "what we don't have enough of is powdery fruit and tonka (vanilla) scents"; you know, except Boss Bottled, Polo Double Black, Ferrari Black, Mandarina Duck Black, Armani...
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    Re: Kings of Versatility

    Dior Homme
    Allure Homme Sport
    Bleu de Chanel
    Guerlain Homme

    They literally go anywhere dressed up or dressed down
  11. Re: Gucci pour Homme II - Possibly Discontinued?

    I mean yes they're interesting scents guys, but fragrances get discontinued for only one reason really, they're not selling in sufficient quantities to make them profitable.

    I mean even Tom Ford...
  12. Porsche Design Sport - Among the Best Fresh Scents Ever Made!

    So there it was, unceremoniously sitting in the bottom shelf of my local Winners: Porsche Design Sport, a "sport" fragrance, by "Porsche" makers of "Design Essence" a sickly industrial cleaning...
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    Re: Fresh, aquatic? Rose scent

    Simple, Tommy, by Tommy Hilfiger or Eau de Prep, also by Hilfiger, fresh citrus rose.
  14. Re: Bond No 9 I

    Haven't smelled the Bond, Ikon is a nice replacement for some of the pricier incense frags, it reminds me a lot of Comme des Garçons Avignon. I'm a complete sucker for a good incense.
  15. Re: According to my Macy's SA, only old men buy Thierry Mugler

    It's true, Boucheron does skew to old...ladies, that foul floral stench that smells like a hot summer night at the Bingo hall after the air conditioning broke down and grandma and her girls were...
  16. What are your Hidden Gems? Scents you never hear about, but should!

    I want to start a threat not of underrated, because that would imply attention, but scents that, be it due to poor marketing or lack of brand recognition, fall into obscurity doomed to be unsniffed,...
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    Re: Mont Blanc Individual

    It's a neon synthetic fruity monstrosity that is infinitely inferior to Joop! Homme, opinions differ, but I find it appalling.
  18. Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep: Ballsy, in a bad way

    After the colossal failure that was "Loud" Tommy Hilfiger decided to do something so ballsy, so unimaginably brash, that you have to bow at least to the unmitigated Gaul; they re-released the Classic...
  19. Re: Which famous designer brand sucks in fragrances the most?

    Ahem, all crap designer frags bow to the atrocities put out by Versace
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    Re: Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    Riley: I actually don't mind Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver and Occitane's Vetyver is a nice Cyprus Vetyver I find quite not anti-vetiver, I'm anti- filthy filthy chemical spill vetiver a la...
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    Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    There is a class of fragrances people buy, not because they are enjoyable, but because they want to see if they can get away with wearing them publicly, this is one of those fragrances. It's in the...
  22. Re: Based on smell alone… what would be your 10/10 fragrance?

    reluctantly, Silver Mountain Water - if only it lastest more than 15 minutes on me...
    Chanel pour Monsieur
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    Poll: Re: Dior Homme Sport or Bleu de Chanel

    I'll be the contrarian here and say Bleu de Chanel, I own and love both, but there's too many fragrances I already have like DHS, whereas, despite it's "generic" label, Bleu has a Grapefruit,...
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    Re: Soapy Citrus

    Muggler Cologne
    Bigelow Elixir White
    CK Contradiction
  25. Re: Viktor and Rolf Antidote officially discontinued

    Viktor & Rolf is little more than another faux luxury brand trying to punch way above it's weight class. It's unsurprising that this dreck was discontinued. Spicebomb is a respectable scent, but...
  26. If you had to be a one-cologne guy, which one? In other words;what is your most versatile fragrance

    I recently bought some Dior Homme and wondered, surveying my collecion; if you had to have one frag for all occasions, what would that frag be?

    In my case; I'd go Bleu de Chanel; it has...
  27. Re: Curve discontinued! Lol can someone please fix the reviews on this site.

    That's what passes for April fools around here...sigh
  28. Curve discontinued! Lol can someone please fix the reviews on this site.

