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    Re: Riddle me this... Hermes

    I seriously doubt a grown man forgot what scent he was wearing. He was more than likely not wearing a Hermes fragrance.
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    Re: Which fragrance to wear to a club/party

    Le Male from your list.
  3. Which fragrance did they wear in the movie??

    Thought it would be fun as i am bored and well, you all love fragrances.

    Name a movie and name the fragrance you think the character would be wearing. I will start 1st.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger in...
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    212 VIP Men smells a bit like a Diesel frag??

    I was given a few samples from the SA the other day after buying Terre d'Hermes and I have tried this out twice now. The opening really reminds me of Diesel, I get a slight bit of fuel for life in...
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    Re: Help me choose my next big buy.

    Tom Ford Black Orchid is really nice.
  6. Re: Mugler Pure Malt or Dior Homme Intense - what would you choose?

    My wife won't allow me to wear DHI lol, it is very very make up'y. I do not like it anyway, but when I came home wearing it once, my wife was repulsed by her lipstick smell hubby lol. I do own and...
  7. Re: I must tell you about a fragrance that you don't know yet - Parfümerie Brückner - Aoud 1

    Great thread.

    Like yourself, I was also hugely disappointed by Creed Aventus. I retried it today and still not impressed at all. So much hype for it.
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    Re: Terre D'Hermes,, I love you

    Yes those were the 2 I tried. I actually really enjoyed both of them. Hermes really has some wonderful fragrances.
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    Terre D'Hermes,, I love you

    After following many reviews and topics on this forum, I went out on a fragrance testing day. I ended up coming across the Hermes collection and I fell in love with several of their fragrances. I...
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    Re: Hmmm...bought Joop Homme

    Joop is great. I do only go for 3 sprays, 2 to chest area and 1 on back of neck. I love it. My wife also likes it, but only in small amounts. A powerhouse for sure. As mentioned above, Le Male is way...
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    Re: What is your opinion on Versace's Colognes?

    Blue Jeans was my first ever Versace fragrance. My Mother got me it as a gift when I was 16 I think. I loved it. Now, not so much. I actually reach for the baby blue jeans over the original. Baby...
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    Re: Clean cut, professional and well groomed !?

    L'essence du Cerruti
    Creed Royal Oud
    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Dior Homme
    Eau Sauvage
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    Re: Why I don't wear Aventus

    I tried Aventus and well, I just do not care for it. Royal Oud was very nice.
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    Re: Introducing the Le Labo Bag !!!

    Who bets that it is made in LA for barely minimum wage by some illegal Mexicans.
    Heck, an army surplus strap, worth around $2 at best. Just another piece of over hyped horrendously priced fashion...
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    Re: Today i bought: April 2012

    This past week I have bought , Givenchy PI and today my wife bought me 3 back up's of , Aqua Fahrenheit , Eau Sauvage and Dior Homme Sport.

    Shall be buying some more next week or so. Probably...
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    Re: In the year 2050...

    That was what I was going to type. :)
  17. Re: Where does the concept of smelling "manly" come from?

    2006 - 2011
    I lived in crappy ass Minnesota.
  18. Re: Where does the concept of smelling "manly" come from?

    Great thread and very interesting.

    Having lived for 4 years in America, in the mid west of all places, I feel that America is rather far behind Europe on so many levels. I could not believe my...
  19. Re: Do you think that Kouros is the ultimate best male fragrance ever?

    I am so in the minority. I love Korous. Though I do love musky deep fragrances. My wife hated Korous at first. She was really against it. Even tried to stop me from buying it. Here we are nearly 2...
  20. Re: Do you think that Kouros is the ultimate best male fragrance ever?

    I am so in the minority. I love Korous. Though I do love musky deep fragrances. My wife hated Korous at first. She was really against it. Even tried to stop me from buying it. Here we are nearly 2...
  21. Re: Do you think that Kouros is the ultimate best male fragrance ever?

    I love Korous. Even wore it today. It is great and it is my personal favorite at the moment. Although, I am sure I may find a fragrance that does it better. Just a far to subjective question. It is...
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    Re: Looking to buy my 1st Creed!!

    Royal Oud and bois du Portugal are amazing. I will be buying those very soon :)
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Le Male Terrible - toned down more mature version.
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    Re: Creed Leather Atomizers

    They are very expensive but they are nice. I would like to get one for it's size and the quality. Just seems a bit much to be paying 100 pounds for it.
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    Re: Ralph Lauren socks,, yes really, socks

    Good god.. is this for real??

