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    Re: Unexpensive fragrance for this spring/summer

    Without going too off-tangent from what you're using :
    Versace Pour Homme Eau Fraiche
    Hugo Hugo Boss

    Personal recommendations:
    Paris Hilton for Men (blue swirl bottle) -> fruity sweet fresh and...
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    Re: Best of the 90's?

    In terms of influence --> Acqua di Gio, CK One & Cool Water.
    Up to now still the top sellers in my country, the holy triumvirate. (Joop, Rochas Man, whatever Paco or Creed release be damned --...
  3. Re: Ferrari adds unisex trio to Essence Collection : Pure Lavender, Bright Neroli and Noble Fig

    I just hope that these turn out to be more "Essence" rather than their not-so-impressive other frags released earlier. This more premium line has a few good ones (I have the Oud), I just hope the...
  4. Re: Bottle Bling: Paris Hilton Announces Her Limited Anniversary Edition Perfume

    I don't expect a lot from her when it comes to frag development; I'm sure it takes a lot of training, study, and one really has to have a "nose" for it. So yeah, she may be more of a marketer and a...
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    Re: Anyone a fan of dolce and gabbana for men?

    I love the vintage juice, but I try to space my usage, I dont want to run out of it and switch to the new one.
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest (new for 2015)

    woooh it's getting some Basenotes love, looks like TM hit the nail on this one. I doubt it'll hit our shores over here but I hope I get to see it in one of my overseas trips this year. MUST.GET.
  7. Mugler's latest A*Men flanker fragrance is Ultra Zest

    That bottle might get a lot of snarky comments but I got the tingles when I got to the end. Excited much!
  8. Re: What was your First Fragrance that triggered collecting?

    My mom would bring me a fragrance from the first time she could afford leisure travel -- first was Lacoste Eau De Sport from Hong Kong duty free, then Paco Paco Rabanne (the unisex one in the...
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    Re: What will be your first purchase of 2015?

    None, at least in the 1st quarter of '15, unless I have a sudden business trip again overseas and trip on a good deal. I have a dozen unopened bottles still; including Nemo from Cacharel and eau...
  10. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Pour Homme is in my top 5, and I'm excited for this.
    However, I am wary about the creamy part, or the parts in the thread where it leans towards the 1 million kind, which I'm not into (and the world...
  11. Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme INTENSO is finally out

    Pour Homme is in my top 5, and I'm excited for this.
    However, I am wary about the creamy part, or the parts in the thread where it leans towards the 1 million kind, which I'm not into (and the world...
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    Re: Carolina Herrera: Best of?

    Herrera for Men was a fragrance I loved so much in the past, but recent sampling (my old bottle fell on the gym floor) hit me with a sour note that I couldnt get over, so I didnt repurchase. Was it...
  13. Re: Which cheap and reliable introduction to leather and tobacco scents?

    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
  14. Re: What is the best smelling fragrance from Ralph Lauren's "Polo" line?

    Yup, most of BN will stick to the original Polos rather predictable really.

    From the newer ones, Polo Blue. Safe and most people will like.
    I own the Red White & Blue flanker and it's one of...
  15. Re: Going to a big board meeting, what should I wear?

    +1 on Rance Le Vainquer & Gendarme. Throwing in Banana Republic Classic into mix too.

    Let your work do the talking.
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    Re: A*Men Pure Wood, worthy or not?

    Tried it a few days ago in Dubai, felt the same way. I was like, "where's the wood?"
    Creamy sweet. Not my cup of tea. I'd take Pure Coffee (which I own) over this any day.
    Come to think of it, I...
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    Re: Today I bought: October 2014

    Just got back from a business trip. Dubai was indeed the perfume paradise it was cracked up to be.

    Got 5 bottles :

    1. L'Eau de Cartier
    2. Bentley Intense
    3. Halston Unbound
    4. Mizyaan by...
  18. Thread: Dubai

    by funhuntr

    Re: Dubai

    thanks for these lists guys, I'll be in Dubai next week for a few days. I doubt that I'll be buying a lot of stuff but I have a few hours to myself when I arrive (it's a work trip) so I'll be in test...
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    Re: What are some great value scents?

    + 1. Twice. Great value, great scent.
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    Re: Which David Beckham Frags are worth getting?

    Im not the TS but I do want to thank those who've actually discussed the frags and gave great suggestions to try.
    I've been logging on less and less due to the snooty vibe, as if everyone here is...
  21. Re: When you go out of town, what fragrance(s) go with you?

    I go out on business trips once a month and my considerations are size of the bottle I have (too lazy to decant) and versatility.

