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    yeah I remember when buying this one reading about that. I find that any sort of sour citrus, so say grapefruit for example, on some skin it can turn acidic and smell bad. Some people reported...
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    Re: D&G pour homme or Bleu de Chanel

    both good choices IMO. I think the D&G PH is a bit more masculine and mature but the Bleu is easier to wear and more versatile.
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    Re: Armani prive

    there are quite a few.

    Some are very good.

    I don't know if I'd say they are compliment getters in general...

    perhaps do a little more reading around since there have even recently been a...
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    Re: Big work Christmas party scent...

    while normally for anything hot and sweaty and formal I'd suggest Grey Vetiver or GIT and the likes, I think I'd either go a little darker with it and wear Prada Amber Intense, so you'll get the...
  5. Re: /the rose 'note' and Noir De Noir...I feel like I can't pull this off with pants

    double post, mods please delete
  6. Re: ...the rose 'note' and Noir De Noir...I feel like I can't pull this off with pants

    I think guys could wear it, but personally I've always felt it's rather seductive and sexy on a woman. It's roses, oud, chocolate, etc. I find it quite gourmand and sexual, something to be licked......
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    whoa holey moley that's quite a necro!

    Cosanostra - Totally ignore any sort of gender classification with this one. Personally I own a bottle and I'm a 30 year old straight guy and I wear plenty...
  8. Re: Tobacco Vanille or Guerlain blind buys?

    the guerlain SDV is a beautiful amazing scent, but IMO it's really just vanille. It covers the whole accord, and it's amazing, but it's pretty much just vanille... so I love it but it may get a...
  9. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    I think what you need is dark fruits and spices. guys like Malone or L'artisan are a little light and ethereal. I'm not surprised you didn't find what you were looking for with those two. Even Serge...
  10. Re: What is the most you've ever sprayed at once?

    I think it was one of the Guerlains, Eau? Imperial? a good 10-15 sprays all over. No shame, it's an edC. Fun refresher and then gone in 10-15 minutes.

    I once did 4-5 Montale Black Oud. Now that...
  11. Re: How important is it to keep the original boxes of your fragrances?

    your call. I keep the boxes partly because they're beautiful, partly because they're practical in terms of keeping scents in the dark and they're easier to store/stack that way, and also for resale....
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    Re: Tom Ford sprayers

    I'd say it's about 7-10 sprays per ml, the Fords being on the higher side of that so say 9-10. And if you wear 2 sprays per use, then it's about 4-5 uses per ml, so 50ml will last around ~200. Maybe...
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    Re: Tom Ford sprayers

    Regarding the atomizers - I've personally got about 8-10 of the 50ml bottles myself. Their atomizers don't spray a lot of juice but they do spray it evenly and well. and considering how strong this...
  14. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    still taking orders! :-)
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    Re: Made my first purchase

    aw man, I love BN. From axe to Knize 10. Good stuff :-)
  16. Re: Wonderful, Another Aventus Thread…….but Please Hear Me Out

    I think there have always been a few people (myself included) that have said that Creeds seem to work best with a few conditions...

    1. They seem to need some time to mature and mellow out and...
  17. Re: Where have all the unique bottles gone?

    I'm actually the same way on this one. Assuming the original design is good, I'm happy with a house all having the same bottle with slight variations. I love the bottles from L'Artisan, Tom Ford, Le...
  18. Re: Help me understand Balenciaga pour Homme

    sounds like a fair price. and we're talking about $25, how wrong can you go. Or heck, just go buy FSUgrad's bottle since he hates it so much!
  19. Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Misia coming Feb 2015?

    huh, cool. Looking forward to smelling this one!
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    Re: Was Le Labo reformulation?

    huh, ain't that the question. This is almost impossible to answer because technically every bottle suffers from batch variation in some way shape or form. Every bottle is made on the spot so there...
  21. Re: Is Tuscan Leather an 'attractive' fragrance?

    whoa, that's a bump on an old thread...