    I noticed Curve and some other best selling frags are marked recently as "discontinued". Considering Curve is still one of the best selling male fragrances, and Elizabeth Arden isn't allergic to...
  29. Has anyone tried L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme or Aventus? OMG OMG!

    Lol, just trolling....
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    Re: I Have a Proposition

    At least warn us, start all your Aventus homage threads with YAAT (Yet Another Aventus Thread)
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel...what a suprise for me!!

    I do love a good fight, I don't mind Bleu de Chanel; is it groundbreaking? No; pleasant smelling? Yes. As for ingredient quality, I think Chanel was going for margin on this one, they needed a...
  32. Re: what smells like angel men without the tar???

    Animale Animale
    Benton by Aeropostale
    Play Intense Givenchy
    Axe Dark Temptation
  33. Re: Banana Republic M and Slate: Quick Reviews

    Skyline: unless there's an in-store sale, look for it online. The prices on Banana Reublic fragrances in their stores has gone way up, even at 50% off it cost me $30 for 50 mL, I wouldn't have...
  34. Banana Republic M and Slate: Quick Reviews

    Slate: What would happen if you took everything that was wrong with Chrome and fixed it. Slate is brilliant, it takes that overly sharp and putrid metallic top of Chrome, tones it down, then...
  35. Re: How Safe is It to wear Mitsouko and Shalimar at work?

    Motsouko is very unisex, it's a reference chypre, but Shalimar; that's a tad too feminine for a guy to pull off Imo...bother are glorious though :)
  36. Re: Which is the most chocolatey frag. from the A*Mens?

    You mean you haven't heard of this year's newest A*Men flanker; A*Men: Pure Chocolate? /s
  37. Curve, Egoiste Platinum, Legend, Fierce, Elixir Blue: A Comparative Guide/Review

    As I own and wear these and they generate lots of question/discussion, thought I would prepare a brief guide and comparative review

    Why these five together? because these are the paradigm cases of...
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    Re: Versace Eros - Extremely Disappointed

    It's a vile vanilla mess, I posted about it not tob long ago, just disgusting...
  39. Tommy's Rose and the Sexually Insecure Thorn of American Consumers

    So I tried Tommy for the first time; not sure how I missed this one but my early fragrance days were with that other american juggernaut brand Calvin Klein. Well the scent is brilliant, a wonderful...
  40. Adidas Ice Dive: A Grapefruit fougere released before it was cool

    So Bleu de Chanel has slowly gained popularity after its initial panning by critics as a generic blue scent. Well I blind bought an absolute gem of a blue fragrance that did the grapefruit fougere...
  41. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    Encre Noir and Avignon by CdG
  42. Re: ANYONE here own D. Beckham's Homme and T. Ford's Grey Vetiver?

    I don't see the grey vetiver connection, but Beckham Homme is a definite improvement for the line. I'm actually not a fan of Grey Vetiver smells a tad old mannish to me.
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    Re: New Haarlem - A steal of a deal

    Nosey49 : light amber colour
  44. Mont Blanc Individuel: Because Smelling Bad is Easy

    What would happen if you took Joop! Homme, which I love, removed the sweet cinnamon and pumped up the screechy synthetic heliotrope and jasmine florals, well Individuel is your answer. Unhappy with...
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    Re: Scent most like Curve

    no comparison, Curve is unique and the fact the high end brands like A&F and Mont Blanc are making pale imitations is evidence that Claiborne accidentally made a masterpiece.

    So here we go again, another house jumps on the 1 Million/Le Male tired vanilla bandwagon with the obligatory fruit accoutrement, in this case Apple with the usual Lemon Pledge citrus accord for good...
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    Re: Tropical fruits in a bottle

    Gonna be a rebel here, but tropical fruits are usually feminine mainstays. Men can definitely pull of the following tropicals:
    Rihanna Rebelle
    Hillary Duff with Love
    J.Lo Miami Glow
  48. Re: Fragrances for men similar to Aventus? But cheaper?

