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  1. Re: What would the characters in Goodfellas (1990) wear?

    Bois du Portugal, it just oozes wise guy aura.

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    Re: bleu de chanel or versace pour homme?

    Both quite good. BdC EDT would be my ultimate choice.

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  3. Re: Bergamote 22 vs... Versace Eau Fraiche

    Yeah not so comparable to me. Eau Fraiche is very synthetic grapefruit. Bergamote 22 is much more natural and lemony. B22 evolves a bit.

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    Re: Best niche line and why?

    Dior Privee for my taste. Across the board, consistently high quality, with a lot of variety. Always wearable - Leather Oud the one exception - but plenty with adventurous spunk.
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    Re: Dried, dark fruits.

    Seconded, I think Serge is the man for this genre.

    As another designer option, I'd add Chanel Allure Homme to the list as sniff-worthy.
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    Re: Aqua di parma oud

    If you want certainty and it's important, since I've never seen any posts from employees of Aqua di Parma here on Basenotes, the best advice I could give is to email them directly. Otherwise, 100%...
  7. Re: Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud v's Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud

    Since this one has a half-life like deuterium, 18oz should last you a few lifetimes.

    So jelly. ;)
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    Re: Looking for a frag that does NOT last

    Bang on, I was going to say the same. 30 mins is pushing it with this one, although it does smell nice for that brief time.

    Next suggestion would be YSL L'Homme Gingembre. Another that's fresh...
  9. Re: What is your opinion on YSL M7 Fresh?

    Strong like for me. Quite different from typically citrus and fruity Summer scents, it has a personality of its own. If you find a bottle, get it. Chances are you may like it, but the opportunity to...
  10. Re: Questions about the Chanel Allure/Bleu travel sprays

    Have Bleu in a travel spray. Best. Thing. Ever.

    This stays in my laptop bag and goes with me every day. There have been zero issues in over a year and a half of hauling it around like this, it...
  11. Re: Your going to Paris from America for one day....

    Funny, I'm going in July and have only a week there for vacation.

    I'm trying to prioritize my shopping right now. Want to get a few frags that aren't easily attainable in the US.

    Lutens and...
  12. Re: Ever have a Fragrance that was forgotten but came on BN and renewed your interest again? Which

    Yep, my interest is piqued pretty regularly because I see something on a thread that I like to wear, but it just hasn't been in the rotation lately.
  13. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? January / February / March 2015

    Remik's running a split right now for Sel Marin:
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    Re: To purchase or not, Rose d'Arabie

    Word for word. Rose Anonyme, which I own, is good. Had I smelled Rose d'Arabie first though, I would've gone that way instead. Very smooth and oozing quality.

    Price could be a consideration...
  15. Re: Which one do you recommend to buy first from AdP: Ginepro di Sardegna or Colonia Essenza

    Essenza. It's a very solid all-arounder for me and gets regular wear.
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    Re: Which Vetiver Scents?

    Gray Vetiver followed closely by Vetiver Extraordinaire, at least from you original list.
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    Re: Nio or Vetiver

    Yeah, the vetivers.

    If I were picking "best of breed" though, I'd do VE and Nio. Just sayin'
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    Re: M7 a must have?

    Own a FB of the vintage. Good but not a must have. There are plenty equal or better options.
  19. Re: Need suggestions for Masculine sweet Oud or Woody fragrance

    +1 Kalemat
  20. Re: Anyone know when Windsor will be rereleased?

    Agree with the above, not anytime soon, unless Creed pulls a serious surprise.

    I had a chance to buy 50ml of Windsor in a Creed atomizer last Summer for $405 at my local Neiman's. I passed on...
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    Re: Best rose and best leather

    I could buy the case for Windsor, it's really... really... good. There are a few other really good ones I enjoy, but sure, Windsor is right there.

    However, I have a clear-cut favorite for the...
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    Re: Best rose and best leather

    I see what you did there :)
  23. Re: Anything similar La Nuit De L'Homme or Dior Homme Intense?

    Darksider Men by Glenn Perri is a very cheap alternative to La Nuit, but an OK option. It shows discontinued now, but is still available in spades at mall fragrance stores around Houston.

    I use...
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    Re: Fragrances that smell of suede?

    Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley
  25. Re: Which Issey Miyake flanker you like best

    L'eau Bleue
  26. Re: What was the last bottle you completely finished???