    3 I usually bring along :

    Terre d Hermes EDT - from Miniature...
  22. Re: Comme Des Garcons - SERPENTINE - A New Fragrance

    A bitter green to me, and I dont get any of the grit of the city nor airy qualities at all. Between this abd Odeur 53 I prefer the latter.
  23. Re: Share your greatest bargain ever. A silly thread to show off.

    Two of the most ridiculous : a real honest to goodness By Man by D& G and Nemo Cacharel (both 50ml, bought on 2 separate occasions) for less than 30usd each from a frag store here who for the life of...
  24. Re: Article: The Top Ten: Discontinued Men's Fragrances

    Great validation of my fragrance hunts! I already have 3 of these in my active rotation (By Man, Montana Red Box & Ungaro II) and I know where to score Balenciaga Pour Homme, Gucci Pour Homme (at...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*MEN Pure Wood

    The last time I got excited about the Pure series was before Pure Shot came out, and that turned out to be a dud. Hoping that thia would be much better.

    And regarding the teaser ad that looked...
  26. Re: Early warning: Pharrell Williams teams up with Comme des Garçons

    +1. It's a shame that a board full of fragrance enthusiasts can dismiss it just like that. Not a good example for fragrance newbies, when celebrity fragrances would be the easiest way for them to...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*Men Urban

    What's more surprising to me is with the number of die-hard Mugler, A*Men, & Pure collector fanatics on BN, no one has actually bought Urban & provided info if this is just original A*Men in...
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    Re: Expected Perfume Trends for 2014-2015

    I don't think China will hve an impact on styles & formulation anytime soon, not in the next couple of years IMO. Majority did not live with fragrance in their culture, it's a fairly new concept and...
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    Re: Lush's Big and Ladyboy

    Go-to standouts of course are Dirty and Breath of God. Lush's Gorilla fragrance line is such a creative and accessible alternative to run-of-the-mill designer frags.
  30. Not from the US so I don't access to your Ross'...

    Not from the US so I don't access to your Ross' and your Marshalls', so whatever Paris Hilton for Men giftset or bottle I will find here will still be full price. Since they're officially...
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    Re: Collines de Provence

    Was looking for further information on this line, sadly not so much on basenotes. There's an online store, I believe its based in Manila, that carries at very affordable prices (local its only around...
  32. Re: narciso rodriguez for him vs narciso rodriguez for him musc which has the best sillage

    Im testing the EDP now (deciding if its FBW - great too since its on sale approx 35usd for a 50ml) but Im finding it a tad strong and thick, and I only sprayed once at the back of my hand. Love the...
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    Re: Narciso Rodriguez MUSC - Anyone?

    Im testing the EDP now (deciding if its FBW - great too since its on sale approx 35usd for a 50ml) but Im finding it a tad strong and thick, and I only sprayed once at the back of my hand. Love the...
  34. Re: Guerlain Homme L Eau - Bleu De Chanel done right.

    I dont find the connection between the two enough to say, Guerlain's L Eau is sprightly bright and zesty while BdC is ... A "meh" frag priced at a premium.
  35. Re: Looking for something that smells like after a thunderstorm

    Saw the thread title from the forums page and I thought of this immediately. +1.
    Broody as a brief respite between thunderstorms
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    Re: How do you choose which fragrance to wear?

    2011 - random
    2012 - I used Basenotes' fragrance Wardrobe function and used my frags alphabetically (for rotation's sake).
    2013 - back to being random but Im extending the use of a frag for 3...
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    Re: Bvlgari Aqva: Another aqua scrubber

    If I didnt have too many fragrances to rotate, Bvlgari Aqva would be one of my workhorses. Great longevity and I just dig that salty-seaweed-dirty-beach vibe which doesnt alienate those who get a...
  38. Re: Why all the hate for Unforgivable by Sean John?

    Now all this talk is making me itch to look for Multi Platinum. Got to try Unforgivable before but didnt bite the bullet, a better variant AND it (UMP) being discontinued seems right up my alley.
  39. Re: Which Frag gives you the that extra confidence?

    BY Man Dolce & Gabbana
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
    Terre D Hermes
    Black Jeans by Versace

    Some of my frags still give me a hint of self-consciousness when I wear them, but with these 4 I feel...
  40. Hes on the cover of Details magazine.Lots of...

    Hes on the cover of Details magazine.Lots of press around him recently
  41. Re: Does anyone smell strawberry in Calvin Klein Euphoria Intense?