    Original Santal= Individuel by Mont Blanc virtually indistinguishable to the untrained nose.
    GIT= Cool Water

    That's about it for good Creed clones the rest aren't very similar.
  49. Re: Church incense lover, some designer fragance easy to find?

    Zirh Ikon pure churchy as chips and very effective
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    Re: New Haarlem - A steal of a deal

    I own Legend in fact, and yes it's similar, but unless you suffer from a rather pernicious case of anosmia, no one is mistaking New Haarlem for Jordan Legend, the latter's drydown is a cheap lavender...
  51. Re: Byblos in black + pepper, wood, spicy (incense) scents


    1) Byblos in Black is one of my worst blind buys ever, sickening chemical smell, very cheaply done...avoid it
    2) There is no substitute for Bang! I'm afraid, I also love the scent and...
  52. Givenchy Play Sport: Like a Shimmering Castle on a Hill

    Imagine an enchanted castle, white, radiant, with towering white spires topped with shimmering linen flags, surrounded by a lush deciduous green forest and in that castle a tall imposing prince,...
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    Re: Male Rose Scent

    Old Spice (not kidding, it's the classic male rose, and very pronounced in the scent)
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    Re: New Haarlem - A steal of a deal

    hey guys, nope Calgary AB
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    New Haarlem - A steal of a deal

    I posted a while ago about my local Winners ((TJ Maxx) selling Bonds and Creeds. Well, sure enough the clearance sale hit them like a ton of bricks and well:


    yup, that's a 3.3oz New...
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    Re: What is your most used fragrance?

    Lately I'm on a citrus pepper binge so:

    Bang! Marc Jacobs
    Monsieur Balmain
    Bigelow Elixir White
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    Re: Opus 1870 vs. Poivre Samarcande

    Jive: there's a definite cumin or caraway note in the Poivre that just rubs me the wrong way...can't quite explain it.
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    Re: Opus 1870 vs. Poivre Samarcande

    Poivre Samaracande has a very umm, I can only say "musky" BO note that completely turns me off, although I've not sniffed Opus 1870, but I can't imagine it being any worse...
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    Anyone try Armani Eau de Nuit?

    New release and based on the notes I'm curious what this one's like. The only Armani I've liked is we'll see
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    Re: What people say when you wear Yatagan?

    "Open a window you reek!"
  61. I just got Banged! My newest Obsession Marc Jacobs Bang

    I want to share my new obsession, Marc Jacobs Bang! It's rare and wonderful when you find a new scent that you love instantly, and keeps you coming back, but this peppery vetiver does it for me.
  62. Viva la Bang! My new favorite, Marc Jacobs Bang!

    So I bought it blind, it was on sale, I saw it and it called to me from the rack, the glorious and wonderful Bang! A peppery fragrance with a gorgeous dry down. It's everything I love in a bottle,...
  63. Viva la Bang! My new favorite, Marc Jacobs Bang!

    So I bought it blind, it was on sale, I saw it and it called to me from the rack, the glorious and wonderful Bang! A peppery fragrance with a gorgeous dry down. It's everything I love in a bottle,...
  64. Viva la Bang! My new favorite, Marc Jacobs Bang!

    So I bought it blind, it was on sale, I saw it and it called to me from the rack, the glorious and wonderful Bang! A peppery fragrance with a gorgeous dry down. It's everything I love in a bottle,...
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    Re: David Beckham launches Urban Homme

    I must say, I actually enjoyed the original David Beckham Homme, was it a show stopper? no, but it was very very pleasant, and the anise/pepper drydown was lovely. I mean granted the David Beckham...
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    Terre d'Hermes - Le Takedown

    Ahh Terre d'Hermes, what can one say that hasn't already been said. Well after wearing it for the past couple of weeks I've come to a conclusion; it sucks. Oh I wanted to like it, what with it's...
  67. Bond No. 9 and Creed hit the Discounters - Bloom Officially off the Brand Rose

    Well it was really just a matter of time,looks like our friends at Bond No.9 and Creed have finally succumb to what is probably a large unsold stock,shrinking margins and faded hype and have begun...
  68. Mandarina Duck Black - Are you looking for a Higher Quality Boss Bottled?