    Can't believe I never commented on this one before. IMO Tuscan Leather is a power scent, not an attractive scent. It will attract people, but it's not soft...
  22. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    nope, the main notes for BD'E are the dry smokey wood and incense. There are supporting notes like black pepper (I think) and a unique accord in the opening of Eucalyptus which adds a sort of menthol...
  23. Re: Guerlain counters (or lack thereof) in dept stores in Australia

    aw man, tell me about it. Yes, we actually have a boutique here in Toronto, and there are a few nice Guerlain counters, but only really in stores where they've update ALL of the branded counters, and...
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    Re: Splashing the Private Blends

    I have bottles and usually spray, but, using those splash samples, I've actually come to enjoy putting a little dab behind my ears and on the top of my wrists. In many cases I actually have found...
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    Re: Natural v. Synthetic Men's Scents

    errrr.... yeah, bit of a false dichotomy here, but I'll take it in the spirit...

    To me, I tend to find Indie perfumers, guys like say Tauer, or shops like Lush and L'Occitane, have a 'natural'...
  26. Poll: Re: UNGARO pour Homme, I, II, III, what do you prefer personally?

    just make sure to do a little reading on BN about formulations and packaging. I believe there are at least 2-3 different versions between box and cap colors and the juice is quite different for each,...
  27. Re: What retailers can I find decanting supplies?

    ^^^ Yep, agreed. I know of no brick and morter, but for online I use AFF for smaller orders and certain items, and BestBottles for larger orders (I think they have a minimum shipping charge).

  28. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    hmmm, I own plenty of bottles that are worth quite a bit, but in terms of hard cash payments, I think it was actually Amouage Jubilation XXV at $250-300 Or Dior privee's (a few of them) with exchange...
  29. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    ah, in that case I'd say try the Ambre Soie (a spicey amber with strong supporting cinnimon note), and also Ford's Sahara Noir which IMO has some strong overlap with Encens Satin. The Bois D'Encens...
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    Re: Tom Ford - What Would You Buy ?

    I think Black Orchid is more interesting but a little hard to wear. It's complex and loud so I've really got to be in the mood for it. For good quality, easier to wear and likeability, I'd say...
  31. Re: What am I missing from my collection?

    from there, and keeping with extrait strengths, I'd say try the few chanel exclusifs that do parfum, guerlain will have quite a few options for you, and many houses like Ford and Montale+Macera are...
  32. Re: Looking for a "bad boy" rum and oceanic fragrance.

    Virgin Island Water is a good choice, and I'd throw in Guerlain's Homme ("mohito accord" with lime, mint, and white rum)

    If you want bad boy booziness with a little biker thrown in... Most of...
  33. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    I like Bois d' Encens, Ambre Soie, and Encens Satin
  34. Re: There's something about Silver Mountain Water

    My suggestion is to buy a 10ml decant so you'll feel like you 'own' a bottle. If you keep wearing it and finish the decant, then get a bottle. If you keep sniffing it but never really run out, you'll...
  35. Re: Regarding Dior's Private Collection

    yeah for anything related to heat I'd say either Bois D'Argent, or Cologne Royal, and if they still have testers, the Vetiver. Ambre Nuit is a beautiful scent, but I think it might be a little...
  36. Re: Bone-dry niche fragrance to add to my collection?

    I say it's more about house style...

    Comme Des Garcons
    L'Artisan Parfumeur

    The above two generally have low projection, smell niche but are reasonably priced, and often have some sort of wood...
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    Re: Are you keeping a secret?

    makes you feel exceptional eh? it's because You Are
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    Re: Tom Ford noir de noir

    I quite like this scent, though I do agree that there's quite a bit of fem side to it. Actually Cafe Rose with the incense and coffee against the rose instead of NdN's chocolate side, less gourmand,...
  39. Re: First Cologne is Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford...what next?

    uh, yeah. Splits gets you 50ml of juice for $125. Why anyone would pay an extra $100 for the Ford black bottle.... If the guy can afford Tuscan and likes the house style then Tobacco Vanille seems...
  40. Re: First Cologne is Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford...what next?

