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    Oud Ispahan : Atomic bomb !

    I was in Vegas some months ago and I recieved a big sample of a very cute SA of Dior BOutique in the Palazzo.

    I enjoyed the scent and i found it very sexy and long lasting.

    After 2 washes , I...
  2. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    I invest 240 usd in Profumum Roma Acqua Zuccero.

    All reviews said 2 sprays with this Little boy.....but 2 sprays of this Brand is like 10 of others.....

    I love the scent, by the way.
  3. Re: How is Dior Homme Intense in term of compliments?

  4. How is Dior Homme Intense in term of compliments?

    I have one sealed bottle and I will give it to a single friend who like to have compliments.

    How is DHI in that department?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Only 3 weeks wearing Acqua e Zuchero of Profumum guys......this is my best fragance for compliments!!!!!

    All people asking....I know its like an expensive PInk Sugar, but who knows...
  6. Re: Who is your favourite current youtube reviewer.

    Eric.....scentrifugal force

    This guy is awesome !!!!!

  7. Re: Niche with ....Wow factor and beast projection ?

    I must to try it on my skin, some people said its beast on terms of longevity.....and sillage average.....

    Plus : wow factor here with that simple notes?
  8. Re: Niche with ....Wow factor and beast projection ?

    I tried Aventus some years ago and I forget the scent.

    I m worried about mixed versions of his sillage.
  9. Re: Niche with ....Wow factor and beast projection ?

    Lol....good list . Fleur du Male is very cheap on ebay......thats the scent of Carlitos Tevez, I saw it in one video after his training day.
  10. Re: Niche with ....Wow factor and beast projection ?

    I was thinking in that are awesome , but fragances seems a little bit linear.
  11. Niche with ....Wow factor and beast projection ?

    I want to buy a beast projection fragance, but not something traditional.....something absolutly different, exclusive.

    I read that Pulp is a good option....any other suggestion guys?

    Thanks in...
  12. Re: Is it just me, or does Terre d'Hermes just OOZE sexuality?

    I had a gf who was crazy about TDH .....She found it very very very sexy on me, she smell me and she was super excited with that fragance.

    The no1 for her.

    Another girl in my office too....same...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Hi friends, apologies for , maybe an stupid question because I. Dont want to read all pages.

    I want to buy on fragancenet this frag and I dont know the batch differences....but finally:

    Any big...
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    Re: SOTD Friday 21st August 2015

    Bleu....what a nice scent.
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    Re: Compliment beast

    Allure sport is top in that.
  16. Re: New by Kilian: "Voulez-vous coucher avec Moi"

    ridicoulous name, bad choice.
  17. Re: If you are given a chance to become a fragrance "brand ambassador", what will be your brand?

    Chanel ....without doubt.

    Chanel: luxury : sophistication: perpetual
  18. Re: Blue and Bleu de Chanel, but more original.

    I dont like GIT.....I think its too expensive for what is it.
  19. Blue and Bleu de Chanel, but more original.

    Its a gift for my dad.

    He likes BdC edp or edt style. He likes it because its fresh and strong as well.

    A good and original blue scent....any thoughts?

    Any options for a blue scent? Any...
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    Re: Ambre Narguile, how many sprays?

    I wore it today with 4 sprays, 2 each side neck.

    Nobody said nothing to me, but I felt the scent whole day.
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    Re: Suggestions for a summer first date

    It depends on the profile of the lady.

    Adg is safe.
  22. Re: Help me to decide please! D&G PH or Chanel Allure Homme?

    I prefer allure edition blanche!
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    Ambre Narguile, how many sprays?

    I will begin to use Ambre Narguile, I m so happy!!!!

    I dont want to disturb other people in the many sprays do you use with this scent? How is the sillage?

    In my skin is average,...
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    Re: Polo green alternative

    Esencia , good one.
  25. Re: Tobacco Vanille : really good sillage or not?