    Only one: CK Eternity, finished it around 1996. Haven't managed to kill another since then. I just keep adding more. Very counterintuitive.
  27. Re: Your top 5 niche scents, released the past 6 years ( Not including Creed)

    Memoir Man,
    Dior Vetiver,
    Colonia Oud
  28. Re: What are your 'workhorse' fragrances?(most versatile)

    Let's see, dumb-reach worthy for almost any occasion:

    Bleu de Chanel,
    Grey Vetiver,
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    Re: Thoughts on Ciel Man by Amouage

    A personal fave, but not a crowd pleaser. Personality is similar to Savile Row, heavy on the masculine florals. I happen to love this style fragrance, but it's probably not enjoyed as much if one is...
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    Maison Francis Kurkdijan APOM Homme

    Point taken, if this is going to be a one-time only opportunity, then you want to go ahead and commit to a couple of bottles you really like - and that can be worn in multiple seasons.

  31. Re: Guys with 10+ bottles in their collection, do dates/girlfriends/wives/friends look at you funny?

    Yeah, this for me too, I just keep 6-8 on my dresser that I've pre-selected for the week. My GF didn't realize nearly the extent of my collection until well after she'd told me a number of times...
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    Re: Maison Francis Kurkdijan APOM Homme

    Personally, in your spot I'd get the discovery set. Every one of those included is somewhere between "good" and "great" in my eyes, and I would hate to have missed any of them by not at least...
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    Re: Tom Ford Sahara Noir or Lubin Akkad

    For semi sweet leather, with a little bit of smokiness and assorted goodness, consider Blacks Club Leather by Shay and Blue London. No specific incense that I can smell though.

    It was a lark for...
  34. Re: I will stop buying bottles when I reach 50, no... 100!!! Please help me out.

    More than 2 bottles - 1 for daytime, 1 for evening - is overkill

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    Re: just ordered Amouage Reflection Man

    Fragrancenet is solid, as is Reflection.

    Bought mine there as well, along with a couple of other Amouage's. Zero issues to date.
  36. Re: Guerlain Heritage Edt or Santos de Cartier Edt.

    Heritage, vtg if feasible. I have current and vtg Heritage and the difference is subtle but nice.
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    Re: 24 Gold - Still worth it?

    Agree. Kalemat is very similar, but superior to 24 Gold IMO. Both are worthy, but at different price points.
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    Re: Mont Blanc Individuel

    Very nice for the price point, but better in cool weather. It's good for work or casual, and it does resemble Creed Original Santal a lot.
  39. Re: TF Patchouli Absolu - What's your take?

    Short answer: yes, like it very much, all on its own.

    I don't think its an easily accessible fragrance though. It has a neo-70's masculinity to it that is probably incompatible with noses only...
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    Re: Dior Homme Parfum!?!?

    Love, love, love this one. For me, it's the Rose that makes it. I get more Rose than Iris actually, and it reminds me of the Rose from Dior's Oud Ispahan, which is utterly beautiful as well. I...
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    Re: "Green" scents

    Criminally underrated. A very good green fragrance, very classy.
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    Re: Is Knize Ten still great?

    Bought a FB of Knize Ten about 6 months ago, so I presume its of the latest formulation. Definitely a good one.. petrol.. floral and well-worn leather jacket. That pretty much sums it up.

  43. Re: What is the best/your favourite high end/luxury/niche green fragrance...

    Dior Vetiver for my fave green.

    Close seconds:
    +1 to Vetiver Extraordinaire
    +1 Scandal Homme
  44. Re: Nautica Voyage better in cold weather?

    Seems counterintuitive, but never tried this one in the cold. Kind of have me interested to know what it does for me, think I'll wear this one out tonight for the Super Bowl. That should be a good...
  45. Re: Is Tom Ford's Oud Wood really all that?

    I have the newer bottle, and after wearing it a few times, I'm underwhelmed. I think of several Tom Fords and several Ouds I have that are all better than Oud Wood, so I don't feel like its a...
  46. Re: Lutens Iris Silver Mist - the Holy Grail for the Wealthy Only?

    Palmbeach has a split of several of the Paris-exclusive Lutens open right now, including Iris Silver Mist. Feel free to jump on it.
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    Re: Name your best, yet LIGHTEST scent

    2 "bests" that wear very lightly for me are:

    Hermessence Poivre Samarcande
    Heeley Iris de Nuit
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    Re: Acqua di Parma

    Agree and agree.

    You can't really judge ADP Oud by any of your normal correlations to other fragrances, you really have to try it to get your bearings. I was very disoriented by it the first...
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    Re: Diptyque 34 boulavard st germain

    Have a FB, and love this one. Fantastic smell, and as others have pointed out, it takes many twists and turns over a wearing, so it never gets old. I think Drseid is right, probably Diptyque's very...
  50. Re: Your thoughts on Le Labo's Ylang 49, Oud 27, Patchouli 24?