    I found a hell of a deal on Mandarina Duck Black EDT, so I picked it up despite not being a fan of "black" scents. Perfumer is Nathalie Lorson of Encre Noir fame. For those who don't know "black"...
  69. Re: The unbearable horribleness of Bath & Bodyworks' men's line - I pray Bigelow never dies

    Redneck Perfumisto, RickS: Admittedly, I didn't try the Dark Amber but the 5 or so I tried though were appalling.

    ericrico: I agree completely, but it's wonderful that Bigelow gives you the kind...
  70. The unbearable horribleness of Bath & Bodyworks' men's line - I pray Bigelow never dies

    Can someone please stop the vile synthetic chemical factory of the Bath&Bodywork men's line. I went into the store to replenish my supply of C. O. Bigelow Elixir White body wash (the EDT is also...
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    Re: Polo Big Pony collection

    They all smell like cheap mall scents, just atrocious stuff
  72. Jaguar Vision: The Aventus Substitute You've Been Waiting For?

    Let's start with the elephant in the room, yes this does bear a striking resemblance to Aventus. From the top, in-your-face pineapple and apple blast to the woody mid and touch of vanilla. It differs...
  73. Re: Yet another rant on bad/cheap drydowns!

    Bigsteve: I'm afraid Tropics is spot on on for this rubbish, it's not particularly offensive but 1 million starts to smell very cheap on its drydown. It's sad because I'm a gourmand fan, but not...
  74. Yet another rant on bad/cheap drydowns!

    There's a ton of bad drydowns out there, and I was wearing a sample of AdG Essenza, and sure enough aat the 3 hour mark it turns into a non-descript white musk, which I could just as well pick up at...
  75. Lanvin L'Homme Sport - A Masculine Lemon or Hane Mori HM for Men

    I love HM by Hanae Mori, it has a fresh and bright and beautiful lemon top but, in its mid and base it goes VERY floral (Rose, Jasmine, Iris) and white musk, then ends in a blaze of gourmand glory...
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    Re: Virgin Island Water

    Hillary Duff With Love
    Jennifer Lopez Miami

    Both feminines, but wearable by men, both give you the same coconut tropical suntan lotion feel.
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    What are the Best Celebrity Scents?

    Thought this would be a fun topic since there's some real hidden gems out there. My list so far is:

    Michael Jordan Legend (New Haarlem on the cheap)

    David Beckham Homme

    Hillary Duff With...
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    Re: What budget scents do you actually wear?

    Zirh Corduroy
    Zirh Ikon
    MJ Legend
    Dirty English
    Joop Homme
  79. Re: Bang it like Beckham: David Beckham's Homme

    silentrich: Soul2Soul is your typical vanilla gourmand sweet white musk scent on the drydown, rather pedestrian. If you're in the market for a celebrity scent gourmand, get Michael Jordan Legend...
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit

    I recently purchased a new bottle and I haven't had longevity issues, might be fatigue as mentioned. Definitely give a spritz to an undershirt or something and that will extend the life.
  81. Bang it like Beckham: David Beckham's Homme

    So cruising through wally world I noticed the gift sets were out with testers. No pushy sales ladies, so I tried out all the cheapie testers on offer from the McGraws to the Adidas, and reluctantly...
  82. A Polished Turd: A Review Of Bulgari Homme Soir

    So the top notes.... There's no easy way to say this, the most prominent first to note is... well... poo, dung, caca, whatever you want to call it, the most prominent top note of Bulgari Homme Soir...
  83. Re: Why Top Notes Don't Matter: A Re-Appraisal of Joop! Homme

    Riley: You see the Dreamer is another perfect example and victim of over-emphasis of topnotes. It's a wonderful fragrance, but only on the drydown, the top makes the average male go "omg wtf is this...
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    Re: The best "sweet Gourmand" scent for men?