    Tobacco Vanille would seem like a logical choice....
  41. Re: How do I clean my plastic atomizer?

    just be very careful to wash it out completely. if there's any detergent left, even trace amounts, it'll muck up the perfume. Also make sure to let the water completely dry out from the bottles.
  42. Re: Semi-blind bought AdP Oud, what to expect?

    I think it's an excellent scent. Not much I can compare it to, maybe a little bit like the Creed Royal Oud in that it's sort of a watery open fresh take on the note but that just doesn't do it...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Hey Viffer, I'm a collector too and I love the packaging, but why put the bulky boxes in the fridge too? Wouldn't you have a lot more space with only bottles in there plus I don't know if the...
  44. Re: have alot of fomulas now what to do with them

    I'd say sell them for a chunk with a royalty attached.
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    Re: Beard or no?

    on that point, all I can say is this, be honest with yourself about if you can actually grow a beard or not. I see too many young guys who want to jump the trend and really just don't have enough...
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    Re: Champaca Absolute vs. Santal Blush

    it you're female, 26, and european, unless you're sort of into masculine or earthy stuff, I'd say the Santal Blush all the way. It's warm, soft, powdery and feminine.
  47. Poll: Re: Christian Dior Homme Parfum vs Christian Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum

    I have a hunch the Homme is going to win... but my problem is that I suspect it's because there are a lot of guys like me (oops) voting that have only actually smelled the Homme and not the...
  48. Re: Do you explain to people if you are wearing a "clone"?

    the reason they're asking is because they like what THAT scent smells like.

    the reason you're wearing it becuase it smells like something ELSE you wish you had instead.

    That's your problem,...
  49. Re: Aramis Devin vs. Tom Ford Italian Cypress

    I think IC is a good modern update of Devin. It's a modern wearable version of a lot of these 80's green spicey leather classics and good for a guy either in his 30-40's who's just getting into his...
  50. Re: Is it worth chasing more sandalwood?

    I could be wrong on this, but pretty sure I’m not. I believe there are at least 3 versions of Etro’s scents. The original is a round matte paper, the second is a square paper, and the third is the...
  51. Re: Love Invasion Barbare & Aventus. Is the other scents along these lines?

    err, just my take on it, but they're pretty different scents, not just in smell but overall vibe.

    Barbare is creamy, spicey, and rich but cool. It's white with blues and flecks of brown, holds...
  52. Re: Is it worth chasing more sandalwood?

    based on what you've liked so far, I'd say either stick with the Santal Noble, and honestly the vintage is really even nicer but the new one is still really really good... And I'd actually bother to...
  53. Re: 30% off Mona di Orio at firstinfragrance / ausliebezumduft

    I called, Oud's already gone
  54. Re: YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme tin can for cheap!

    sweet, love this stuff! Will be wearing this for years and years to come and what a great price. Thanks for the head's up
  55. Re: Has Tuscan Leather been slightly reformulated?

    haven't heard of or smelled any differences on this juice and I've seen a lot of it over the past 2-3 years
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    Re: please delete this thread

    is it over yet?
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    Re: How much is your collection worth?

    phew... I think I've estimated that I've spent probably around $7000 or so but it's worth about $10,000 give or take. I've got about 75-80 retail bottles in packaging, many of it niche around...
  58. Re: [UK Only] New splits 2014 | By Kilian, Creed & Tom Ford

    ^^^ there's a couple of guys in the UK that do splits I think, just saw someone post. Persianprince maybe?

    Some splitters (like me) will ship to the UK. I know you guys have a bit of a tricky...
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    Re: tom ford oud wood or cafe rose

    I'm currently doing a split of Oud Wood with a few spots left. This isn't spam, I'm just saying that there are splits out there being hosted and I/we all ship internationally and stuff.

    are you...
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    Re: People Defending SAs

    I say this as someone who worked a counter for a few years and was surrounded by these guys. Firstly it's retail money getting paid so doesn't exactly attract the cream of the crop, it's retail...
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    Re: Looking at the stores

    it's like watching previews/ads for movies on youtube or plot summaries before spending $13 and 2 hours on a movie.

    you spray a bunch of cards and sniff them and hone in on generally a few you...
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    Re: NEWBIE Office Tom Ford Scent

    yes... for office, and daytime, there are quite a few that get ruled out in my opinion, including Noir de Noir (for those purposes anyway).

    from Private Blends I'd say try Italian Cypress and...
  63. Re: What fragrance truly deserves the moniker "Spicebomb"?