    I read a lot of comments like your, thats why i M confused .....risky investment maybe.
  26. Poll: Re: Fahrenheit Le Parfum vs Original Fahrenheit

    I own both.....i prefer the parfum, much more class and not so popular.....a bomb!
  27. Tobacco Vanille : really good sillage or not?


    I want to know if the new version of TV is with strong sillage or not. I read TV is with new formula?

    You know, its expensive....I want to protect my investment.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Best bargain on Ebay (Right now)?

    I want to buy some perfumes on Ebay because I will be in Atlanta and San Diego in some days more.

    Best bargains and excellent offers on Ebay?

    I want something cheap but nice products. Good...
  29. I need Unisex fragances.....Some recomendations?

    I want to buy some unisex fragances.....for me and my sister.....Best recomendations?
    Usually "unisex" are fresh.....
  30. Re: VC&A Tsar and Ralph Lauren Safari Pour Homme

    Hi Primerose,

    In my opinion VC Tsar and Safari are absolutly different, nothing in common. Apologies for my honesty.

    But you know, its only my feelings.
  31. Re: Chanel Antaeus - How Would You Rate This

    I own it. Nice scent, I use it and reminds me a little bit of Kouros.

    Only one side of the scent I dislike: a little bit feminin.

    I say "a little bit" because after some minutes the scent...
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    Re: Terre De Hermes Dicsontinued?

    In general Hermes dont discontinue fragances....Its a long term company.
  33. Re: Face Off:Allure Homme Blanche Edition VS Allure Sport VS Bleu De Chanel..Best Summer Chanel.

    Blanche is more exclusive smell.
  34. Re: Have Guerlain Vetiver and Vetiver Extreme been repackaged?

    I prefer the old bottles
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    Re: Best Projecting Fragrances

    Some IMO:

    Van Cleef and Arpels
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    Re: Le Male by JPG overrated?

    Not overrated.....Its a nice scent.
  37. Re: Eau Sauvage: Still Sexy After All These Years?

    I m using ES this summer....yes, its nice....I m 32 and I feel all the relax with the scent.

    Like other comments the longevity problem is with me, but this is so nice, so mmmmmm, parisien and...
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    Re: Any "POLO" lover heres...

    My dad is using Polo since the 80s non stop.
  39. Re: What was the last STUPID purchase you have made ?

    3 bottles of Voyage d Hermes.

    Bad buy because I tried the scent and was nice....after wearing a while,,,mmmmm, I feel bored.....I make 2 gifts with the other bottles.

    I paid 79 usd each bottle....
  40. Re: Who else do the same? (I think I m alone)

    Thats right....but I think I m the "only one" smart in the in general I give fragances to non perfumistas....only normal people....
  41. Who else do the same? (I think I m alone)

    I think I m the only have a little shame....but come on, we are all sinners!

    Guys, I love to give fragances to relatives or people who have commercial relations with me. I m always...
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    Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Hi ....nice thread....

    I live in Chile and I love fragances....I love to change everytime....I use about 10 bottles per year. I shared with my brother.

    Now I have Voyage d Hermes, Antaeus, Eau...
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    Re: What is your travel strategy?

    When I travel overseas (in general to USA) I pick one bottle of 100 ml with only 4 ml or 5 ml....Short story, when the bottle is ending.

    Why? Because I can buy another full bottle.

    Maybe is...
  44. Re: Left my perfume in the sun all day - ruined or not?

    One month ago I left my gym bag in the car....with a Terre d Hermes bottle....In the beginning I think ohhhhhhh, something wrong is here because the bottle was a little bit hot....Was only...
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    Re: After Shave Balms

    If you use a balm, search an alcohol free.

    A good option is Moisture balm Clarins
  46. Re: Middle Eastern Perfume Oils, which ones?

    I recieved a gift from a cousin....was Eternity.....incridibly nice smell!
  47. Re: How would you describe your personal style?