    I agree on all of the above, I wore Givenchy Pi after a long time a couple weeks ago, forgot how nice it was. I think Rochas Man also belongs to this list as does New Haarlem.
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille- How do you wear it?

    I did a single spray for a Birthday party I had to go to, it can be a tad cloying if overapplied
  86. Why Top Notes Don't Matter: A Re-Appraisal of Joop! Homme

    I'm going to say something which, may possibly draw criticism, or might, taken properly provide a much needed re-appraisal of some truly vilified fragrances. TOP NOTES DO NOT MATTER...except for...
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    Does Bleu de Chanel smell like Curve?

    I've been wearing alot of Bleu de Chanel lately and recently noticed that it smells an awful lot like Liz Claiborne Curve. Has anyone else noticed this, there seems to be a bunch of these "blue"...
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    Re: Strellson No. 1 by Strellson

    Reeks of a fetid men's urinal, a combination of urine and toilet bowl cleaner this is a disaster. Stick with their second release d.strict, it's a much much better release.
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    Re: Favorite Clothing Store Fragrance

    Aeropostale,makes a nice little gourmand called Benton that does a passable impression of Paco Rabane's one million with some more chocolate. It's very nice as is Maximum, one of their other...
  90. Re: Which is the best CITRUS fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    Alternatively, If you're not looking too spend $5000 on a niche citrus collection your options are

    Live Jazz by YSL
    Isse Miyake L'eau d'Issey
    HM by Hanae Mori - probably the longest...
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    Re: A*Men - Who can pull it off?

    Yeah I bought a bottle and regret it, sits on my shelf unused, it's too cloying as mentioned, the tar note is off putting and I find myself constantly reaching for Play Intense or Michael Jordan...
  92. A review of Lady Gaga's new fragrance Lame, I mean, "Fame"

    So digital uber popstar Lady Gaga put out a fragrance called "fame" ; the perfumer behind Illamasqua's Freak claimed Gaga originally approached her to get the name Freak for her perfume; thank god...
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    Favorite feminine that can be worn as a masculine

    We've all done it, found that scent made for the girls but loved by the guys. So what is a favorite feminine scent that you love to wear and that you totally pull off. I have mentioned mine already...
  94. Re: Does one insult the gods of perfumery by avoiding masculine top notes?

    I agree the masculine/feminine conventions are arbitrary especially as you move into the mid/base notes. A current favorite of mine is not only a "feminine" but a "celebrity scent feminine! " Hillary...
  95. Poll: Re: Prada Amber Pour Homme vs. Infusion d'Homme

    Hey no fair! There's no "Neither, they're both disgusting" option.
  96. A Review of C. O. Bigelow Barber 1585 Elixir White: An Allure Homme Sport Clone done right

    So CO Bigelow products are sold at Bath & Bodyworks retail outlets which is where I picked up a little gem called Barber Elixir White. It is an unapologetic brazen copy of Allure Homme Sport; from...
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    Re: Major ebay defrag: is it one of us?

    Someone is entering the 12-step Fragaholics Anonymous. Frag abstinence, the horror!
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel vs Le Male

    How is this even a comparison, Bleu De Chanel is Polge's wonderful take on blue scents and Le Male is a tacky teen girl vanilla concoction cynically marketed to men that don't know the reason women...
  99. Perry Ellis 360 Red: A Defence of "Kockoffs" and Copies better than the original

    In the wake of Apples epic courtroom patent victory over Samsung I thought it fitting to recognize copies or similar-to-original scents that are actually better than the original. Normally I would be...
  100. Re: The Smell for Less: Inexpensive copies of niche

    10dadeo I don't think anything smells similar to platinum egoiste but Mont Blanc Legend is in the same ballpark...
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