    Frapin - Caravelle Epicee?
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    Re: Sales Assistant Insanity!

    (even as a former SA I say this)

    you pay peanuts, you attract monkeys
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    Re: please delete this thread

    I LIKE it! It's so simple, so elegent, it's a study in minimalism and a perfect projective medium. We each see our imagination here in this blank space...

    Speaking of which... perhaps the OP...
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    Re: Scents on a plane: What do you wear?

    based on what they have at the duty free, I usually sniff a bunch but end up spraying myself quite liberally with a combo of the Hermes Eau's (grapefruit, orange, etc)
  67. Re: Looking for a straightforward musk

    depends... you want soapy clean or spicey and dirty?

    assuming the former, see if you can find samples/bottles from the Tom Ford musk collection that was discontinued. I believe White Suede is...
  68. Re: Tom Ford Splits!!! Plum Japonais, Oud Wood, Costa Azzura, Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Café

    ^^^ thanks for the update my friend. I try to get these out pretty quickly. Was laughing while wrapping thinking damn, he's going to take a while to open this, but hey would rather hear that then...
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    Re: which dyptique should i buy

    oh boy, so many! just depends on what you're into...

    Duelle - dry spicey vanille, a masculine take (give it some time to settle, like at least 10-15 minutes)
    Philosykos - creamy green figs and...
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    Re: Confounded by Diptyque

    I will say this about Tam Dao, it has it's supporters, but if you're after sandalwood there are many more options out there, plus the TD of today is not what it was... that being said try the EdP...
  71. Re: the most creamy of the houses: amouage, creed, chanel and tom ford.

    well of all the houses and descriptions you could pick...

    Amouage is about wood+smoke and florals and exotic stuff, generally dry or green, dry textures
    Creed is about airy fresh crisp smells,...
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    Re: Confounded by Diptyque

    I find Diptyques show me greens, whites, blues, and browns. They have a LOT of texture play, so much texture play with these. Basically I think of them as earthy natural type smells. You're climbing...
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    Re: Other male fragrances with jasmine

    ELDO Jasmine and Cigarettes

    and if you can ignore the gender marketing - Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge
  74. Re: Tom Ford Splits!!! Plum Japonais, Oud Wood, Costa Azzura, Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Café

    Hey, sorry if that was unclear... it's 50ml portions in a labelled atomizer for $130 shipped within North America and $140 for international and Aussie+Asia might be a little more. I thought the...
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    Re: Arpege pH fans, I found this..

    protip - use toolhaus to check ebay sellers for removed negative and neutral feedback...
  76. Re: Purchased three bottles of Rive Gauche

    great scent. I remember when I bought mine for $30 at Walmart. Le sigh, gougers gonna gouge. Then again honestly, even for $50-100 this juice is still more than worth it.
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    Re: Kilian coffins

    was the black coffin in a white cardboard sleeve or box and was that box cellophane wrapped? That's how you know it's sealed. If it was sealed in cello but still sprayed on the first pump, I'd be...
  78. Re: where to buy derby without having to sell my body in the corner for money?

    what corner are you going to be on and how much you want?
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    Re: new here and wanted to say hi


    remember, read a lot, sample a lot, buy a little. RESIST THE TEMPTATION to buy stuff... get samples, get 5-10ml decants, etc. Your tastes WILL change over time, and enjoy the ride. And...
  80. Re: I need all the best sandalwood frags

    would love to know this too. I have some vintage MPG Santal Noble and I think it's got some actual sandalwood in there and there's no comparison to any other wood scent I've ever smelled.
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    Re: Girlfriend doesn't like Aventus?

    so what are your plans for getting a new girlfriend?