    Don't care for Ylang 49 much, but like the other 2. They're definitely statement fragrances, maybe even the point of being art vs fragrance. I do appreciate them though, and enjoy wearing samples...
  51. Re: Flankers: Dior Farenheit 32 and Acqua Farenheit

    I like Aqua very much, probably Top 20 Summer for me. 32 is kind of meh for me, but not bad by any means.
  52. Re: Tea for Two was on the US L'Artisan website...

    Really disappointing behavior from one of my favorite houses. I'll make a point to only buy off the shelf, I won't be ordering from them.
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    Re: Need help : sweet woody fragrance

    Best 2 I know of:
    Mancera Kumkat Wood
    Micallef Gaiac
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    Re: For Fans Of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...

    Yes, just dumb luck. The same place sold me 2x 100ml of vintage Bel Ami in the cocktail shaker bottles for $80 each last year. So I swing by from time to time to see what's on their shelf. I find a...
  55. Re: Creeds I need to have in my collection -

    Yep, Remik is running it now, along Spice and Wood. You could kill 2 birds with one metaphorical stone.
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    Re: Help me find a UNIQUE Scent!

    Winna and winna. Both fit your general scent profile, but because they're vetiver-centric will stand out from 99% of what you're smelling around you. Both of these are quality juice, at a...
  57. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    Bit of a late confirmation, but received my split of TF Amber Absolute quickly and in very nicely done packaging, thx!
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    Re: For Fans Of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...

    ...but hey, cool bottle :)
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    For Fans Of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...

    On initial wearing, quite underwhelming.

    It strikes me as a kitchen sink mainstream mess of a fragrance. I don't know that Thierry got a very concise brief on this one, as he seems to have...
  60. Re: How is Lubin when it comes to reformulation?

    I don't think Lubin reforms their scents, they just kill the great ones altogether (looking at you: Idole EdT)
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    Re: For Fans Of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...

    Frustrating... I just bought a FB of Ideal today, and have it on now. I stumbled across a source for it at only $68/100ml shrink-wrapped in NIB factory packaging, and I still feel let down. I kind...
  62. Re: Samples Came in: Ormonde Man and Sycomore

    I would probably guess the relatives strengths would be as described: OJ Man I have to spray several times to get a great wearing, Sycomore is pretty much at full strength with just a couple of...
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    Re: Best all time Amber Musk frag

    Confirmed, pretty much word for word.
  64. Re: Alternatives to Rive Gauche Pour Homme?

    Roja Dove Scandal
  65. Thread: Tobacco

    by JourneymanDave

    Re: Tobacco

    Hate to be a me-too, but yeah.
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    Re: A Springtime Sillage Monster?

    Yeah, +2 on Mugler Cologne. Pretty good stuff, and at that price point the other options aren't always strong.
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    Re: Looking for CK ONE killer.

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    Re: Is this Creed Aventus Real?

    Oh, maybe you were serious. Ok, so before you go blow up the seller, accusing them of selling a fake, be aware that it may be actual Aventus juice.

    It's common to sell juice like this in...
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    Re: Is this Creed Aventus Real?

    Unless your pics are scratch 'n' sniff, it's not possible to give you a valid answer.

    The only basis for proposing validity of your purchase would've depended on the appearance of factory...
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    Re: Is this Creed Aventus Real?

    This is a joke thread right?
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    Re: Something warm, something comforting.

    Chambre Noire
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    Re: Nasomatto Pardon alternative

    OP, I think LIDGE is an alternative to Pardon. Not identical, but it's the closest thing I have experienced, and both are very good. The Nasomattos are pricey but I actually do use less sprays...
  73. Re: Rochas man..but less sweet..suggestions please

    Dior Eau Noire.
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    "Freshest" Amouage?

    Ciel. Amouage's strength isn't really freshies though. They do thick & rich scents all day long..

    For great freshies, I'd suggest another house. Xerjoff, Acqua di Parma, Creed and Atelier come...
  75. Re: Where do y'all get your cool little decants with the labels?

    Seconded. Great work by all these guys helping to make expensive fragrances that are frequently hard to sample, available in affordable quantities. Packaging is really quite nice and I often don't...
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    Re: Timbukto

    Timbuktu is an incensey vetiver, with some odd but enticing accords. It's good.

    However, my vote for the better, more wearable vetiver in this house is actually Coeur de Vétiver Sacré. It's...
  77. Re: What are some good fresh and spicy fragrances?

    Fresh and spicy would have include the aforementioned Creed Spice & Wood, as well as Creed's Royal Oud.
  78. Re: Your favorite from Acqua Di Parma house of colognes?