    Would have to be insane to pay that for socks. I think 10 quid is stretching it.
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    Re: Perspective on Usage Patterns

    I really do not worry about the cost of it all. If I can afford to buy the fragrance then I will use it how I wish and re buy when it is empty as needed. I see what that topic is trying to state. I...
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    Re: a clear perspective: looking from the outside

    I would be classed as a computer nerd. I have multiple computers and work in software development. 16GB RAM is needed in our profession though for rendering and running certain programs that we use...
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    Ralph Lauren socks,, yes really, socks

    Ok, let me start with this. Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers and mainly where I shop for most of my shirts etc.
    I was in the store yesterday and thought hey, those look like cool socks....
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    Re: Tried Creed for 1st time.. Very very nice

    Creed sure does add up. It is worth it I think. My wife would differ on that opinion. After all, she thinks I am just silly for paying the prices I do for my Ralph Lauren , Hugo Boss clothing etc....
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    Tried Creed for 1st time.. Very very nice

    Yesterday I went on a fragrance sniffing day and found a place in Belfast that sells Creed. I have been reading about Royal Oud and I know it has a miss or hit for many. I happen to love it. I have...
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    Re: I am so going niche :)

    Thanks for all these great replies.

    I have so many designer fragrances to still buy and enjoy. I just feel so eager to get into the niche market. From reading about vintage designer scents, I...
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    Re: After Shaves of Favorite Fragrances

    At the moment I use a simple fragrance free after shave balm from super drug. It actually works better on me than the Gillette balms that I also have. I also use Nivea for men sensitive moisturizer....
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    I am so going niche :)

    Yesterday I was struck with the need to expand into niche. Which is a great thing anyway. I was in town looking at fragrances and ended up in Boots. Which has pretty much the exact same selection as...
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    Re: Do you wear fragrances in your house?

    I do yes.
    I wear whatever I feel like for work and when I come home, I have a shower and wear another fragrance for relaxing at home. I always carry an atomizer with me while I am out. Nothing...
  35. Re: Kim Kardashian "Flour Bombed" at Launch of "True Reflection"!

    Yeah I agree, I really do not wish to get drawn into a big debate that often just leads to nowhere.

    Yes, I have lost lots of faith in humanity. Yes, I think an animal being skinned alive is just...
  36. Re: Kim Kardashian "Flour Bombed" at Launch of "True Reflection"!

    Yeah I agree, I really do not wish to get drawn into a big debate that often just leads to nowhere.

    Yes, I have lost lots of faith in humanity. Yes, I think an animal being skinned alive is just...
  37. Re: Kim Kardashian "Flour Bombed" at Launch of "True Reflection"!

    I really do not care what she wears. I have never been interested in the fur debate. I think there are far far worse things happening in the world. I do not agree with animal cruelty, but I do not...
  38. Re: Kim Kardashian "Flour Bombed" at Launch of "True Reflection"!

    I think she is a beautiful woman. I personally do not care what she wears. She is just beautiful.
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    Snobby SA's at Boots etc

    Sorry if this question is rather silly but I can not hold it any longer.
    Every time I go to the likes of Boot's , Debenhams, House of Fraser etc, the SA's always seem so snobby. :undecided:...
  40. Re: London Perfume Lovers Meetup Report (with pics!)

    Bring one to Ireland :)

    We just had the MTV awards in my city of Belfast. Is that a good selling point? :)
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    Re: WOW ... Dior Fahrenheit

    I am wearing it right now. Love the stuff. Just love it.
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    Re: What do you recommend?

    Versace pour homme, girls love it. Well the girls I have met anyway. MI is also a good choice.
  43. Re: How Come Males are more into Fragrance than Females?

    Seems about true enough.
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    L'Essence worn today and wow

    Today was / is my first proper wearing out of L'essence de cerruti. It is a wonderful day here in the north of Ireland, mild temps and well, just lovely. I do not want to be sat in my office all day....
  45. Re: My first expensive fragrance - need to make a decision!

    And buy what YOU like, not what some girls at the bar might happen to like. Though, I was once 20.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    I feel like a tiny penis in a crowd of porn size penises lol,, My collection is so so small compared to you guys lol. Though, only been going for like just over 2 months. Give me a year or so.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Some amazing, amazing collections posted up. Just wow to some of them.