  82. Re: Underwhelming Experience with Designer Fragrances.......

    you take the blue pill...

    welcome to the world of BN, where you'll realize there are some good designer ones out there but for the most part... well basically I'm saying you walked into the gap...
  83. Re: I need all the best sandalwood frags

    ahem -

    as for shave creams, Art of Shaving Sandalwood is a nice one, also Crabtree & Evelyn does a nice Sandalwood I think. And I recall...
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    Re: Bond No9 Pure Tola Oils

    when you buy Chanel exclusives for 30ml(?) of extrait it's $300 so Bond's 10ml for $300 is rather high, but let's wait until people have tried them and reported back... I have a feeling they're going...
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    Re: How to enjoy Guerlain??

    how could i completely have forgotten about this! L'Homme!

    I'd say go sniff out

    1. L'Instant (and the extreme) for something warm gourmand and cozy for fall/winter, it's like warm dry cocoa...
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    Re: Bond No9 Pure Tola Oils

    yknow I've got to hand it to them, I actually think this is a good move. hate them or not, these guys know sales and marketing and this idea might turn out to be a flop (but at least give them credit...
  87. Re: [UK Only] New splits 2014 | By Kilian, Creed & Tom Ford

    Hey guys,

    (if anyone has a problem with this note please please tell me, this is open and genuine)

    I'm really sorry to hear about Kron's situation - life is more than just perfume and health...
  88. Re: How to Tell if I've Bought a Fake Tom Ford Private-blend

    There's a mix of both situations for both flacons and 50ml spray testers. So basically for the 50ml sprayers, yes, for the most part the SA's just open real product and chuck out the box, but like I...
  89. Re: Looking for a new winter fragrance that's not Hermes (Need to break free!)

    I think I would say if you like natural and airy scents, then explore the AdP side of things more too. They even have an oud and leather scent, but look at that Mediterranean line of theirs for...
  90. Re: How to Tell if I've Bought a Fake Tom Ford Private-blend

    It’s possible there are fake Ford bottles out there, but I’ve never seen or heard of them and considering how many of us buy these, I’ve yet to see a single basnotes person show one, I don’t think...
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    Re: How to enjoy Guerlain??

    well on the one hand, Guerlain is rich and complex and they spend years making them so you really have to spend time with the scents and get to know them over many wearings... on the other hand, most...
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    Re: Updating my colognes

    honestly it sounds like you need to just get out there and sniff a lot more stuff. Ignore sales people, take some notes, wear it on skin, collect samples, and buy 5-10ml decants of everything first....
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    Re: Tom Ford: Italian Cypress or Oud Wood

    Hmmm, tough call. I find the Oud Wood very mellow and exotic but the Italian Cypress is very masculine green and stable.

    Oud is adventure, Cypress is dependability.

    Italian Cypress - full...
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    Re: Demeter - What's up with them?

    there's a local store selling off the line on sale and I picked up 6-7 for $5 CAD a piece. At that price I'd say they're worth it. For 30ml of water at $20-30 I'd probably pass.

    his (Brosius)...
  95. Re: How to Tell if I've Bought a Fake Tom Ford Private-blend

    with fragrances, especially online, there can be a whole history that's unknown there. Maybe an authorized dealer took the tester and put it in their display window outside in direct sunlight and...
  96. Re: How to Tell if I've Bought a Fake Tom Ford Private-blend

    so the answer is a mixed yes and no...

    I've never heard of any fake packaging on the Fords, meaning fake bottles and boxes, though there'd really be a market for it, but I've simply never ever...
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    Re: Must smell like Blackberries!

    come to think of it I don't actually know any blueberry scents specifically. Now if you say berries in general, or something like cassis, plenty of options there...
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme question

    Personally I think it's a smoother fuller take on Tuscan Leather. IMO it's exactly what the Ford house should feel like. It's a rich full leather with fruits and spices. It smells like the Ford...
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    Re: Essence of Galliano comparisons

    I've got a bottle of this and find it really really sharp and smokey. In terms of perfumes that might get close...

    maybe Sonoma Scent Studios Fireside Intense
    Try Diptyque's Feus de Bois candle...
  100. Replies

    Re: Estee Lauder acquires Frederic Malle

    in case you can't access the article (I couldn't said i had to pay or something), here's another link
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