    Cant pick out strawberry specifically, but definitely sweet-candy-fruit. Not as obnoxious as Paco Black XS.
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    Re: lacoste blue/white/green

    White is a bestseller here, and its not that bad (one of my friends was wearing it the other day). I'd wear it if someone gave it to me (same with Essential Sport) or if it was on a deep deeeep...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Tested this today after much anticipation, and ...

    Pffft. I'm 2 hours into it and all I get is chocolate. Or coffee. And somekinda syrupy melange. Where's the leather? And the bottle looks horrid...
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    Re: 'Safest Loud' office fragrance...

    When I saw the thread title Rive Gauche was the first one that popped into my head
  45. Thread: Best Lacoste?

    by funhuntr

    Re: Best Lacoste?

    I started my frag journey many years back with Lacoste frags -- the first frag I finished was a tall green bottle of Lacoste Eau de Sport Vivifiante (launched in '94 I think, most here have prolly...
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    Re: What do you think of Fleur du Male??

    I'm a fan. I have a really handy - sized one, so I always bring it with me when I travel overseas (mainstays are usually JPG Fleur de Male & Terre de Hermes). The only obviously flowery and powdery...
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    Re: What will be your Christmas SOTD this year?

    So torn about this as I've been stocking up, with several bottles left unopened : Rochas Man, Marc Jacobs Bang, Ungaro III (vintage find-yey!), and 2 Lutens : Five O Clock Gingembre and Cuir...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    OMG I just died.
    To think I keep my sole bottle of this so close to my chest and only spray a smidge everytime I use it.
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    Re: What "womens" frags work great for men

    Just because I wore it the other day and everyone else is mentioning either niche or vintage : try Versus Versace (2010 - purple box). Sweet but not cloying, projects ok and lasts a really long time.
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    Re: Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

    I've never associated Kingdom with armpit (more on "other things" as above haha). Hauntingly excellent cumin - rhubarb mix though I've always smelt a dark brooding rose more than anything. Whenever i...
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel vs Bvlgari Aqva

    Bvlgari Aqva.

    I prefer its character, while IMO Bleu is borderline "i've-smelled-this-before-generic".
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    Re: What scent got you into Fragrances?

    Same here, from my father also, with the addition of Gucci Pour Homme <original 1976> which I remember he got as a classy gift set (as a kid, the black box with gucci's signature green and red...
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    Re: summer scent like Rive Gauche PH

    +1 on Versace Black Jeans though one should still be easy on the trigger
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    Re: New Fragrance: Davidoff Champion

    Great scent for non-basenoters (ie overly critical). Giving a gift set to my brother for Christmas. Aside from the bottle (tacky city), smells pretty good. Lasts quite a while too.
  55. Re: Was I foolish to choose Rochas Man vs Ungaro II based on my Wardrobe?! Argh!

    T'was still there, so snapped it up. Getting hard-to-finds are always such a trip. Got it on the cheap too haha! Still had a sticker on the bottom for it selling for $45 -- to think I got it...
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    Re: Lush Dirty question.

    Road tested the body spray today for a possible purchase (testing for the nth time haha -- its cheaper than most frags but hey i have commitment issues), it's starting to taper off on me after 4...
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    Re: A better Azzaro Pour Homme.

    +another 1 for Rive Gauche.

    Precisely the reason why I haven't bought Azzaro Pour Homme yet ... there may be a distinction between the two, but vibe and purpose seem to be so similar I'd rather...
  58. That was actually my first thought, that this...

    That was actually my first thought, that this deal would outlive Karl!
  59. Re: Which Mainstream Releases Over The Last Four Years Are Worth Buying ?

    I'm giving a +1 for this for the fact that it's not discussed on the boards so much, and it's so persistent inspite of being a green fresh scent my fave SA said it's great for clubbing 'coz it seems...
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    Re: Zino by Davidoff

    Out of my wardrobe the only one that I associate with a rose note is the dirty-rose-cumin blend of Alexander McQueen Kingdom (which I'm completely enamored with). Anyone of you own both? What the...
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    Re: Major Blind Haul!

    I have both Adolfo Domiguez Agua Fresca and Vetiver Hombre, great under the radar frags. Well-regarded by those who've tried it and not so out there (feels like "you're-in-the-know" partially why I...
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    Re: Zara gold vs creed aventus

    Since Im not big on buying online (gbye decants and samples) and full bottle Aventus is just way out of budget (hello, its almost a month's mortgage payment on my new place ... And that money can buy...
  63. Re: Difference between L'EAU BLEUE D'ISSEY POUR HOMME and L'EAU D'ISSEY?