    I have only started collecting for about 2 maybe 3 months now. So nothing spectacular compared to most you guys. My next...
  48. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought a backup bottle of and why?

    Mine was Fahrenheit. Why? , because it is amazing and I wear it often. I will be buying a back up of Kouros very soon. I love Kouros. Even wearing it now. Nothing starts a nice sunny Monday morning...
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    Re: Less Nuclear Joop! Alternative

    I happen to love Joop, though I am very very easy on the trigger with it. I only wear joop on my lower chest area and that really helps keep it from being as harsh. 2 sprays and I am good.

    I will...
  50. Thread: Deodorant

    by maitiu

    Re: What deodorant do you use?

    Recently just started wearing Hugo Boss deodorant. Normally just go with unscented dove etc for daily day to day work. I seem to be getting more into the designer versions.
  51. Re: What fragrance is on the verge of being discontinue? Going extinct...

    So upset at the prospect of Tom Ford discontinuing his Amber fragrance. I am going to have to get a few from Harrods soon. Was going to get the 250ml of TV from Harrods next month. Looks like I will...
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    Re: Budget scents.. any good?

    The pound shop here in Ireland has a few large 100ml to even 200ml I think they are bottles, that say on them " compare to CK one " etc. Not something I would buy. Only cheap cologne I own is Old...
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    Re: Budget Fragrance Clones

    Lamborghini Mitico = Le Male
    Sean John Unforgivable = Creed MI
  54. Thread: Natural Civet

    by maitiu

    Re: Natural Civet

    Please forgive me for getting off the main subject. I merely started talking about my time in Minnesota after reading about the other posters experience of living in the cold climate. I do...
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    L'essence de cerutti

    I just happened to be rather early for a meeting today and thought, why not spend 30 minutes browsing around a local mall which was located next to where my meeting was to be held.
    I browsed most...
  56. Thread: Natural Civet

    by maitiu

    Re: Natural Civet

    I use to live in Minnesota and as you know, very very cold in the winter. I agree 100% that natural fur is the best for warmth. I knew of a few people who kept the skins from Bear and Deer hunting (...
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    Re: jean paul gaultier - la male

    It is nice, but rather linear. I recently bought Le Male Terrible which is a very toned down version. More pepper etc, I think mint is not in it. A more professional version of Le Male.
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    Re: ysl kouros or l'homme/ l'homme libre

    Kouros gets my vote. A beautiful masterpiece.
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    Poll: Re: Paco Rabanne Pour homme VS YSL Kouros

    I am still so in love with Kouros. It is a gem of a scent. Love it. I have not worn PR PH since having bought Kouros.
  60. Re: Fake Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men at

    Only reason i can think of as to why the op would be so angry at EA being approached before a refund, is that maybe they are legit and EA may confirm this and that would halt a full refund?. Not...
  61. Thread: My mini fridge

    by maitiu

    Re: My mini fridge

    Love the Tom Ford line. I think Tuscan Leather or TV will be may next purchase. Beautiful scents.
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    Re: Tuck the polo shirt in??

    I may solve my problem. Tuck the front in and leave the back out. Please both me and my wife all at once.

    Some of my polo shirts I do not tuck in as they fit perfect length right with my jeans....
  63. Re: What fragrance can you not stop smelling (on purpose) when you wear it?

    Fahrenheit, Eau Sauvage, Dior Sport and Kouros
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    Tuck the polo shirt in??

    I normally wear Ralph Lauren polo shirts on my casual days and I tuck them into my jeans. I just do not like a shirt hanging out and looking messy. My wife thinks I should not tuck them in. I...
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    Re: Longest longevity you have ever experienced?

    I would say Kouros and Joop as the longest lasting. Le Male also lasts a long time on me. I travel to Scotland from Ireland to watch football with my supporters club. I get up at 4am on days we leave...
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    Le Male not so Terrible

    I know Le Male is a major hated fragrance. I do find it a rather nice fragrance one it dries down to the base notes. My problem with the original Le Male is the very harsh opening. I had hoped to...
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    Re: New Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Flask

    I rather like the male figure bottle. Though the flask is nice. I already have a near full Le Male and last week bought Le Male Terrible which I happen to prefer. Terrible is very toned down and not...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage or GIT?