    Jeans only
    Sport shoes only
    Nothing with big logos like RL

    In general very sport, like Steve Jobs look.
  48. Re: Here was a little deal that I could not pass up....

    Excellent price, excellent product.
  49. Re: What defines your daily choice of fragrance?

    Time (day,night)
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    Re: What is the most complex YSL scent?

    Kouros and Opium for women
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    Re: New Fragrance: Aqua Fahrenheit

    I loved the picture!
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    Re: Fragrances that you wear to bed?

    In general I dont use fragances for to sleep.....but If I shave in the night I use 2 sprays of Eau Sauvage
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    Re: Longevity/sillage on Voyage d`Hermes?

    100% agree

    I own it, but I dont like to buy another bottle. In the begining I think "this think is so relaxing..."....but with some days using....mmmmmmmm.....not bad, but not again.....I prefer...
  54. Re: New Eau Sauvage Extreme: Dior and LVMH dont have commercial ethics.

    Finally the Eau Sauvage arrived. I m enjoying it.

    Thanks Dior.....I think is fair that "gift"

    I will continue buying Dior, thats sure.
  55. Re: What do you think of Chanel Antaeus? Still in style?

    My impressions of Antaeus changed with the time (for better), maybe because I m a little older,lol

    I bought one bottle for christmas and I m using it in the chilean summer, not everyday but using...
  56. Re: Where do you guy's keep your colognes ?

    In the bathroom....but is not in high temperature.....I know isnt the best blace, but I like it because I use it inmediatly after shower.
  57. Re: Noooooo!!!! She likes Cool Waters!!! lol

    I think Cool Water is fine.....and you can save money!
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    Re: Your Favorite Macho Fragrances

    vc and arpels pour homme
  59. Re: What fragrance(s) make(s) you feel clean/well groomed?

    Eau Sauvage
  60. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport or Azzaro Chrome? What is the best fragrance?

    Both are in the same world, but I think the Allure sport is better.....Ahhhhh, try Allure Edition Blanche.
  61. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Voyage d Hermes or Voyage Nautica?
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    Re: SotD Friday 14 January 2011

    Eau Sauvage....reaplying several times of course, but so nice!
  63. Re: Allure sport vs. sport cologne vs. Bleu

    If not... try Edition Blanche.[/QUOTE]

    I had Edition Blanche....was pretty nice.
    IMO Bleu is generic and AHS too. The Allure Sport Cologne is nice too, but think on Edition Blanche, is much more...
  64. Re: Terre DíHermes, Pure Malt, 1 Mill- Safe blind buys?

    In my opinion TDH is pretty safe if you lake fresh scents. But...if you live in Chicago area I suggest to try it first, because is not cheap.
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    Re: all purpose warm weather fragrance

  66. Re: I need....Mandarines, Tangerines or Clementines, (maximum 70 usd x 100 ml)

    Thanks, I read your review, I will tried...Sounds good!
  67. Re: I need....Mandarines, Tangerines or Clementines, (maximum 70 usd x 100 ml)

    Thanks to all !

    I need to try now....
  68. I need....Mandarines, Tangerines or Clementines, (maximum 70 usd x 100 ml)

    I want to buy something with mandarine, tangerine or clementine....All this fruits are near the same....I love it!

    So aromatic and relaxing fruits....

    Last month I tried Mandarine Basilic by...
  69. Re: New Eau Sauvage Extreme: Dior and LVMH dont have commercial ethics.

    Well, after some months, Dior changed my Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme for a J Adore for my sister....Plus they offered to me to send a regular Eau Sauvage from France. Never arrived.

    I called several...
  70. Re: Very long lasting with great sillage fresh fragrance ? Does it exist?

    Perfect.....but Mugler Cologne not.
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    Re: Do you give your used fragances ?

    Lol. why not? The guy I give the bottles is very happy....the last bottle was a 50% of Safari.
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    Do you give your used fragances ?