    Bleue is rather love-hate, I don't think it gets bad, it ha a rather herby vegetal quality that gets shrill after some time.
  64. Re: Difference between L'EAU BLEUE D'ISSEY POUR HOMME and L'EAU D'ISSEY?

    I actually agree with the last response more than the others -- Bleue D'Issey to me IS more aromatic but also sharper and more bracing. Great way to jolt up a morning.
  65. The notes seem to point to a more 'current'...

    The notes seem to point to a more 'current' persuasion -- minty fruity sweet, though the geranium adds a rather dark touch. Highly doubt this will appeal to BN sensibilities (as do all new designer...
  66. Re: Recommend fragrances for the person above you based on their wardrobe

    @fit -- there's no link to your wardrobe at the time of this posting so you miss your turn

    @Dai Capp -- I dont see SLs yet so recommending some from that house -- Cuir Mauresque, Five O Clock,...
  67. Re: Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger is seriously underrated

    Doesnt need to cost more than a hundred bucks or be under limited distribution either. Isnt frag snobbery just bigotry bottled? Anyway thanks for bringing this up, I think its kinda brave to bring up...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Donna Karan Mandarin Neroli

    Oooh me too! Hope it finds its way in this neck of the woods!
  69. Re: Polo Explorer.Any love for his nice tobacco opening notes?

    Rather quiet on Explorer here, fans or haters alike. The tobacco in tour title piqued my interest, hope I see a tester bottle around for a sniff. Thanks for bringing it up.
  70. Re: If you could pick one scent for from DIPTYQUE - Which one would it be?

    Philosykos. Ok, toss up between that and the more saleable here (accdg to the SA) - L'eau de Neroli, coz its such an easy wear.
  71. Replies

    Re: Diptyque Philosykos vs. Marc Jacobs for Men.

    Prefer Philosykos. MJ was a big fig slap that I couldnt appreciate, whereas Philosykos is fig to me and freshly-turned earth (some reviews say cut grass -- I get the earth beneath it). Oh and somehow...
  72. Re: "Hi Haters" - Your guilty pleasure scent that you have no shame in sharing!!

    Paris Hilton for Men.

    Laugh your hearts out.
  73. Re: Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme and pour Femme re-launch

    I have the sticker version first issue and my number 1 in my whole wardrobe of 60+ frags. Saving it like freakin gold. Will start the hunt for anOther sticker bottle here in Manila, it'l give me a...
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    Re: Futuristic SCENTS.

    Ditto on the CDGs of course but also +1 on Dirty by Lush. Just me, but its shrill sharpness and how long it holds is so uhmmm laser-like.
  75. Re: Was I foolish to choose Rochas Man vs Ungaro II based on my Wardrobe?! Argh!

    Hit it right on the head, I guess I DID have my consumer hat on (Rochas Man! I don't see this ANYWHERE here! And I can afford it! LOL).
    Crossing my fingers it'll still be there in September (one...
  76. Re: VERSACE JEANS LINE . ( Black Jeans , Green Jeans ) Questions ..HELP

    Black is worth getting if you like the barbershop vibe of YSL Rive Gauche.
    Also, to me it FEELS Black.
    Lost one bottle and I just had to have one again; got lucky at an independent (non-department...
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    Re: Polo Red White & Blue from Ralph Lauren

    how come it still isn't on the Directory?

    (actually asking it to be put for selfish reasons, I use the Personal Wardrobe function to track my rotation and its non-inclusion messes it up hehe)
  78. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    From GanjaStrong's wardrobe :

    Just because I don't have 'em and I'm sure I'll love 'em --

    (1) TM Pure Havane
    (2) TM Pure Malt
    (both not available here and not too keen on online purchasing...
  79. Re: what is a fragrance you will never touch again in your lifetime? Kryptonite fragrance to you

    Two that have given me really really bad headaches :

    Paco Rabanne Black XS
    (I never learn, I was stupid enough to test)
    Paco Rabanne Black XS L'Exces
  80. Re: Was I foolish to choose Rochas Man vs Ungaro II based on my Wardrobe?! Argh!

    Actually I'm not a big fan of gourmands OR animalic / civet frags in general; I'm more for variety than anything (that's why I was asking based on my current wardrobe). Might be considered shallow by...
  81. Re: Scents in your wardrobe but not available in your country

    Have ceased distribution in the Philippines :
    Adolfo Dominguez (I have Agua Fresca and Alegria)
    Comptoir Sud Pacifique (I have Bois Filao)
    Serge Lutens (clearing out stock now. I have Gris Clair)...
  82. Re: Out of all your fragrances, which do you have the most trouble finishing?