    Essenza for me, with Colonia a close second. Very classy. Have both the others and feel kind of meh about them.

    You didn't include them but my absolute faves from ADP are Oud and Leather. Both...
  79. Re: Your Wife/Husband/Partners Absolute Favourite Fragrance on You?

  80. Re: New office fragrances need + must be long lasting with 2/4ft projection.


    Yeah, no. Interlude is fantastic but not likely something you'd want to wear to the office. From Amouage, Dia or Ciel would be more office friendly, or even Reflection.
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    Re: My leather collection

    Going down this road, you'd have to include Bel Ami Vetiver for sniffing.
  82. Thread: Atelier

    by JourneymanDave


    There are both leather and Immortel frags in this house. I own Gold Leather and like it very much. Slightly boozy, and non-animalic. Have not tried the Immortel yet.

    In general, this line...
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    Poll: Re: Terre D'hermes edt VS Dior Homme edt

    Dior. DH is a 10/10 for me, TdH is still an 8/10 and has a favored spot in my rotation.
  84. Re: What are your thoughts on "A Taste of Heaven - By Kilian"?

    Big fan here. Classic, which is to my personal taste, but updated enough the GF doesn't turn her nose up at it. Sadly, I also can't wear it year round as it really wants to be worn in cool to cold...
  85. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? January / February / March 2015

    If this were to get split, I'd also be in for a portion.
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    Re: Anyone else?

    Never thought about it but you're right OP. I can see a similarity between 2 Man and Timbuktu, particularly in the opening.

    Not so, for me, with GPH. So I guess I'd agree.
  87. Re: Tom Ford Noir d Noir vs Tom Ford Cafe Rose

    Personally prefer Cafe Rose. It's a little femme at the outset, but otherwise very nice, and as mentioned drydown may be its strength. Noir de Noir seems to be a bit more hit-or-miss. Brilliant...
  88. Re: New office fragrances need + must be long lasting with 2/4ft projection.

    Age, and how formal is dress at your office?
  89. Re: Those who dislike/hate La Nuit De L'Homme ... care to explain why?

    Haven't heard much in the way of negative feedback onLa Nuit. Even in this thread, which is essentially soliciting that kind of feedback, about the worst that's being said is it's too sweet and/or...
  90. Re: Similar to Heeley Sel Marin & Creed Millesime

    First comparison I drew when trying Sel Marin was to ADG Essenza. Heavy calone in both it seems, smelling very watery.

    Neither of those two are much like MI though, the melon and ambergris are...
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    Re: Guerlain Santal Royal

    I'll share my thoughts on it... One of my neighbors works at the Guerlain counter at the Houston Neiman's and called me the day it arrived. Since I picked it up right away I've had a chance to get a...
  92. Re: Your wears tonight? 31.12.2014.-01.01.2015.

    Ditto. About 40F in Houston tonight and it is the holiday season after all, tonight is just calling for TV.
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    Re: Frank no. 2 LA - Missing the boat ?

    I guess I was unaware of much negative commentary on this one. To me, it's a good to very-good one. I always look forward to breaking it out in my weekly rotation, mostly in the Fall.

  94. Re: Amouag Ciel Man as Creed alternatives!

    Like Ciel Man a lot, but don't really get any comparisons to any Creeds I can think of, including MI and GIT. All are worth trying, and IMO owning.
  95. Re: It seems as one needs to step up their intellectual capacity in order to decipher the label on..

    Missing the point on this post as well, I'm afraid. Pretty straightforward labeling on the Le Labo bottles IMO. Would be interested to hear the part I must be missing.
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    Re: Roja Dove appreciation thread

    Finally got my nose on one of Roja's creations (pun sort of intended...) with a split of Creation-E, aka Enigma.

    It struck me immediately as a more refined La Nuit de L'Homme. Definitely La...
  97. Re: Some fantastic scents from UK houses ? Suggestions ?

    Butting in, but give Blacks Club Leather a sniff... so good. This one went on my must-buy list after the 1st wearing.
  98. Re: Some fantastic scents from UK houses ? Suggestions ?

    Try L as well, I'll bet you'd like it. It could work in your warmer climate as well, I feel like. I've tested it a couple of times, and went ahead with with a split, but would've gotten a FB if...
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    Re: Bond no9 Bleecker st. is a masterpiece

    Have a bottle, like it very much but not a masterpiece for me. I'd go 8/10. The best I have tried from Bond, which would be most of them.
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    Re: Bentley Intense

    OP, this one can't be found locally in Houston. I've kept my eyes open for it every place I know of, including in the Harwin and a Galleria areas. If you can't find a fragrance in one of those two...
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