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  1. Thread: Aventus in Asia

    by SR009

    Aventus in Asia

    It seems that when I use it here in East Asia it does not have the magic that is described here. I personally like it very much but it appears others do not. I apply very moderately (usually 2 sprays...
  2. Winter is coming - Tobacco Vanille vs Guerlain L'instant Extreme/Derby?

    I got a sample of silver mountain water which I never used. Was tempted to get a full bottle once I tried it for a longer period of time today, but not sure if it is a good winter scent. I have GIT,...
  3. If I like Creed Aventus, GIT and MI, which Guerlain would you recommend?

    Ready to try my first bottle of Guerlain. If I like the fresh / fruity openings of the Creeds, and their natural, non-musky drydown, which Guerlain would you recommend?
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    Re: What is the best male fragrance for men?

    Green Irish Tweed
  5. Why should longevity be a factor for considering which fragrance is good?

    I am quite confused about this. It seems that many people are concerned about longevity of perfume and it is a major factor when people consider how good a fragrance is. Why not just buy some empty...
  6. Finally bought Creed Aventus and GIT - what's next?

    Since this is my first post, a bit of history. I started the fragrance hobby some years ago, and due to some reason I wasted most of my time on CK fragrances. Thinking back, the only OK one to me was...
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