    Since I became a lurker on Basenotes four years ago I've never drained a bottle. Even the bottomfeeders in my 'drobe (that's you Ferrari Yellow and Nautica Blue). Can never seem to give away...
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    Re: Some rare stuff I found by accident

    I DIE!

    Though I can sooo relate though, these are the finds that I also got at frag stores who were clueless enough to sell em to me at non-eBay (aka preposterous) prices :

    >> BY MAN by Dolce...
  84. Re: The most unique smelling frag in your collection?

    From my 'drobe, Alexander McQueen Kingdom.

    Because of the comments here on Breath of God (I'm a big fan, I always test but have never actually bit the bullet yet coz it's rather expensive) I might...
  85. Re: Versace The Dreamer considered one of the best of all time?

    Not at all. Only thing that I always like about my Versace Dreamer is, sorry to say, the bottle (I have the initial release one). Only got it because of that and its similarity in some way to one...
  86. Was I foolish to choose Rochas Man vs Ungaro II based on my Wardrobe?! Argh!

    Went to some frag stores today and saw the usual suspects in Manila : Lacostes, Bvlgaris, Hugos, Polo Big Ponys -- the usual mainstream fare.

    However, I did see a Rochas Man 50ml at a good price...
  87. Re: I purchased a 400 ml of 4711 Original Eau De Cologne today

    Exactly the same reason why I have it.

    Also a friend was vacationing in Germany and asked her to bring home several small sizes of these. The spritzers are great for travel.
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    Re: What are some nice Aquatics to try?

    Designer aquatics don't get much love here on BN, gurus (self-proclaimed or otherwise) can get downright snarky on 'em, same with the jaded attitude towards "sport", "intense", "blue" or "night"...
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    Re: Which Bottle Size Do You Often Buy?

    This. The frags in my 60+ 'drobe dont get attention individually enough as it is (thank you Wardrobe page of BN, which I use to track my usage) and I often use times like special occasions to buy a...
  90. Re: Fragrances that you will continually replace/never be without

    Although my 'drobe is peppered with niches and hard-to-finds, still sticking with tried-and-tested and versatile frags I know that will never fail me :
    Terre d Hermes
    Paris Hilton for Men :) ...
  91. Anything worth buying from the S.T. Dupont house?

    Chanced upon a mall sale on clearance at 50% here. Men's selection was sparse (2 Guess frags, some Banderas -- but no Spirit, nor Blue Seduction so I didn't bother), Carolina Herrera Chic for Men...
  92. Re: Signature Scents for Younger Guys that Evoke the Color Gray

    +1 on this. Oh, maybe I was also swayed by the grey bottle, but hey. Reviews say there's a note there that evokes wet concrete but haven't caught it yet, it's a relative newcomer to my collection....
  93. Replies

    Re: Gorilla Perfumes - WOW!

    I like the polarity that Gorilla perfumes make, and how people feel so strongly about em. I've tried several of em and liked Dirty (probably the most mainstream if 'em all though -- but really good...
  94. Re: Masculine Fragrance with Leather, Tobacco & Musk

    Any designer suggestions? All these are not readily available in this neck of the woods (and no, samples bought online arent that convenient to get either)
  95. Replies

    Re: Would you keep a fragrance in your car?

    Im with Renato on this one, I only keep a gifted bottle of Wings in my car for "emergencies" (ie forgot to put something on, take the cig smoke offmy hands before a mtg) ... Has been there close to 3...
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    Re: Paris Hilton for Men vs Rochas Man

    When I get comPliments upon wearing PH For Men I mumble a hasty thanks and move on haha. That being said, my bottle's 2/3s gone which is a rarity in my wardrobe (used up more than half) and for sure...
  97. Replies

    Re: Paris Hilton "Just Me" - New

    Im almost twice your nephew's age (good thing I dont look it, yea boi lol) and PH for Men is also one of my top compliment getters. Certainly a far cry in terms of attention from other people for my...
  98. Tried this a few weeks back, After Midnight was...

    Tried this a few weeks back, After Midnight was the one that stood out for me
  99. Re: Will Pure Shot eventually be a pure malt, havane and coffee?

    If it suddenly disappears from the shelves then it'll join the ranks of the hyped. That being said I don't think it even deserves the "Pure" tag. Such a "meh" release.
  100. Re: Just to give everyone looking for By Man by D&G a heads up...

    I got a 1.7ml authentic (yup, yup and yup I checked all the signs) under $50 at a store that had it tucked away literally in a corner. Obviously the salespersons didnt know how precious it was. Got...
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