    Personally, when I m bored with a scent, I give it to somebody who cant buy that scent. In general, I give it with a person who works with me. This situation is not everyday, I mean 2 or 3 times per...
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    Re: Least offensive fragrances

    Voyage d Hermes
    Mugler Cologne
  74. Re: How many samples does Nieman's give out?

    Some months ago I recieved 20 or more samples at Neiman in SFco. Without saying or asking for it. We only begin to speak a little bit with the SA.....She was super cute with us.
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    Re: Voyage d' Hermes

    Yes Mimi, I think its addictive too!
  76. Re: What are you buying yourself for Christmas?

    Voyage d Hermes
  77. Re: projection and longevity with 212 men?

    I have super longevity and sillage....100% recommend it in that side.
  78. Re: Did you have bad comments with Antaeus?

    Thanks noggs for your post....I will buy it , but you know, chilean market of perfumes is very small, and people here is very conservative in that kind of all is Antonio Banderas and...
  79. Re: Did you have bad comments with Antaeus?

    You guess my thoughts!
  80. Re: Did you have bad comments with Antaeus?

    Bigsly....I was thinking on the same concept with Kouros ....thanks for sharing your opinion.
  81. Did you have bad comments with Antaeus?

    I m thinking to buy Antaeus, but I m a little bit worried about if its safe....I m meaning because Its maybe too heavy....and feminine maybe....but its very spetial scent for me....classy and...
  82. Re: If I had a friend that worked at Dior....

    Eau Sauvage huge bottle 1lt.
  83. Thread: Orange

    by tonysoprano100

    Re: Orange

    I dont have good longevity with EDV Concentree.....Try Agraria Bitter Orange, is lovely!
  84. Re: Please a recommendation for a night/club scent

    Gucci pour homme
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    Re: Buying Fragrance on Vacation

  86. Replies

    Re: Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte

    Cocentree and the regular EDC dont have good longevity and sillage....for to wear it in home and nothing else.
    TDH is 100 times better.
  87. Re: Is Allure Homme Edition Blanche so recognizable that it's boring?

    Is not boring....its so nice and relaxing.....I own it.
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    Re: Neiman Marcus scent event

    Wow.....sounds good! Lucky!
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    Re: top 5 sexiest FRESH fragrances

    chanel allure edition blanche
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    Re: LEMON suggestions

    Ysl Haute Concentration (lemons, lemons and lemons with huge flavor)
    Eau Sauvage (fresh and old lemons)
    Allure Sport Edition Blanche (discret lemons)
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    Re: Fragrance for summer/office wear...

    Voyage d Hermes super discret, refreshing, 5 stars as well.
  92. Re: Which is the best CITRUS fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    ysl pour homme haute concentration.
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    Re: Summer scents - what to buy?

    Try Terre d Hermes
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    Re: Apple Note with Good Longevity

    Dunhill (the red box)
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    Poll: Re: Farenheit or Farenheit Absolute?

  96. Re: Chanel Allure Sport vs Chanel.Allure Blanche

    I owned Edition Blanche because was much more exclusive and relaxing for me.

    The Sport version is more common....but have tremendous longevity and sillage.

    Both are very safe, but Edition...
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    Re: Maraschino cherry scent

    I love Marraschinos!

    Maybe Azzaro Elixir....or something like M7
  98. Re: Which fragrances have the Best Sillage?

    Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme
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    Re: Bad Longevity with Rive Gauche PH?

    My brother tried at Macys some months ago and he have a "bomb" longevity.....After that he buy one bottle on EBAY.....short story, he said the bottle of Macys have better longevity.....He bought it...
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    Re: Terre d'Hermes - EDT or Pure Parfum?

    The Shower gel is great (is shampoo also).....and the after shave balm (alcohol free) is awesome....I bought 2 gift sets in 58 usd here in Chile. Cheap.
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