    I love Sauvage. I would go with that.
  69. Re: What fragrance do you wear in these situations?

    1) You are about to go on your first date with a beautiful woman at a fancy restaurant.
    Dior Homme or Dior Sauvage

    2) You get invited over to the same woman's house for the first time for...
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    Re: Best of the 4 Polo 'Big Pony' frags ?

    Big Pony is horrid. I sampled all 4 and was reminded of cheap lynx scents. Very much aimed at teenage boys.
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    Re: Kokorico already being faked?

    Bulgaria and Poland are the home of the counterfeit market in Europe. From steroids to fragrance. My wife worked with a few girls from Bulgaria and the stories where crazy. I was offered not that...
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    Re: The basenotes of Dior Homme?

    DH is one that lasts a good while on me also. I normally wear the homme sport most days but they both last around 8 hours on my skin. I nearly bought the DH Intense last week, though i feel it is too...
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    Poll: Re: Allure Homme / Allure Homme Sport

    I tried AHS on Sunday night and it was so bland and boring. Reminded me of Versace pour homme. It was just not worth the asking price. Allure was also very boring.
  74. Re: Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    I put on Kouros at 9am yesterday and woke up this morning and was still able to smell it pretty good. I normally have 2 showers a day and wear 2 different frags. Just a stay at home day yesterday, so...
  75. Re: Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    Have you tried Paco Rabbane pour homme?
    I find the Kouros dry down rather similar to Paco Rabbane.
  76. Re: Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    I smell like a farmer lol.

    I turned 29 there on Friday. I am stylish, wear mainly Ralph Lauren clothes etc. I am a professional career wise as a software developer. Rather sporty I think. I go to...
  77. Re: Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    I just turned 29 and I love Kouros and Paco Rabbane pour home. I like very masculine scents. I shudder at the thought of owning 1 million , aqua di gio etc. When I was 15 - 24, sure I wore things...
  78. Re: Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    Thanks for the replies.

    I put one spray on at about 9am or so and here I am just over 6 hours later enjoying a wonderful musky and some what yet green floral dry down. This is amazing. Right now,...
  79. Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    My wife and I had a nice weekend break away in Scotland and I managed to buy 5 new fragrances. Nothing niche sadly. On our way home last night, she finally gave in and allowed me to buy Kouros. She...
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    Re: What's the crime with chest hair?

    My chest has been getting hairier and hairier as I get older. I will be 29 next week and I finally have a hairy chest and stomach lol. My wife enjoys stroking it for some reason. She thinks it is...
  81. Re: Does everyone want monster sillage and longevity?

    I adore a fragrance that can offer longevity but also a nice subtle projection. If a person gets close to me, then my fragrance should just be a lovely light cloud that surrounds me. I recently...
  82. Re: Best frag for Fitness/Workout & going to the gym ?

    I use to be big into bodybuilding and never had females at the gym. It was men only in all the bodybuilding gyms. I once worked at fitness first in Ireland and it was more like a social club than a...
  83. Re: What Fragrance Gets You The Most Negative Comments

    My wife hates my at home Old Spice days. Yesterday was one of those. It was a horrid wet boring day. So, I had my shower and put on my Old Spice to stay at home. She hates it. Reminds her of her...
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    Re: A scent that reminds of your youth?

    I actually wore my Grandfather's Brut when I was around 13 years old to school. How awful that memory is. However, I thought it was the best stuff out till my mother bought me Polo Sport to replace...
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    A scent that reminds of your youth?

    Watching the documentary about perfume on the BBC and I am inspired to find a scent that can re-kindle a divine scent from my childhood.
    Do you remember the beautiful summer mornings, gentle breeze...
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    Re: Scent for Software Developer?

    I keep reading great reviews on this. I am going to try that then, along with the others suggested.

    Java by Sun lol.
    JAVA just happens to be my main language next to Objective C :)
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    Scent for Software Developer?

    I have really gotten into fragrances over the past few months and well, I am so happy to have found here. My main problem is trying to find the perfect scent for business meetings. I am a...
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    Re: ** NEW** GAULTIER MASCULINE: Kokorico

    I was in Boots today in Belfast, Ireland and the SA pulled me over to this scent.
    She mentioned that it had just been released and really tried to sell me it. I did not give in as I do wish to...
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